HBO GO Hits PS3 Starting Today

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HBO GO Hits PS3 Starting Today

In January, HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced that the popular HBO GO app would be coming to PlayStation 3. We know you’ve been patiently waiting and today I’m excited to announce that HBO GO will be available for PS3 owners starting later today.

HBO Go PS3 app

Watch every episode of every season of the HBO’s best shows, including True Detective, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. Speaking of Game of Thrones, with the season 4 premiere airing on April 6th, you’ve got more than a month to get caught up on the first three amazing seasons. If you haven’t seen the latest season 4 trailer, click here to check it out.

We are also working diligently with HBO to bring the HBO GO app to PS4. Keep checking PlayStation.Blog for updates.

What HBO show are you most looking forward to watching on your PS3? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Author Replies

  • Come on!

  • No Comcast option for activation! Are you kidding me? Boooo.

  • Another reason why I don’t want the Time Warner merger to happen….

  • What possible reason is there for Comcast, or any subscriber for that matter, to allow HBO Go access on a computer but not a PS3? They are both essentially the same thing, a CPU, GPU, RAM and a motherboard. What difference does it make? I waited 6 weeks for this to hit PS3 for nothing.

  • Not getting full 5.1 sound, nothing coming from rear speakers…anyone else having this problem? My other apps (e.g. Netflix) work fine. Thanks!

  • Cool that mean if you don’t got no dvd player at home them you can watch HBO on your ps3 ok “NICE”!!!

  • Netflix on PS3 was the first to support 1080p “Super HD” bitrates and 5.1 surround sound. Will HBO Go’s bitrates/quality be competitive?

    Glad to see a sort of renaissance of HBO lately with great shows, but if the video/audio quality is better from third parties (like PlayStation Video store, where The Wire looks/sound better than DVDs I own), I’ll keep buying shows via third parties.

    Also, I don’t subscribe to able or satellite. Haven’t for over 5 years now. If PS3/4 are the first platforms to offer HBO Go without a subscription, it would be a coup.

  • Very disappointed that this doesn’t work with comcast, couldn’t wait til it launched now I can’t even use it.

    • It’s an amazing service! Contacting Comcast’s customer support to understand their authentication policies may answer your question question.

  • I just wanted to say that the app looks phenomenal on my PS3. I didn’t have the opportunity to stream an episode of True Blood like I wanted to but I would put the aesthetics and great design of the app right up there with Netflix. It took awhile, but my initial impression was that it was worth the wait to get HBO GO on PS3 and PS4. I hope we see a Vita version one day as well, because I’d love to watch Game of Thrones during my lunch break.

  • Comcast isn’t on the list. Of course.

  • Is this app available in the US only, or do we have access in Europe as well?

  • I hope we’re talking a matter of weeks for the PS4 version now that Sony and HBO have a deal. Let’s not wait until the PS5 comes out.

    And I hope everyone complaining about comcast not offering HBO GO knows that comcast is the bad guys there and not Sony. I suspect the cable providers have to pay extra money to offer the service to their customers so call comcast and tell them you want the service. And if there is a competitor in your area that offers the service just say you might have to switch to them.

  • Thank you Sony! I was getting terribly impatient, and for that I apologize. BRING ON WATCH-ESPN, AND MAX-GO!!!!!

  • I got the app yesterday only to find out my stupid cable company COMCAST wont support the app? Its blocked? That’s such bs. So I have been waiting, super excited only to have this happen. Comcast is the largest cable company around and they don’t support it? WHY!!!

    • As Sid said on the prior page, “Good question! Please contact Comcast customer support regarding its authentication policies and supported devices. We hope they will support PS3 soon.”

  • After about 30 seconds of streaming, the video locks up every time with Video Error: Code 03-27-302. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Redbox, etc. all stream excellently in HD. Google doesn’t pull up anything on the error code. Thoughts?

  • I am constantly getting Video Error: Code 03-27-302. Other streaming services work just fine. Verizon is my cable provider if that means anything.

  • WOW, I’m so disappointed! I was drooling over the hbo go app so excited and it arrives and Comcast wont allow its use on ps3!? Why cause xbox has it? I don’t get it? I can use it on so many different streaming devices but not ps3? There were only over 80 million ps3’s sold so I think it’s a no brainer. I also blame sony for not letting us Comcast subscribers know we would be excluded. Its not their fault I cant stream but they knew that Comcast wasn’t on board they should of said something.

  • I’m getting Video Error: Code 03-27-302 as well. The video freezes, seems to be buffering, then I get the error code.

    If I shut down and restart, i get uninterrupted video for another 5 minutes or so, then the same issue.

    I get 25mbs download speeds with Fios. Shouldn’t that be enough?

  • Been waiting a while for the good news to finally arrive! Great job to Sony and HBO!

  • Perhaps I spoke too soon. Also getting error code 03-27-302 relentlessly. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
    ― Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

  • I just installed HBO GO, but when it starts loading shows me error code 03-37-316. And reading other user comments Xfinity Comcast is no available for verification. Usless!!!

  • Seriously, has no one from PSN or HBO offered a solution to the current issues with 03-27-302 error code. Is there a setting that I have incorrect? Is it something I can fix on my end?

    I don’t have Comcast and the activation went fine from AT&T. I’m getting 21-25 mps download speeds…seems like there is nothing wrong on my end. Let’s go PSN and HBO, if your going to offer a service, maybe you should offer a service that works correctly.

  • Please pressure Comcast to support the PS3, and the roku too! They sure so bullish, I think I will switch my cable provider if they do not support HBO Go on playstation devices.

  • Error code 03-27-302 pops up constantly, and has effectively rendered this app useless for us. I was hoping to use the PS3 to watch True Detective but it looks like the Xbox 360 is going to have to be pulled back out of the closet.

  • I have been waiting for season 4 of game of thrones since last year! Hopefully this app will be on ps4 soon!

  • I too have Xfinity / Comcast. This is ridiculous. I expected that it would work for everyone. To find that I am locked out from HBOGo on my Playstation is infuriating.

  • Does’nt even work for comcast WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

  • Any idea when Hbo Go will be running on PS4? Winter is coming next week!

  • Seriously – is anyone gonna post a fix to the the Video Error: Code 03-27-302? 25-30 Mbps – I shouldn’t have any problems streaming video on this device. Guess I should use Chrome, Apple or anything else!!!

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