Introducing Project Morpheus

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Introducing Project Morpheus

Greetings from GDC 2014! Earlier this evening, I had the pleasure to introduce Project Morpheus, SCE’s prototype virtual reality (VR) system that works with PS4. Virtual reality is the next innovation from SCE that we believe will shape the future of games.

Project Morpheus - PS4

I have long dreamed about VR and the possibilities it brings in regards to game development. This new technology will deliver a sense of presence, where you as the player actually feel like you’re inside the game and your emotions feel that much more real.

Our current prototype for Project Morpheus features a head mounted display with 1080p resolution and a 90 degree field of view. Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors built into the head mounted unit as well as PlayStation Camera accurately tracks head orientation and movement, so as your head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates intuitively in real-time. Project Morpheus also features our new 3D audio technology that re-creates stereoscopic sounds in all directions and changes in real-time depending on your head orientation. In addition to PlayStation Camera, Project Morpheus works with DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller and PlayStation Move to deliver an easy-to-use, plug-and-play VR experience.

The prototype for Project Morpheus is the culmination of our work over the last 3+ years as we’ve refined our vision for VR. This prototype will serve as the first development kit for PS4 developers that are as enthusiastic about this new medium as we are.

At GDC 2014 this week, attendees will be able to check out Project Morpheus in action at the SCEA booth through a handful of technology demos.

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  • I don’t care how much this will cost me, I’ll pre-order it as soon as Sony put on market. Thank you Sony “Sony make me believe”

  • Obligatory “Are we going to get a REAL .Hack// MMORPG?” comment, despite the fact that the chances of one ever being made are nonexistent.

  • All this 3D and VR stuff bum’s me out, as I’m completely blind in my right eye, and can’t participate. Still very cool tech though, and I hope others will have a lot of fun with it and that it starts advancing like crazy.

    On the plus side I look like Big Boss when I go without a shave.

  • This is why I love Sony!!!! =)

  • Anyone besides me hoping for a .hack game for this thing??

  • Will it use the Ps3 Move Controllers with the playstation 4 or is there new ones coming out for this VR head set? Also will it sync with the system like the Vita? Thank you Sony, I can’t wait to play on it.

  • Finally, the VR headset that the world is waiting for. Now, gamers can be fully immersed into the video game that is compatible to the headset. This is truly revolutionary in this field, as long as it’s reasonably priced it will have no problem selling fairly easily. Now, as long as we don’t die when our character dies, we should be good!


  • You guys should definitely consider also bundling the camera with the headset. I haven’t found a good reason to buy one yet, but VR might convince me!

  • Just also going to add a VR headset needs some Metal Gear VR Missions

  • one of my concerns is “input” lag. How quickly is it going to detect head movements and be able to translate that onto your screen? I can only imagine that would be very nausea inducing if its not near 1 to 1. Even with PS move, there is that slight bit of lag from actual movement to video on screen.

    with that said though, this is still exciting to see, and I hope VR does become a real thing. I’d love to start “getting into games” literally someday.

  • I think this is an awesome idea! Do you think there will be an option to switch between vr mode and “screen mode”. In other words, if lets say your playing a game and you want to stop using virtual reality, u can just switch off the vr and use the goggles like a regular screen rather than disconnecting everything and setting up on tv/monitor?

  • Nice keep up the good work and design was super cool. Love how Sony keeps showing awesome things to come. I was hoping that the GDC would be broadcast live to see.

  • I am very excited about this, and if it is true I will go out and buy a PS4 tomorrow. This looks SO COOL!

  • I am pretty excited; it’s different and I believe this will add a wonderful perspective to gaming/PS4. I just hope it’s in a reasonable price range.

  • This is what i have been waiting for as a gamer! Once again Sony you are the innovators of our time. Excited to see hands on video footage. This is why I am a Playstation fan!

  • I’m excited!!

  • I will buy this at any price !

  • would be awesome if there’s dioptic adjustment for people with prescription glass. something that prevented me from getting HMZ that required me to wear my prescription glasses in the middle of the HMZ. and it would be even more awesome if people can use it for standard computer use.

    I got bad experience with contact lens so using one is not an option.

  • I wont be getting this till it is compatible with third person shooting games like call of duty

  • Excellent! I heard rumors of a VR headset before PS4 reveal. I’m glad it actually is happening. This is fully to expand immersion. Will premium versions include integrated audio as well? Maybe full headset? I just want Sword Art Online immersion NOW!~


  • will it be compatable with my favourite racing games?? im not a big fan of fps or rpg games but if I could interact with the game on a different level maybe I could learn to appreciate the software..

  • Super excited and thank you very much Mr.Yoshida-san
    Not only do i like the Prototype but love the overall name “Morpheus”,PERFECT

  • Is the technology in this similar to 3D where if you don’t have 20/20 or have restricted vision from one eye with impaired stereo vision you will not be able to take full advantage of it? Kinda seems like it, but without knowing what makes it tick its hard to say. 3D gives me a splitting headache…

  • Named Project Morpheus as a Matrix reference?

  • I am awestruck at the awesomeness of the prototype Morpheus.

  • I can’t help but try new ways of gaming! Shut up and take my money already! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Is the prototype wireless? If not, is making the headset wireless on the “to-do” list?

  • Hmm…interesting…probably getting it (But first I need to get a PS Camera 9.9)

    I just hope we get more support on it than we had on Vita and Move.
    I feel like we r yet to see the full potential of Vita and Move, and feel like they r a bit forgotten.

  • Shu in the house! Virtual reality..hell yes! That much closer to the PS9 commercial!

  • Mr Yoshida congrats on your reveal. You at Sony are really pushing what we come to expect out of are PS4, keep up the amazing work. Also having pushed what is possible any word on when, I will be able to use my imported Vita TV to connect to my US account i’m really looking forward to remote play on my TV using a wired connection.

    Thanks for your time,



  • This looks cool. Although, what would be cooler would be a TV with a built-in PS4. It may or may not support other devices, but the PS4 would be enough for me.

  • I was hoping to see this announced! Cheers! I’m still yet to buy a Ps4 but it seems my ps3’s blu ray drive is crapping out so it may be time! There is no way xbone is going to stand a chance now. Well done sony, well done.

  • This looks great. Ready to buy one anytime. I also think its great to give the Oculus Rift some competition, although i think maybe closer to a camaraderie(Given oculus rift is more for PC). Keep pushing the envelope Sony! Keep up the great work.

  • I want this i will be buying it right when it comes out just like i do with all of playstations products. :)

  • I’m a student of Simon Fraiser University in British Columbia, Canada. Is there any plan for the prototypes to be made available for universities, in addition to developers, so that students like myself will have the opportunity to work with the prototype? One of my goals in life is to be a game developer for VR video games, and having access to an excellent prototype like Morpheus would give me and other fellow students a major head start.

  • Dear god, I hope I can afford this when the time comes, imagine playing Outlast with this beast on! Can’t wait for further details. Thank you Playstation, so glad I switch from Xbox.

  • I’m interested in VR gaming. I hope it will have a reasonable price and I hope people like me who wears glasses will be able to use it.

  • I hope you implement infrared emitters like they did in crystal cove. Don’t release something outdated. BTW I remember testing something out like this in a Sony expo conference in Singapore. Is it based off of that? Because that was almost like 10 years ago.

  • I hope it has a generic controller mapping options too so it work with games without built in support. like mapping right analog head direction and left analog strife to head shifts.

  • Yoshida-san, thank you for all you have done for PlayStation. With this announcement I really hope you take this opportunity to re-launch PS Home on PS4. The timing is too perfect. By the time the Home team gets it up and running on PS4, this VR headset should be available to purchase. With the 8 GB or RAM on PS4 (Home) home would run smooth, with almost no load times. You don’t even need to increase graphics as it still looks great for what it is. Add in the new Share button and this newly announced VR headset, and Home has potential to be a whole new beast of awesome social Interaction. Home is currently version 1.86 on PS3, so a 2.0 release on PS4 is too perfect. I would even go as far as to say it could move some VR units if its put together right and marketed well. Please put some serious consideration into this and thanks again for your continued efforts in innovation for console gaming. :)

  • So it is similar to the Oculus Rift in a way?

  • We are already living in the future guys !!

    i mean comon ! soon we will be IN the game !! how much crazyer can this get !!
    as soon as i heard about this… i started thinking about its implementation in games like uncharted or god of war !!
    it would be so realist that i might be frightened sometimes lol

    Sony keep up the good work ! you haven’t decieved me yet :)

  • sony should make one for ps vita. or the next psp just imagine u have this and just only the controller

  • What is this, the future? Well it looks pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of those (and a PS4) someday.

  • I look forward to seeing how this shapes up. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Oh my god Sony I love you so much. I have never used a VR headset but I already know this will be amazing. The 3d! The full immersion! The HD! The privacy! I wish I could just throw money at my tv and have it on my face. I just hope that most headphones will fit over the band but I’m sure they will. Keep innovating Sony, don’t listen to the haters.

  • When is it coming out on the market!!! i need an approximate date in order to start saving

  • AWESOME! I hope this is better than Oculus Rift, which I found very unimpressive at PAX! Make sure I can’t see the scanlines!

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