Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Out Today on PS3

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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Out Today on PS3

Soulcalibur Lost Swords

Hey gang. The endless story of souls and swords marches forward. Starting today, PS3 owners will be able to download our latest Soulcalibur title, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, for free.

That’s right, I said free! Soulcalibur: Lost Swords takes everything you like about the series — the fast and fluid, weapon-based combat, the beautiful graphics, the customization options — and wraps it all up in a free-to-play game worthy of the Soulcalibur legacy. We’ll also be bringing back some fan-favorite characters that missed the fight in Soulcalibur V, including Sophitia and Taki. Be sure to keep a look out for other returning characters as well as time goes on.

There are some changes to the Soulcalibur formula that we are implementing in Lost Swords. The first one you’re going to notice is that the game is single-player only and revolves around players making their way through a series of quests to gain items. These items can be accessories such as clothing options or new weapons to give your character extra flair or increased stats. These upgraded items will be essential as you tackle later quests.

Soulcalibur Lost SwordsSoulcalibur Lost Swords

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords isn’t a totally solo experience, though. Once players have outfitted their characters to their specifications, they can upload their character for other players to download and help assist in battles as an ally. The more you help out other players, the more Friend Points you will receive, allowing for added bonuses.

Be sure to check out the game when PlayStation Store is updated today. And as a special gift from the development team, if you log in within the first four weeks, you’ll receive a set of bonus items as our thank you!

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  • So each time I try to play this game I get a error code: 1098 and it tell me to go to the title screen.

  • Almost 24 hours later. Still can’t try the game.
    Lost connection to the server.
    Returning to Title Screen.
    Error Code: 1098

  • So extremely long load times, Error 1098 after pressing start making the game unplayable, and now there’s been people saying some of their quests are still in Japanese.
    They were so un-prepared it’s not even funny. Yet they’re going to be releasing another F2P game on PC that’s a new IP.

  • I also have gotten the Error Code: 1098 every single time I’ve tried too. Bah.

    Not sure why the game needs two notices about auto-save and such where you have to press X to get past the screens instead of going straight to the main menu like almost every other game does. It’d be nice to just let the game load and not have to bother with that.

  • soulcalibur: lost swords
    singleplayer game
    need connection to play said game
    no logic at all to why we need to connect online to play a singleplayer game
    presses start to play
    Error Code: 1098
    Turns game off and waits already 24 hours and still cannot connect.
    Getting impatient.

    appreciate the free game, get what you paid for i guess

  • aqui no Brasil . ERRO 1090

  • Error 1098 again? I haven’t been able to play even once. This game is garbage. *Deleted*

  • This was posted on Bandai Namco’s customer support homepage:

    Hello North & South American SoulCalibur Fans,

    BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. would like to express our appreciation for the excitement and passion that our SoulCalibur fans have displayed for SoulCalibur: Lost Swords. There is currently a technical issue that has delayed the launch of the game and we have been working through this issue all through last night and today to expedite the launch of SoulCalibur: Lost Swords.

    We have discovered that the issue requires a resolution across multiple parties and therefore our efforts to remedy the issue is taking longer than anticipated. Currently we are working feverishly with a key partner to implement a solution in the shortest amount of time possible.

    We know that this title has been highly anticipated by all of you and we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to get SoulCalibur: Lost Swords up and running as soon as possible. Thank you!

    BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.

  • Namco Bandai= everything that’s wrong with gaming. Downloaded the game because free, couldnt log in so I came here. Saw NB reply to everyone kissing their rears, not one reply about micros.. because none of us would notice or care ifbthey pretended we never asked? Deleted this garbage before typing this. I hope NB sticks with this business model so they tank ASAP. Seen Kickstarter funded games that looked/ran better. This was made for and BELONGS ON a phone where that f2p p2w crap can stay, where the rich kids can pay to appease boredom. Used to love the SC, now I will never touch a NB game again. Keep treating us like money tossing idiots so more people will realize this and you can all go bankrupt quicker

  • They actually replied? That’s a shock.

    Probably the reason why they made a free to play SoulCalibur is so they don’t have to give a damn about it, like they are now.

  • I’m highly skeptical/unnerved by the sound of “single-player only” here. It makes no sense, especially when Tekken Revolution is fun & functions like an actual arcade machine to some extent.

    I’m not particularly inclined to participate in a “gutted” version of a game that is best experienced as a multiplayer fighter, especially when SoulCalibur V’s single player modes contained a story consisting of cheap, playable interpretations of incomplete storyboard cutscenes. The single-player AI still makes me vomit to this day – with observable moments wherein the CPU player would randomly activate God Mode one round, then stand almost completely motionless upon trying the match again.

    To me, the lack of multiplayer signals a desperate cash-grab & the disrespecting of SoulCalibur fans that have been around since the earlier days especially.

    I do hope that anyone looking to enjoy the game is able to once they get it operational, but I’m otherwise going to go back to pumping 100 hours of playtime into my Final Fantasy 10 HD Remaster as I wait for the next Street Fighter upgrade.

  • It really is just a cash in being single-player.
    If you lose a certain amount of times you wait a stupid amount, or pay for your time back. You pay for weapons and armor pieces that you can unlock in game over time, pay for characters to be unlocked etc etc. It’s sad that Free to Play is becoming so popular, it’s like an excuse for developers to be lazy and then make easy money by making people pay for accessories and abilities or do the long and grindy way for the same thing but free.
    If you’re going to make a single player offline F2P game then give us an option for it to be offline only.
    Could’ve been easily solved by saying “Lost Connection to servers, starting in offline mode…even though it’s offline” but no, they just let the whole game be unplayable from start.

  • I love staring at a title screen….Thanks for that NB

  • So I haven’t played the game but it sounds like you released a fighting game with no local multiplayer? That’s blasphemy. It’s like an unwritten video game commandment that fighting games need local multilayer. Seriously that’s the genre of video games that needs it the most, with second place going to either sports or racing titles.

  • namco. whats going on? :( tell your fans something please

  • I don’t get why everyone is saying this game is FTP. I’m not even talking about microtransaction, the game costs 99 cents to download, I wouldn’t call that FTP. It’s a bundled game + 11 continue tickets. I’ve been searching all over the store for the game but the bundle is all I see. Can anyone tell me where to download only the game and not the bundle? It’s simply not there.

  • error 1098. I’ve been trying to play since yesterday. Just deleting it.

  • omfg it wor….”Error code 2005″ -_- its passed the title screen but now i cant do quest

  • same here.. thought it was actually going to work but nope.
    if it isn’t working by tomorrow I’m done.. deleted. Thanks for the 0% completion on the trophy list

  • I think Soul Calibur: Lost swords; is partially fixed, at least on my case.
    Today, Thus. 24th 2014, i was able to get rid of the error code 1098. I created my profile and even selected the character i wanted to start the game with.
    However, when preparing to play the Tutorial on Basics, a new error code 2005, disconnected me from the game, as with the error code 1098.
    Guess, must have to wait a little to see what finally happens with this game.

  • It’s fixed guys. I’m playing it!

  • Seems decent but I still kinda wish you could do a 1 vs 1 with a friend or people online, similar to Tekken Revolution

  • Got it to work for about a 1/2 hour then back to Error 2005 again.
    Tried a few more times… still losing connection.
    Pretty damned disappointing

  • still not happy. Day 4 and the Servers still screwed
    I cant even do the Tutorial….the TUTORIAL

    You better reward us with extra Continue Tickets for your Screw Up!

  • I got Soul Calibur: lost swords working yesturday but, for just 2 1/2 hours. YES!!, the error code still persists and this game is now, like a “Guessing Game” to play. As for today, i haven’t logged in; not even 1 single time.

    It would have been much better for Namco to sell this game on normal basics, than; experimenting with it on the internet,
    i wouldn’t mind paying for it, to get a game to play permanently and in peace.

    Game plays good, graphics are nice (in my opinion), and the fact of bringing back the old characters we all loved and still love, makes it even more attractive but, the SERVER; is the main reason for which some people will never let Soul Calibur : lost swords; to stay in their PS3.

    Worst thing is that Namco, charges real money for items throu the PS3 store (check out the “shop” option), i wonder; who in his/her 5 senses would spend any cash, on a game that only works from time to time; with some luck.

    Apologies accepted for the error code, nothing works as expected and, there is a margin of error in anything humans do,but; this won’t allow this game to survive, unless there is a secured way to play it.

  • The game is working for me now

  • Deleted.
    I’m sorry Bandai Namco.
    I tried the japanese version because I was too curious to see how is the game… and the loading times killed it for me.
    Terrible loading times, terrible je*ing system err I mean cutting content to sell it as dlc like everybody else do errh I mean “Microtransactions” (because that way sounds more “professional”), terrible connection, terrible everything (excepting the gameplay of course because it always has been great)

  • Hey, if you want money, why don’t you bring The iDOLM@STER?

  • OK Lets see
    -Great graphics as expected
    -Pretty Solid gameplay as usual
    -Some aspects are quite good (RPG elements, customization, elemental weapons, armors and skills)

    -Long Loading times (20 seconds each at least)
    -Constant Load screens (From one menu to another)
    -Error Messages in a pretty regular basis (while in title screen, during main menu, while loading the match, etc.)
    -AI either braindead or omnipotent (Or it doesnt move or it spams combos with no recovery time or it reads your commands)
    -Pretty confusing crafting system (Im sure this a personal matter)
    -Server connection issues on a Single Player Only game
    -Overpriced DLC

    Sorry, Bandai Namco but this game is far from playable

  • alright so have played SoulCalibur Lost Swords for 2 days now and have found some issues

    When I first heard about the New SoulCalibur I was thrilled because I had hope this would maybe make up for the edited story of SC V. What I’ve found out is that while fun, Inventory is limited. Pay $7 for 10 more inventory spaces.. really?
    Inventory is one of the few things that shouldn’t cost players, that and the ally slots. Having AP is one thing,but preventing players from having freedom even if somewhat limited is a bad way to keep players returning.

    Outside of the “Expansion” items I don’t see an issue with how things are being dealt,but if you’re trying to collect all the different pieces of clothing and gear for your characters… it’ll end up costing you.

    Also so far have played a couple of the events and still haven’t unlocked anyone.. guess it really is that tough to get even a second playable character.

    Will post later if discover anything else.

  • Seems Namco got Soul Calibur: lost swords; running smothly, i have enjoyed it fully and want to congratulate Namco for this great game.

    Replying to the comment made by HitoshiMynok, i can tell this much: 1) It is more generous that Tekken Revolution regarding playability, Takken requieres 1 hour waiting (when i played it), to get a single token for the Arcade Mode. In Soul Calibur: lost swords, it takes 3 minutes to get 1ap, in 1 hour, you get 20 aps

    2) There are extra repeatable missions once completed to get rewards. One that gives 1 Continue Ticket if you spend all your aps and; a 2dn one that gives the item to Get back All your ap points by using a Continue Ticket.

    3) Finally, if you log in everyday, the game rewards you with different special items. Specifically talking about your comment of the inventory; i got 2 expansion items, that expanded mine from 50 to 70 already. Other items received: Pair of Glasses – AP Re-gain item – Allies Expansion item – 5.000 gold and a Continue Ticket.

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