Where Do Babies Come From: Conception II on PS Vita

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Where Do Babies Come From: Conception II on PS Vita

Conception II

As the hero in Conception II, you’ll quickly learn that the seven heroines you meet and begin to form relationships with are an important aspect for surviving the game’s deadly labyrinths. But in addition to being a strong combatant by your side, the heroines also help you create an army of Star Children warriors through a magic ritual. Those Star Children are what we’re going to focus on in today’s Conception II update.

Making Star Children is called “Classmating” in the game (yes, really), but in order to do so, you must have a good relationship with the heroine. The stronger your bond with the mother, the more powerful your offspring will be, and there’s also hereditary traits the children get as well.

Star Children inherit elemental affinity, stat focus, stat distribution, and even hair color; so Narika’s kids will always have high TEC (hit/crit chance), while you can count on Feene’s children for big defense. Of course, there’s always the chance for abnormalities, but we’ll leave that for players to find out on their own.

Conception IIConception II

A Star Child’s stats determine which classes are available to it. There are thirty classes to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. You can have up to four teams active in a battle at a time: the hero and the heroine, and three more teams of three Star Children apiece supporting them.

This means you’ll want to put a lot of thought into team composition, since Star Children with traits in common work better as a team. A group of Star Children who share a mother will be more efficient, and a team of Star Children with the same — or at least related — classes packs more of a punch than a motley bunch. A legion of Gunslingers firing Barrages into the enemy, or a squadron of elite Magic Knights destroying a monster with a synchronized Crescent Strike, is truly a sight to see.

Conception II

On the other hand, overspecializing can lead to tricky situations if you need a type of skill that you didn’t bring along. So the safest play is usually to diversify and keep a damage dealer, a healer, and a mage-type in each Star Child team. Keep in mind that certain class combinations for Star Child teams can give you access to unique Team Skills and Mecunite types, which allow the three Star Children on a team to combine and form a giant mech. Any number of class combos can yield great results, so there’s plenty of experimentation you can do to find a combo that’ll get you the damage or buffs you need.

Even with all that general advice in mind, thirty classes is still a lot to take in (Though of course, not all of them are available from the beginning!). So we’ll give you a head start with a basic breakdown of some of the most notable classes.

The standout favorites around the ATLUS office are the Magic Knights. They’re a hybrid class with the physical strength to deal serious damage, as well as the magical talent to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. They’re powerful, awesome, and so adorable that you just want to pick one up and hug him.

Right behind Magic Knights in popularity are the Dungeon Masters. It takes some sidequesting before you unlock them, but when you do, this versatile class will likely earn a permanent spot in your party thanks to some highly useful abilities both in and out of combat. They can detect traps within Labyrinths and teleport out of battle when things get too heated. But best of all is their low-level ability called Trap Circus, which dumps a load of spiked balls on the enemy from all directions for a truckload of damage.

When it comes to picking classes from the starting possibilities, one indispensable class is the Thief, and not just for their cool hats. Keeping a Thief around lets you unlock certain chests without having to use expensive Starbox Keys. Another good early choice is the Cleric, an excellent source of healing and an easy way to revive a Star Child team should one go down for the count.

Conception II

A few good situational classes to remember include the Warlock, which make good counters to all those high-DEF monsters you’ll encounter; the Ether Sniper, whose powerful Mk3 Round ability makes for an efficient boss-killer; the Paladin, an effective tank with high defense, high HP, and the ability to Seal enemies; and the Minstrel, which specializes in supporting your party while debilitating the enemy.

Conception II isn’t merely a dating sim. Hopefully we’ve shown you that once you scratch the game’s surface, there’s a lot of meat on the bone here. There are plenty of ways to approach party building, so brush up on your manners to win over the girl you like best, create whichever classes of Star Children you favor, and put together killer teams of your progeny once the game’s out on April 15th.

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  • Day 1 purchase. Seriously.

  • I cannot wait for this game. Is the developer extremely excited for its western debut as much as I am?

    • I hope so! I know we at ATLUS are. But between Conception II and Danganronpa, Spike Chunsoft’s been killing it for the Vita!

  • This is literally my most anticipated game of 2014, Im so excited!! It seems to have a lot of depth~

    • It’s really stat heavy. You have your hero, the heroine you pick, then 9 star children. Each one has 3 slots for equipment (weapon, armor, accessory) so there’s a lot of decision making that’s going on.

      Of course, if you can’t be bothered, there’s an option to auto-equip everyone with the best gear. :3

  • Lets make babies!!

  • I know, sad to hear aboout VLR III being stalled. CANNOT WAIT!

  • Is there any chance for a release of the first Conception title? It would make sense to release it and not just the second title.

    • While that sounds like a no-brainer, Conception II actually has stronger RPG elements, and the story, characters, setting, world, etc. bear nothing in common with the first Conception title. The only similar aspect is the “Star Children” conception er….uh….concept. Plus, it’s a PSP title and that means Spike Chunsoft would have to work on porting it.

      So long story short, there’s currently no plans to release it.

  • Gotta support Atlus!

  • I love that this is coming stateside! Keep up with all the great localization!

  • So the dating sim stuff is how you build your parties out, what is the gameplay like? It sounds like a dungeon crawler, what’s the battle system like?

    • It’s turn-based and position based. When you fight an enemy in the dungeon, you and your teams of children are positioned around it in the 4 cardinal directions. Monsters can be vulnerable from certain directions, so if you attack from said places, you do more damage. The balance to this is the “Chain Drive” system. If you attack the monster’s non-vulnerable sides, you build up your Chain Drive meter faster. If it fills before the monster’s turn, it loses a turn, and you can get bonus XP and money while attacking it.

      The dating sim aspect is really important too, there’s a type of energy called “Bond Points.” you need 100 of them to make a child, and you earn them by talking to the heroines. But you only get 3 chances to talk to the heroines before you have to either rest or venture into a dungeon!

      tl;dr: there’s plenty of stuff to keep you occupied.

  • Are there any Vita exclusive features for the game?

  • a baby making post on valentines day. i love you atlus and i love all the games you bring over.

  • The whole classmating thing sounds a bit silly but the rest of the game looks great. Roughly how long will it take to complete the game?

    Almost certainly a day 1 purchase for me!

    • It’s a good-length RPG. It’s around ~40 hours to get through, but there’s some sidequests, alternate dungeons, etc. plenty of stuff for you to find. Plus, there are seven heroines, so you can stick to just a few, or if you have completionist tendencies, you’ll spend a lot of time keeping them all leveled up.

      (There’s a really cool feature the hero has called “god’s touch” IIRC. Basically, if you run into a monster that’s way under your level, you can auto-kill without getting into combat, and your party gets the XP!)

  • (Im not sure how to reply, so thisll have to do)

    “It’s really stat heavy. You have your hero, the heroine you pick, then 9 star children. Each one has 3 slots for equipment (weapon, armor, accessory) so there’s a lot of decision making that’s going on.

    Of course, if you can’t be bothered, there’s an option to auto-equip everyone with the best gear. :3”

    Oh sweet! I just posted this on a few other sites. There really does seem to be tons of decision making, but Im glad its got convenience options like auto equip too! Really it it is amazing, it seems to take elements of Persona, Etryian Odyssey, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and more, all of which are amazing games

    Thanks so much for the replies and the additional info!

  • Atlus needs to bring Etrian Odyssey over to the Vita as well as SMT4
    No reason not too!

    I’m really looking forward to Conception 2, hopefully day one digital gets something cool :D

  • I always like playing the first title of a series, and obviously that isn’t possible for this series… So I can’t help but wonder, what would I be missing picking up Conception II? Any plot ties at all? Elements?

  • totally gonna buy it on day one in limited edition… this game looks amazing (as all atlus games so far)…

  • GOTY right here…seriously.. The dungeon crawling, the children fighters.. The hooking up with two classmates at once and making twins.. Getting lucky and getting a shop discount because of your kid…
    This game has it all..

  • Buying this game for sure! its baby making time!

  • When it comes to making a good game Atlus always comes though so ill be picking this up

  • I’m surprised that this game is able to draw so much attention here in the U.S. That’s a good thing. Have fun everybody!

  • I can’t wait to play this! Thanks for bringing it over Altus! Is there English Dub? Thanks.

  • Hey John since it isn’t so easy to get Etrian Odyessy or SMT4 over on the Vita, could we at least get some cool Persona avatars ? :D
    Need some Rise and Yukkio!

  • I LOVE everything that Atlas did (especially Persona 4 Golden that i spend 100 hrs+ to it), and i can’t wait for this one also !!

  • @22 i agree i need some persona avatars or a dynamic theme for my ps3

  • I cried manly tears of joy when i saw this a while ago. Thank you NISA for bringing these great line up to the west. Its a great yeat for playstationation! Beyond!

  • Oopps. Wrong thread. But im glad this is coming to vita!

  • Getting this digitally. As always thank you, Atlus, for your continued support of the Vita,

  • Pre-ordered on Amazon weeks ago! Soundtrack + Special outer box! =D. This game looks great!

  • I am most definitely getting this day one, although I wish there was a way the digital ver. came out with the pre order CD, So currently I’m debating on whether i should get the physical copy and the digital (mostly leaning to the digital though.) THANKS NIS….er um ATLUS :p haha

  • Looking forward to this. Thanks for localizing it Atlus!! :D

  • How can Atlus be so awsome? I really cant understand it. Keep the great work! Also I cant wait for Persona 5 but i guess I gonna have to wait much longer for that..

  • @25 xD that comment is gold.

    I am grabbing that Borderlands Vita when released, hopefully it’s before this game comes out. I hope to see you guys announce some new things soon though. Besides this game and Persona 5 (Which ofcourse is coming west eventually) I don’t think there is anything else on my radar from Atlus.

  • Pre-order locked a while ago, can’t wait!

  • Looking forward to picking it up. Is there any chance of paid Japanese voice DLC?

    • I love that Square is doing that with uh…was it Drakengard 3? It’s something that we’re looking into, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible for C2 this late in the game :(

  • Will you offer DLC downloads of Japanese audio option later?

    A lot of games have gone this route, and there’s no disadvantage to do this, we’ll gladly pay for the dual audio DLC and you can make extra money.

    Please consider this.

    • Oh trust me, it’s definitely a practice we’ve taken notice of. Not sure when/if we’ll get a chance to implement it though. :(

  • No Japanese audio? Aww. Still very happy this is coming to the west though, pre-ordering it as soon as I can. :D

  • Really looking forward to this. =)

  • Just put down my pre order on this last week.

    Keep the good games coming.

  • This reminds me a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening, and not in a bad way! Im definitely picking this up :)

    • I can see where it’d be easy to draw that comparison, but combat-wise, it’s not very similar at all. Even the relationship aspects too. The heroines all have different personalities, and they’ve burned me when I thought I was choosing the right answer (pro-tip: Narika, the super duper shy heroine, does NOT like a very forward God’s Gift, even if it seems like the smooth answer is the right answer).

      Plus, the combat is wayyyy faster than the turn-based combat of FEA (which I loved, btw…). And I feel the team management aspect of it is a lot more involved than FEA too. But man, that perma-death was brutal.

  • The vast variety of PS Vita games are sensational, and people say the platform doesn’t have original games. Well what are all these original titles coming out this year aye. This is the year of the PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John, when you say “heroine”, do you really mean “waifu”? Because that’s what I see when I look at Torri. <3

    Also, perhaps you shouldn't swear. :p

  • CAN. NOT. WAIT. Going to fully pay for this game while we have extra money, so that I don’t miss it day 1, should cash be short at that time.

  • Thanks so much for the Vita love. Seriously. It is an underrated piece of hardware and while not everyone agrees with the games it gets sometimes, I personally love the distinctly Japanese games the system gets. Also, Persona 5 is my most anticipated game of the next 2 years (or however long it takes to get into our hands!)

  • More junk? Where is GT for vita? Infamous for vita? Where is more triple A titles for vita? More racers like nascar for vita? Games like this I have no appeal for. We need more racers on vita this is getting so lame now.

  • @44 Racers are junk. See what I did there, with the subjective opinion? Games like this belong on handhelds. Just because games like this don’t appeal to you doesn’t mean they don’t appeal to others. The last several months of Vita’s life has been, for me, utterly spectacular and destroying what 3DS does.

  • What’s with the PS2-quality floor textures? Hopefully just an artifact of alpha-quality screenshots. I’m tired of Wii-looking game ports on Vita. Developers need to update their asset pipelines, already :/

    Will the music/audio assets be HD-quality, at least?

  • Welp… there goes my wallet! So looking forward to this, and loving the love that the Vita has been getting recently! *I guess that’s appropriate to say on Valentines day*

  • Screw it I’ll buy both, I did that for P4G. There ya go problem solved ^_^

  • I already preoreded the game on amazon. I do have a question though about the whole dating sim thing.Does who you focuse on more effect the story in any way?

  • Question: Are there any plans to localise the first in the series? I totally intend to buy this one, but I like playing every game in a series, despite how ‘bad’ the older title may be.

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