Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Beta 2 FAQ

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Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Beta 2 FAQ

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

We have something that many of you have been looking forward to. And boy, have you been looking forward to it.

This time around, let’s see if we can get you prepared for the beta with all the important questions and answers. If you have any more questions regarding the beta, please feel free to ask in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here you’ll find pretty much all of the questions and comments that came up during the first beta phase, with according relevant answers. You can find the following points below:

  • When does the beta start?
  • What do I need to play the beta?
  • Where can I download the beta client?
  • Can I carry my character over to the live game after the beta test?
  • Can I play my existing character?
  • Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?
  • Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?
  • Why can’t I create a character on server X?
  • I participated in beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?
  • I can’t log in with my existing account!
  • Do I need a one-time password to log in?
  • I did not get my confirmation mail!
  • How can I contact the support center (for account related problems)?
  • Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?
  • Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of, or in addition to, DualShock 4?
  • Can I play using Remote Play on PS Vita?
  • Is the game subscription-based?
  • I love it! Where can I pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
When does the beta start?

Beta phase 2 starts today, April 4th, and runs until Monday, April 7th.

What do I need to play the beta?

All you need is a PS4! Some of you may still have the old beta client installed — you can safely delete it to free up hard disk space. We know it’s a big download, but there have been a lot of updates, so updating the old client didn’t make much sense. The good news is: If you buy the game after playing beta 2, you won’t need to download the full game again.  A few small updates and you’ll be up and running in the full game!

Where can I download the beta client?

Just log into your account, go into PlayStation Store, and select Games -> Top Games – you will see it in the list. Alternatively, you can search for Final Fantasy XIV – the beta client will be among the results. (Remember that you can safely uninstall/delete the beta 1, if you still have the old beta client on your PS4, to free up disc space.)

Can I carry my character over to the live game?

Yes! If you decide to buy the game, you can continue playing with your character from beta 2.

Can I play with my existing character?

Yes! Simply log in on PS4 with your usual account details and link your Square Enix Account to your PlayStation Network account (unless you have already played on PS3, then you just need to accept the terms for your existing account). You will be able to play normally.

Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?

No – as explained before the first beta, characters that have been created during that phase had to be wiped.

Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?

This beta phase will take place on live servers! Which means you will be playing together with all the existing FFXIV players on PC and PS3.

Why can’t I create a character on server X?

During the beta, there will be a massive amount of new players. If too many want to start on the same server at the same time, we might have to temporarily disable character creation on that server to make sure that the game continues to be enjoyable for all players on the server. If you are determined to play on a specific server, you will have to wait for it to open up again.

I participated in the beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?

We have worked on the size of the launcher as well as the size of the in-game text. Please give it a try. And remember that you can resize and move UI elements at will (see how-to here). We will continue to optimize these settings in future updates. If you still think it’s too small, please let us know on the official beta forums!

I can’t log in with my existing account!

We know the service names are quite similar, and many of you already have a Square Enix membership, where you link your existing games. FFXIV, however, needs a separate Square Enix Account. So please do not try to log in with your Square Enix membership, as it won’t work. Please note: Our account system is also case sensitive!

We know the text entry tool sometimes likes to disfigure things like email addresses (for instance .Com instead of .com). Please make sure to mind capitals in your username and email address when creating an account. If you still can’t log in, please contact our customer support here (North America).

Do I need a one-time password to log in?

A one-time password is generated by a free smartphone app or a small keychain fob. Only users that have previously added this as an extended security measure will need to enter it.

If you buy the Collector’s Edition, you will get a keychain fob in it. Otherwise, just download the smartphone app for free. Everyone that has registered a one-time password device to his account will be able to select a free teleport location in-game. More info here.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I did not get my confirmation mail!

Please let us know in the comments if you do not get your confirmation mail, and make sure to mention which email provider you use (Gmail, GMX, Yahoo, etc.) and if your email address contains any special characters (like underscores, hyphens, commas, dots, etc., or country/language-specific characters). Please do not post your full email address or any identifying information!

Also, please make sure to check your spam folders and add * to any whitelist you may have, if you are familiar with that process.

How can I contact the support center (for account related problems)?

Just check out our convenient chat support tool (North America). Please try to have all relevant information ready before you start the chat though, to keep waiting times short – the beta weekend will probably be very busy. Thank you!

Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?

Yes! By all means, go ahead.

Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of, or in addition to, DualShock 4?

Yes! You can play the game however you want.

Can I play using Remote Play on PS Vita?

Yes! Someone wants to watch a football game on the TV? Just grab your Vita and continue to level your character remotely.

Is the game subscription-based?

Yes. You get 30 free days of game time when you buy a retail version. You can learn everything about what you get with your subscription in this article, here on PlayStation.Blog!

I love it! Where can I pre-order the game?

Just follow this link.


And that’s it! If you have any other questions, feel free to put them into the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  • Ok I think I may have worked it out:
    1) You won’t get a registration email if you already have a Square Enix account
    2) Your “Square Enix ID” may not be what you think it is

    I went to this website and “recovered” my password, then logged in with my email address and password.

    If you don’t have a password for it, try the recovery option

    On there, I saw that my “Square Enix ID” is based on the first 12 characters of my PSN ID, plus a number on the end. It looks like perhaps the SE system has automatically created me an ID at some point in the past, and either not told me or I don’t remember. But it seems that it can’t cope with long PSN IDs so “Generates you” a shorter ID.

    I was able to log into the game using the “generated” ID, plus the password for the above site (which I had stored).

  • i did not get my confirmation email, the provider it’s hotmail and no special characters.

  • I never got a confirmation code. I use gmail

  • I have no special characters and I use gmail. No confirmation sent

  • did not receive a confirmation e-mail. My account is with and has no special characters.

  • I waited an hour or so. came back and tried my @yahoo and still no confirmation. I guess this is a bust. Looks like I am passing on this game. No need to play a game or spend money on something when the people who made it can’t even get account confirmation emails to work properly. Just imagine what else will go wrong.

  • After reading all of this I am highly disappointed. I should not have to reinstall a game to play the second beta when I played the first. I loved the game but if they can’t get a simple patch to update something is wrong. Maybe I am just confused but I have done beta games before not like this. That is a big download for people with restricted internet usage. Also I should not have to make another account that’s bull.

  • Why won’t Square come to some arrangement with Sony (over the percentage cut the Store takes) where you can buy the subscription via PSN?

    The FFXIV subscription cards aren’t available in my area, and my nephew loves to play this game but I’m not giving him my debit card details to pay for it on the Mog Station. If I could use PSN top-up to pay for his subscription I’d do it asap. As it stand, because neither Sony nor Square can come to an agreement over MONEY (as usual), FFXIV won’t be receiving the twelve month sub I would buy.

    Greed, greed, greed, greed, greed….

  • Did not get confirmation email code. I use yahoo.

  • its not in the spam folder either

  • I tried to log in to my square account but i forgot the password was case sensitive. Now i’m locked out of my account and have to deal with square to get it unlocked. Just to play a beta. Not worth the trouble. I don’t get it. I already linked my psn account to my square account,so why should i have to log into my square account in order to play this game on my linked psn account? What was the point of linking my psn account to my square account? Oh well,i don’t plan on buying into that game anyway. FF15 is what i’m looking forward to from the FF series.

  • It’s been over an hour and I haven’t received my confirmation e-mail.
    Tried it through ps4 and then tried it using my pc. Nothing.

    I’m using a gmail account, with no special characters.

  • @19 – You will need to delete the Beta 1 client and redownload it from the PS Store.

  • No confirmation email, gmail account, no special characters. So much for my weekend gaming plans…

  • I tried to sign up for the beta but never received a confirmation code. I use Gmail and the only special character i have in my email address are dots.

  • I have tried having it sent multiple times but I have still not received a confirmation email! I only have letters in my address name and I use Gamail. help is very appreciated!

  • Alright everyone I going to tell you to check your Spam folder because for me Gmail put the E-Mail in my Spam Folder

  • I signed up yesterday for the beta and I have not yet received my confirmation email. I am using gmail.

  • Been trying to get on since yesterday. keep getting Error 2002 Unable to connect to Lobby server…is this congestion or maybe something on my end… Didnt play phase 1 at all. wanted to try before i bought.

  • I did not get a confirmation email. I had this same problem with the first beta and it is why I could never participate. I am using Hotmail as my email provider. I would appreciate your help because I would like to try the game in order to decide if I am interested in purchasing it when it comes out. Thank you for your assistance.

  • P.S. I have repeatedly checked my Junk/Spam and found nothing from Square-Enix there.

  • Im not getting the confirmation email, I am with gmail just a normal name with

  • I signed up a hour ago and have yet to receive a confirmation code

  • Did not get a confirmation code and no special characters


  • Okay delete game re download as you said to due to known glitch….. I sign in everything made a character took for every all the custom stuff cool started game log out for a while now then started the game back up to play some but now got this dumb error

  • Based upon recent suspicious activity, we have identified that your account may potentially be at risk. For your protection, we have temporarily suspended login access to this account.
    Instructions for lifting this restriction have been sent to the email address registered to your Square Enix Account.
    For more information about the login restriction, please refer to the following page:

    Oh fix this… logging out close game turn off ps4 turn back on 2 hours latter. Started up game now this what… say what suspicious activity excuse me I perorder the game form you store square Enix this you way thanking me… from trying to play beta version which is supposed to be close to finish real game…

  • Never got a confirmation code. Email contains no special characters, only letters and is gmail. same as this email.

  • No Confirmation email. I use gmail, have no special characters, and you are whitelisted…. So what’s the problem here…

  • I did not get a confirmation emails using gmail. I have no special characters aside from a couple numbers.

  • eightleggedsteed

    Never got my confirmation email for a Square Enix account. Tried to register twice, and both times, no confirmation email. My email provider is Yahoo, and the only special character in my email address is a period. I’d love to try out the Beta, but it seems like account registration still has a few hiccups.

  • didn’t get my confirmation. I have dots (.) in my email address and it’s gmail.

  • follow up to 81, I found it in the spam bin

  • For those of you who did not receive a confirmation code.
    When entering your E-Mail address, capitalize EVERY SINGLE LETTER
    in your E-Mail address including what comes after the dot. You “should” then receive
    Your confirmation code.

  • Correction, everything after the @ and the dot. COM/ NET ect..

  • Still no confirmation e-mail after 3 hours and 2 different email address both gmail or yahoo._any suggestion ?

  • ATTENTION ALL—–Finally got email you MUST capitalize all letters after the @ like @YAHOO.COM

  • Haven’t received confirmation code. email is @yahoo and no special characters, just a couple numbers.

  • I didn’t get a confirmation email either.
    Has anyone who posted in the comments here gotten an email after? And after how long if they did?

  • I tried registering last night with my Hotmail email address, but never received any confirmation email at all (I tried again this morning).

    Tried just now with my Gmail account and I received the confirmation email (in my Spam folder) IMMEDIATELY. Anyone having trouble with a Hotmail account, try a different one if you’ve got it!

  • no confirmation code apple account no special characters

  • Beta isn’t showing up in my PSN Store. I’ve checked the past couple days, still no luck.

  • Didn’t get the confirmation email. Seems this goes out its way to show the amazing quality of service awaiting for the 12-bucks-monthly fee.


    “Oh but it’s a beta and they are testing blah blah yadda yadda”
    A:/ It’s a confirmation email, just like emails sent by grandpappy back in 1994 AOL times.

  • I take it back, it’s in the spam folder of my gmail account.
    Seems they likely sent too many emails in the past days and Larry & Sergey got a little nervous about it, so they most likely classify them as spam with their wonderful 1925 spam filter v2.0.

  • Ok so I downloaded the Beta, 12 GBs through snail servers = Overnight.
    Then I open the thing, and it has to update, download update, close and re-open.
    Then the whole sign in to Square Enix and a playthrough with OnePasword and Playstation apps on the cellphone to make it “quick”.
    Then wait for the email, then enter more data.
    Then open again, sign in, then preparing world, 1 hour preparing the world (isn’t it already prepared on the darn hard drive amongst the 12 GB + Update data).
    Then it finishes.. and behold, extra patch 500 Mb, downloading through snail servers again.

    Let me guess what awaits for me:
    1. Character creation screen: 1 hour
    2. Choose your world: 1 hour
    3. Choose your lobby or whatever: 1 hour
    4. Intro tutorial = 2 hours
    5. Intro FMV = 1 hour
    6. The beta period is over, thank you for playing.

    I guess my first experience with MMORPGS is disastrous.
    I just wanna download the game open and play, that’s why I got a console, otherwise I could have assembled my own beast gaming machine, for which I don’t have time nor will anymore.

  • I am really disappointed with this. It was a big download to be able to play for 3 days only, but ok, I downloaded and installed it. But not receiving the confirmation e-mail, this is unforgivable. I think I will not buy the game anymore. Hey, Square Enix: next time ask for registration and send a redeem code to download the beta. Do not make us waste time downloading it and not being able to play it.

  • :-/

    I just read the previous comment (91) and checked my spam. Guess what: the e-mail is there! Sorry Square Enix.

    BUT, after reading 92, I think I will not even try to play it (what a shame Square Enix!)

  • Just downloaded and I haven’t received my confirmation email. My address is in Gmail.

  • @alexRSBR I was just a bit upset. I got to play it now, after yes, a 15 min character creation screen and an intro that spans for 15 minutes or so (was double since the game crashed just before entering the city and being able to control the player at last).

    So if you want just try, there should be some hours left before the beta ends.

  • I didnt receive my confirmation code. I use a Gmail email

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