The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 4th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 4th, 2014
The Drop

The night is dark, and the howls of the undead fill the air like a despairing fog. As you survey abandoned streets, wrecked cars littering the sidewalks, you hear the ghouls approach. They nip at your heels and scratch as you pass. They swell around you, and you turn to face them with a pounding heart. Luckily, you’re armed. You empty clip after clip into the mass of rotting bodies. Congratulations! You just earned a high score.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition is coming to PS4, and it’s bringing back the cult-classic PS3 shooter with new features and upgraded visuals. Grab a friend and fight through the throngs of undead in adrenaline-pumping firefights for high scores and survival.

Not a zombie fan? The hotly-anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth is also headed to PlayStation this week. Experience a hilarious RPG written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and journey on an epic quest to become “cool.”

For a complete list of games and demos coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Awesomenauts Assemble!
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
Growlanser: Heritage of War
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f
Master Reboot
South Park: The Stick of Truth

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital
An accessible MOBA with 3-on-3 competition. Combines modern, team-based multiplayer with classic action. Play as one of 15 interstellar mercenaries, customize your skills, and blast away aliens in both online and offline modes.
PS4 — Digital
Rip through hordes of undead in this top-down shooter from the devs at Housemarque. Boasting new features and enhanced visuals, Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition challenges players to survive the end of the world and earn a high score in the process.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Join Haschen, a fledgling officer of the Peace Maintenance Brigade, in this storied strategy RPG. Forge relationships and fight for peace in a journey that spans generations.
PS Vita — Digital
Join the world’s most iconic digital singer in her hit rhythm game —- now on PS Vita. Features more than 30 of Miku’s songs, more than 90 costumes and 100 accessories, and four unique difficulty levels for each song. Create your own music video in edit mode, too!
PS3 — Digital
Piece your life, and death, back together. Welcome to the Soul Cloud, a server of lives and memories where souls are immortal. Explore this strange memoryscape and solve puzzles in a haunting first-person adventure.
PS3 — Digital
An authentic racer for NASCAR fans. Get behind the wheel with famous drivers and participate in race week challenges, including practice, qualifying, and race day events.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, enter the cold and familiar world of South Park and embark on an epic quest. Arm yourself with weapons and armor, and earn your place besides Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.

Demos and Betas

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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9 Author Replies

  • What? I thought south park was ps3 an ps4? Also we need new simpsons game an a futrurama

  • I might have to check out South Park this week if I get some time.

  • Hey Ryan! Time to DROP that miku beat (I’ve been waiting to say that for 3 weeks)

  • @16

    Was $30 for the PS3 additional songs in Japan, hopefully they will price it better here.

  • “This drop is bad, and you should feel bad!” – Zoidberg

  • “Don’t let those zombies get the Drop on you.”
    I read that in “greased up deaf guy’s” voice

  • I’m sick of these C-class PS2 games. where’re the real legendary PS2 games that people actually want?

  • @43 / Remmy8199

    Sunday is “The Drop” post, which is the games coming out that week at retail/digital.

    Monday is the PS+ post for what will be available when the store updates that Tuesday, and includes info on any PS+ discounts for that week.

    I think it’s usually the last Thursday of the month that’s the next month’s big PS+ post that has which games will be free throughout that month, which are then broken down week-by-week in each of the Monday posts.


  • @41: So what you’re saying is you never played The Last of Us. Right, got it.

  • Next week is DS II. I can’t wait.

  • @57 Coming out in a couple of weeks as a HD Remaster

  • Woot, Project Diva. Didn’t expect it this soon. I’m excited.

  • I’ll be picking up South Park: The Stick of Truth this week… on my PC.
    Since the console versions have been censored for content. I really don’t see the point in censoring content for people who only play on console, it’s not like they can’t just go on YouTube and see it there anyways. You are not protecting anyone by playing big brother on a game that is made for Adults anyways.

  • Very glad there’s a demo for Project Diva F on the Vita, I need to determine how detrimental having to touch the screen as opposed to using the right analog stick will be.

  • I’m really looking forward to playing Dead Nation on PS4, and for free! I never did get a chance to play all the way through it on PS3. Other than that, nothing really catches the eye.

  • I guess this announcement is ok but I seriously regret buying a ps4 at launch. The ps3 has all of my ps3 and ps one games as well as my mini games. I’m not using my os4 at all, can’t even watch 3d movies on it and I can’t control regular blu ray movies with my Logitech remote. Games? What games? I bought injustice cod and madden 25 and honestly I asked myself if it was really necessary to buy it for the”ps4. Because I could have played them on my ps3 easily as well as enjoy all of my other games and movies.
    Ps4 is going to go on eBay, the vita may be soon after. Metal Gear at this point isn’t enough to keep me aboard especially if its coming out on the ps3. Seriously, the ability to play every generation of playstation games as well as watch 3d and control my movies as well as the media hub capability, there’s absolutely not one reason to keep the ps4. Streaming games? Not feeling this at all. I’ve been a die hard Sony fan up until this system; theres nothing to play or watch for that matter.


  • Good start to this jam packed month! I’ll be getting Dead Nation and possibly South Park.

  • @13, ABT- “The PS4 is quickly turning into a dumping ground for horror games…”

    Haha, yeah okay. /s The 30 or titles available now will obviously branch out to other genres but as of now, I don’t think there’s a saturation of any kind.

  • Just a reminder: None of the digital content each week will be available until the Tuesday store update (unless otherwise specified). That includes the IGC and any sales (Plus & non-Plus), all of which will be revealed in tomorrow’s Plus post. Though some non-Plus sales and permanent price drops won’t be revealed until the actual store update post on Tuesday. The store usually updates by 2pm PST (Pacific Standard Time, US, GMT -8).

    @DaveTheOne: I understand that things seem especially bleak right now for the PS4, and I really do appreciate the fact that several key features are unavailable on PS4 but have been available for years on PS3. On the other hand, I’m willing to bet this will be the year when the PS4 takes off with games people want. You’ll really regret whatever you have to pay re-buying a PS4 later this year, especially as we get closer to the holidays. A rather pitiful gaming drought is to be expected within the first few months of any console launch. Would it have been nice if more games were ready at launch? Sure, and it didn’t help that a few key games got delayed. But IMHO everyone should give it a few more months.[/2 cents]

  • @67, Dave- Hey Dave, the launch games & Infamous dates were all public over the media since the start. Curious, why did you buy the PS4 if none of these appeal to you? The ports of Unjustice & Madden wouldn’t have major improvements over the PS3 version since they’re Year One titles… I know the following annual releases (like NBA 2k, Madden, The Show, COD, BF4, etc…) will offer more varied features to encourage gamers to move to next-gen systems. Apart from the delayed Drive-Club, we all knew what releases we were getting in the 1st 3 months.

    The 3d Blu-ray feature will surely be added in a firmware.

  • Could PlayStation please add some E rated games for the Free game of the month… at some point? I bought the system, so my son and I could enjoy it together. We both were very excited about free monthly games, but he has been left out, as most have been rated M or at lest the last two OUTLAST and DEAD NATION. Thanks for at least considering it, as a large population of online gamers are under age 17.

  • When will firmware 4.55 be addressed since its crashing peoples ps3s?

  • RagingMexicano87

    South Park the Stick Of Truth is gonna be phenomenal!!

  • “liquidypoo on March 2nd, 2014 at 2:16 pm said:
    @41: So what you’re saying is you never played The Last of Us. Right, got it.”

    You can check my trophy list, troll. The Last of Us has terrible gameplay with more emphasis put on graphics and presentation than the actual gameplay which is super clunky. Also, the story is a rip off of The Road and all other post apocalyptic zombie stories.

    You have terrible taste if you think TLOU is good, when it’s a freaking crappy “game”.

  • @75 We get it. You don’t like The Last of Us. Quit crying over it.

  • Hatsune Miku is all I care for this week. If you don’t like it, then ef off.

    @neuropunk So games like Dead Rising 3 and Dead Island considered a rip off too? Maybe you should just stop watching too many zombie movies or else a real zombie will come out and bite your neck.


  • I just wanna play South Park already!!!!

  • @Thumbsofsteel,

    Well said,


    not being able to play my enormous library of ps 1.,2 and 3 games doesn’t allow for a distraction while waiting for new games. I thought I’d be able to at least do that. It just sucks right now. The ps4 feels like its a step backward, seriously, wait for an update to watch 3d content? This doesn’t feel like its next Gen and I’m quite annoyed.

    I beg to differ, if I sell it now I can cut my losses and get exactly what I paid for it. I’m sure a lruce drop or free game will be included or some other incentive for the holiday and perhaps the updates for 3d and ability to play my library will also arrive.
    Nothing at all now or on the horizon that makes it worth holding on to.

  • This drop is trash and crap. Oh wait, that’s every drop…HA HA HA HA HA lol.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Hockey and basketball are WAY better than nascar any day. nascar is BORING.


  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ neuropunk

    All RPG “games” are the same. Press X to choose command, rinse, repeat. Watch cinematic unfold. Carry onward. Engage yet another interesting looking baddie. Press X to bypass excessive text. Press X yet again to choose command. Repeat. And then…. REPEAT yet again. After pressing X for the 5,983rd time, end credits roll. Congratulations! You made it through all the text and cinematic sequences!

    All the same.

    South Park should be interesting though, just because of it’s personality. ‘Tis a good thing indeed, because a game has gotta have personality to get the “player” through all the text and repeated X-button pressing!

    I think RPG must stand for “Reading and Pressing (X) Game”


  • @59
    RIGHT?!?!? ive been nagging at them for months to get some info on that, and some other stuff, and so far, i only saw something on towerfall. so, so much for that, they dont seem to really care to answer peoples questions at all

  • Can’t wait for Project Diva f. Any word on the file size?

  • Still no Digimon World 3 :(

  • @PrimeroIncognito Agreed. Although, I think Nascar was awesome back in the PS2 days. Now, it’s full of garbage and I pity anyone who still plays that today. It’s like Madden NFL except with race cars.

    @generalissimo13 Go back to the failed Pii U, dipstick.

  • @ Gamerzlimited

    I was talking about the actual sports, not the video games. Although since the video games tend to reflect the real thing as best they can (and mostly succeed), you could apply what I said to the video games too. I imagine nascar video games are just as boring as the real thing. But that’s just my opinion, and it’s not meant to be a knock on the sport or the athletes who participate in it. I’m sure it’s a thrill for the participants themselves (the drivers, the pit crew, etc.) but it sure doesn’t translate to spectatorship very well.

    I mostly said what I did just to rib Slick a little bit. :)

  • @ Slickety-doo

    Ha ha… dude, you can’t be mad when someone gives you a hard time. When you’ve done it so much yourself, you’ve got to expect a little in return.

    By the way, turning left at the same angle over and over again isn’t that hard. What “driving skill” are you referring to?

  • PS+ is a consistent disappointment on my PS4. Only 1 free game a month and they tend to be substandard. Dead Nation was free quite a few months ago, just because it is now on the PS4 doesn’t mean we want it again. I would cancel my subscription but I can’t because of their new online multiplayer policy.

  • Wondering if im the only one who thinks dead nation would be perfect for vita, anyone one know if theres any plans in the works. Ive had it on ps3 since itcame out and seems like a perfect fit for vita. This drop sux for vita owners bt deffinitely going to check out stick of truh.

  • south park!!! i’ll be buying it ;D

  • @ alphagoku1

    I’ve heard Tribute has been finished with it for awhile. They said as much on twitter, yet SONY refuses to release it! I’m holding out hope we’ll see some of the games from E3 2013 soon. Outlast and Don’t Starve were cool but there were SOOO many announced and have yet to deliver.

    I better see MERCENARY KINGS SOMETIME IN MARCH, SONY! WE NEED MORE COUCH CO-OP/ONLINE CO-OP GAMES! I have two other controllers sitting in wait for a game like that! You’re making me depressed :(

  • I own both 3ds and vita, ive had vita since first ediition bundle and honestly ive barely touched the ds.My kid on the other hand lovesthe ds. She’s 9. In my opinion Vita is steered towards real gamers. Those who want a real gaming expierence from a handheld not just th mobile tablet/ipad angry birds b.s. “casual games”. As far as tbe ds i think its greatest use is for kids, They do have some ok games for ds but for me vita is where its at, but on the downside we do need more games and larger memory cards, I do think sony made a big mistake switching from oled to lcd, I paid almost just as much to have mine repaired rathe than get one of the new lcd models, my oled is by far a better sceen.

  • @generalissimo13 on March 2nd, 2014 at 11:11 pm said:



    @DaveTheOne: Fair enough. I don’t expect much of a price drop this year, but there will most likely be new bundles offered and desirable features added. If you strongly feel that every week will yield more disappointment between now and then, and want/need your money back then I perfectly understand. :)

    This week’s Drop is okay. Fans of Nascar games wanting to go digital should be happy. Not much for me besides a demo for that Lego game. :P

    Oh well. I’m a sucker for sales, especially in the below $5 range. We shall see.

  • @PrimeroIncognito Oh, I’m not a fan when it comes to sports so I had no idea. The real thing will always be better than a simulation. I understand though. I personally think a sport is much better to watch in person than on a TV. Hearing the crowds roar, now that’s how watching sports should be experienced.

    But I still think the PS2 Nascar games are better than the PS3 ones. They’re just more fun in my opinion.

    @generalissimo13 Can’t help it when it’s my favorite word for calling trolls. When they act stupid, it’s the best word to call them. What hard hitting games? You forgot that the Wii U is the one failing without 3rd party support. Be lucky that the 3DS is the only thing that’s helping them survive right now. As much as I don’t like Slick as well, I’ll agree with him that you should go away.

  • “PrimeroIncognito on March 2nd, 2014 at 8:31 pm said:
    @ neuropunk
    All RPG “games” are the same. Press X to choose command, rinse, repeat. Watch cinematic unfold. Carry onward. Engage yet another interesting looking baddie. Press X to bypass excessive text. Press X yet again to choose command. Repeat. And then…. REPEAT yet again. After pressing X for the 5,983rd time, end credits roll. Congratulations! You made it through all the text and cinematic sequences!
    All the same.
    South Park should be interesting though, just because of it’s personality. ‘Tis a good thing indeed, because a game has gotta have personality to get the “player” through all the text and repeated X-button pressing!
    I think RPG must stand for “Reading and Pressing (X) Game””

    You are clearly a delusional twit if you seriously think pressing x is all you do, troll.

  • Hey what about dead nation in ps vita? Is it really coming to ps vita…

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ neuropunk

    What’s wrong? Not very good at detecting sarcasm? And the reason I was being sarcastic was my attempt at getting through to you how silly all of your related generalizations are. But I guess you couldn’t tell.

    Saying all shooters are “corridor simulators”, and saying all western games are the same cheap whatever that caters to the “dude-bro-frat-jock” crowd (which reveals how little attention you’ve paid to the countless unique experiences that exist on Sony consoles). Always minimizing down to absurd levels anything that doesn’t appeal to you, and you really think that anyone takes it seriously. You claim to be a veteran gamer yet you still haven’t realized that your personal tastes/opinions are NOT representative of universal truth. It’s that simple.

    Constantly trashing Sony on their own blog while endlessly and blindly praising Nintendo as if they’ve never made a single misstep, and yet you say I’m the troll. Funny stuff. Why not just post on Nintendo forums if they’re so wonderful, and avoid this one if Sony is so terrible? Seriously, what are you doing?

  • we couldn’t have ask 4 more, thanks for dead rising season 2

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