PS4 Sales Surpass 7 Million Globally

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PS4 Sales Surpass 7 Million Globally

Hi guys! I’ve got a quick update to share with you. Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. just announced that PS4 has cumulatively sold through more than 7.0 million units globally as of April 6th, 2014. PS4 software sales are another bright spot, with more than 20.5 million copies sold at retail and PlayStation Store worldwide as of April 13th, 2014.

On behalf of the entire global team at PlayStation, I want to thank you for your unprecedented support and for making PS4 your next-generation console of choice. We couldn’t have done this without you! And please keep the feedback coming: we are listening.

On that note, we’ll have some great new details to share with you regarding our upcoming PS4 system software update very soon. Stay tuned! (update: kablammo)

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  • Congratulations Sony! next update please 3D movies

  • Congrats Sony!!!

    Now onto bigger and better firmware updates. I’d like to see:

    1) Media Client (DLNA) – Support for PS4 to act as a DLNA client to view movies and listen to music from a networked media server (including MP3 support like the PS3 has)

    2) Bluetooth legacy support for headsets

    3) Sorting options for games. Similar to Vita.

    4) Notifications – Allow the ability to pause downloads/uploads and sort their priority

    5) Friends List – An option to provide “away” messages or status change

    6) Invisible Online Mode – Your friends can’t see your online. This would be ideal when your watching Netflix, Blu-ray movie, or don’t want to be bothered with invites/messages.

    7) Customizable UI backgrounds and themes

  • I’ll buy mine next week :3

  • Its for the players, happy to be a member of the PS family
    Can’t wait for E3

  • Nice job! That is a lot of PS4’s!

    The things I want are:

    -PSone and PS2 emulation software with HD upscaling for PSone and PS2 discs and digital downloads.

    -Custom backgrounds and themes.

    -Youtube app

    -Improved Blu-ray support (I don’t want to always be asked wheather or not I want to connect with Blu-ray live

    -More demoes for games.

  • Please update all multimedia functions. I won’t buy a PS4 unless it can replace my PS3 as center on my livingroom.

    Also please rush PSPlay … would love to enjoy older games on PS4 if i own one. And please also bring along the compatibility with PS1/PS2 Classics…i own a lot of those

  • Dear, ps blog. Any chance of getting a new official us PlayStation magazine soon? And bringing the demo disc back with demos, trailers, interviews, etc so users could have the option of playing their favorite demos without taking precious hard drive space? I’m sure a lot of ps4 users would love it, myself included.

    As an original ps owner since the 90’s, I greatly miss the monthly official magazine and collectible demo discs. Also, congrats to the massive sales numbers this early.

  • This is amazing time for gamers! Congratulations to everyone over there at Sony, I only hope to one day be apart of the team!

  • congrats Sony, one is mine, now, release The Last Guardian, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Yey Im one of the 7 million!!!

    Can I have a Onsie?………………………………………………please.

  • Please look into ps4 controllers the R2 buttons break way to easy making games like bf4 and killzone unplayable since the r2 button cannot rise had faulty grips as well as sticky r1s and L1s bestbuy i exchanged over 5 controllers since launch the problem is the hinge theres alot of ppl who dont report but its widespread all my issues i hope its fixed b4 my warrantry is up..Please people report your issues so sony is aware i handle all my electronics with care if u rage and break over your wall well thats on you

  • Congratz keep up the great work sony!!! take my money.

  • Congratulations , now bring more Hardcore games (no cinematic BS).
    i want challenging gameplay , no dumbed down gameplay for the casuals , no regen health , no marks on screen that tells you where’s the next objective and where to go to complete the mission , no hand holding BS , more longevity more hard puzzle if it’s needed.

    Bring Back the 32-128 bit era challenging on PS4
    don’t make the same mistake like the ps3 games were too damn easy

    anyway i would like to see
    Medievil 3 , Syphon Filter 4 , C12-2 , Kurushi , Tenka , Legend of Dragoon , Colony Wars etc..

  • Picked mine up two days ago. I was surprised at how fast the interface is. Ground Zeroes installed, now we sit in the shadows and lurk…and lurk…until Media Molecule shows up at E3.

  • NICE! Now bring back The Getaway & Eight Days!!

  • wool well done :D sony

  • congrats sony!!!! now start working on Warhawk 2, Heavenly Sword 2, Folklore 2, Syphon Filter, MediEvil, Resistance, Motorstorm and The Last Guardian.

  • That’s it…cant wait for the pay-check. That sum for PS4’s already reserved!

  • I want to play media files through the USB please.

  • Hmmm……I wonder if I could have been lucky #7,000,000, I got my PS4 on April 5th ;)

  • @Sorah1213 I couldn’t agree with you more a person that has owned a Sony system since the beginning with the PS1.Through the ups and the downs this is a outstanding accomplishment. And with sales with infamous second son and mlb 14 the show on its way I see sales for PS4 reaching 10 million before E3 or after E3 for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NO! THANK YOU SONY! for providing us an amazing console!

  • Don’t let success blind you, sony! Do not screw up with PS5!!! You win the battle, not the war.

  • @Sorah1213 I concur with what you were saying about through the good and bad because that’s when you find out who’s who. A outstanding accomplishment with infamous second son out and still pulling in sales and MLB the show 14 incoming the PS4 is poised to make 10 million in sales before or after E3 for sure.

  • You should celebrate by adding a Youtube app and the ability to play our media.

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  • Great job guys – Keep it rolling. Thanks for listening to us – #4thegamers

    Can’t wait to play some more next-gen greatness that awaits!

    #deep-down #fallout4 :)

  • Doesn’t take away from the fact that they offer absolutely no support or help for innocent victims of fraud on their psn accounts!! No more Sony products for me..

  • Proud owner of a PS4 and a Wii U. Congratulations on your sales milestone. If this keeps up over the next 7 years, PS4 may beat the sales record set by PS2!

  • Oh and I may get a Vita and 3DS to compliment my PS4 and Wii U. :)

  • Good jobs PlayStation 1234 in PlayStation 5 in the future lol

  • Congratulations to Sony for reaching 7 million in sales with their PlayStation 4 units.

  • I will be one of these people buying a PS4 as soon as I can play all 78 of my PS3 games on it. I did not buy them used either as the used market needs to be shut down badly. It’s too much money to just throw away and start over like I had to do with the PS2. I will NOT do it again. I would rather go back to gaming on my computer than keep falling into the backwards compatibility trap.

    I just do not see the point of having a new game system with, what now, TWO exclusive games out for it that was actually made for it and not made for all consoles? AAA title games not some of the online stuff.

    Oh well as long as people keep throwing money at the system there is really no need to give everything that was promised on the system or even try to get more games out for it quickly.

    Good job on the 7 million mark Sony, you pulled the wool over a LOT of people’s eyes. I just hope you at least come through in the end with at least everything promised before it was even released.

    Yes I love my PS3 – I never had a xbox and never will (probably) so I am no fanboi. I just tell it like it is and if you can’t see that then you may as well label yourself as a fanboi.

  • Crazy s**t.

  • You’re welcome Sony

  • congrats Sony… great numbers!!
    Now make a new wipeout to blast our heads!

  • I just hope the game producers / distributors will stop taking Microsoft’s fat cheques to get timed exclusivity and announce life exclusivity now that PS has proven it can sell huge amounts of consoles in 1 year

  • N7Shadow_Marshal

    Sony PlayStation for life thanks for the awesome console!!!

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