The Last of Us: New Mode and Multiplayer DLC Detailed

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The Last of Us: New Mode and Multiplayer DLC Detailed

We’re pleased to announce the third and final drop in The Last of Us season pass. Here’s a look at what’s coming for the next DLC drop:

New trophies and a mix of single-player and multiplayer content await you in this DLC drop. Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single-player campaign of The Last of Us. The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal, and survival will be near impossible. “Completed Grounded Mode” might be one of the most difficult Trophies you’ll ever earn. If you’re not a season pass holder, Grounded Mode will cost $4.99 standalone.

The Last of Us DLC

The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack features four news maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Each map has a mix of Trophies attached and is set in a location that will be familiar yet unfamiliar to players of the single-player campaign. Intelligent use of climbing, stealth, flanking, and all your clan survival techniques will be essential to master these maps. It’s available for $9.99 for non-season pass holders.

Wharf Set in the rusted-out docks where Joel encountered Robert, the Wharf map features close quarters gameplay, two snipers nests, and a giant boat. It’s full of good opportunities for climbing, flanking, and stealth.
Capitol Set in Boston, the Capitol Map features indoor and outdoor gameplay. It encourages the intelligent use of flanking.
Coal Mine Set in Colorado, Coal Mine is a winter map that’s spotted with abandoned buildings. It’s a spacious map that has long lines of sight and a bridge that’s a perfect perch for snipers. The dynamic snowstorm obscures the view so be on your toes.
Water Tower Set in Lincoln, PA, the Water Tower map features two primary chokepoints for some deadly face-to-face confrontations. It’s mainly an outdoor map with a few indoor areas and some very unique lighting. It might seem open, but it’s really a tight map that’s perfect for close quarters melee.

New guns and new survival skills are coming as part of the next DLC as well. All new guns and skills are available to try before you buy as part of new pre-set load outs. The Survivalist Weapon Bundle costs $5.99, and contains four new weapons: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. These guns have very unique attributes that have been carefully balanced so as to offer new play styles that fit into the existing Factions gameplay.

Survivalist Weapon Bundle Need more firepower? This is your bundle. The Survivalist Weapon bundle includes the Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher.
Specter A silenced assault rifle that’s great if your style is stealth stalker. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.
Double Barrel Classic, deadly, double-barrel shotgun. Only 1 loadout point. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.
Enforcer Highly accurate pistol but will cost you an extra loadout point.
Launcher A weapon that fires small explosives, in the vein of a home-made potato gun. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.

Two Survival Skills Bundles, Situational Survival Skills Bundle and Professional Survival Skills Bundle, are also included if you own the season pass. If you want to purchase these standalone, they’ll cost you $3.99 each. These skills are very effective ways to find your new favorite play style.

Situational Survival Skills Bundle Unlock four survival skills that will help you get the best of any situation. This bundle includes Agility, Awareness, Fortitude, and Scavenger.
Agility Climb, vault, and move while crouching faster than you could before. At level 3 you are nearly impossible to hear while moving.
Awareness See enemy nametags before they see yours and enemy nametags remain on screen for several seconds when taking fire.
Fortitude Downed? Level up this skill and it will help you survive longer as you’ll take longer to bleed out, crawl faster, and have more health when downed. At higher levels you’ll start with an extra health pack, and earn extra parts each time you heal.
Scavenger Automatically pick up ammo and supplies and see increases in drops from enemies with this valuable skill. At level 3 enemies sometimes drop a random crafting ingredient.
Professional Survival Skills Bundle Unlock four survival skills that will make you even more deadly. This bundle includes Gunslinger, Bomb Expert, Executioner, and Damage Marker.
Gunslinger Equip this skill to start each spawn with more pistol ammo as you level up the skill.
Bomb Expert Your bombs will explode more quickly and you’ll be immune to the stun of your own smoke bomb as you level up this skill.
Executioner If your play style is the higher the risk, the greater the reward, then this is the skill you want. Earn more parts for shiv kills and special executions, and get extra shiv uses every time you craft a shiv.
Damage Marker Good at hitting your targets? This is the skill for you as you’ll automatically mark any enemies you hit and earn double the parts for making.

Finally, everyone — non-season pass holders, included — will be getting a new gun, the Full-Auto Rifle, for free. This is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that is very easy to use. It’s the perfect weapon for people who are new to Factions and experts alike.

While it’s been very cool to tell you about all this fresh content, nothing beats showing you. To that end, we’ll be livestreaming for the first time ever Thursday, April 24th over on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel. We’ll be showing off some of the new DLC content, so tune in at 12:00 PM Pacific on April 24th to see new DLC in action.

Additionally, we’ll be doing some livestreaming on Twitch for our participation in Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute on May 17th. Head over to learn more about the event at Team Naughty Dog’s fundraising page today.

If you haven’t purchased a season pass for The Last of Us yet, you’re missing out. With our final DLC pack, as well as the Abandoned Territories, the Left Behind, and the multiplayer head item drops all included, you’ll be getting savings of more than 80% versus purchasing all the content individually. The season pass will be available for $19.99 for four more weeks. After the week of May 13th, when PlayStation Store updates in your region, the season pass will no longer be available. Get the most out of The Last of Us while you still can.

Operation Supply Drop Inc., 9301 Alvyn Lake Circle, Bristow, VA 20136, (412) 370-3665. Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID: 27-3842517, mission statement.

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  • Worst multiplayer ever. Worst season pass ever.

  • I am totally amazed about this.Now I wonder since me as well as quite a few people that own the game what will that mean for the remastered version moving out soon. Because I hope I don’t have to buy the game again that would be a bummer.

  • will there be a new single player dlc?
    will there be a new vita game of TLOU? that alone would revive the Vita.

  • @51
    Weird, because a lot of people actually liked it.

  • Hey Eric! Just to be clear: What DLC is gonna be in the The Last of Us Remastered version for PS4?
    Exactly which parts from the Grounded bundle will be included? I really want to know, thanks!

  • All I got to say is…I’m hesitant and a little nervous all of these may be too “rush” play style oriented for TLOU.

  • Hey Eric. I just got the Platinum today. It’s about time. Not a big fan of the multiplayer which caused the delay. I really hope you guys can share the progress between ps3 and ps4 version as I don’t want to go through that again. Won’t have a reason to purchase the PS4 version as it would mess up my trophy list (one has a platinum but not the other). So if they can be shared then that would be GREAT! Also for any future Last of Us, I hope everyone at Naughty Dog plans on doing co-op. Co-op is just the best!! and gives me a reason to play non-stop.

  • As a regular/daily MP player, I’d much rather see the current stuff be fixed than a bunch of new things that will attract people for a few weeks. That said, I’m excited about the new maps and skills, a couple I can see fitting nicely with my playing style. Now for my gripe. ANOTHER SHOTGUN? Along with more weapons that give the lesser skilled an advantage? There’s already a shotgun that people sprint around the maps with. This one, for only one point, should ccassionally backfire and down the shooter.There is already an imbalance with a couple of the current purchased weapons. I’m not thrilled there are going to be more.

  • Eric: As someone with nearly 200 hours in Factions I would like to say a few things.

    1. Thank you for responding in this comments section, it means a lot to see some public communication between ND and its fans.

    2. I want to thank the team for adding so much fresh stuff to this DLC. The folks with 100-1,000 hours into Factions deserve new aspects to the game and you have certainly delivered. As much as people can complain about trophies for multiplayer achievements, I cannot be more happy that the decision was made to add more with this DLC. The more the better in my opinion.

    3. Please, please release this DLC within three weeks from now. I will be leaving for a long stay on a remote island in exactly 3 weeks and I will be quite disappointed if I don’t get to sample the new content before then :D

    4. Factions is one of the greatest online multiplayer experiences I have ever had. You may benefit from advertising it a little more before the PS4 release. The fact that it will come with multiplayer DLC is another strong argument for buying the game. While I’m sure you will get many sales regardless, many gamers still don’t realize that TLoU multiplayer is so great or that it even exists.

  • Oh, I have one more major thing to say.

    I believe that Factions would benefit hugely from a more comprehensive statistics library. It would be very interesting to be able to see the percentage of shots that are headshots, where you rank globally in downs with each weapon, overall accuracy %, win/loss ratio, etc.

    Websites like are very interesting for serious online gamers to view and follow their progress through. Perhaps ND didn’t realize just how popular that Factions would become, but if there is any consideration by Naughty Dog to add more comprehensive stats for the PS4 release I would be very pleased.

  • Awesome! Finally, details! I’m flipping out, I’m so excited for this. Last of Us is my favorite game of all time—both its single-player and multiplayer!

  • I wonder if we can use the season pass for the upgraded version.

  • Really excited for this, it’s my favourite multiplayer of this gen and it needed to shake things up a bit. I do have a few questions about gameplay and balancing though:

    1.- Are you going to revise the respawn system? it’s been really weird this past few weeks, in some cases to the point of frustration.
    2.- Are you planning to add any new features or changes in the future like you did with Interrogation?

  • “1.- Are you going to revise the respawn system?”

    Respawn system? Psh, real men play Survivors!

  • wow you guys are going out with a bang with the final piece of dlc! I have two questions though: will the data from you PS3 factions be transferred to the PS4 and do you guys plan to release more maps with the PS4 version? If so i would totally buy the season pass for it. best season pass content award goes to you as well!

  • ND, thanks for this Masterpiece. Single player is one of the best stories ever told in a video game. Left Behind is just amazing, awesome characters. I really enjoyed MP and getting the platinum.

    Really excited for TLoU Remastered and Uncharted PS4!

  • Can’t wait. By the way. I would love a season pass 2 for PS3 and PS4. If not, Then looking forward towards Uncharted (PS4), but sadly I don’t have a PS4. ;(

  • Now we all know when the Season Pass is going away. Looks like I’ll be buying it starting in the beginning week of May. Didn’t buy it during the Left Behind announcement is because I had to get some investments out of the way.

    @Ryusennin And you’re the worst troll ever. Go get your neck ripped off by a clicker, I won’t be there to save you.

  • “Respawn system? Psh, real men play Survivors!” you are right, but you should mix things up. And interrogation is also fun as hell.

  • “you are right, but you should mix things up. And interrogation is also fun as hell.”

    Totally agree. I play Interrogations (and sometimes Supply Raid) to mix it up after every hundred or so matches of Survivors. I do love Interrogations.

  • Beyond excited to get a hold of this DLC. I’m going to start preparing for the butt kicking I’m more than likely going to receive from the grounded difficulty mode. On another note I’m really glad that this masterpiece of a game is going to be coming to PS4 so whenever I get the money to purchase a PS4 I can get it. The game already looks great so I can’t wait to see how it looks on PS4. And finally congrats on the 7 million PS4s sold!

  • any way to get a discount for the ps3 owners of TLOU who bought the season pass who plan on buying the ps4 version of TLOU???

  • So no more story DLC?

  • Nope, they said pretty early on that it was two multiplayer ones and one for single player… perhaps there’s a chance another will be made exclusively for the ps4 if it sells well enough, but I doubt it.

  • CLEAN UP THE LEADERBOARDS! I still see all the cheaters on top of the rankings. People on Level 10 and the like with 500+ clan survivors, ridiculous!

  • Is there going to be a patch with this download? – I really hope there is, because there are a load of glitches and or bugs, that need fixing.

  • Quick Question Eric,
    You have said that the Reclaimed Territories and Grounded Mode will be in The Last of Us Remastered… But are these new awesome weapons going to be in Remastered also?

  • So I know I’m a day late here, but I hope I can get this cleared up.

    Season Pass holders are mentioned to get the new SP mode, the new maps, and the new skills. But what about the four weapons? I’m just curious because the wording wasn’t there when talking about the new weapons. Will we(Season Pass holders) get everything listed here?

  • Season Pass for TLOU has been a great value! Thanks a lot for all the content and this awesome game!!

  • Post-pandemic edition for The Last of Us Remastered please.

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  • One of the best parts about this will be the ability to do remote play on my Vita with TLoU. Soooooo awesome.

    But Naughty Dog… one of the key things you cannot make a mistake on is the Upgrade plan for those of us who paid for the digital version of the game & season pass on PS3 not even a year ago.

    I would also hope to see this soon since the pre-order is already listed at $59.99. I hope we won’t miss out on the pre-order bonuses by waiting for the upgrade plan to appear.

    At the very least I would like to sign into PSN on June 20th and see the digital version available for $39.99 because it recognizes the digital purchase I made of the PS3 version.

  • Will new weapons and skills be available in ps4 version (even in a form of DLC would be fine)? If not, I’m just going to stick with ps3 version.

  • Is it possible that we could also get a couple more Custom Loadouts? I like my current ones but I’ll want to use the new stuff of course.

  • Am I the only one who wished there was a Naughty Dog studios map?

  • Just wanted to know if the PAL version of TLOU remastered will have restricted gore like the ps3 version.

  • Must admit, I am disappointed.
    Uncharted 2 had really annoying multiplayer trophies added via DLC
    Uncharted 3 had even more annoying multiplayer trophies added via DLC, and I still have to get through it.
    Going by the trend, I had planned to skip TLOU until my brother gave it too me, and I figured you couldn’t make the same mistake as Uncharted 3. But here you are, making it again :( I really hope the trophies for the multiplayer aren’t as bad/time consuming as the treasures or 2500 kills were from the Uncharted games.
    And I’ve never seen a Season Pass expire before… Since when has that started to happen?

  • Very, very excited for this. I was looking for a 1 point long arm, too. I expected an iron sight hunting rifle like a Mosin Nagant, but a double barrel would make sense… maybe a lil’ redundant with the shorty though? Unless it fires slugs.

    That said, I haven’t played so much in the last month but has there bee anything done to make it easier to support you clan when they start needing 80~ supplies per game? I see a lot of people crafting or healing frantically. And I feel like you should get your minimum supplies to not starve if you help your team win – this would make joining a late game a lot more fair.

  • Also, ditto. More custom loadouts please! Or maybe the default Assault/Stealth/Support loadouts level up as you gain more points?

  • Looking forward to Grounded mode, although it does seem like you’re adding something that was just left off in the first place. Left Behind and the multiplayer DLC genuinely felt like adding to a complete product, but adding a difficulty mode for a premium seems a little dodgy. I get you want Season Pass holders to feel special and all, but I really don’t feel special just for getting a difficulty mode that everyone else has to pay extra for. Although at least TLOU: Remastered is including it, so it makes up for it there for anyone who missed it on PS3.

    Speaking of TLOU: Remastered, any news on a discount for PS3 copy/Season Pass owners? Seems sweet, but I really don’t wan’t to spend $60 more on a game I already spent $80 on. $10 seems reasonable to me, maybe $30 if the person doesn’t already own the season pass.

    FYI I wouldn’t bother explaining this if I didn’t absolutely adore The Last of Us. I don’t want anything to do with it to turn into a cash-grab, so it’s best to nip it in the bud. I get that as a company you guys need to turn a profit, but charging for difficulty modes is no way to do it. Make some more expansions like Left Behind, however, and I will gladly give you money.

  • Nice! Definetely getting this. Thanks ND! Yo guys should incorparate the infected in Factions.

  • Will The Last Of Us be cross compatible with PS3 and PS4 or will next gen have to battle other next gen players?

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