inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4 Today, Bonus Content Now Available

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inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4 Today, Bonus Content Now Available

inFAMOUS Second Son

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All of us at Sucker Punch are super excited about the launch of Second Son today! We spent almost three years bringing Delsin and his powers to life, now it’s time for you all to ENJOY those powers! Have a great time, and let us know what you think about it all @SuckerPunchProd.

Don’t forget to download the patch! It comes with a nice little surprise called inFAMOUS Paper Trail. What’s that? It’s a FREE bonus extension for inFAMOUS Second Son that expands the universe and gameplay by weaving seamlessly on and beyond your PS4. You will pursue missions to unravel the mysteries behind the D.U.P. and the cover-up of a violent suicide through this time-released story. New content will be released every week for the first six weeks after launch of the game, offering almost five hours of additional content available to everyone who has a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son and a PSN account. To learn more about inFAMOUS Paper Trail go to or check out the FAQ.

inFAMOUS Second SoninFAMOUS Second Son

Combine that with the extra content available in the Cole’s Legacy pre-order DLC and we think you’ll have plenty to enjoy with your new copy of inFAMOUS Second Son!

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  • Truly a great game that I am hooked to now. Played 5 hours today and had trouble putting it down. Such a beautiful game with exceptional control. I am a master of the roof tops after only an hour. Deslin is a great character and I found him likable. His interaction with his brother and other characters shows the power of the PS4. Saw the first hints of the Neon power on those trees and what an awesome effect!! We have such great things to look forward to this new gen. Well done SP as you have another fantastic hit on your hands!!

  • Did I pick up Infamous Second Son collector’s edition? Yes. Do I have a PS4? No. Do I regret it? Hell no.

  • in honor of Cole!!!!!

  • I’ve seen other people have asked but I have yet to see anyone answer. IS THERE A WAY TO LINK PAPERTRAIL TO PSN? Maybe it’ll be available later, but if anyone knows how to do it please let me know. Thanks. P.S. Lovin the game so far.

  • Am I the only one who’s getting some glitches?
    I keep have bugs in the center “circle” road just passed the second armored vehicule shortly after entering Seatle. (where there’s a T-rex) And other various freezing.
    I’m gonna re-install and see if it keeps doing that.
    It’s digital download.

    UPDATE: just downloaded it again and it works flawlessly. Next Time I’m getting the disc… way faster installs.

  • Game looks amazing! Probably the best lighting and reflections I’ve ever seen in a console game! At $70 though, my son and I will be sharing a copy between us though. And as some others have asked: Why are digital versions of games on PS Store the same price as retail, boxed copies? There’s no disc, manual, plastic case etc. No plane, truck or boat had to ship it anywhere either? Digital games should be $5 – $10 less. If developers and publishers hate GameStop so much and want digital sales (a.k.a. un-trade-able games) to increase, they need to lower the cost of the obviously lower cost to produce digital copies.

  • When will u release da cole dlc in ps store for us who didnt get limited edition or didnt pre order it??????? N da cool clothes too

  • About an hr in and man,this game is beautiful!.. Loving it so far..But I never got an update when I put the game in.Any clue on how I Can update the game?

  • I downloaded the game via PSN, and played til i get to the part where you put your finger on the scanner after getting across the bridge, but then this comes up ” Downloading Game Files, Estimated Time Remaining: 1:30:00″ Why does it say this? Does this mean the game must load every effing chapter??

  • @59 The full game is 22GB. What’ you downloaded was the first 5GB to play the opening area while the rest of the game started a background download. You received that message because the game hasn’t finished downloading/installing for you.

  • I pre-ordered the game, digital, and started playing it last night. Best game in a long, long time so far. I have not received my code for Cole’s Legacy though? What do I do?

  • Would it be possible to administer inFAMOUS a multiplayer feature in the near future? maybe as a downloadable DLC?

  • Still in the beginning (2 hours in) but amazing game so far. Havent found a single thing I dislike yet

  • @61 The Cole Legacy dlc and vests were downloaded automatically with the game

  • When I try to access the papertrail website and enter my DOB, I receive the following message: Sorry… You are not eligible to view the contents of this website.

    I’m in the US and over 21 years of age, so I can’t guess what the issue might be.

  • Add me to the list of people who can’t seem to download the Pre-Order Bonus DLC. I’m getting Error ce-32920-6. when i go back to the store to redownload, the arrow for downloading won’t let me select it. what’s going on guys?

  • For some reason i can’t store the evidence from the first papertrail mission to my account :/

  • I downloaded the game of PSN today and already like it!
    But i need, help i played the first area and got to the the checkpoint and now it says i have to download game files for 12 hours!!!
    I enjoyed the first little bit but this is just silly!

  • Played through the game for several hours and it’s hard for me to put the controller down! This game is just as good as inFamous 2 if not better. Delsin makes for an awesome protagonist, definitely the contrast of Cole. And dat neon…

    Anyway great game Sucker Punch. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it.

  • I am absolutely loving this game so far… One issue with the papertrail missions though. It is not automatically linking to the account I created online! I used the same email address as my PSN ID. And there is no where on the site to link the two. What do we do?

  • On another note… I began downloading the game at 3:30 this morning and have played continuously since about 7am… with the exception of a 3 hr nap. The game is fantastic!!! I love how the Cole’s Legacy DLC and the PaperTrail bonus content is woven right into the main game… AWESOME.

    The combat, traversal, visuals… everything is top notch so far. The story does seem somewhat ‘simple’ so far, but I’m greatly enjoying the characters. Love the game!

  • Best visual game to date, just pure amazing. Nothing else except maybe GTA5 which is Rockstar so you really can’t expect anything less visually from them is close to Infamous SS.

    Story is decent, gameplay is also awesome (love the touchpad usage! FINALLY a usage for it!)

    9/10 From Me, And I’VE NEVER played an Infamous game but this one drew me in!

  • just did the first papertrail mission on infamous second son but cannot find the psn link anywhere on the companion site, please help

  • Loving the game, where and how do I get my bonus content?

  • Does anyone know how to switch power sets I have them unlocked but I can’t seem to change between them.

  • just soo we are clear there is no way to link the accounts of papertrail and sn because there is no psn icon on the profile page :)

  • Was wondering if there is time limit for the paper trail dlc, I have been working my way through infamous 2 to get ready for second son and want to know if I’ll miss out on the paper trail after the six weeks of dlc. I have my copy of the game and my account for pt was created, i’ve done all available missions on the site, is the content permanent or relative to the time frame?

  • I just beat the game in 7 Hours full Infamous role, I can’t seem to use Cole’s jacket nor can I get the Cole’s legacy to work, it says it all downloaded but doesn’t seem to work, any idea how to fix this?

  • Hey Is there anyway that i can link my ps4 to the papertrail yet.because i got the game yesterday and have finished it and cleared all districts (yes i play to much) it was a very good and addicting game.

  • Im also curious as to how to link my paper trail account and when its linked should I start from the beginning so I dont miss anything?

  • I’m still wondering about this paper trail myself, as I can’t link my account to it, therefore I can’t send anything to it, when I complete a paper trail mission in the actual game????

  • @75 After getting the first power set, you can’t change back for a while. Just keep trying to suck up smoke and you will change back to smoke eventually.

  • Linking is available now, thankfully.

  • So, I picked up my CE this morning and started playing about 10:30am. Took a combined total of about 60 minutes in breaks throughout the day, and just finished my Evil playthrough on Expert, having completed everything in the game to 100%, including the Cole’s Legacy missions.

    Now I just need to do a clean-up playthrough on Easy to get all the Heroic trophies, and a few other miscellaneous tasks, and I’ll have my third inFAMOUS platinum.

    Amazing game. While the acting and graphics are outstanding, the story didn’t really impress me all that much, until I got up to the last few missions. Talk about your plot twist. And the evil path has a very, very dark ending. Looking forward to seeing the good ending now, haha.

  • I went on the paper trail website but couldn’t see the psn logo to link it…anyone else have this problem?

  • Absolutely loving the game!

  • I downloaded a copy of the game to my ps4 and now whenever I start the game I just get stuck at the screen with 2 birds making a star? no error or anything im just stuck at the same screen until i shut the ps4 off.

  • actually i cant even power down the ps4 if i try the light just blinks like its shutting down but it never does. so i end up having to unplug the ps4 so if someone could help me try and figure this out that would be great.

  • Oh awesome!

    Just got my BioFrame Diagnostics test kit in the mail today.

    So very cool that you are doing this paper trail addition to the game and expanding the universe of inFAMOUS in this way. Love it when game developers go beyond like this and do extra promotions for fans.

    Thanks Sucker Punch, such a great idea!!

  • Just bought it. :)

  • Has anyone found the signal tracer code for part 1 of paper trail?

  • I am curious to know if downloading the extra DLC’s from the collectors edition suppose to be taken over 1h 30mins and still going?

  • Just beat the game yesterday it was a great game i recommend this game to anyone who can purchase this

  • i can’t seem to find the DLC anywhere. did it download when i first loaded the game? or do i get the DLC somewhere else?

  • Every time I try to download my coles legacy content it gives me an error code. (ce-32920-6)
    please help me with this issue.

  • Great game guys! Just beat it with the good karma ending. About to start my evil karma run. I am having difficulty accessing the website. It keep giving me a 404 error. I was able to sign up initially, but now it wont even connect.

  • I can’t seem to find the day one patch they were talking about where you get some additional missions and also performance improvement and glitches/bugs fixes. Is this patch downloaded automatically when you pop the disk in or you have to manually download it?

    I saw on downloads under Notifications an automatic Update for Second Son of around 276 MB and this patch they were talking about is about 300MB so that automatic update that I got is this patch with DLC and gfx fixes on it thet are talking about?

    also how come I can’t link my game to the site? I get Error 404 and won’t let me link my game. is anyone else having this issue?

  • I’m continously getting “Unable to connect to your online papertrail profile”, and when I log in on the pc to see if there is an issue with my papertrail-profile, I can’t even log in on the site. And yes, I have created a profile and done some of the steps that was available before the release of inFAMOUS: Second Son.

    * Is there a known issue atm. with papertrail, or is it just me having a local issue?

  • Hi SP,

    First I wanted to greet you congratulations for a successful launch. The game is awesome and I am liking every inch of it. As for the Paper Trail, the website for it is not working properly. Can you tell your web dev team to fix this so we can access it and at least link our accounts? Thanks again for an awesome game!.

  • Question: Is there any real advantage to buying the game on disc as opposed to the download?

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