Final Fantasy XIV: Upgrade From PS3 to PS4

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Final Fantasy XIV: Upgrade From PS3 to PS4

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Hello again. It’s Friday, the week is almost over, and for some of you, early access on PS4 is about to begin. A weekend full of adventures in Eorzea lies ahead — the first of many!

So, for those of you who have already been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3, only one question remains: “How in the world do I upgrade my PS3 version?!”

And this is what we’ll help with you, right here, right now.

Some general information before that:

  • If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIV on PS3, you can upgrade to the PS4 version for free.
  • The upgrade will be available from today until at least the end of the year.
  • Make sure that you’ve logged in on your PS3 version at least once, so it’s correctly registered in our systems.
  • Remember that you will not be able to access the game from your PS3 anymore after the upgrade to PS4 has taken place!

Step 1: Get Your Promotion Code

Important: the upgrade option is currently scheduled to go live at approximately 1:00 AM Pacific on Friday, April 11th.

  1. First of all, log into the Mog Station using your Square Enix account, visit the account services page, and select the service account that you want to upgrade.
  2. Once selected, you should already see a banner with the option to upgrade from PS3 to PS4. Click on it.
  3. You’ll now be presented with the details of the upgrade campaign. I know it’s a lot of text, but please read it carefully, as it contains a lot of information about the upgrade process. When you’re done reading, confirm that you agree to the terms and click “Next.”
  4. On this page you’ll be asked to confirm your upgrade. If you have multiple service accounts, please make absolutely sure that you’ve selected the correct service account you want to upgrade.
  5. If all is in order, click on “Upgrade.”

And you’re done! You’ll now be displayed with a summary and your promotion code to download the game from PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Step 2: Redeem Your Promotion Code

Please note: if you’ve participated in the second PS4 beta, this step is optional, as you already have the game client installed on your system and only need to update it. You still need to go through step 1, though!

  1. Boot up your PS4, log in to your PlayStation account, and go to PlayStation Store. Make absolutely sure that you have the correct PlayStation profile active before you enter the store! Promotion Codes can only be used a single time, so using it on the wrong account would leave you stranded.
  2. Select “Redeem Codes” from the option menu displayed at the bottom left of the screen and enter the promotion code.
  3. When you’ve done so and confirmed the regulations, you can start the download.
  4. If something goes wrong with the download, you can try to restart it using the “Library” option in the PlayStation Store menu.

And that’s it! You’ll be ready to go in no time.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  • My question I’ve restarted the download, but I went through the PSN store today, after going through the mog station upgrade but then didn’t use the code. It’s just the link Matt gave says if you were in a beta your fine but I was never in any of the betas

  • when are the trophies going to work for PS4? None of them are poping for me atm.

  • @51 That free client that you grabbed was the beta client, so you count as somebody that was in the beta even if you weren’t actually in the beta.

  • So then whats the point of the code then?

    • The code is for users that do not have access to the client. As you have already downloaded the client, you do not need to use it! :)

  • if they’re leaving the beta download up I mean

  • Hey i bought the ps3 CE digital edition but i haven’t touched it yet, do i need to sign in on the ps3 to unlock my CE items before going to the ps4 or can i just go to the ps4 directly and get both the ps3 and ps4 CE items?

  • @55 Not everybody grabbed it, so the code makes it easy to get for those that haven’t done so already.

  • Hello guys, i have some cuestions, like if its a way we can play usin ps plus on ps4 because i have problems with my cards. And i can actually play on my ps4 when i upgrade from ps3. How is this possible if i dont pay the service…

  • I was part of Beta 2, and had the game installed. I deleted it, and downloaded the official game client that was released today. When I try to launch the game, it says to register the promotion code. When I try to register the code, I get the E-82000130 error. I’m on a loop. How can I solve this?

    • Today is the start of Early Access, and to participate in Early Access, you need to have a pre-order code from a retailer, or utilize the PS3 > PS4 Mog Station upgrade (Details: The promotion code received from Mog Station is only used to download the client (which you already have) and it does not grant an account.

      I’ll need more info about your existing XIV account to be able to assist further!

  • Okay, I have a few question since I’m in a bit of a predicament here…

    First, I own the physical copy version of FFXIV on the PS3, and upgraded to the Collector’s Edition from the MogStation. Now, a few weeks ago I pre-ordered the physical copy of the Collector’s Edition of FFXIV for the PS4.

    If I do this free PS4 upgrade, what will happen to the physical copy I pre-ordered? Will I still need it to play the PS4 version? Or will this free upgrade give me the full digital version of the game and not need the disc?

  • Let’s say I buy a ps3 version today and created an account and logged in. Could still upgrade to the ps4 version and be on the early access if I just created the account today?

  • I bought the PS3 CE of FFXIV on my PS4 digitally. It can’t download, nor did I receive any codes in my e-mail or on my Square Enix account, and no version of this game registered to my account.

  • I had the game on the PS3. i did all the process there. I want to play with my old character from the ps3, but I am no longer have my ps3 to upgrade it, so I need a solution for my problem.

  • So I’ve downloaded the game not sure if I’m playing the actual game in my ps4 or am I playing the beta I’ve upgraded to the ps4 version for free but the download code didn’t work said it was used already I can play the game but is it the beta still or the game I tried to figure it out by getting a trophy so I went fishing and caught a fish for the trophy and no trophy popped up am I still playing the beta?

  • When do we start getting our trophys for the ps4 version there not popping up?

  • If create an account on ps3 today will i get to do the ps4 upgrade and use my Beta phase 2 character ?

  • I pre-ordered the game for the PS4 through Gamestop online and I have not received a promotion code for early access. Can anyone help figure out what I should do?

  • I upgraded FF XIV to PS4 but it won’t let me launch the client.
    error: “the application can only be started by a user who has a license for it.” how can I fix this issue?

  • I have two Final Fantasy 14 accounts and when I used the confirmation code for one it would not let me put in the other. When I try to change the log in information in the launcher it will not let me change the square enix ID. When I try to enter the confirmation code for the other account it gives me error code that states.

    The Playstation Network Card number has already been used.

    Please check your entry.

    If I can’t get both of themm to work under the same profile I would like at least the correct one that will be used more often under the profile which is the other account I can’t seem to input the information.

  • I usually play on pc, but I decided to pre order the ps4 version so I can kick back and relax a little while playing, but when I go to log in for this early access, it wont let me, I DID play beta 2, so I know that I do not need to put the code into the PS store, is there anything you can do to help me?

  • Hi, I have a simple question that I cannot seem to find the answer to. I just want to know if the PS3, PC, and PS4 people will be playing together on the same servers or will they be separate? Please help! Thank you in advance

  • I have a ps3 copy of this game, and already upgraded to ps4 and am currently able to play on the ps4. However I have 2 accounts so I bought a new ps4 copy, but when I go to redeem the code, it tells me I can’t. How do I add ps4 service to my 2nd account?

  • anyway to upgrade without ps4?

  • i just bought it on PS store… but when i logged in with my acount, it always shows that i need to restart my client and i didnt yet purchase the game, although i bought it on PS store already -_-. somebody help me with this one.. i already have played on beta last april 7

  • hi there i have a pc version can i transfer to ps4 and get into the early access ? if so how ?


  • I wish I had a ps4 :/

  • I don’t understand what the problem is here. I got my product code so I can transfer the game from my PS3 to PS4; it’s telling me that it has already been used. Okay, fine, read on here that it’s because I had the BETA version installed. So, I reinstalled the BETA from my library, but the BETA will not launch. It’s the first BETA, I was never part of the second BETA. So, I have a useless redemption code and I’m unable to get a free transfer.

  • I played the beta on the ps4. Both the first and second phase. If i wanted to buy it on the ps3 psn, would I still keep my character that i created on the ps4 and then be able to upgrade it to the ps4 version. I know you said that you must have played it on the ps3,so does that mean I would need to start over. How far would i need to play the ps3 version before i could upgrade? Thanks

  • I keep get error 82000134, it say my code are not valid, my hard copy are eu, my psn are us region, how to solve this

  • how to I export characters? I’ve already upgraded but I can’t get my characters from the ps3 version.

  • hi i bought the ps4 digtail vision of this game but when i start it on my second account the one i play on all the time its says i need to register it but i dont no how can someone help me?

  • I only did the Beta 1 and never updated to Beta 2… I redeemed my code but it wouldn’t let me access.. I had already deleted the beta version off… Went to my library re-downloaded Beta 1 which I had previously… Won’t let me access the log-in screen with beta only with the other version… What do I do? non beta version won’t let me log-in and the Beta 1 version won’t work either… HELP!

  • i did all the things to do with the ps3 to ps4 and it says every time i login i need a product code or rebuy the game am confused?

  • Matt, I recently upgraded my PS3 version to PS4 with no issues. However, after the fact, we decided we wanted to try and set up some more characters on the PS3 so we could play together from the same household. I’m fully prepared to buy another PS3 copy, digital or otherwise to get the registration code again, but I’ve read in a few different places that it can “lock” my ability to play on the PS3 anymore since it’s associated with my PSN network/Square Enix account link. So before I plunge into another purchase, can you please let me know what the proper steps for me to take would be to get this set up going? Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Can someone tell me h and where the redeem code is on the PlayStation store please.

  • Hi!

    I have a Quick question. I read that I don’t need the code as i have already been in the Beta (Upgraded from PS3 version). Quick question, in the PSN Store it still appears as if I didn’t buy it (PS4 version). So if I ever need to restore my PS4 to factory defaults or for some reason delete the client will I be able to download it again? Or should I delete the current client and try to get the PS4 Version?


  • I can not access my mob station account and upgrade to the ps4 version. I have changed password 50 times or so and it still won’t let me in. I am really frustrated with this, please help me play the game i have bought!

  • I’ve gone through the process and have my code, but the PS4 won’t download the client. I go to the PlayStation Store (PSS) and go to redeem code. As soon as I put in the code the PSS the PS4 automaticaly goes to the home screen and doesn’t do anything. I go to my liberay and I don’t see FF14. I go back to the PSS and do the code again and it does the same thing. It won’t download the client. I’ve restarted the system and tried again yet nothing. Do I have to wait a little while for the code that the website gives me to take? Or is this something else?

  • I have been trying to redeem my code for the PS3 to PS4 upgrade for a few days now, but after i enter it, it just takes me back to the PS4 dashboard. I check my library/downloads/notifications and its like i didn’t do anything. I have tried this multiple times with no avail. I havent played the game for a few months on my PS3 but i used to play it a lot when it came out. My subscription is not active, but before i reactivate it i want to make sure i have it downloaded and working on my PS4. Any idea what the problem might be?

  • @87 @88 @89 I was experiencing the same thing. Really frustrating, then I tried it on the site and it worked on the first try. Redeemed it there, went to library on my PS4, and there was the client. Very odd thing happening on the PS4. Wonder if it’s with all codes or just this one.

  • So I just upgraded my game from ps3 to ps4, and when I put in the code it just jumps me back to ps4 home page. What is happening????

  • hi i really need help. i have upgraded from ps3 version into the ps4 version at mogstation. so i was able to download the game from psn on my ps4 for free using the code i got from mogstation. the problem is, when i have finished downloading the game, when i launched it, it says that “cannot launch the game: please enter the promotion code…..” can somebody help me out here? i would really appreciate it. thanks :)

    PS: i have tried uninstalling the game and it gives the same outcome

  • mcmahamg is indeed correct. i was having issues with my ps4 and entering the promo code as well, as my system would not automatically download ff14 onto my ps4. i went to this site and logged in, accessed my account, and entered my code there. after logging onto the store on my ps store and selecting library, the game is now ready to install on my system. not sure what the issue is, but hopefully this info helps someone going through the same thing i did.

  • Hello, It sounds like I’m in the same boat as joshjoel92, posted right above me. I also recently upgraded from PS3 FF14 ARR to the PS4 version. I have my download/promoiton code to provide access to the Client download from the PS Store. The problem I’m having is when I enter said code the PS Store just kicks me out of the PS Store without any download taking place. Is this something I can helped with? Thank You!

  • I just recently started this process last night. Everything went fine once I figured out where I was suppose to go. I left it on, “downloading” the ps4 version, but when I woke up there was an x half way down the. A third of it still hadn’t downloaded and now it’s telling me it cannot download. Anyone know how I can fix this, or am I know stuck with a version that I can’t play on ps3 or ps4?

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