Teslagrad on PS3 and PS Vita: The Secrets of Magnetism

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Teslagrad on PS3 and PS Vita: The Secrets of Magnetism


Hi! We’ve wanted to write this piece for a long time. It’s been great to announce Teslagrad for PS3 and PS Vita coming this year, and it’s also wonderful to have this opportunity to present our game in detail on PlayStation.Blog.

Let’s suppose that the question here is simply “Hey, what’s Teslagrad about?” We’ve had to answer that question many, many times, and we have our response down to a science:

Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower.


That’s quite the statement. How did you like it? It’s like a mantra. We just can’t recall how many times we’ve said and/or written that. And that’s why we’re looking forward to this post. Now we can go into more detail.


So, Teslagrad is…

Magnetism: Magnets, we know how they work! Electromagnetic forces are the lifeblood of the game, either acting as a magnetic elevator or as part of teslamancer weaponry (just to pick a couple of the many examples). Magnetic interaction allows you to not only play around as much as you want, but it’s also the main ingredient of almost every puzzle in the game. Attractive.

Puzzles: Teslagrad contains a lot of different puzzles, with magnetism as leitmotif. Early in the game you’ll get a gauntlet that allows you to change the polarity of some elements of the environment.

Players will ascertain that opposite poles attract, whereas the same poles repel — a really simple premise, right? But things get tricky with an increasing number of magnets and awesome new items. Prepare for brainy puzzles!


Platforming: Puzzle solving is a key part of Teslagrad’s core design, but we’ve pursued an electrifying platformer experience, too. Teslagrad follows a Metroidvania-like, non linear exploration structure, drawing strong inspiration from classic platformers.

Of course, new items and abilities are important in unlocking new areas. That said, Teslamancer dexterity counts!


Action: Well, that giant steampunk-ish orb falling apart in pieces while trying to demagnetize you is self explanatory, isn’t it? A boss is one element often seen in classic video games. There’s many of theses bosses, and they’ll make you put your knowledge into action.

Secrets: You’re the last of the teslamancers, and there’s more than a hidden truth deep inside of Tesla Tower. The many layers of Teslagrad’s story are told through voiceless scenes, for a purely visual narrative experience.

There’s not a single word in the game (no text, nor dialogue). But there’s an epic story waiting to be discovered in everything that you see, and of course in what you don’t see.

Art: Some of the first elements of Teslagrad that jump out at players first are the hand-drawn, lovingly animated characters with an aesthetic reminiscent of classic cartoons.

Disney-like, many say, although Ole (one of our artists) prefers to highlight the influence of Winsor McKay or Franco-Belgian cartoons like Tintin and Spirou. As if this artistic design wasn’t enough, Teslagrad also features a haunting soundtrack by Jørn Lavoll and Linn Kathrin Taklo.


And of course, Teslagrad is much more than that! We’ve put our heart and soul into every corner of Tesla Tower, and we’re really looking forward to all of you exploring Teslagrad for the very first time, either on PS3 or PS Vita.

Hope to tell you more about Teslagrad soon! Thanks for reading, and of course we’ll be delighted to hear from you. Anything else you’d like to know, just drop us a line in the comments or on Twitter.

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  • Waiting for Wednesday Update…

  • Who cares? Where is the store update?

  • This is just sensational to see more great games coming to the PS Vita. And to think people always said what games are there to play on the PS Vita. They need to open up there eyes because I see plenty of original content coming out.

  • Wtf… where’s the Store update…

  • Can I ask a question about the mythology of the game? Tesla was one of my favourite people from history. He was a genius, but also very fallible. Many of his life failures were caused by bad decision making and snap judgements, even when he was first to imagine or invents many of our current electrical marvels.

    Grad is short for the Russian word for City. So I’m imagining that the plot has something to do with Tesla being captured or lured by the Soviets, doing some great stuff for the union and having a City named after him.

    And there are the themes as well, such as the Tesla Tower, which was his greatest failure in the US, be JP Morgan at the time invested in his venture and stalled it because he was paranoid about it being used for endless energy, which would halt his coal industries. If he was to build it to the original plan, it would be many times taller, used to send radio and communication over a massive distance.

    Anyway, I’m interested in the theme and the game looks fun, so I will certainly pick this up for my Vita.

    • Although all the mythology of the game is based in Nikola Tesla, he’s not in the game at all. Tesla is like a family name here, the name of some people able to use the power of magnetism, a sort of magic power which characterizes the Teslamancers :). However, there’s a lot of other inspiration either in the aesthetics and the feeling of the game. Nordic influence, old Europe, Russia… So there’s not a Nikola Tesla in the game, but there are a lot of Teslas instead. Thanks for your comment!

  • A smart platformed that plays with art . . . I was SO happy to see this!

  • If you guys can’t update the store at a specific time on a specific day, why do you still have your jobs? Usually when someone cannot do their job properly, they end up losing it. Why do other companies have consistent updates but you have problems with it? Can we please have a professional service without inept employees? Server/tech issues or employee issues, what the hell is the hold up?

  • neuropunk – I think you posted in the wrong place. doh!

  • @60 correct me if I’m wrong but this is the US playstation blog containing to the ps store??? so his complaint about the US ps store being down for what looks like 2 days belongs here

  • Seriously guys, what in the HELL?! It’s about to be THURSDAY and the store is still not updated ffs…Did everyone put in for vacation time the same day or something? This is getting really ridiculous now.

    And yes, I know this isn’t the topic for it, but guess what? Currently they haven’t given any update on the blog about it, so there is no topic here for it. Nothing like a nice cold silence on the matter.

  • It is a blog for the game Teslagrad. There is a forum thread where the issue is heavily discussed and updates coming from Sony.

    Only Eduardo Garabito from the game’s developer will see your comments here. Sony will not see it. Complaining here is wasting your breath and killing any hope to discuss the game here.

  • There is no topic for the Playstation Store update here, so guess what, my comment is going here. Also, how do you know that psn staff don’t read most of the posts?

    If they didn’t want me to post here, then they would have updated the store already, so it looks like their fault.

  • At first sight, it remainded me of Braid. That was a great game. If this one is as good as that, it will be a real joy to play. It is in my ‘pay attention to this one’ list.

  • Well its pretty clear guys. The Store Update team all quit and left behind a trained monkey. It’s still banging on the keyboard trying to determine the right key sequence to publish the update.

  • ElektroDragon , haa… its saying page not found for me.

  • Same for me PainOfSarrow…. lends credence to my trained monkey theory, doesn’t it?

  • Thanks!!

    Definitely buying this for sure!!

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