inFAMOUS Second Son Patch Out Tomorrow

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inFAMOUS Second Son Patch Out Tomorrow

I have some good news for you. We’ve made great progress on the inFAMOUS Second Son patch on PS4 I promised you a couple weeks back. In fact, we expect to publish it on PSN tomorrow, April 17th.

Now first, let me update you on the specifics I promised, and then toss in a few extra goodies that we managed to squeeze in when nobody was looking. First — addressing one of the top two requests we’ve gotten — you’ll be able to disable the HUD, and once you’ve finished the game you’ll be able to adjust the time of day as you like.

We also promised, and have included, an option to cap the game frame rate at 30 FPS if you prefer playing this way. To set expectations for you all: this is a frame rate cap — not a lock. It won’t eliminate the rare instance of a dropped frame during gameplay.

But that’s all stuff you expected. Let’s talk about a few surprises, saving the best for last:

  • A handful of localization text changes, and a couple of fixes for rare crashes in the game (Thanks to all of you who uploaded reports on those, they were extremely helpful!).
  • If your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, your game will pause. Our art director pulled a hamstring scrambling to get his second controller mid-boss-battle, so we needed to fix this.
  • If you’re choosing expert difficulty, we let you know within the options dialog if you’re qualified for the “Unstoppable” trophy the moment you opt in.
  • Photo Mode.

Wait, what’s that last one? We were totally amazed at the quality of the screenshots you all shared. Amazed. So we thought we’d try to help you all out. With this patch, you can enable photo mode within the options. Once you do that, clicking L3 will pause the game, and allow you to use a suite of our internal tools (like setting depth of field) to take even more amazing shots.

To hold you over until the patch goes live tomorrow, check out the brief video tutorial above showing how the Photo Mode works!

Final full disclosures and fine print: these options and settings, including frame rate, will reset to defaults each time you restart the game. We chose to not disturb our game save file format with this patch in order get these features to you as quickly as we could. Additionally, Photo Mode will only work in situations where the camera is freely movable by players. In scripted sequences/cutscenes you can still take screenshots of course, just not with the Photo Mode tools.

We hope you enjoy the new tools and the Photo Mode, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy, and talk again soon.

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  • Wow very impressive.

    Just want to say that I played all the Infamouse games. This is by far the best.

    A shame that the mission editor from Infamous 2 didn’t make the cut though.

  • There doesn’t need to be MP period for this game that would kill the franchise for sure. Every game doesn’t need multiplayer despite what someone may say. But on another note these features are a welcomed addition I can’t wait to start playing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The game looked great. A little too easy though. Think I got platinum in under a week, with minimal play. Maybe a crushing difficulty would have been nice. Too late as it has already been traded……

  • 3D support would be nice. I own the most cutting edge system and am disappointed in the lack of 3D anything. Small wonder why this format is next to dead.

  • I tried to use the Paper Trail website on the PS4 browser amd it works pretty well, but Delsin’s phone doesn’t submit.
    Is the PS4 not a good place to do the Paper Trail stuff?, It’s super convenient though.

  • Thanks Brian and everyone at Sucker Punch for working on this patch with fixes and added features! :)

  • Awesome!

  • Any chance you guys could add an option to repopulate the city with DUP agents after the game is over? Its cool having all the power’s in the game, but you don’t really have anything to use them on by the time you get them all. and maybe an option to make them chase you down so there is constant action without you having to go look for DUP’s. And might as well break the game and have an option for infinite energy.

    These request make me miss the old days when cheat codes where still a thing.

  • oh my, photo mode looks so cool. it reminds me of the radial menu from dragon age where the game pauses, but you can still move the camera around <3

    so if a cap sets a maximum fame rate, does that mean a locked frame rate sets a minimum one? for example, if a game has a locked 60fps, does that mean it will never go above or below 60?

  • can’t wait to try photo mode and being able to adjust time of day sounds pretty cool to

  • @40 The photo mode they’re adding IS an “all out” photo mode, complete with DOF tweaking and filters.

    @SP This is awesome. I have had, and continue to have a blast playing, and the paper trail dlc is so freakin’ fun! I love that it challenges my brain and detective skills in numerous ways, not just “here’s a puzzle. congrats you solved the puzzle, now play the game some more.” I look forward to other future DLC hopefully exploring new areas, or even better, new powers. Maybe even giving us an “arch-namesis”. One for true hero alignment and infamous alignment. Now that I have this full array of powers, and can use them like a pro around the city, I wanna face off against someone equally powerful!

    Regardless of what you put out, Infamous related, I have an absolute blast with it!

  • Wow that’s sick! Can’t wait to share some more amazing photos of this game! On another note, I still can’t play past ch.1 of the Paper Trail missions. Help anyone!

  • Nice to see these options will be added into the game. How about New Game +? I always felt like this was a necessary feature in the past inFamous games, would like to see it added here.

  • Love the constant communication and wish others would follow Sucker Punch leads and I would like to see the following request

    1. Hold Down circle for a charge dash (covers more distance) while in smoke

    2. Introduce DLC for more powers

    3. Fetch DLC for her story

    4. Add karma bomb and subdue to concrete as well as execute

    5. More concrete sources

    6. a slight speed increase to neon dash as well as a more evident trail

    7. Tweak to neon which improves on the instant drop while performing the neon dash (while in air)

    8. instead of the charged blast when you hold R1 for neon please make it a beam or ray

    9. bring back the cinematic first shown for subduing the DUP

  • Already own platinum and dont regret it.
    Awesome Game!!1

  • @61
    “+ WolfyHopeless on April 16th, 2014 at 8:19 pm said:
    @40 The photo mode they’re adding IS an “all out” photo mode, complete with DOF tweaking and filters.”

    I know, that was my original PSNBlog post from 4/1 asking them for a “Photo Mode with DOF tweaking”.
    My point was (jokingly) that I either gave them the idea or read their minds. ;)

  • Great work on this game SP.Beat it twice going in for a 3rd when I finish the papertrail stuff.Seriously though, this series has a lot of potential for mp/coop. Uncharted style online matches.

  • waiting for the update

  • How come I don’t have the patch even if I start the game.i thought it was ment to be automatic

  • By any chance, are we going to see a water ability in an upcoming patch?
    I’ve played videogames long enough to notice the pretty obvious water hydrants and hoses ingame, they are placed in the same style as the chimneys, neon signs and radio dishes for the other powers are.
    I would love a water (I think you refer to it as “compressed water” in the papertrail story) ability, and it looks like you had that in plan already, is this a coincidence or did you not implement this due to time limits or a future DLC?
    Anyways, great game and thanks for the photo mode

  • Cool Update… I can make my own capture and have a simple edit then share and download to have it on my computer as a wallpaper…

  • This Photo Mode should me added to every game in PS4!

    Amazing Work Sucker Punch! :D

  • AndwaitingAndwaiting

  • Give us the ability to reset the DUP districts. There’s nothing to do after the story is over and you’ve 100%’d the game.

  • what time today are they releasing this patch?

  • Still waiting for the update to arrive. Why haven’t I got it yet

  • Will you be adding any extra powers to learn. Ihope after paper trail is completed we get paper powers. That was my first thought as soon as I started playing it… I’m sure I’m not alone on that.
    I absolutely loved the game. I’ve completed it 3 times so far.

  • release it already

  • This would really improve the endgame (after wiping the DUP 100% from the map):

    – Add random Secret Agent missions

    – Add random Hidden Cameras for us to locate and destroy

    – Add some other randomised events

    Also, you really should fix the Concrete power set. It lacks a karma bomb + subdue/execute

  • I’ve been waiting patiently… Still am! C’mon update! :D

  • Photo mode sounds absolutely amazing! I took hundreds upon hundreds of pics already, but this adds a whole new level to screencaps. Shame I platinumed the game already (platinumed all 3 Infamous games!), although I suppose I could go back and finish up the paper trail stuff. Either that or wait for DLC.

    This game is by far the best game of this gen, I loved every minuet of it and visually it is absolutely jaw-dropping. But one thing I would have really liked to see is being able to customize our power slots like we could in Infamous 2. I am not really fond of being limited to one power-suite at a time, and the game would have been insanely better if we were allowed mix up and customize our powers (including having cross-powers for good/evil if you have finished the game as good or evil).

  • Cause while the current power-suites are good, each time I switch to a different power I miss a power from the one I was using. Kind of like going from Neon to Smoke, and losing the light speed ability to easily scale any building and traverse the maps quickly. If we were allowed to mix and match… OH BOY! Perhaps this could be done if you guys are doing another Infamous game.

    BTW, please don’t ever consider multiplayer unless it is a standalone game. I’m sick and tired of great SP games adding in MP modes which ends up significantly hurting the SP experience due to splitting resources.

  • What about the cars freaking out. The last few times i have played, i have seen 2 or 3 cars that have been spinning out of control and one was a DUP vehicle. I looked at the map and the icon for those vehicles showed up going everywhere. Not to mention these cars no clip through EVERYTHING. It is just really weird and has started to get annoying.

  • *****SPOILER*****SPOILER*****SPOILER*****
    Did they fix the part where Reggie says “I’m so damn proad of you”
    Even when you play as evil Delsin?
    The part where his legs are cemented.
    This part not having different dialogue really bugged me for some reason.

  • This was the 1st game to make me actually get the platinum with zero boredom or forced multiplayer. Even AFTER getting it I still have Cole’s Legacy and Paper trail :-)

  • Great patch! Now please release a patch to let Delsin use his story-related walking animation that already in the game so that he can WALK casually around the city and not jog like he is now, me and i believe many others would be really grateful! Thank u in advance Sucker Punch!

  • Ken Schramm that really didn’t answer snakeeyes211’s question…

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  • I have to say this is a really awesome update. I was only expecting to get an option to remove the HUD to make screenshots, but the Photo Mode was a pleasant surprise. I honestly spent many hours already with the new features. Kudos to Sucker Punch for taking it to the next level.

  • Beautifully Executed game! :)

  • This is great, also do you guys thinks you could have it so after you finish the game you have the option to reset map to have all the dup buildings inplace again? just for some more replay value with all of the abilities

  • I have yet to play Infamous: Second Son, as i do not have a PS4, but i hopefully will be getting one in the next week. Anyways, myself i have been dreaming up powers archs that Delsin could have in future DLC’s or what not.

    Power List

    Compressed Water

    Pretty obvious what this does, its basically like water, but at such a high velocity that its deadly. Now that sounds ridiculous right? WRONG! In actual industry there is a machine called a Waterjet cutter. It can cut through METAL like its nobodies business. That because its so concentrated and compressed that all of the energy is released in a split second cutting through some of the hardest materials. Now Delsin could use this in a number of ways, from being able to shoot himself up in a water spout to washing a bunch of people down with a stream of water. Its a neat idea and i think it would fit well in the Infamous world.

  • Gravity

    Who wouldn’t want to control gravity, i mean lifting things into the air and throwing them around like you have the force? My ideas for a gravity power (No idea where it would be drained from, maybe… the earth?) are powers such as a “Polarity” wall, that allows you to hold onto bullets and projectiles fired at you. Then you can release them sending them flying back the way they came, or just drop them (for the good guy). The big special power could have you lifting up everything around you and orbiting them around you super fast then exploding them outward. They would crash against anything and everything around the area and blow up or kill anything (or most anything) caught in the gravitational pull. You could raise yourself up into the air as a mobility power too.

  • Oil/Tar (Support power)

    You would be the richest son of a gun (or should i say second son of a gun) anyone would know. You can drain oil/gas right out of gas stations, cars, and other places that supply oil. Its the perfect power to make a mess with, coat the DUP agents in this slippery mess and a quick spark would set this one ablaze. Combined with Smoke, Oil is a deadly hazard. The Tar part of it could cause a sticky mess that inhibits vehicles and soldiers alike from moving.

    Sound (Sonic Waves)

    We take sound for grant it, but Delsin takes it for power. With the ability to capture peoples screams (Evil for Obvious reasons), and drain the noise from loud speakers and other things, sound could be harnessed as a unseen aggressive power. With such high frequencys of sound glass can shatter, and ears can pop leading to exploding brains and insane enemies who might just turn on their own allies. Its a very different kind of power but isnt different what we want? The big power could have you bursting the ears of everyone in range of you and stopping them dead in there tracks, stunned and waiting to be defeated, or for you to escape.

  • I think this game really takes InFamous to the next level. I also enjoyed the free soundtrack that went with the game! The other nice touch is seeing the D.U.P. raids even after you beat the game, so you can keep on playing after you beat the final battle. All of the little add-on touches make this game a real treat on the PS4! Can’t wait to see the next installment!

    There…….WILL be one…..won’t there? *gives puppy eyes*

  • Can you please make it so that L1 and R1 and aim and shoot. The PS4 controller feels very unnatural with L2 and R2 shooting.

  • Woohoo! The update sounds great…except that it means NOTHING TO ME AT ALL since I cant even get past the LOAD UP SCREEN for the game without an error appearing. The game is broken.

  • I have not even been able to play the game at all. It loads the Sony and Suckerpunch screens then stops loading my disk. What the hell!?!?!?!?

  • To those that have used and shared photos with the new photo mode. I don’t have a social media account…. how the heck do I get the pictures from my PS4 to someplace I can actually see them? Sadly I can’t even locate them on console at the moment for an e-mail attempt, not too PS4 picture savvy.

    Any help would be appreciated. After all, what’s the point of having a super fun new camera and not being able to share the pictures.

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