Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta Tips

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta Tips

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

It’s now Saturday. The floodgates have opened, and our login servers are starting to grind their gears in earnest — the PS4 beta has begun!

For those of you that have not yet found your way into the realm of Eorzea, this is for you. If you haven’t download the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta, just jump into PlayStation Store now.

First Steps

After you’ve logged in and updated the game, you can go straight to the character creation process. This is really straightforward — choose whatever suits you best! From hulking Roegadyn to tiny Lalafell, all is available to you.

But an important note: if you want to play with friends, you’ll want to make sure that you choose classes that start in the same city! It’s a long trip from city to city, until you do the quest to access a new travel method at level 15.

While you work yourself through the introduction, you’ll be in an instance (a sealed-off area in the game) that only you are in. That’s normal — as soon as you’ve finished the first few quests, you’ll find yourself among tons of other players.

The game will introduce the controls to you, and they shouldn’t take long to learn. While you’re on your own, play around with the controls as much as you like and get acquainted with them. Remember that you can use the PS4 touchpad like a mouse pointer, in case an open window bothers you.

As a general rule, try to follow the quests. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is very story focused, and the quests will lead you through the world.

How to Find Your Friends

In the lower left corner, you can find the chat window. And through the Start Menu, you can find and invite old or new friends to your group.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Chatting and Chat Commands

You’ll see chat in many different colors. White text shows people using /say — only people in close vicinity can read this. Yellow chat is someone using /yell, which reaches much farther. Finally, there’s /shout in red, which everyone on the map will see. There are other modes as well, which you will discover as you play the game and join Free Companies or Linkshells.

And don’t forget: chat commands always start with a “/” in front.

Of course, you can also use emotes, either through the menu or by typing them in. /dance is always very popular.

Changing Classes

At level 10, you’ll be able to do a quest that allows you to change your class however you wish. To unlock new classes, you’ll need to do an introductory quest for the guild offering the class. Since a lot of guilds are located in other cities, you’ll want to wait until you gain access to a travel method connecting the cities at level 15.

This should be all you need to get started!

Enjoy exploring the realm of Eorzea. And thanks for helping us polish the game for its release on April 14th.

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  • Any idea when the servers will be up? It said midnight PST, but I can’t actually create a character on any of the 4 beta servers yet.

  • Already in. Just finished character creation.

  • They’re probably getting hammered.

    I saw three of my friends playing it when I got off work around 10:30pm PST (a little over 2 hours ago). Though they may have just had the clients open and waiting to connect as soon as the servers went up, which is totally possible.

  • Players in queue to enter PS4_Beta_2: 86 then 177 then 488 then just full.

  • Servers Full! Yeah!

  • Alright… gonna need some more servers…..

  • is this only available for europe store? i can’t find the beta in asia ps store =(

  • Nvm… there are new ones now. Thanks! :)

  • Now, if only I can read the text on my 52″ without burying my face into my TV.
    The text on the screen is very small. I have to move up close to read anything.
    I’m not talking about the chat window. I’m talking about the cut scene text. is there a way to make it larger?

  • @9. If you figure it out… message me what you did. I can’t read this stuff either :/

  • 2 things to say 1. i can feel the sale of ps4 in japan skyrocking i just check my friends list for a second and bam
    my jap friends are on there PS4’s
    2. i sign up and it says confirmation code sent to your email i checked but nothing there help?

  • @11

    Yeah, I end up getting my code. But it says it is invalid.

    They need to fix this, I wish it was setup like Wareframe and DCUO. Where we just need to be into are PSN accounts.

  • @Stratos671

    Hey man. I know on the PC version, if you go onto configure HUD, and select a box, you can then press CTRL+Home and it will alter the sizes of the boxes. That should be able to help you enlarge the text boxes! Without a mouse and keyboard though, i’m not sure! lol

  • I’ve tried logging in with my square enix account but I get to the screen where they say they’ll email me a 1 time code that only lasts for an hour to confirm my registration… still no email… checked junk folders…. wtf….

  • @Euby7 There is no box for the cut scene dialogue to appear larger.

  • My Square Enix account doesn’t let me log in. It says ID or password incorrect but then I log in to the Square Enix website with no problem.

  • I tried it out this morning and it worked great. I played the original release on PC for a few months, I’m looking forward to importing that character into the PS4 version. :)

  • I had the worst experience trying to register and get logged in. First
    off, the text was very hard to read because the box is so small, resulting in accidental incorrect inputted information.
    Next, I tried logging in with my Square Enix account, only to get the message that my id or password was incorrect. After doing a bit of investigating, It seems there are two different types of Square Enix websites. Each with its own way of logging in, One with only an id and password, that I was referred to when I got Tomb Raider, and linked that account to my PSN, and the other one where you must enter not only your id and password, but also a temporary password and a captcha code…? But weirdly enough Both of these sites are somehow linked when clicking in certain options, but your accounts for both are completely different…??? Also, after I triple checked everything when trying to “make a new Square Enix Account” on the ps4, it then informs me to enter a confirmation code I never revived. Needless to say, I deleted the game. I actually hope these issues are solved soon. I’d love to give this game a try.

  • Im going to try this out after work today. Is there any particular class you should start with if u havent played this type of game before, or does is not matter?

  • I can’t play because I still have not received an email for the passcode and the freaking clock is ticking Square-Enix! The only reason I am asking for one is because your login system is broken when I enter correct information, it says it is not correct! Even if I do get the passcode the login system is so messed up it probably won’t work also. Come on Square-Enix! Please be fair to people!
    So much trouble getting into this game that it’s probably not even worth it! Very disappointing!

  • I will be testing remote play because I’m in love with that feature!

  • Well I logged in last night so I could download all the updates, I try to log in this morning and nothing! I went to Square-Enix’s website to get a new password and it says there is no account linked to the email address with all the confirmation emails in it. What gives Square-Enix?!

  • @zMd113 I have the same problem. I hope they fix this soon.

  • Please fix the text size and hud components sizes. Things are way to difficult to see for long hours of gameplay.

  • I was super skeptical but man, i LOVE it ! Will buy day 1.

    Few things, first, please make fonts bigger. I play on a 60 inch screen and have to squint.

    Maps could be easier to navigate. Getting to quest markers can be an arduous process.

    Also, will there be any pre order bonuses for digital ?

    Thanks !

  • I’ve noticed that the Share button doesn’t allow screenshots on the character customization screen. Is this intentional? I’d like to be able to get a few good shots of my character against a blank background so that I can draw them easier.

  • Been playing for a few hours, solid but one major issue for me.

    Any time I get the prompt/try to use the touchpad button, instead it acts as a mouse for some reason. It’s very hard to get the touch pad button to act as a button even if I’m very careful about pressing down directly, etc…

    Otherwise so far the controls are as good as on the PS3.

  • Like others have said, I haven’t been able to log in to the beta. I can access my Square Enix account on my laptop but it doesn’t work on PS4. I don’t understand the one time password. I was never sent anything via email and when I looked at the FAQ on Square’s website it makes it sound like you have to pay for it. I had this same problem attempting to play the PS3 beta. I never was able to play that one and looks like I won’t be able to play this either. Why linking my accounts was so easy with a game like Tomb Raider and so difficult with FF14, I don’t understand.

  • I found my email confirmation in my spam folder. anyone not seeing theirs should check there

  • this beta sign up process is very pathetic. i’ve been trying to register for 3 hours now on ps4 and cannot get a confirmation code, when i reset my password, it dont even acknowledge that it was changed, i know my information is correct, yet i get a error message stating it’s not. at this i’ve given up, i wanted to try the beta before i decided to buy it. this just made the decision that much harder in april.

    i have no faith that i’ll ever get a confirmation code, my psn login should be more than enough, thanks for screwing this up, square enix.

  • @ccanfield

    Ignore the One Time Password box. It is only for people with a separately purchased dongle for extra security. You don’t need one (although I’d recommend one if you start a subscription). Also, the username (your login) is caps sensitive, so be careful…Give it anwtry!

    Also, as Bricky has said, my confirmation code was in my spam folder too.

  • The npc text thing is really going to be a game ender for me, If we can’t change the size then I won’t be able to play and wasted my money as I already bought the digital ps3 version to upgrade to ps4.

  • Being able to increase the size of HUD items is nice (someone in game gave me the tip to use R3 or you can use the HUD Layout configurator in the options menu), but the NPC text size is an issue. Definitely need to bombard Square with feedback so they will input an option to let us increase the size.

  • going 2 delete it, cant log into the game but i can log in 2 the square enix sight this sucks done trying

  • I’m just really surprised that there is no, or very limited, audio during chat(s) with NPC. I understand that this is Final Fantasy, but I would have found myself more involved in the context of the conversations if the NPC was not a mute. Before you know it, you are spamming through the quest conversations just because you don’t want to ready that crap. I’m a lazy gamer and it should be read aloud :)

  • Anyone else having major issues with account setup. Still have not received an email so this is pretty much dead in the water.

  • An account on the “square-enix” site and a “square-enix” account is not the same thing. I don’t really know how to explain it but they have a membership specifically for FFXI and FFXIV.

    UNLESS they changed it in the last year or two, because i had the same problem a while back, i made an account like on but that was not the same account to get into the beta of the original FFXIV when it released at first.

  • QUESTION: Do the PS3 and PS4 versions share a trophy set, or can we re-earn trophies on the PS4 version?

    I’m doing a personal comparison once the 2gb update downloads for the PS3 version :/ I can already tell there is a major upgrade in textures and less jaggies, but once I can run them side by side I’m sure the difference will be more evident.

  • You can change the hud components sizes by pressing R3 on the hud customization tab on the main menu. The map and camera zoom in or out by holding L1 and right stick up or down.

    All new players should focus on learning the controls, how to navigate through the towns and basic combat. since your progress gets deleted for next beta. I think you can save your characters look for final release, so it’s ok to spend time with that.

  • @Karsghul : yes that helps a lot! But there still are elements that can’t be customized like that. For example : the pause menu

  • Man on ps4 everything is on ps4 sense it came out last year(2013). Man this game is probly on ps4 because it is popular!!!

  • Ummm I can’t get my confirmation code. I follow the on screen instructions and I have no idea what I’m suppose to do now since I’m not getting it and it’s been 45 minutes. I’m getting annoyed. Someone tell me that I’m not the only one having this problem.

  • Won’t take confirmation code registered online won’t take ID and password.

  • You ppl are such drama queens, this is a free beta test, pls google it. Yoshi will fix this. I been on thison pc since 1.0. I’m surprised no1 has mentioned its a beta. And free, i’m a pc gamer they starting to charge $$ for alpha tests. Be patient , play a diff game and check back. The game itself is fun, thx

  • Decent game, it’s nothing to praise honestly.
    It’s basically WOW with your final fantasy locations and character look a-likes.

    -Graphics are sub-par, they aren’t mind-blowing (at all unless we can up the graphic level? didn’t look honestly but doubt that’s possible on PS4).. honestly the lighting is the only change I saw (though maybe getting PC version ‘basically’ would be an improvement. Not saying the graphics are bad, they just aren’t really the best I’ve seen for an MMO.

    -The story is almost all text, I don’t mind it but it makes me not want to follow the story really. I don’t want to have to read every cutscene. Skipping now (especially in beta)

    – The price tag of $15 a month isn’t bad [as I’d never buy a full year.. i’d only do 1-2 months.. MMOs just aren’t my “Sit on the game for months on end” kind of thing. But I do think the game itself needs to be FREE now… no one in their right mind outside of FF fans will buy the game AND a subscription.

    It’s still better than the PS3 Beta by far (Had issues with framerate/even more subpar graphics)
    But won’t be paying the $15 a month on this one..

  • @43
    Drama Queens? We have 2 weeks (total) in two different months to try the game out. With the rate it’s going with the “Servers are full” most people won’t be testing this very much (which kills their sales that much more).

  • I just finished downloading it…. and am getting an error saying

    “Cannot start the application.
    This application can be started only by a user who has a license for it.”


  • @46 might want to try to restore your license by going to PSN in settings, or restarting your ps4.

  • Oh man. I got it working and the text is sooo small! I am constantly straining to read it. Please fix.

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