Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to PS4

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to PS4

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Hey everyone. Greg here from DrinkBox, where we’ve been locked away in our studio hiding from the harsh Canadian winter and dreaming of hot sun, sandy deserts, and bandanna-clad cacti. We’re excited to finally announce we’ve been working on a new version of Guacamelee for PS4 — the Super Turbo Championship Edition!

If you haven’t played Guacamelee before, we’re talking about a Metroidvania, brawling platformer where you play as a Luchador that harnesses the powers of a legendary mask, two meaty fists, and an arsenal of wrestling moves to battle an evil army of the undead. But did you also know you can turn into a chicken? And nothing hinders the forces of darkness more than being pecked in the knee by angry poultry.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionGuacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

If you have played before, you may be wondering “What makes this Edition so super? So turbo? Or so championship…py?” For starters, let’s chat about new powers.

First up — INTENSO! (When you say it, picture you’re a soccer announcer screaming “GOOOOOOAL” into a microphone. It works. Try it.) Pummel baddies into bone meal to fill your combo meter, then unleash INTENSO for a brief (but highly satisfying) boost to the damage and speed of your attacks, as well as your movement.

Save it for when you’re almost down for the count and explode groups of enemies into festive showers of boney fireworks, or trigger it as soon as it’s charged to blaze through areas demolishing solo bad guys.

Still hungry? Everything’s better fresh, so we’ve also polished up the combat and added some upgrades, expanded Juan’s story with two brand-new, huge levels, and added a three-headed, one-man Mariachi-band boss — plus a new class of Elite enemies.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition comes out for PS4 this year.

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  • Actually I guess the one at Queen and Dovercourt would be closer to your office. Either way, seriously, you guys need to go there. SO GOOD.

  • Great game! I have on PC, PS3 and Vita, like to see PS4 version.

  • Why complain about the new edition? They’re obviously making this to reach a wider audience on Xbone and Wii U. Would you rather have them not include their initial(and best) fanbase here at Playstation?

    Day 1 buyer right here, as I was a day 1 for previous version.

  • I’m sorry but it is very unfair that even the 360 is getting this game, and PS3 and PS Vita aren’t getting the new version only because they have the original Guacamelee!.

  • will there be use of DS4 features like the light bar, in-controller spearker, touchpad, etc?

    we loved using the VIta as a cross-controller — I hope the PS4 version has same/improved functionality?

    the audio in Guac on PS3 was actually pretty good, but are there any improvements in the assets or mixing quality?

    would gladly “upgrade” to a PS4 version from our already-bought PS3/Vita version for $5-6, but would be extremely disappointed if supporters were forced to pay for a full-price PS4 game (regardless of Plus discount). Just Add Water was able to swing a discount on Vita for existing PS3 buyers of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, and That Game Company was able to apply a discount to Journey for previous buyers of Flower. It *can* be done, both by first and third-party studios :)

  • An chance of a discount for the existing DLC on the old obsolete consoles?

  • @7

    Unless I’m mistaken, quite a few of those titles are out, or coming out very soon… There isn’t a magical “make the game happen” button, and even indie games can run into development issues. And the PS4 has been out for 4 months yet. I’d say they’re definitely making good on their promise.

    Keep it up Sony!


  • Dearest Drink Box,

    All your games are great! Now I bought a PS Vita just to play Guacamelee! On the go. And I also enjoy playing Guacamelee
    on my huge screen tv thru my PS3. WHY CAN’T WE GET OUR SUPER TURBO CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION???
    Because I will not be buying a PS4 or any other VG console anytime soon. I’m sure I’m not the only PS3/Vita gamer let down by this descion. (Aye, mi Corazon!)
    Remember, we were the ones originally telling all our gamer friends about your Holy Frijolé kick-ass game.
    Thank you, a tristé gamer :0(

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