The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/8/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 4/8/2014
The Drop

There’s a place for both fantasy and sci-fi nerds this week, as Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut and LEGO The Hobbit come to PlayStation. Rejoice, and bask in the glory of either fandom (Or both!).

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on PS4 propels gamers into heart-racing battles through space. Participate in an interstellar war and save Earth from destruction using the awe-inspiring Strike Suit — a powerful ship that can transform into a suit of armor. Take on 17 unique story missions, match wits with intelligent enemy fighters, and face colossal capital ships for unparalleled glory. Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut features customizable weapon loadouts, multiple craft, and unmatched dogfighting action.

If swords and questing sound more suitable, explore a delightfully blocky Middle-earth with LEGO The Hobbit on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Experience the first two feature films in a whole new way, with iconic characters rendered as loveable LEGO heroes. Guide Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves through familiar locations in an effort to reach the Misty Mountains. Forge new items, mine for gems, and take incredible loot from enemies.

Craving an old-school RPG instead? The original Persona 4 arrives as a PS2 Classic! Read on for a complete list of games coming this week, and enjoy the Drop!

King Oddball
LEGO The Hobbit
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital (Cross Buy with PS Vita)
End the world with boulders! The King uses a trio of rocks — and his tongue — to destroy all that oppose him. Simple, one-button gameplay with more than 120 increasingly difficult challenges. Master the system to make the most of each boulder toss.
PS3, PS4, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
The Misty Mountains are calling. Guide Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves through familiar locations with a renowned LEGO twist. Collect items, loot, and gems along the way. Experience the thrill of the first two feature films alone or with friends.
PS2 Classic — Digital
The classic RPG returns. Conquer the mysteries of the Midnight Channel and save the innocent from an untimely and supernatural death. Command powerful Personas and quest through dungeons to unlock the power within.
PS4 — Digital
Earth needs saving, and the Strike Suit is ready to save it. Pilot the future’s most devastating weapon through space and engage in heart-pounding dogfights against intelligent enemy fighters. Drink in the spectacle of interstellar war, and live long enough to tell the tale.

Demos and Betas

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7 Author Replies

  • @AizawaYuuichi,

    What did they do with Indy? If I remember correctly, Lego Indy 2 included all 4 movies. The first 3 movie levels were completely redone, they were not duplicated from Lego Indy 1. In fact, Indy 2 was a break though in the Lego games as it introduced many new concepts, like a playable open world hub (and unpopular make-your-own-level editor).

    The Hobbit is a different case. It is already rumored/reported in gaming news sites that they will be releasing the 3rd movie as DLC. This will be the first time WB/TT releases a sizable story level expansion pack (not just 1 level but 1 whole movie). Assuming they do it like Lego LOTR, there will be a big Middle Earth open world, these movie 3 levels will be added into the respective places geographically.

    This begs some questions, firstly, is the rumor true? And how will they do so… we pay $59.99 (PS4) or $49.99 (PS3) now, we get the first 2 movies now, and later we get movie 3 for free as DLC? Or we pay $59.99/$49.99 now and later have to pay another $19.99 for movie 3? If the latter, perhaps I should wait for a complete edition later. (WW/TT has not done such re-release/bundling before. They have not even release patches before.)

  • could you guys please get us some of the suikoden games on psn i loved the first suikoden so i bought it on psn and played it again and loved it and i would love to se the others put on please playstation get them on psn

  • Where’s Minecraft: Vita Edition? Please release it, 4J Studios! :(

  • P4….nice….but I already have Golden…

  • @ GummyCore: I didn’t realize there were rumors of movie 3 being released as DLC, I just thought you were asking that as your own question.
    Yeah, they redid the levels, but I just meant that they “re-released” the first three movies in a package with the fourth movie added. Whether they redo the levels this time or not, I have no clue. As for this release, is it really going to be 15-18 levels based off just the first two movies, cause that seems really excessive compared to every other release they’ve done. Or are they only going to do say, 10-12 levels, then add 5-6 more for movie 3 as DLC. There are too many unknowns for me to jump into this at launch.
    Either way, while I like the Lego games, I’m feeling a bit swamped with them lately. I just played Lego Marvel back in November, then Lego Movie in February. I think I’m good for a while longer, haha.

    But yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if they do DLC or a separate game with all three movies / a complete collection.

  • Another week, another Shin Megami Tensei title. I can’t believe we are getting them on PSN now. Hope we get Nocturne, the sequel of Devil Summoner, and Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 for the next couple of weeks.

    @GummyCore A port for P4G on PS3 is not happening. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a point to buy a Vita and will start losing sales. You want the updated extras, do yourself a favor and buy the system associated with it (Not just you, I meant that to everyone).

  • @Gamerzlimited,

    > A port for P4G on PS3 is not happening. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a point to buy a Vita and will start losing sales.

    Atlus is not responsible for sales of Vita. They will get more game sales if they expand it to PS3.

    I’ve already platted P4G on Vita. However the Vita is a single account system, I can’t share the joy of playing P4G with my family (including my brother who played SMT in the early years). I don’t want anyone else using my Vita and my account. (Don’t want them to use my P4G card and accidentally overwrite my saved file either.) A PS3 port would eliminate such problems and I would gladly buy it again.

    Having said that, I must admit this game works better on the Vita, for one simply reason – it is a bit old school in that you can’t save game any where, any time. It could take very long, even hours (especially if you are venturing in dungeons) before you can save and quit. This works well on Vita as you can just off it and on again later, instantly continuing from exactly where you left off. However, this game originated on PS2 anyway, so if people can play it then, we can do so now on PS3.

  • @AizawaYuuichi, WB/TT needs to make clear their plans for movie 3 (free DLC, paid DLC, complete edition?), otherwise people like you and I will be holding back on the purchase, to play a wait-and-see game. Ya, I have an overdose of Lego games recently (platted Marvel 3x, Lego Movie 7x, a did a couple on Vita), I can wait… just like I have not watched the first 2 movies, will wait for a trilogy box set on blu-ray (still can’t believe they stretched a short book into 3 movies).

  • Persona 4 never got a chance to play it, finally i can get it : D anyone know what the price might be.?

  • Is it just me or does Strike Suit Zero have that Macross/Robotech feel to it? I dunno, just was the first impression I got out of it. Looks like it is something that may finally interest me.

  • Every SMT game + Every .hack g.u game + Every Shadow hearts games = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • @ #59 it will be 9.99 like all of them are.

  • really excited to play through Strike Suit Zero again but on the ps4. WOOT

  • @ #62 thank you, def getting it.

  • @GummyCore I know that Atlus is not responsible for Vita sales and they will get more revenue if they do port it. If they do it, good for them as they’ll make more money now. Atlus will have a great future ahead of them. But it would be considered bad for Sony as people would have less of a reason to buy a Vita. I know for a fact that most people would buy a Vita just for Persona 4 Golden alone (Myself included). With P4G going on PS3, then the Vita’s sales will go down drastically and people will complain that Vita has lost another exclusive title. Although I don’t care if the game does gets ported or not myself, I just hate when those same exact people complain about it.



  • What about a a digital release of Final Fantasy Reborn on the PS4 store??????????

  • I was hoping for a listing on an ETA for the Minecraft 1.05 update…

  • oh please metal gear acid 2 to come out on psn :)

  • Do we know what time I could expect LEGO: The Hobbit to be available digitally? I’m weighing between getting a digital or physical copy.

  • Strike Suit Zero awe yeah buddy looking forward to this for sure gotta luv those indie studios!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina turtles next Week…. Finally Eight Months later

  • Strike Suit Zero just makes me want to see a Macross game on the PS4. Hell, I want to see one on the Vita, c’mon ArtD!nk… :)

  • Quick question, why can’t I see the FFXIV in the PS4 store?

  • Vita needs dualshock support sony. the pspgo had it so what the deal. good hardware meager updates.

  • In case anybody else is wondering — R.B.I. Baseball ’14 will be available on Wednesday, according to their official Facebook page. It says Wednesday for PS3, XB360, and AppStore.

  • While i am super happy to see this Please tell me we will eventually get Medievil 2 for the ps1 classics (since you already have 1 up on the psn) And Metal gear solid portable ops and Metal gear solid portable ops plus able to be played on the vita. I know in europe and japan its already available. PLEASE MAKE THIS A REALITY!

  • Still playing Lego Marvel and Lego The Movie with my son… Getting The Hobbit tomorrow!! Lego games are so much fun!!

  • I think it’s so messed up that it seems like the XBOX ONE is getting weekly updates and we on the PS4 haven’t got anything for months now on the XBOX ONE as of tomorrow you can upload to YOUTUBE WTF SONY what the HELL are you guys waiting for you would think after selling over 7 million consoles you guys would be adding support to the PS4 but no what do we get OH I forgot about being able to mute my camera now which should of been there from the start. How about Sony being the FIRST to add DLNA ? I just ordered an XBOX ONE from target great deal plus they support there console with updates. is this what the PS4 going to be? Give us some updates

  • For anyone who is wondering about Strike Suit Zero, it is an excellent game; $20 for the Director’s Cut more than justifies a purchase if flight sims or mechs are your thing. I’m grabbing it soon as the store updates!

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle!!!!

    Can’t believe Bamco US/EU are being lazy bums and not advertising this series properly.

    Stardust Crusaders Arc was aired last week, why not use this opportunity to boost sales of the game by spreading the word and providing gameplay videos, synopsis, trailers anything.

    And they blame gamers for not buying these games lol Bamco US/EU.

  • Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut reminds me of Robotech for PS2

  • lol, portable perfection = tablet + dualshock. Now, that made my day. Hoping there’s a lot AAA indies for vita at e3.

  • @79 YOu are happy enough with your PS4 to pay for Plus, so apparently it’s not as bad as you think. Furthermore, the reason the XBone gets weekly updates is because it’s UI was broken from the start; the fact that PS4 updates are more spaced out and in fact larger shows that they have a plan. M$ is still running damage control just trying to get the thing to run smoothly. It has nothing to do with more or less support. Sony is adding features that the console wasn’t intended to have. M$ is adding features they couldn’t implement because they had to rush the launch to stay current with the PS4 release window. Go whine somewhere else, since none of what you say holds any water.

  • > the fact that PS4 updates are more spaced out and in fact larger shows that they have a plan

    They have a plan? Really? Go read the comments on the firmware update post. The things missing are a mile high, and the only things they are fixing are: export of captured screenshot/video, removal of HDCP, video editor. (And I don’t think they have delivered that firmware or gave a release date.) The only thing they have fixed: DVD playback (who the heck cares!).

    Features advertised since the very first PS4 announcement are still missing (eg. for one to take over another player’s game remotely to help him with tricky areas). I don’t even have to mention the things that are broken (ie. bugs, or features available on PS3 but not on PS4).

    I am not saying Xbone is better (I know nothing about that console), but, Sony, come show us a plan, will ya? Show us a road map of your firmwares with expected release dates.

  • #83, that’s what I kept telling people… we need a 10″ or 12″ Vita XL!

    And using microSD card for the non-Vita-gaming things… like to house your own MP3 and video files – why should Sony care whether my own files are super-secure with their proprietary memory card technology?

  • I love this idea of letting us know what is upcoming on the store that’s new a day before release, but it would be nice to know what the sales and price drops will be, as well. See right now I have a dilemma, in that I don’t know whether to get HAWX now, or wait and see what deals there will be this week, and a preview of the sales on Monday would really help with things like that. BTW I never thought I would ever be in such a dilemma when it comes to sales on the PS3 store, so excellent job on that. Also excellent job on getting P4, now I don’t have to think whatsoever about getting a Vita just for that one game. :D

  • when is pier oslar hd ocming was spose to be out in march on psn did it get delayed i hope octodad is still set for this month also on ps4

  • More Atlus PS2 classic please

  • (Yawn..) gonna have to pass this round…

  • What time is All Star Battle demo drop? Has the date changed?

  • LOL are you joking! This is a joke right??? What a lame update for today! Where the heck is the demos for Metal Gear Solid 5, Watchdogs, instead you give us $rap demos no thank you Phony! So don’t be a jerk?? You shouldn’t even talk! Garbage From Sony! just like your movies a 28 year old late movie called Rad hint hint 1986! and it is still not available to buy on Blu ray you disgust me Sony!

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