Killzone Mercenary Botzone Out Today on PS Vita

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Killzone Mercenary Botzone Out Today on PS Vita

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen processing issues, the Killzone Mercenary Botzone Soldier Training Pack has been delayed until this evening (4/15). Content should be available by 8pm PT. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Killzone Mercenary: Botzone Soldier Training Pack

A few weeks ago we added two classic Killzone multiplayer maps to Killzone Mercenary. Since then we’ve been working on adding more to Killzone Mercenary, and finally it’s here on PS Vita. We’re very pleased to announce the release of our latest update for Killzone Mercenary, delivering an offline multiplayer experience to our 8 maps.

With the purchase of the Botzone Soldier Training Pack, all of our multiplayer maps can be played offline in Mercenary or Guerrilla Warfare modes, against up to 7 AI soldiers. As the game host, you’ll have control over the number of teammates and enemies joining you in battle.

In team modes, you have the luxury of picking your compatriots and foes: play with 3 against 1 for a quick kill, or go brave and take on an entire team of bots alone. Your choice, soldier!

Killzone Mercenary: Botzone Soldier Training PackKillzone Mercenary: Botzone Soldier Training Pack

Killzone Mercenary Botzone brings new skills to the series’ traditionally strong AI bot experience: Vanguard usage, zip line navigation, interrogations, rescues, capsule hacking, and valour card collection are all behaviors unique to the game and our AI is going to challenge you with all of them. Not only that, but our cunning bots will also be using many of the game’s diverse loadouts to stop you in your tracks.

And it doesn’t stop there; you’ll have the chance to collect some of those harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena — provided your skills are up to the challenge, of course!

Finally, we’ve also taken opportunity with this update to fix up some longer standing collision issues reported in the multiplayer maps. As such, the update will be mandatory for anyone wishing to play online multiplayer, with 23 MB required on the memory card to download it (549 MB if you’ve not downloaded our previous updates).

Killzone Mercenary: Botzone Soldier Training Pack

Today, the title update will be made available for download, and the Botzone Soldier Training Pack will also be available for purchase from PlayStation Store. The Botzone Soldier Training Pack will be required in order to unlock the in-game Botzone menu.

Happy fragging, and enjoy your training!

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  • i prefer bots. i cant stand humans that use hacks and ish.

  • I haven’t even started playing this game yet but I will be buying this DLC today.

  • I have yet to play Mercenary online but….well botzone is an amazing feature…every game should have a botzone….like someone said it…be able to play online after the inevitably servers closure is really awesome…now I can’t believe you guys are asking a price for botzone…hard to believe but since you guys made the online trophies possible to earn there…I’ll get it.

    @ neuropunk – You really are the greatest troll here in the Blog,what a nuisance….I dunno why the people responsible for the Blog don’t ban you once and for all….all you do is troll and ask for something that is of your interest…selfish much?..ha….coming here in the KZ post just to say that its “bad” in your narrow-mind…thats some real troll work.I and I’m sure a lot of people don’t wanna know whats going on in your ill mind.

  • @ 51 PainOfSarrow – Couldn’t agree more…cheaters especially.I just can’t stand them.

  • I think it’s BS that we have to pay for the ability to play with bots offline when that sort of thing has been included for free in other fps’s for years. So no, I won’t get it until it comes out for free.

  • Absolutely no problem paying for it. You guys have been supporting this game since day 1. We also got 2 FREE maps, so 2.50 or w/e it is, is perfectly reasonable, as a THANK YOU!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Does anybody know when it comes out today?

  • Well, hopefully this will make the spangled trophy easier. Was able to get every other mp trophy besides that one.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Thank you so much Guerilla for adding trophy support in botzone!! This will help people when multiplayer becomes not as frequented, I’m actually one of the people that recommended that in your forums! =D

  • Awesome — I’ve really been looking forward to this.

  • Hands down one of the best experiences that I have had on my Vita to date.

  • The update is out for both PSN and the game, but I can’t find the botzone addon

  • I cannot see the botzone in the ps store, even if it was updated

  • where in the world is the dlc download at!!! the psn store already updated but it is not there!!

  • I totally agree with supporting the Devs of your favorite games with your wallet… But it’s another thing for GC to go back on there word when they have a reputation to up hold.. Then people start questioning anything you say. Just because there was lay offs (sadly:/) doesn’t mean it should be pushed on the customer.. I remember reading a blog post saying all future Killzone DLC/Add on content would be free.. maybe

  • its frakin 5:33 i PA and still not out :(

  • It’s not on the North American PSN, after the update. They’re probably still trying to decide the right price point… (^_^ ;)_y

  • I retract my earlier comment for a later time.. How could I give my opinion if it hasn’t even made it’s way to PSN yet

  • I should say Botzone coming out today is the Bullshiznit

  • Typical Sony. Post about the DLC being out today but don’t have it actually show up on the store despite the fact that the store update is supposedly done.

    How much you want to bet that nobody from the Sony blog team will bother to respond to any inquiries about this either?

  • Oh wow we gotta pay for it. its really sad Killzone originally had botzone and your trying to make us pay for it SIKE. Killzone Shadow Fall gets more Killzone Support than Mercenary and your trying to take my money :/. Thats ridiculous….for the sake of all the gamers on vita we don’t even have no other shooter thats worth playing:1 oh well greedy people i guess but your not getting my money.

  • r u kiding me post about then they dont release it… thats dissapointing…i was excited for nuthin

  • im dissapointed

  • read the upda
    te in top of the article guys just noticed dat

  • I just saw that Botzone was added to the update with no extra charge. Thank you so much!

  • its 8:00. still NuThIn

  • @75 I *think* you’re mistaken, TeamGreen615. The game was updated in preparation for the optional Botzone download. The supporting update also included some bug fixes, and that update was of course free. It updates the menu so that Botzone can be selected, but you’ll see that you’re prompted to buy the Botzone DLC, if you press the button. Still, if the price is reasonable, it’s an added feature that will give the game life beyond the existence of the multiplayer servers. Well worth it in my opinion.

  • @76 They said “by 8pm PT”. That’s Pacific Time.

  • @77 Well fiddlesticks I didn’t get a chance to start a game yet. Sorry for the bad info.

  • Looks like it’s live!

  • It’s showing up in my web browser, at least. It’s still not showing on my VIta.

  • yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally its here just need to pay for it that sucks but yes yes yes and yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Purchase? Not paying for this. This should be included. Especially since it that has always been the suggetion from the beginning. It was always referred to as an ‘update’.

    I have never purchased DLC! I don’t intend to, without a big discount (and only maybe!). But I certainly won’t pay money for this content. I have completed the campaign and the uninspired follow up ‘contracts’ and I’ve gotten all subsequent trophies. I live in a place where I can’t connect to the servers, and mostly use the Vita for travel, so I can’t play this game online. Playing offline multiplayer gives this game new life (replaying the same campaign again for the 5th+ time has no value). But like I said, not paying for it. Looks like I’ll be reselling this game. No reason to hold on to it. No replay value.

  • thats true

  • Where is it Ive check the ps store more than once and it was not there.

  • I wont pay more than 2 Obamas for this!

  • It only cost me $2.50. Played a map against bots and it was quite fun. Well worth the small fee.

  • I cheated the system!! yeah!! and you can too. go to the psn store in your computer, look for it, buy on the computer, then go on your vita’s store, under download list, your would be able to download it from there. Have fun fellow players. don’t forget to drop by online as well.

  • @dmsleight I can tell you have issues. If you can’t bother to spend the small $2.50, please sell your Vita along with the game. In fact, just throw it away. We don’t need idiots like you to ruin other people’s fun. If you don’t buy DLC, why do you even care in the first place? Go ef yourself.

  • it is amazing!!!

  • “And it doesn’t stop there; you’ll have the chance to collect some of those harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena — provided your skills are up to the challenge, of course!”

    Yay. More games need to do this, so when the servers are shut down people can still platinum. I loved that about Perfect Dark Zero, you could earn every MP achievement offline with bots.

    I don’t even mind if the offline trophy requires more kills required to get the trophy. Just being able to earn them in another way is great.

  • Thought it was awesome until I saw that I’d have to pay for it, I don’t understand adding two multiplayer maps for free but having to pay to play with bots, something that’s standard in most FPS these days.

  • I still can not find the DLC fo Killzone.

  • Question: Is it possible to get the Centurion trophy for completing 100 multiplayer matches? If so, will botzone count 100 matches separately from multiplayer or will they both count the same number of matches together?

  • i’ve been checking once every hour and i STILL don’t see it in the store on the vita. What’s going on?

  • I just cheked the vita store cant find it any where where is it? By tge waydo you have any plans for new maps, id gladly payfor dlc content, killzone is by far the best vita game and more maps would make it that much better

  • It’s not on the Vita store yet guys, it shows up on the PlayStation Store website though, purchase it from there and then go to the Vita store and press the “…” button at the bottom-right while in the store to access your downloads and there it will be! ;)

  • actually the botzone is already included in the new update, and the botzone on sale on psn is just a license to activate this option , its 100K size. this sucks, we shouldnt have to pay for this.

  • It being paid means I have to use another PSN account, as the game card I have isn’t US.
    I’m no fan of PAL, the 10fps hit isn’t acceptable.
    KZ Merc was a dissapointment. KZ2 did it perfectly aside from the colours being nothing like the 2007 varient. Well ballanced, hectic, it forced team play. All it needed was less input lag. KZ3 lost the tactician’s spawn grenade thereby making matches where the enemy’s base is blockaded a miserable end to the match instead of the team effort of breaking free and paying them back like it was in KZ2.

    If Merc was at 1/4 resolution, with the same PS3 weapon models,better lighting, no aa, 60fps, limited colur pallete and a foggy 100m draw distnce/less res DOF, had no cutscenes or voices other than HG baner, copied KZ2’s multiplayer, it would be amazing.

    It’s just an uninspired try at making money. While i’d like to see how poorly 2 of KZ2’s excellent maps were ported to the Vita’s gimped specs, 1 core dedicated to OS, underclocked to save batt life, screen dimmed by games, colour ballance wrong so greys are green, 128mb VRAM, I know i’d just be dissapointed.

    KZ2 is worth getting a PS3 for it’s multiplayer. That and The Last of Us. Nothing else. Vita still has nothing.

  • @89 I’m ruining your fun? Wow, I didn’t realize how much I affect the masses. Why do I care? Because I don’t want to pay for content that companies are double dipping on. I don’t see why what I think ruins your life so much. Maybe you should get out more. I think that you buying DLC ruins it for everyone, since programers can put out an incomplete product and charge again to get the rest. For some games I can see where DLC provides a new/complementary experience (e.g. RDR Undead nightmare) but this is an instance of shorting the customer only to take more money down the road.

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