PlayStation Plus: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for Members

Submit to the addictiveness of Monster Hunter with MH: Freedom Unite, free for PlayStation Plus members starting Tuesday, 3/25. Take down bizarre creatures and loot their bodies for crafting components so you can make more powerful weapons to take down bigger, badder monsters. If you don’t want to take on enemies alone, you can play with up to 4 of your friends. Even if you can’t pull a group of friends together, you can always hire a Felyne companion in the game, and let’s face it, they are way more adorable than any of your friends.

This week for our Spring Fever sale you can pick up Fez on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at a discount along with a bunch of BioShock markdowns.

You can download Monster Hunter Freedom Unite after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 3/25.

PS Plus 3-25-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
*The biggest Monster Hunter title to date with over 500 hours of gameplay.
*Huge variety of character customizations including 1400 weapons and over 2000 armor sets.
*Players can form a team of up to 4 players through Ad-Hoc play and experience the social gaming phenomenon.
*AI Felyne companion, who will accompany players on quests and provide aid through the challenging battles.
*Fans of the series can transfer their data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Spring Fever Sale

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Fez (PS4) $9.74 $12.99
Fez PS3) $9.74 $12.99
Fez (PS Vita) $9.74 $12.99
Bioshock $5.00 $9.99
Bioshock 2 $5.00 $9.99
Bioshock Infinite – Burial At Sea – Episode 1 $7.34 $10.49
Bioshock Infinite – Columbia’s Finest Pack $2.44 $3.49
Bioshock Infinite – Clash In The Clouds $2.44 $3.49

Other Discounts

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma (Pre-Order) $40.49 $44.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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6 Author Replies

  • Wooh! Just Fez for me this week, thankfully. I need to give my bank account a break after last week’s craziness!

  • So I am guessing from reading the comments that this Monster Hunter Freedom Unite game is an old PSP game, right? It doesn’t specify in the blog writeup. If it is, I assume no trophies for a 5+ year old game; which means to me that I will have little interest in even downloading it as it would just take up precious space on my (limited) memory card.

  • Monster Hunter and Destiny of Spirits on the same day, I must be dreaming :D

  • @44 It will be added to the store tomorrow with the update. Then you can pre order it for that price.

  • @ae11… I’ve 25 and with work and I’m mad that I’ll need to spend 70 bucks in less than 1 week excluiding the 10 dollars they gave me in “reward” :'(

  • No real point in getting the current Bio Infinite DLC. Just get the season pass as it’ll be cheaper than having to also buy the 2nd episode at launch price.

  • If you only buy/play games that have trophies, regardless of the quality games you may be missing out on, that’s pretty pathetic.

  • If anyone is interested in Monster Hunter, MHFU is a great game to get started with. The underwater combat, which is awkward, is not in this game. Also, it is completely playable on the Vita, and the second analog stick makes this a much easier way to play the game. You won’t have to learn “the claw” and can just jump in and enjoy.

  • I already beaten and finished the first Bioshock and I feel tempted to buy it again. Its THAT good.

  • Why no old PS3 games on PS+ instead of old PSP games?

  • Nothing for me at all this week. No offense to the store update but I’m done with buying games for this month. And looking forward for April.

  • YES! Been waiting for this. MHFU for me. Thanks guys. Bring more great psp games to IGC if you can like every few months or so. (or you can swap out uncharted, gravity rush, and wipeout. Either way I’ll be happy) :)

  • @55
    Would you kindly buy another Bioshock 1 ;)

  • @48 Yeah, you said it again.

    psp games are cheap and void of trophies… if ppl want to play them for fun then let those ppl buy those games.

    Don’t stick them on everyone.

    I’m not saying MH is a poor game… but when i have to choose between that and a game made just for vita (with trophies) the choice is clear! Am-I-Right?

    Still, I think this month was fine because you gave us thomas was alone and that other horror game on cross play from ps3.

    just dont give us psp games without additionally awesome cross buy games LOL

  • Don’t be afraid to at least try MHFU. And don’t give up! If you have a buddy you can play with it will make it that much funner. Or if you have a ps3 and a wired internet connection you can download adhoc party and play with people over the internet!
    Also, that underwater (not included in this Monster Hunter) combat isn’t awkward, you just gotta get used to it. :P

  • @59 HAH!

  • People keeps complaining about the psp games for igc… I personally don’t mind, and if they’re good ala MH keep ’em comin’!

  • @55 Save yourself the trouble and get the BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition.

    @56 They do add old ps3 games.

    @30 Note that some of us might have money left over from purchases.

    @40 You could get BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition. You’d have all the dlcs for both games. I was hoping the Infinite season pass was on sale.

  • Please stop giving PSP games. I would like Vita games for my Vita. Also I look forward to playing Fez, but it’s very rude to add that extra 40 cents to the price. It won’t affect me but I can see how it would be an issue for some people.

  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma comes out tomorrow, yet you guys will have it listed as a pre-order on the Store? And at $40? Makes me wish Gamestop would somehow give out Plus discounts as well, so I would only have to pay $70 for my copy instead of $80.

  • So glad that BB:CP is getting a digital release, even more with a discount, it was a total pain to get CSEX where i live

  • Not very interested in the entire month, since I bought them all.
    Unit 13 is one of the best Vita games out there, and seriously dissappointed that they are no longer making games.

    How about a Ninja Gaiden sale already!!??

  • @66 Yes the retail version comes out tomorrow but I believe the digital version is coming out later as it wasn’t listed in the Drop post yesterday. That is why it is up for pre order.

  • Stll enjoying Mod Racers though :)

  • @64 The_Dukenator:

    I know they do, i said INSTEAD. Like in no more PSP and more PS3,

  • More PSP games please!! Bring back PS One games for IGC as well!!

    The latest and greatest is seldom just that. There are a lot of great PSP and PS One games I would love to see in the IGC.

  • psp graphics look horrible on the vita compared to the ps1 classic. I think the ps1 classic are better suited for the vita enjoying Chrono Cross on it. MHF no trophies, only adhoc /no online = waste of memory card space.

  • Why are you offering PSP games on PS Vita, please offer from current Gen, Thats the whole point of buying current gen, otherwise you are complaining PS Vita sales are dropping, why people will buy Vita, Seriously no brain er question?

    I want FIFA on VITA with rear touch pads and front touch screen control..

  • Kristine cant wait for your preview video for next month, been doing a great job with it!

    Monster Hunter and Destiny of Spirits are going to be two huge titles for me to play the beta was amazing for DoS!

  • Don’t mind the PSP title here. I have a few UMDs laying around that I wouldn’t mind having digital on the Vita.

  • Just as I’d suspected, Infamous Second Son is consuming all my time at the moment. It’s such a weird serious though when it comes to ranking a favorite. I can easily rank Mass Effect as 2, 1, and followed by 3. But with the Infamous series they are all so well done that they all end up being my favorite. And has anyone else wondered about all the referenced to Sly Cooper? Are we getting a Sly 5?! Please say, “Yes!” Please, please, please say, “Yes!”

    Anyway, I’ll probably take enough of a break to grab the Bioshock DLC. I remember asking a couple month ago for this and here it is! Thanks!

  • Monster Hunter never was my type of game but for free I will give it a try….thanks Sony.And I urge everyone who have not played Bioshock 1 to get it for that price…not only is the best FPS ever but also one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in your gaming life…if…you know a good writing of course.

    In regard of sales…damn I wanted a discount on the season pass for Infinite….but now it doesn’t matter anymore cuz I already bought it a week ago…its totally worth the $20.

    Let’s see what’s up with the IGC for April.

  • I love trophies as much as the next person, but the complaining about PSP games (and complaining about their lack of trophies no less) is really annoying. A game is a game, and in this case, that game is Monster. Hunter. Freedom. Unite. People love this game and games like it for a reason. Give it a try before being so quick to dismiss it as “just another PSP game”. Furthermore, about the people who only want games with trophies, I’m now starting to wonder…did you even play video games before trophies were introduced?

  • @ RidleysBox – I’m with you….please bring back the PS1 games…also its about time to add PS2 games as well.

  • Nothing for me this week but it’s ok. I have Dark Souls 2 and Second Son to keep me fully occupado.

  • @79 People also complain because they bought new gen handheld console and they are getting PSP games on it.

    @78 I am going to buy BIOSHOCK 1

    @76 I also got PSP laying around somewhere now I guess time for VITA to do same

  • @13 PLEASE NO MORE COMPLAINING ABOUT PSP GAMES IN THE IGC! There are some stellar PSP games that people, new to the Vita and PSN in general, have never played. There’s no reason not to include PSP games in the IGC.

  • @82 complaining about getting PSP games is still stupid. PS+ supports ps4,ps3, ps vita and psp. so people who dont have a ps vita but have a psp still got a free game along with ps vita owners getting not only unit 13, a ps vita game, but also monster hunter which is an amazing game. i love playing this game on my vita. i actually spent 20 dollars on it on the ps store last year and dont regret it. my friend has a psp with this game and we always ad hoc and kill monsters when hes over.

  • Earlier this month you guys said Fez would be $9.99 for Plus members. I know it’s just 40 cents, but say I add $20 to my wallet using a voucher code, I won’t be able to buy the other $10 game that I wanted now.

  • @83 I agree with you. Some people still have a PSP and game on them. I happen to have a PS3, PSP and a Vita, and here’s my IGC wishlist for each of them.

    PS3 games
    The Last of Us
    God of War: Ascension
    Final Fantasy 13-2
    Red Dead Redemption – Game of the Year
    Darksiders 2
    L.A. Noire
    Beyond: Two Souls
    3D Dot Game Heroes
    Dead Space Extraction

    PS Vita games
    Persona 4 Golden
    Killzone: Mercenary
    Rayman Legends
    Dragon’s Crown
    Jacob Jones & the Bigfoot Mystery
    Escape Plan
    Resistance: Burning Skies

    PSP games
    Valkyria Chronicles 2
    Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection
    Star Ocean: Second Evolution
    The 3rd Birthday
    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

  • @82 Well some people didn’t get a chance to play PSP games. (I did and they were amazing, don’t mind having them on my vita) PLUS you don’t even need to complain, you get your money’s worth out of plus within the year. ‘Free’ games aren’t what plus is all about, sales are (at least for me). Assuming you got a ps3 or ps4, if you don’t like this weeks ‘free’ games go play something else.

    @79 I agree. Sometimes I wish Sony would just remove trophies just so people aren’t like “I will buy this game if it has a plat”. But I enjoy trophies, adds some urge to play the game longer, but I wouldn’t not buy a game cause it doesn’t have trophies in it.

  • @56, the psp game is for people who still have and play psp and for people who own vitas. it supports two consoles with one game. and its a great game. sony is trying to support all of their consoles which they should do. and in case you didnt know, psp still sells very well in some parts of the world and alot of people still have psp’s here in america. i mean in japan they even sell extremely well, and new games like toukiden were released for both ps vita and psp for this reason.

  • @86 You could just pick up Dead Space 2 limited edition to have Dead Space Extraction included as a bonus.

  • @86 Nice wish list, some games obviously won’t happen; at least not now. But that’s why it’s called a ‘wish’ list. :) I’d like a few of those games to come to IGC, or have a nice sale of them. :D

  • @86 you own a ps3 and ps vita yet you dont have last of us or persona 4??? you should just buy them already. both are long games and worth every dollar!!

  • How can anyone complain about free games? Who raised you to be so spoiled? Have some manners, please.

  • If all of you complaining about psp games on vita and only wanting vita games, you know what you can do go and BUY the vita games that you want support the dev.
    All of you complain the vita is dying, and it’s because of people like you that don’t want to buy any game and feel entitle to all the games for free.
    The games they are putting in ps+ are not always going to please you every week for the whole year. I don’t like MH to much but many people do and will enjoy it.

  • @84 and @87 I got your point, actually i got this title on umd psp, I will give it a try on VITA, as far my visual experience psp games looks better on psp not much on vita, its not remastered for psvita, lets see how this one goes..
    lets pray next time we get some real vita title.

  • nothing i care for but owell i always have hope that the other unannounced sales are atleast decent. think this is the last week of my ps plus trial to end. all about the discounts im interested in.

  • @sandhu_skidrow I hope you realize people bought the vita before they even brought PS Plus and the IGC to it. So when people want(ed) vita games they bought/buy vita games, they didn’t wait around and hope for a game they wanted to just fall into their lap.
    Also, keep in mind that 1) not everyone who is a Plus member has a vita (they may only have a PSP) and 2) not everyone got the chance to play every single game that came out on every past gen console.

    Now if people only bought current gen consoles for current gen games, would they be begging for backwards compatibility when new consoles are announced? On top of that, it’s likely that if people had no interest in replaying older games, services like Playstation Now wouldn’t exist. Like I said before, games are games. Many of them stand the test of time. If this (Monster Hunter) looked entincing to you, and there wasn’t any indication that it was a PSP game, are you telling me that you would suddenly lose all interest upon finding out that it was?

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