The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 25th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 25th, 2014
The Drop

Garrett slides an arrow against the string of his bow, candlelight nipping at his foot — just out of reach. The guard paces the hallways in silence, unaware of the glinting metal trained at his temple. One whistle later and the guard’s body is splayed on the ground, and Garrett steps over it without a word. Just another moment in the shadowy campaign of Thief, which launches on PS3 and PS4 this week.

This reimagining of the classic stealth series arrives on PlayStation with a dark and violent story steeped in intrigue. The alleyways of the City are plagued by disease, and Garrett has awoken from a strange slumber to face immense odds stacked against him. Move through the world in silence, or leave a trail of bodies; all can be yours, if you wish it.

Alongside Garrett’s return comes another chapter in the Castlevania series. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 arrives on PS3 this week, challenging players with intricate puzzles and frenzied combat. Feast on the blood of the living, and dispatch the forces sent against our red-cloaked hero.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Basement Crawl
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Herc's Adventures
Mahjong World Contest
Pac-Man Museum
Port Royal 3 Gold Edition
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital
Inspired by the classic Bomberman series, Basement Crawl features fiendish arenas with both online and offline modes. Four characters with dozens of traps and skills. Laced with a dark horror theme.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
The origin story of the Belmont family continues with Lords of Shadow 2. Wield immense weaponry and fluid combo chains against your enemies. Drain the blood of those that stand against you, and unlock the secrets of the night.
PSone Classic — Digital
Seems like Greece has really fallen on some hard times ever since Hades kidnapped Persephone. Using your strength and cunning, help rescue the legendary lady and return Greece to its former glory!
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Since the creation of the world, the gods have ruled over mankind and governed its path. But over time, people began to forget the gods and so their power waned. In the wake of this abandonment, the devoted Kinna infiltrates a prison in the Waterfall Realm to search for someone. She finds Magus, and their lives are about to change forever.
PS Vita — Digital
Plunge into a host of golden tiles and compete for glory. Challenge more than 100 unique levels across a variety of difficulty modes, and earn experience to advance up the hierarchy.
PS3 — Digital
Experience the roots of this iconic gaming series with a collection of Pac-Man hits from decades past. Includes nostalgia-inducing oldies and modern classics like Pac-Man Championship Edition.
PS3 — Retail
Immeasurable wealth and power await you. Set out across a massive environment across multiple campaigns, and master a complex trading system. Experience more than a dozen ship types and partake in thrilling naval battles.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Revel in the fan-favorite JRPG as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. Embark on an epic quest with refined visuals, enhanced audio, a complete Japanese voice track, and the original theme songs. See why JRPG enthusiasts around the world sing praises of the Tales series.
PS3, PS4 — Digital, Retail
Slink through the shadows of the City and uncover the mystery surrounding Garrett’s strange disappearance. Steal trinkets and gold as you go, and approach every situation with a personal touch. The classic stealth series is back.

Demos and Betas

Pac-Man Museum — PS3 Demo

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  • Happy Birthday Ryan! To many more years and BEYOND!

  • Hey Ryan, my birthday is today! So Happy Birthday to the both of us!

  • So why was Basemant Crawl delayed? I don’t get it.

  • Oh gods, now JonTron fans have easy [legal] access to one of his covered Hercules games. Ah, PlayStation…

  • @30 For those who have PS3, and that MGS VR missions is only about VR MISSIONS. I want STORY MODE!

  • Thief (PS4) and LoS2 (PS3) gonna be a busy week. Now if only I could play my PS1 and PS2 discs and downloads on my PS4.

  • Haven’t seen a good PS PLUS Discount since Sly Cooper.

    How about a few more older titles like Ninja Gaiden, and some more PS One discounts.

    Your lack of PS 3 download capability on 4, is seriously disheartening and doubt I will purchase one unill it does.

  • YES! I can finally play Hercs adventure that was the one game I always tried to rent when I was a kid and it was always rented out also BEYOND!

  • where is my hbo go app for ps3 and ps4

  • This week is awsome? The next month is going to destroy my wallet. Thief, MGS:GZ, FFX Vita, and Infamous:SS. Thanks for all the great content PlayStation team.

  • Happy B-Day and something about ps plus march wave , EU expecting Tomb Rider and more , US ?

  • Still no Digimon World 3 :(

  • Waaaaaaah! Herc’s Adventures so many good memories along this game, playing coop on one couch alongside a friend so c00l. Guess I need to take it )

  • What the hell is this g*d**m crap? Holy s**t this drop looks like garbage. No wonder Nintendo and WII U is better than whatever the hell sony, the crappy scea, and PS3 and PS4 puts out.

  • BEYOND! Happy Birthday Ryan! Great Drop!

  • my sisters birthday is on the 25th too, we got her a Vita.

  • Herc’s Adventures really was a great surprise

  • Wow actually a game on PS4 that I’m interested in for the first time since launch! Lackluster week for Vita though. And I wish some of that PS3 support would be support for current gen consoles instead of last gen

  • @ 18 your math is a bit off the system has been out just over 3 mos now … It will be nice to get MP3 support being patient is difficult sometimes

  • Castlevania and Thief for me this week! :) Might as well get Hercs. Gotta love em classics!

    My Birthday will be coming on the 26th! Happy Birthday Ryan! :D

  • CLEMENTS! You guys doing a Vita sale for its birthday? I’m holding off on buying the MGS HD collection hoping it’ll be on sale or something. Thanks & happy birthday, BEYOND!

  • Happy Birthday, Ryan. Here’s to many more years of happiness and not knowing who I am.

  • generalissimo did you really make an account just to come on here to bring up the Wii U? well I sincerely hope the Wii U starts doing better with it’s hardware sales in the near future … It’s difficult seeing nintendo struggle with it’s current gen system

  • Wow.. who’s idea was it to put Herc’s Adventures on here? They should get a raise! ;)

  • Happy Birthday Ryan, enjoyed seeing you on Beyond this past week!

  • @64 AKA nintendo fanboy… go back to the nintendo sites then!! no one wants to hear you ***** also we stole tales from you!! so since you altus is making persona Q for 3ds!! if that DKC:TF would of had online co-op i might have bite and bought the wii u. but sadly it does not. but back on topic.

    pac-man and tales is where it’s at!! i wonder how much pac-man’s going cost? going get the demo just to see if battle royal is online or not?

    also TOS is one of my fav JRPG’s of all time. and what’s this herc’s adventrues? that game is a classic but there was one boss i could not beat… so i gave up on it. still a good drop IMO.

  • Hercs Adv. awesome funny game. I hope it is compatible with the Vita. What a nice surprise, hope all the Crash games come soon to the Vita. Fear effect 1 and 2 would be nice. Oh, and more bubble/icons allowed for the Vita.

  • Whats up INFIDEL_JIHAD, any way new releases looks pretty cool and sounds cool. Can I just ask a quick question,is it on ps4 and ps3 or ps4 and ps vita?

  • Dang it… it’s my Birthday today… why couldn’t Thief come out today? lol, j/k (about it needing to come out today, that is…) First game I’ve been psyched about for quite a while now!

  • Oh, and a pre-Happy Birthday to you as well, Ryan Clements!

  • Happy Birthday Powerhouse!


  • @77 that’s a good question. it would of said psone classic ps3/vita/psp or something like that… guess we will have to wait till tuesday i guess

  • Love you guys!

  • omg HERC! I totally remember that game. Haha that is epic! I wonder if it’s as good as I remember..

  • Who do I need to bug to get MGS: Portable Ops up on the NA PSN store for Vita? Is this an issue to take up with SCEA or Konami?

  • Bleh, guess that Mercenary Kings date for this week was just a fever dream we all had. Hoping it’s next week then or at least some point during March…

  • We’ll never get PSOne Crash games in NA huh?

  • No ‘Pac-Man Museum’ for PS4? :(

  • cant wait to play thief i have been waiting for some fresh games on ps4.

  • It’s such a pity that they went back on their decision to make Thief have a third person option, but oh well at least there’s LoS2 and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles this week. And I’m finally about to finish LR:FFXIII tonight, so tomorrow for LoS2 should work out nicely. Now I have to find time to write a review for LR:FFXIII somewhere in there…. hmmmmmm…..

  • NO WAY HERC’S ADVENTURES!!!!! I cant believe you guys are releasing that, I loved that game and never could beat it (due to a lack of memory card XD, had to run through the game as much as posible.
    Will I be able to play that on vita?

  • Here’s a question I can’t get a solid answer on:
    I have pre-ordered Thief. Is there a way to either make my PS4 start downloading it automatically when it releases tonight, or use my PSVita to initiate the download remotely? I’ll be at work when the game goes live.. Thanks for any help.

  • Tales of Symphonia is the only game i care about. Btw, any news on if the app for the new WWE Network will hit psn store this tuesday?

  • You know what’d be nice? A REAL mahjong game, with online multiplayer. All I ever see is the tile matching American mahjong.

  • Man I preordered Thief but I’m not so sure I want to go get it anymore after reading all the reviews. It looked like a lot of fun but every reviewer is saying it is a piece of crap. I want a new game for the PS4 but it looks like I might get Castlevania instead for PS3. I need InFAMOUS Second Son in my life.

  • anything about Destiny Spirits… any time soon?

  • Cant wait more, want thief now!

  • Glad to see stuff coming out for the PS4 every week! I’m excited for all the new indies planned! BEYOND!

  • just wanted to be the 100 commenter lol and BEYOND!!!!

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