The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita Tuesday

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Coming to PS Vita Tuesday

Have you been looking forward to The Walking Dead: Season Two on PS Vita? We’re pleased to announce that Episodes 1 and 2 will premiere on Vita next Tuesday, April 22nd.

The Walking Dead S2 on PS Vita

Each episode is $4.99 – or you can save 20% over purchasing each of the episodes individually by getting the Season Pass.

We’re only partway through the season, so Vita players have the chance to catch up before the debut of Episode 3 – ‘In Harm’s Way’.

Thanks for reading, and as ever, don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments below!

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  • Or, ya know, get it on PS4 so I can get rid of my PS3, which is slowly gathering dust and I’m only keeping around because I made the mistake of buying the season pass…

  • Yes keep it coming

  • This is great news as I’m glad we don’t have to wait until the entire season releases (like season 1) in order to be able to play this on our Vita’s.

    I do have one question though… after the entire season 2 does release on all platforms, will we (Vita owners) be able to buy a physical retail version of season 2 (again like w/ season 1) or is it from now on all digital download only? For me personally, I would rather have a physical copy of each whole season because of how large in file size these games are. But if everything is digital from now on I’d simply suck it up and find a way to make some space for it (or buy another MS, yay). Thanx for the info and thanx especially for remembering & supporting the Vita!!

  • Will save data from the PS3 version of Season 1, be able to carry over to Vita? I played the first one on PS3 and would like to migrate to the Vita with all the decision I made.

  • any idea if this game is going to be broken like the first one was on vita


  • does anyone kno if this will be cross buy, already have the season pass for ps3 but if the stupid devs would have let me kno it was coming for VITA that would have been the only one i woulda got!!!!

  • @frizzledizzle389, the “stupid” devs did let us know back in october before this game was released on any console. they actually posted on this website before the release. maybe you should stop calling people stupid and start using google. i mean research isnt that hard to do on the internet child.

  • You guys complaining about no cross-buy or wondering if it will be free for ps+ soon sound so cheap. first off, the season pass for ps3 never said anything about cross buy. most major companies do not do cross buy, and with taletell games i doubt they ever will. suck it up. they are selling their games for 20 dollars. and if you already bought it on ps3 like me, dont whine about it, it makes you sound really cheap. the game is like half the cost of most new games, so if you really want it bad, buy it a second time. im sticking with the ps3 version. i passed on the vita version for season 1 and will do the same for season 2.

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  • so is this just download only ?

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