Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Out Today for Premium Members

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Out Today for Premium Members

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Starting today, PlayStation owners who are Battlefield 4 Premium members can experience the ultimate sea-to-sea warfare on PS3 and PS4. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, the third expansion pack, takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to four all-new maps set in the South China Sea.

  • Lost Islands: Blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across these tropical islands.
  • Wave Breaker: Drop a submarine on your foes as you infiltrate a naval base or rush between shipping docks and rocky islands on this massive map.
  • Nansha Strike: Wage war across stormy seas in the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.
  • Operation Mortar: Storm an abandoned cliff-side resort, or get lost in the breathtaking vistas in this map.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike also lets you re-live the classic Titan Mode of Battlefield 2142, with the new Carrier Assault game mode. Your objective is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours. You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close-quarters fight inside both carriers at the same time! Lean more about Carrier Assault in this blog post on

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Water-based combat has always been a vital part of the all-out war in Battlefield, and with the introduction of the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, your possibilities to dominate the sea will be even greater. Additionally, you can wreak havoc with five new weapons, two additional gadgets, and ten assignments.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike will be available starting April 8th 15th for non-Premium members. We hope you’ll enjoy the new maps immensely, whether you’re trying out the new Carrier Assault mode or piloting the new hovercraft.

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  • Why am i not even seeing a page where i can download naval strike and i have premium? when i go to the online store it does not even have it listed to be able to be downloaded

    • Be sure to search ‘Naval Strike’. If you are Premium you will see that the price is ‘Free’. Download, install and order take-out because we guarantee you won’t want to turn your system off after playing Carrier Assault mode.

  • You know whats even worse? When its finally available for download (couple years maybe?) everyman man and his dog will be trying to download and play, so the already shoddy servers are going to fail and we’ll still not be able to play.

  • _
    Abnormal. After downloading and installing Naval Strike, then downloading patch 1.10. I wasn’t expecting to freeze the moment the main menu pops up… Kinda lame..

    Not like I’d ever get some type of legit real answer that leads to why my playstation 3 is allowed to freeze 1000x within 2 years with Battlefield 3 and then Battlefield 4 without any type of repercussion of who to hold responsible when one day it freezes and doesn’t turn back on and keep in mind Battlefield is one of a vary few that freezes commonly.

    I would like to say I’d stop playing Battlefield feeling like it is slowly killing my Playstation 3. But nope i would just like a answer to calm my mind and not make me so paranoid that one day in the middle of killing someone, or capturing a objective my Playstation 3 just dies along side with a piece of my soul.

    thats just me though


  • i like when people talk about the problems with the game and they look past it

  • I’m a premium member and I can’t download naval strike. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, at the store, on battlefield.What should I do

  • I am very happy with the fixes guys. I only have one question, what time does navel strike come out in Canada. I live in Ontario eastern time.

  • i restated and finally found it. thanks

  • Hey Everyone!

    Thanks for your patience with the DLC deployment process. We are working closely with the talented crew at Sony to ensure that it is accessible to everyone worldwide. If it isn’t available in your region yet, please continue to check the PS Store. You can also reach out to our Customer Support team if you have any additional questions:

    Also note, the Naval Strike DLC is available as early access for Premium users. If you aren’t a Premium member, check out the perks here:


  • So here’s what i have an issue with an maybe I just missed something. This morning at 8am central time my PS4 did about a 1.3 gb update now when I look at the store to get Naval Strike it shows there like you say but there is no download tab. If i look at my downloads it says that I have already download the DLC but when I goto the game. I can not play do to not having the package download it takes me to the add on page an shows me BF$ and china rising and second assault packages not Naval Strike. So what am I missing here.

  • Can anyone help me out here? I am a premium member, and I have found the dlc on the store, however everytime i go to click download i get the following error

    Which is a voucher error? i’ve turned off and restarted the system numerous times, and it still has been saying this for the past… 2 hours or so. can anyone shine a little light on this? it’s really aggravating because all my buddies are downloading it.

  • I’m in the northwest. Waiting for the naval strike to show up in the ps store. The question is why couldn’t the give us time zone upload notification in the North America time zones. Just makes me mad after paying all that money for being a premium member. That don’t seem to care about taking the money and giving us crapy service..what going on here people. I’m just so frustrated. Just a big old tease session going on. Ugh.

  • I am a premium user for BF4 PS4 I downloaded navel strike but when I click on carrier assault it says I need a DLC?????

    please help!!!

  • I’m a Premium Member and been waiting for hours to get the bloody Naval Strike thing!!
    The most logical way to get it was through the Store menu in BF4, where I got China Rising and Second Assault before.
    Thanks to some comments here I’ve read just now I realised there’s a work around for this – just quit the game (BF4) and search for “Naval” in the PS Store.

    EA, you really know how to “please” your clients, don’t you?!

  • Patch notes looks encouraging. I will get started on all the downloading once home.

  • Game breaking lag and the absolute worst rubberbanding this game has ever had on ps4. Well played.

  • Maby I should make it a little more clear……

    I am a premium user for Battlefield 4 on the Playstation 4 It says in my PS4 download options, that I updated BF4 (AKA, Navel Strike) when I am in multiplayer options in the game I click on carrier assault and It says “You need 1 of more DLC’s to play this” I am a PREMIMUM USER!!!!!!! I should have It!!!!!

    EA / DICE please help!!!!!

  • There’s still a ton of rubber-banding :(

  • have downloaded naval strike maps twice now both times it said that they were installed, but when i go to play them it says that the content is not there what should i do

  • Ok… So…. Got the patch early this morning. Got the 100k DLC unlock code and installed it…. Still can NOT play any of the new DLC. I go to join a carrier assault server and it takes me to a stupid menu listing all the dlc. I already installed it!! Twice! From the psn store and also from in game!

    Seriously guys…. BF4 has been a horrible release on every level, and I’ve been a hardcore fan since BF 1942… BF3 was the apex of the series, but 4 is destroying everything you built. I’m STILL crashing, hanging, locking even with the new patch. I’ve paid for PREMIUM since day one and all releases are plagued with horrible deployment issues.

    Get you ducks in a row, EA or you will lose the best franchise you’ve had in a long time. FIX IT AND MAKE SURE IT WORKS BEFORE RELEASING IT TO THE PAYING MASSES!!

  • I downloaded Naval Strike and now my controller doesn’t go up or down just goes left or right. Anyone know What this all about? Worked fine earlier.

  • I would LOVE to play this DLC and I do have a premium account, but it’s linked to my Xbox One version of the game. I actually have a version of the game on my Xbox One as well as my PS4 account, but I don’t know if it’s even possible to link the two. Oh well, I guess it’s two weeks for me :(

  • I am assuming you will address the “rubber banding” that has hindered my ability to play this expansion to the fullest. When would that be addressed?

  • I like how they are not replying to any of are comments.

  • Bummer had high hopes just maybe this patch would fix the freezing! Wrong! was playing rush on flood 3 matches then froze again, played bf 3 for about 4 hours straight today not one issue alot of fun! Wish this would get sorted out, have been a fan of bf since the beginning 1942 all exp, bf2 all exp,bf 3 premium, not spending a dollar more on bf till issues resolved! as a note not seeing any pattern here except flood map does it more often on rush! I noticed the other post here had freezing also and they where told to contact support, every time it freezes you have to do a hard reset and it send a report out whats up with that is it not telling them what the problem is! shelving bf 4 till next patch!

  • i,m a premium member and cannot download the naval strike patch then it says not got all the dlc for naval strike

  • This game still has serious lag and ruberbanding.Most of the maps are unplayable.Hit detection is still really bad also.I stupidly bought the premium for this game and will going for a refund i advise all of you to do the same as they will never fix it.

  • Hi I’m premium member i try to download the naval strike but i don’t found the option what i need to do ?

  • No Naval Strike DLC available on PS3.

  • For some reason i can’t download it and yes i have premium. Could it be that my ps3 broke and im using a different ps3 But still using my account when i go to shop it just show’s china rising and second assault would apreciate any help.

  • Nah, packet loss was not fixed, which is the # 1 thing they should fix, the packet loss on the upload side of things is just too much, you cant play a decent match in this state….

  • Yeah i can’t Find the DLC in the store and i’m a battlefield 4 premium member

  • so, after being out for a day, the issues with this are flat our horrible, the Rubberbanding is awful to the point naval strike is unplayable and unenjoyable. They can send the link they did on the 25th for updates all day, but they don’t won’t work for naval strike. Why release something that is broke? i’ve spent 120.00 on this game and i can’t play this ****. it’s annoying as hell. Youtube is flooded with videos and so are gamesite blogs just after a day about the horrid issues Naval strike has. So when is this going to get fixed another month?

  • hi I am a premium member and live in new Zealand and still have no access to navel strike on my psn it isn’t even there but there are already servers with people playing on the maps wht the f#*k is going on EA

  • found it just go through the proper psn store from main menu and search naval strike its there

  • why it not on the bf4 premium store menu don’t know this confused me for over a day was getting pissed off hope you others find it

  • Please someone help me. I am a tech challenged 40-something mom with a very upset son because when he tries to download Naval Strike it has an error code that states ”you cannot download because you don’t own Battlefield 4 Premium.” But he DOES own Premium – he spent $50 of his Christmas money on it and has downloaded other DLCs. I had him restore licenses after reading a tip online, but that didn’t work. Can someone tell me why he cannot download Naval Strike? Thank you for your help!

  • Okay.. Here’s how I’m able to download it.

    Already have a Premium account

    There was a BF4 update of 1306(MB) but that is not Naval Strike. That is just a patch and updates.

    When I browsed the Store > New This Month > Games > Add-Ons > You will see Naval Strike $49.99 (Included in Premium) ** THIS IS NOT THE ONE **

    Like few people said. You would need to go to the Store > Search: Naval > You will see Naval Strike. Click that and download will be available.

    This is a 4.4GB Download.

  • I’m trying to download NS but it keeps saying “Cannot Download” restarted system my router.. everything.. never had this problem with other BF DLC..

  • go from the game menu, on the main screen it say’s store, hit that it brings up the free if you have premium, there’s no need to go to the psn store alone when the best way is straight from the game.

  • Tried every way possible.. it goes to downloads screen “Preparing to download” 5 secs later “Cannot Download”

  • Well, apparently my being a Premium on this game does not allow me to play the last DLC, I can download it but once inside the game it just doesn’t show up in the menus and sends me to the shop, where it tells me “you already have this DLC!”, so I click the new game mode Carrier assault and it says “You are missing one or more DLCs played on this server” when instead i have all of them, and so on on a loop. quite annoying to be honest. I deleted the whole game and re-downloaded and reinstalled everything on my ps4 but had the same result.

    May I get assistance?

  • Hi,
    Today is 27th of March 2014 and still don’t see an Naval Strike update on my PS3. I went to the PS3 store and also I tried to find DLC via Battlefield 4 menu. When it is going to be available to download?

  • I am a Battlefield 4 Premium Member and i still haven’t found Naval Strike in my store list. By that, i mean it totally doesn’t appear on the store in my account. Please help and i have been waiting for two days. Sorry for inconvenience.

  • It’s there, it’s hidden, search for STRIKE

    I thought it wasn’t there but it is. It’s just not advertised for really effing strange reason …

  • that was meant to be “for some really effing strange reason” …

    I only just signed up for premium and I’m currently downloading china rising, second assault and naval strike.

    Search for STRIKE


  • is it just me but when i play naval strike the game lags sooo much that i just stop playing it, completely put me off this expansion pack at the moment is very crap pack but all the other E.packs work fine. anyone else has this issue?

  • downloaded yesterday after I activated Premium membership and I must say all steps went fine much more integrated and seamless than what I saw on Xbox One (of which I had bought too the premium some month ago before the switch). Downloads went fine and I didn’t need to relaunch BF4 in order to be able to get into them. I did all from the store inside the game. So far I tested just few matches, and first match went successfull after 2 attempts (the failed attempts brought me in the loading stall with the prompt blinking and that’s it). After that all was good.

    I’m not a brand fan, I’m passionate about videogames from about 30 years, and must say you’ve done a great work in trying to sort all out. Still improvements can be made, but everything is much smoother and is the best version I saw of this game. Thumbs up guys keep up with the good work, despite the unavoidable blocks (too narrow release timing, wrong company strategies etc.), cheers

  • Funny EA guys stop responding when actual problems started being asked… people who can’t find it… well that’s not a real problem but download being canceled with “Cannot download” slogan….well is a f’in problem… what I’m trying to say is HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi i paied 50 usd for premium and downloaded china rise and second assult and naval strik but it says i dont have dlc , yes i installed it and ps3 is updated and im angry as hell

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