The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 18th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 18th, 2014
The Drop

Singe the rainy streets of Seattle with neon footprints, or sneak through a military compound as a legendary hero; it’s a colossal week for gaming, as both inFAMOUS Second Son and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes arrive on PlayStation.

Sucker Punch’s critically-acclaimed, open-world series continues this coming Friday with inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4. Imbued with incredible powers, protagonist Delsin Rowe clashes against the Department of Unified Protection in glorious displays of smoke and neon. Fight the oppressive institution, expand Delsin’s super-human abilities, and explore a massive digital Seattle along the way.

For fans of stealth and political intrigue, the next chapter in Hideo Kojima’s sweeping espionage action series arrives on Tuesday. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which serves as a prologue to the upcoming Phantom Pain, finds Big Boss infiltrating a military base in Cuba. With a redesigned interface, multiple missions, and a new open-world design, Ground Zeroes promises an unrivaled degree of freedom in the Metal Gear universe.

For a complete list of games and demos coming this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster
inFAMOUS Second Son
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition
Steamworld Dig
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
The beloved RPGs find new life with a sweeping visual update and new content. Follow Tidus and Yuna on their fated quest through Spira, and challenge foes with one of the richest battle systems in Final Fantasy history.
PS4 — Digital, Retail (Coming Friday)
Guide Delsin Rowe through the rainy streets of Seattle, and revel in his extraordinary powers along the way. Fight the Department of Unified Protection with sizzling smoke and crackling neon blasts, and traverse the sprawling cityscape at dazzling speeds.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Take to the skies in Vlambeer’s retro arcade shooter. Battle enemy planes and battleships with more than 125 different weapon combinations, and tackle more than 100 missions of daring and danger. Become the most legendary Rauser pilot in the world.
PS3, PS4 — Digital, Retail
The world-renowned stealth series continues with Hideo Kojima’s latest vision of espionage action. Snake infiltrates a Cuban military base, giving players a new degree of freedom to tackle missions in a variety of ways.
PS4 — Digital
A fast-paced, stealth platformer, Stealth Inc. challenges players’ wits at every shadowy turn. The Ultimate Edition features all 80 original levels, along with the 40 included in the Teleporter Chambers and The Lost Clones expansions. Survive the mission, and create unique death rooms in the full-featured level editor.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross Buy)
Plunge into the underground to find dangers and untold riches in this mining platformer. As lone mining steambot Rusty, explore a vast world rife with treasure, and discover the remnants of human civilization. Randomized worlds with emergent play and challenges.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
An outrageous comic book take on the world of Ninja Gaiden, send Yaiba through a sea of zombies and cut down everything in his path. With a ninja blade and brutal cyborg enhancements, Yaiba will rip, crush, slice, and stomp his way towards revenge.

Demos and Betas

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22 Author Replies

  • Any idea when the digital preorder for MGS5 Ground Zeroes will be available to purchase on ps4? It wasn’t up as of this morning.


    What a crazy week. MGS, Infamous, FF X/X-2. And I’m curious about Steamworld Dig and Ninja Gaiden.Z.

    Depending on the discount may pick up PS4 version of Stealth Inc. Awesome game.

  • @ boomstickbhg

    You should wait until that actually happens before you say anything. Otherwise, you just look like a troublemaker.

  • @47: I see what you did there. I hope Infamous eventually gets some kind of multiplayer to give it replay value…

  • some good stuff this week. Finally something to play on PS4, Ive been waiting for that!

  • HUGE week. Glad to see that yaiba is digital- I couldn’t find confirmation anywhere regarding this. So that, ffx (vita) and luftrausers digital for me and infamous plus mgs retail since they met the price there. You guys are really putting the squeeze on my wallet lately.. Not that I’m complaining :P

  • @53 it’s what happened last week. That’s why I’m asking.

    And they were terrible communicating with us last week during all the (whatever happened) issues.

  • I pre ordered infamous on the ps store, will there be a pre download?

  • Metal Gear, now this is what I purchased all PS systems for!

  • hey Tha_Rula.. no, there is no predownload in NA :(.. we have to wait for sony update it at midnight but i don’t know which timezone for 12:00am to download : PST or EST

  • FFX and X-2 for the Vita! The wait is almost over. :)

  • Just a quick question, say if the store is delayed like last week, can we still be compensated for games, that should have come out on the 18th for the $60 promotion?

  • @ boomstickbhg

    I know what happened last week. But you’re jumping to conclusions. If it happens again, you’d be in the right to make a (constructive) complaint, but, until then, have a little faith in our friends over at SCEA. They said they’d make sure the update is on time this week, so, give them a chance.

    The communication was good enough. I already explained this on the other Second Son post, and I don’t feel like explaining again. You can read what I said there if you care to know.

    Time for lunch! :D

  • snake ? snake!? SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

  • So if I get MGS GZ and FFX off PSN Tuesday do I get the 10$ back?

  • Time to buy the PS3 Digital version of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster.

  • Hey Adray27, MGS GZ for ps3 or ps4 ? if you get it for ps3 is 20 and FFX is 40 or 50 then yes you get 10 credit back

  • yeah PS4 is 20 also and I already have $5 in my wallet from a gift card that won’t invalidate it will it?

  • Sorry for double posting.
    Buy a $0.49 PSN avatar just to be safe from the Spend $60 get $10 promo.

  • umm, not sure.. ps4 is 20 ? no.. it is 30 and ps3 is 20

  • Ffx/ffx-2 for my vita and infamous for my ps4. What a great week. All I need now is minecraft for the ps4 and an extra couple of hundred hours of free time to play them. BEYOND!

  • People said that you wouldn’t be able to buy Tales of Symphonia separately in the Chronicles collection, but guess what? It was available for purchase separately on the store so I didn’t have to buy that *****y sequel, Dawn of the New World.

    Still, not sure which I would even want. Already have FFX for PS2, however, it’s not one of my faves because of how linear it is. Never played the second and it is a bit cheesy, but has some of the best combat in a game. Turn based JRPGs are the best kinds of video games, and I don’t understand why video game developers refuse to make them anymore.

    Japanese developers, what the hell have you been doing? Bring back the turn based JRPGs like the Chrono series, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, etc. etc.

    Weren’t people stating that turn based JRPGs don’t sell and then Bravely Default outsold *****y Lightning Returns? LOL. It will be hilarious and awesome if FFX outsells the *****y Final Fantasy XIII games.

  • question is metal gear solid GZ for pre order is cross buy because early articles sayed that the on psn was 29.99$ but you guys update the article for PS3 early that weekend that pre order was 19.99$ so which it the game being 30$ or 20$ Please anyone answers this question i support PSN and PlayStation beyond !!!

  • I already played Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and the game is… AWESOME.

    Buy it too…!!

    Four games for PlayStation 4 this week… so, PS4 has no games, right? XD

    I go for Infamous and Luftrausers for sure!

  • Ground Zeroes is going to be epic!! I can’t wait. I want it now!

  • So excited for this week!! can’t wait for the return of some of my two favorite series, infamous and metal gear solid!!! Super hyped
    p.s: know im a little late but hope u had a great birthday Ryan!!!

    Caps needed.

  • Does buying FF X remaster counts for $10 promotion?

  • Best Drop of the year just yet! Nice games for PS4 and very positive comments! I’ve been thinking bout Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z as well…

  • Cross buy for MGS?

  • @ 80

    Or at least a ps3 to ps4 upgrade?

  • Assuming the update is Tuesday, at about what time can we expect FFX to be up? I’ve got the funds in Wallet and I’ll pretty much be waiting on it to pop up.

    Also, I spent $20 on MGS2 in November or December (not sure which anymore), will this add to it for $60 to get $10 back or is that even still a thing?

  • How much will Final Fantasy X be for Vita? I intend to buy it + MGS5 GZ for PS4 + Strider for PS4

  • Is this the $30 demo metal gear or the actual metal gear?

  • @84 Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that

  • Ryan why US PS4 owners get always treated worse with pre orders? I am waiting and waiting for ps4 digital download of MGS.. when ps3 gets its earlier and also free extra game with it. Not cool.

  • I have both Final Fantasy, and Second Son on order at retail. This is a big week, to say the least!
    So. . . Can we expect the store to update on time this week, or are they going to make us wait until Thursday again without so much as an explanation? Just asking.

  • wow no love for Yaiba? i cant wait. it looks awesome! didnt realize it was coming so soon. also MG! wooo. its open world eh? that could mean some definate replayability! got Infamous pre-ordered a long time ago .good week.

  • I just started working on Dead Nation, so that’ll tide me over until Friday when inFAMOUS: Second Son releases. Can’t wait!

    Though, I’m super annoyed that there are already a bunch of people streaming the game. So much for having any kind of fair chance at the plat run for it. I can deal with a three hour delay behind the east coast, but a week delay behind all these people who probably got it by breaking street date? No chance… x.x

  • Metal Gear Solid is listed as digital and retail ps3-ps4 but cannot find ps4 digital version on psn store. Is it going to be there before Tuesday?

  • Getting MGS5, FFX on Vita, and Infamous this week! Wow, March is always the best month of games every year. I wish these game releases were more spread out, though.

  • MGS Ground Zeroes and FFX | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition!

  • Luftrausers i wonder how that is and disapointed that the developers of stealth inc said user created levels would be released a month later. well, it Never did. great game though.

  • Two questions:
    1.) When exactly can we download MGS:5 and inFamous this week?
    2.) Will there be a pre-load for either of them?

  • IDK why Sony isn’t putting more then one game at a time for preorder on the PS4 or Apps how come the PS3 now has the HBO GO app but the PS4 Doesn’t I know its coming just like mp3 playback or DLNA and a host of other broken promises I got my PS4 on day one and I have The Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD in it. SO I love my ps4 but I don’t know why SONY isn’t showing that love back to over 6 million gamers that said yes to be a BETA tester for them!!! its crazy to look back at how bad the Xbone was at the start but they have been adding this and that making the system better what have u done for the PS4 Sony ?????/ oh u can mute the cam now. where are all these updates that you promised 6 + million people? After investing so much money into my PS4 I think its BS that I even HAVE TO TURN ON MY PS3!!!

  • Would like to see more digital preorders for PS4 appear. The Show, Spider-man 2, The Order, Watch Dogs, etc. And when will inFAMOUS begin downloading if I have it preordered and my PS4 in standby?

  • I bought a ps4 back in november for 2 reasons. MGS GZ & TPP… BF4 is a joke it crashes and looses my data every 6 days and AC4 was fun for about 2 weeks, besides that i still only play my ps3. IF I CANT DL mgs gz on tuesday after i get off work im selling my $570+ copy of AC4 and getting an xbox1. i hate xbox but if playstation messes with my metal gear im done. plz dont fail me PS

  • everything except ninja gaiden and final fantasy for me, looking forward to this week :D now to wait for some of the basic updates to the ps4 like mp3 and dnla……… but quick question, with the issues last week, the store not updating and what not, when the games were updated but not the prices and etc, for those of us who bought games that were supposed to be on sale (myself included) is there any plan to compensate us, or is it one of those ” sorry to inform you, but we are unable to provide any assistance” type of things?

  • Wait a minute wait a minute! I know these AAAs are a huge deal, but to announce their arrival and then say, “Oh yeah and there’s also Steamworld Dig and Yaiba.” If I hadn’t scrolled to the end I never would have known about these two little gems! Stoked!

  • @97, I’m first to agree that in many ways Sony isn’t much better than Microsoft, but they are certainly the lesser of two evils. That said, why would you sell your PS4 in favor of a console which is clearly inferior all because you may have to wait to download your precious MGS? In my opinion it isn’t worth it. I’d just wait it out, but to each his own.

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