PS Vita Turns Two – Celebrate With Sales

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PS Vita Turns Two – Celebrate With Sales

PS Vita Anniversary Sale
Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s been a year, but here we are celebrating another PS Vita anniversary! So much has happened since its launch in North America two years ago – many amazing games were released, Remote Play functionality with PS4 was added, and we announced PlayStation Now is coming to PS Vita. The platform has greatly transformed in the past year, and the passionate support and personal stories I’ve heard from our development community have been truly inspiring. Plus exciting things are on the horizon, including the launch of our new slimmer model PS Vita this spring.

In the meantime, we wish a big “thank you” to our fans for being a part of our community. Starting tomorrow, enjoy the week-long PS Vita Anniversary Sale which will discount some amazing titles.

In addition, @HeyPlayStation is hosting a week-long sweepstakes, featuring Vita related games and accessories. Stay tuned on Twitter for more information!

PS Vita Anniversary Sale

Title PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
Castlestorm (cross-buy) PS Vita $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Castlestorm (cross-buy) PS3 $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
CastleStorm Complete Edition $6.99 $9.99 $14.99
Escape Plan PS Vita (cross-buy) $7.34 $10.49 $14.99
Escape Plan PS4 (cross-buy) $7.34 $10.49 $14.99
flOw PS Vita (cross-buy) $2.79 $3.99 $5.99
flOw PS3 (cross-buy) $2.79 $3.99 $5.99
flOw PS4 (cross-buy) $2.79 $3.99 $5.99
Flower PS Vita (cross-buy) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Flower PS3 (cross-buy) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Flower PS4 (cross-buy) $3.49 $4.99 $6.99
Hotline Miami (cross-buy) $2.50 $4.99 $9.99
Killzone Mercenary $17.49 $24.99 $35.99
Machinarium $1.75 $3.49 $6.99
Malicious Rebirth $7.34 $10.49 $14.99
Open Me! $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Orgarhythm $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Proteus (cross-buy) $4.19 $6.99 $13.99
Ragnarok Odyssey $14.69 $20.99 $29.99
Stick it to the Man (cross buy) $6.29 $8.99 $12.99
Sumioni: Demon Arts $4.89 $6.99 $9.99
Valhalla Knights 3 $14.69 $20.99 $29.99
Velocity Ultra $2.09 $3.49 $7.49

Keep in mind, we also have a Back to 2013 Sale taking place this week with additional sales on Vita games. Click here for more info.

As with any anniversary, we thought we’d take the time to call-out a few of our memorable moments from the last year. Although many great titles were released, these stood out in particular and kept the device in my purse/pocket/hands at all times.


Spelunky is one of the most addictive and lovable games I’ve ever encountered. From the adorable yet macabre art and animation, to the endless hours of replay grinding (ONE DAY I WILL BEAT KING YAMA), Spelunky will never leave my memory card.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

The story immediately sucks you in with a solid plot-line, unexpected twists, and an eclectic set of characters to choosily befriend (Byakuya’s my #1). I’m quite pumped that our friends at NIS America have already announced Danganronpa 2 coming to the US this Fall… it’s still Monokuma time!

Hotline Miami

The game is perfect for quick bursts on the go, controls well with PS Vita’s analogue sticks and touch pads, and its pixel graphics look fantastic on PS Vita’s screen. Hotline Miami is also full of all sorts of fun Easter egg references to the indie community, which ties in so well with PS Vita’s game library as a whole.


Definitely a must buy if you own a PS Vita. With gorgeous art, a killer soundtrack, and Iota/Atoi (your personal messenger and best friend), Tearaway is a truly immersive experience that makes you enjoy the world in a new (and papery) way.

My favorite part of the PS Vita is all the personal adventures it takes me on and the lasting memories they create. I’ve listed a few above, and I’d love to hear yours. Comment away! <:D

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3 Author Replies

  • how about we celebrate wtih an announcement of a flood gate opening of titles that rival 3DS. Look I love my Vita, but its starting to lose ground to titles like Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, and Super Mario 3D World. Where are our RPG’s? Where is FF Type-0? Why haven’t we seen any AAA titles? Who is our High Impact and Ready at Dawn of the Vita? PS4 features are great and keep going with that; but offering me a celebratory sale of titles I already own because the selection is so slim 2 years later just goes to remind me that there is nothing new releasing for this system.

  • OMG, more sales, this is awesome!!!

  • Where’s the next Vita update? The Vita needs some more love.

  • Too many sales! My wallet hates me :)

  • I don’t understand how such a great system doesn’t have more AAA games. Ive spent 40+ hours sofar on bravely default. That’s a Square-Enix game, no reason why Sony can’t start nailing down some real exclusive deals. The best exclusives are monster hunter clones, Persona 4 golden which admittedly is great.

    Publicly, the Vita isn’t abandoned. But privately it sure as hell feels like Sony is throwing in the towel

  • CastleStorm Complete Edition and Stick it to the Man shall be mine, the rest I either own, don’t want, would prefer to have physically. :)

    I do need to get around to trying that Open Me demo, though…..

  • Valhalla Knights 3!!!!!!
    thx you xseed :)

  • Way too many indie games taking up the sales. I’m hoping this isn’t the only week because i would have liked to see a sale on DW Next, Atelier Meruru, and possibly that new Danganronpa game.

  • nice! sure hope this is just a small part of the sale!
    been hoping for games like Ys and Muramasa to go on sale!

  • Im in for Valhalla Knights 3 and Ragnarok Odyssey. finally prices that Im willing to buy them at

    I lookf forward to more real announcements for 2014. What major releases does Vita have besides FFX and Borderlands? The platform needs big games to sell and Sony needs to stop pretending as if its doesnt exist!

  • I was hoping for YS on sale :(

  • More and great sales. Escape Plan, flOw,Stick it to the Man and Sumioni: Demon Arts ( I was waiting for Sumioni:DA, a steal for the price). Thank you Sony and Happy PS Vita Anniversary. Although I love indie games I think the Vita needs more AAA retail games.

    Feliz Aniversario PS Vita!!!

  • Hey guys new to the Vita but will there be a repeat of last year on giving away several free games like what happened last year for the Vita 1 year anniversary? Maybe a repeat for Wild Arms or the sequels. :)

  • Anyone who hasnt played Disgaea 3 on the Vita is missing out on one of the deepest JRPG’s the Vita has to offer.

    Get it done before Disgaea 4 hits the Vita in a few months time! #SoHyped

  • But no sales for Virtua Tennis, like cmon man! it’s been a full price for like ever!

  • THese sales are not that great heck Killzone Mercenaries was on sale for $9 maybe a month ago. No Terraway sale not much of a vita sale if you ask me. Hope there are better deals next week.

  • I really hate to complain, but I have to admit I’m really disappointed with this. I was really hoping to see some JRPG’s on this sale, I’ve been waiting a few weeks for this announcement and I see very, very little that interests me. Keep up supporting the indie games, but give us some meat with bigger titles. I was really hoping to see the Atelier games and the Ys games. PLEASE get some more great top notch titles to the Vita, I love my Vita but a better group of sales would go a long way. Also, can Namco bring the Tales of Games for the Vita to the States???

  • hmmm I’m looking at Flow, Flower, and maybe Valhalla Knights 3. Thanks for the sales guys!

  • @Ryumoau considering Danganronpa has been out for only like 2 weeks, I can’t see it going on sale this early. I say if you have the means, pick it up. It’s a really good game from what I played so far.

    @Sharon I gotta disagree with choosing Byakuya as a favorite :p

  • I fricken love my Vita, the system is near perfect. Remote play to the PS4 is awesome. Happy 2nd B-Day.

    Now I want to buy a 64gb Vita memory card like Japan has. Lets make that happen, I can’t buy anymore games. My 32gb is full, I want to buy more games. I’m trying to give you more money, so release the 64gb card in North America already.


  • Can anybody tell me if Proteus is worth a buy at that price. Heard good things, but seems like a strange “game”.

    BTW, I’m happy with the indie games…just wish Sony would get more of its first-party franchises out on Vita. I assume we’ll hear more about this at E3 (since most of what we know about for future titles ends in May with GOW and Sly Cooper Collections). Just bring the AAA pain, Sony!

  • Happy B-Day, Vita. I love mine, and play it every day, even if it is sometimes PS1 classics (like Wild Arm, which I’m playing now). Any chance of getting the Amazon Instant app on it, or HBOGo?

  • 90% of them are indies and not even better than many PSP games.

  • Nice sales! A lot of that stuff I own already, sadly!

  • Double post!

    Sony really should look into a gifting function on PSN, much like Steam does. A lot of these games I’d love to purchase as a gift for my wife/friends/family, etc. Games I know they probably wouldn’t buy on their own, but would no doubt enjoy.

  • I’ve been waiting for that for a while, and now that is here,I’m disappointed. I thought we would see more than a bunch of indies for sale. I was hoping to see bigger games, like Ninja Gaiden, Need for Speed, Uncharted. The most interesting one for me is Injustice, that is part of the 2013 sale.

  • Still no Atelier Meruru Plus on Sale? Waiting for it….

  • @20

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Possibly. I bought it on release due to the ps blog guys ranting over it and talking how everyone said good things about it. Full price it certainly wasn’t worth it. I believe (don’t quote me as I haven’t looked up a wiki on the game) after about and hour and a half I’ve seen everything in the game. Since you don’t actually do anything aside from walking around there’s no way to extend the gameplay, for me anyway. Also I believe I read that the game can generate an island by your gps location and model the island around your area, couldn’t tell a difference myself.

    tl;dr, if you want to kill an hour and a half for $6, sure, otherwise skip it.

    Anyone picking up Injustice and wanting to fight another noobish player please hit me up.

  • @19 you can buy the 64 gb memory card at Amazon, it cost me 112 usd a couple of weeks ago.

  • No hot shot golf sales?

  • Damn, no P4G. I’ve never played a JRPG before and people tell me that was a great game to start in on. ‘Tis a shame.

  • Will be buying Guacalmelee. The 14 of 14 sale was way better!

  • @GStylez1980 For that price I’d say it’s worth it. I bought it and played through it when it was on sale earlier this year or late last year, I can’t recall which. Calling it a game isn’t quite accurate, it’s more of a randomly generated island that you walk around. The only action aside from walking that you can take is to sit, so things will happen around you based on you being in certain locations at certain times during the day night cycle, or by following these little sparkly things. It’s weird, but a cool experience. Definitely something you’d want headphones for, though.

  • Wish you guys would put links in your sales list to the ps store so that we dont have to open up the store in a seperate window. Just saying sony….

  • @26

    That would be nice. Especially since Atelier Ayesha is coming out next month (Japanese version anyway)

  • Hum decent sales…there is one game I’m sure I will pick up and thats Flow…cheap=buy.Was expecting a better price on Escape Plan because I’ve been wanting to get that game since before Vita’s launch…oh well I had some great time and fun with my Vita on 2013…couldn’t even play half of the half of the games I have but I will get there.Happy B-Day Vita.

    Oh also keep up with the indies on sale,thats what we need,no reason to put on sale games that are available in retail.

  • @28 these are shipping from Japan. The warranty is only valid in Japan. That order is from a Japanese company & shipped by They do not ship that product to Canada. The same memory card on is $125 plus $25 shipping (also duties & broker fees crossing the border). Would end up costing over $200. Like I said, release this in North America, so we don’t get ripped off by importing this.

  • I think Killzone Mercenary deserves a call-out for one of Vita’s hi-lights this past year. The game looks and plays incredibly, and is a real accomplishment in that it delivers a full-on multiplayer shooter experience on a hand-held. The developer has continued to support the game months after release too, giving out 2 new multiplayer maps for free last week. It’s tons of fun and a definite mainstay in my Vita collection!

  • I already purchase killzone last time.

  • Two years, and we ca count on the fingers of one hand only, not not need two. The Vita has became an acessory to the PS4. When I bought my Vita, two years ago, I believed and trusted the Sony, but is difficult even for me to admit that I’m disappointed with Sony, not just me I’m sure thousands of Gamers are also.

  • This post says that Flow and Flower are cross buy, however, the Playstation Update post (i.e. the one announcing Mod Nation for free this week) does not list these titles as cross buy. So are they cross buy or no?

  • @Sharon Well I’m still pretty early in the game, and I definitely don’t want to spoil anything….but at this moment I gotta say Leon’s my favorite.

  • A less expensive means of saving games would be greatly appreciated. Either cheaper Vita memory cards or making the Vita compatible with other brand memory cards (ie SanDisk). Is it possible with an update to make the Vita compatible with other brand memory cards?

  • Meh, and still way too expensive. This is why I prefer Steam for digital games.

  • For a moment there, I got excited and thought that the Pocketstation app for Vita was coming to the USA when I saw the thumbnail for this article. Bring the Pocketstation app to the US, guys! I promise I’ll buy FFVIII if you do.

  • Can you PLEASE get rid of the 100 icon Vita limit so I can actually BUY some of these games?! PLEASE! I have a 64GB memory card with space available, but even after deleting and moving things I can live without to another card, I AM STILL RUNNING INTO THE 100 ICON LIMIT! PLEASE fix this!!!

  • Not really seeing anything I want for the sale, but then again, I prefer to usually pick up my games in physical format. Just hope that there’s changes coming to the Vita, no offense to anyone this is just my personal opinion, but the games are getting a bit lackluster to me. Most games that get announced are indie titles that can usually be played elsewhere, and most indie games don’t really interest me.

  • For those of you crying about no new titles, no games for the vita, etc… well, there are plenty! Actually there are A LOT.

    You just have to go to Japan to get them :)

  • Number 1 said it all

  • I am excited for this sale, but with PS Plus my 32 gig card is already full. Please bring the 64 gig card to the states. Thank You!

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