PlayStation Store Valentine’s Day Flash Sale Starts Now

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PlayStation Store Valentine’s Day Flash Sale Starts Now

PlayStation Store Valentine's Day Flash Sale

Hi everyone! Chocolates, flowers and romantic movies are nice, but here at PlayStation we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Flash Sale. Get up to 75% off a great lineup of co-op and multiplayer games. The Valentine’s Day Flash Sale starts right now and runs through Monday, February 17th, so hurry and grab these games while they’re on sale.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than playing ibb & obb, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes or Scott Pilgrim with your loved one or a friend? Check out the full lineup below:

Title Sale Price Original Price
Castle Crashers (PS3) $3.49 $14.99
Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3) $2.49 $9.99
Divekick (PS Vita, Cross-Buy) $2.49 $9.99
Divekick (PS3, Cross-Buy) $2.49 $9.99
Fat Princess (PS3) $3.49 $14.99
House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut (PS3) $4.99 $19.99
ibb & obb (PS3) $4.99 $9.99
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3) $4.99 $19.99
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PS3) $3.99 $14.99
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS Vita) $19.99 $29.99
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3) $24.99 $49.99
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) $29.99 $59.99
NBA 2K14 (PS3) $39.99 $59.99
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) $9.99 $39.99
Renegade Ops (PS3) $2.49 $9.99
Scott Pilgrim (PS3) $2.49 $9.99
Toy Story Mania (PS3) $9.99 $39.99

What games are you looking forward to playing? The Valentine’s Day Flash Sale starts now and runs through Monday, February 17th.

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  • Is there going to be a Motorstorm game coming to PS4? I would really like to play one. I enjoy all the Motorstorm games so far. If so, it would be cool to have a Motorstorm game with all the same elements as Apocalypse, but maybe call it Motorstorm Armageddon with all the weather dynamics of Apocalypse but add weapons to the mix. A Motorstorm on PS4 could be one of the best action racing games of all time!

  • it sucks when you but a full price game.. and 15 days later get a flash sale..

  • About Lego Marvel: I like kiddie and fun games but the easy part is turning me off.

  • damn nicee, though i already have alot of these games. il look into divekick and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days…. Castle Crashers , Cloudberry Kingdom, Fat Princess, House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut, Renegade Ops, are all worth it and steals at those prices.

  • Can also confirm the PS All Stars Battle Royale is cross buy. Bought on laptop, was immediately available for DL on my Vita (check “My Downloads”).

  • Well this is lame, I just bought PS Allstars and now it’s reduced to $10? I knew I shouldn’t have bothered….

  • This thief game that is coming out, will it have a digital download version on playstation 4?

  • 1 whole game on the PS4? Gee! Thanks for the support, Sony!

  • When i saw NBA2k14 for sale i was hoping it’d be on PS4 also… *sigh*

    I can’t wait till inFamous and DriveClub come out…

  • Nothing for me, but it’s nice to have more Flash Sales. Keep ’em coming.

    @49: Sadly, Castle Crashers isn’t on PS Vita.

  • Considering Divekick, Castle Crashers, and Fat Princess.

    Keep the monthly Flash Sales up! Loving them! Thanks!

  • Sony: are you keeping your 5 million in 2 months sales console, the PS4 with low support? makes no sense business-wise…

  • All if not most of these games are going to plus soon for free so why fall into their tricks to buy early and in a month they go on plus free? Just amazes me how dumb people are and keep falling for these tricks to get as much money out you as possible then throw them on plus for free. I’ve learned the hard way from these tricks and no longer buy plus sales ever. Been burned too many times with their tricks in the past. Also I bought allstars last year on ps3 and YES it is cross buy. I got the vita version with it for free, you have to buy the ps3 version to get the vita version for free. If you just buy the vita version of allstars you won’t get the ps3 version as a cross buy.

  • Grabbed Legos Marvel (PS4)
    Thanks! wasn’t willing to spend over $40 on it.
    $30 isn’t bad and actually it’s pretty fun! :)

  • @62
    They really need to look into banning the idiots on COD and BF who get away with calling me a “b*tch” or “as*hole” when i make a valid point about how bad they are playing (Sitting in spawn using tank for example)

  • Might get Lego Marvel.

  • just bought it and got both All-Stars Battle Royale

  • Playstation All Stars is cross buy…. Just saying

  • I was about to write the same “Playstation All Stars is cross buy…. Just saying” I bight it a few minutes ago.

  • @ slick it all depends on your point of view … Personally at those prices i don’t mind one bit paying and having them come out at a later date as a plus offering … For one i don’t have to wait for it to be offered on plus not knowing when or if it will come to plus, 2. I own it it’s not tied to my plus sub … Put simply it’s worth it to me … If you don’t find value in it then it’s not for you … No need to insult people or be abrasive because people find value in something you do not :o)

  • Hey I am having a super hard time I want to buy a few game castle crashes, fat princess etc but I am at work and the ps app nor online web store will let me purchase the games. I can even add them to the cart

  • All dem games I already have, but no discounts on the DLC I’ve yet to buy…

  • HOW LAME! 1 ps4 game on sale an it Couldn’t have tomb raider or killzone?

  • Is fat princess really still being supported? I heard it was a blast

  • You just have to love these sales :D
    Thank you!
    I might get LEGO Marvel Heroes for Vita :3 and some other games :D

  • Tell me why Catherine isn’t part of this flash sale.

    Would’ve been the perfect game.

  • Dangisuckatgamin i feel you on that. i get cussed at on gta online constantly by 12 year olds. so i set there asses straight.

    D-Squad3 , catherine is not part of the flash sale but it is current on the normal psn sale for only 10$.

  • One of the things I love about the PS4 Is I just use the party chat and turn off the voip in the game so i can’t hear any of the randoms … And if a friend of a friend joins the party chat and is annoying I can mute that individual … The chat host can also kick LoL wish I had these features with the ps3 video chat room

  • WARNING!!!:

    Just bought Playstation All Stars (ps3) through this sale (which is indeed cross buy) BUT BEWARE, only one Online Pass available. This means you have to pick which version you wish to have online support, and buy the additional pass for $10 extra. I choose to download the Vita version, and now if I want the ps3 version, I have to pay again for online play.

    This is brutal…


    PS: Dear PSN, please inform me I’m wrong on this as I’ve double checked the store through my ps3 and it’s still asking me to pay for the online pass.

  • Well @soulwind thanks for the warning, i wasn’t sure about to buy PSAL, mainly because there’s not too much difference in the price with the retail version and i’d like to save those 8GB for three or more digital games.
    Just got Renegade Ops, even the add-on bundle, as somebody said: if you think there’s something worth it and don’t want to have it tied to your subscription buy it (i always have a lot of fun with R Ops) otherwise pass to the next sale.

  • @ Soulwind & GoldenShaka
    The online pass you get is only needed for the Vita.. The digital copy you get for the PS3 doesn’t need the pass, the pass is only on the store for disc owners.. I bought it digitally & I’ve played online with both my PS3 & Vita, without buying the PS3 pass…. Hope that helps :D

  • @80 that’s good info to know thx

  • Confirmed-Playstation all stars is cross buy

  • Is Castle Crashers Cross buy?

  • people asking about all stars being cross buy….im not sure on this sale but i saw at target today all stars with code for cross buy copy for Vita for 20 bucks..its in the under 20 section

  • @47 & @83 : No, Castle Crashers is NOT Cross-Buy. First clue – There is no Vita version of Castle Crashers.

  • Is Cloudberry Kingdom still coming to PS Vita??? I have been holding off on buying it on PS3 because I would prefer to buy it for the Vita. If it is no longer coming to Vita, I would purchase it for PS3. Does anyone know if it is coming to the Vita at some point???

  • Only 1 PS4 game WOW.

  • Will we see Dark Souls as a digital download title?

  • kane & lynch 1 and 2 and PS all-stars are awesome, make sure you play them if you didn’t already.

  • Owah!!! valentines deals “NICE”!!!! And was this valentine deal for p.s store just past because i’m sure friday(which was “Valentines Day” just already passed.) Man!!! and i thought it was still going on!!

  • None. Only 2 Vita titles, neither of which interest me at all.

  • What are you talking about above with online passes on the cross buy allstars purchase, online passes ismonly needed in used game purcahases on disc games. Never needed with psn games as you buy them NEW always. So what ever your worry is makes no sense. You’ll get to play online with no problem with both the vita and ps3 versions of allstars bought on psn. Buy the ps3 version first as its the only way to get the vita version free as a cross buy. If you buy the vita version first you WILL NOT GET THE PS3 version as a cross buy with it. Cross buy only works when you buy the ps3 version of the cross buy game FIRST then it also gives you the vita version free with it. If you buy the vita version of cross buy games first you rob yourself out the ps3 version. It sucks it works like this but it is how it works. Gotta buy the ps3 version or ps4 version first then you’ll get the others with it in the cross buy. Never ever buy vita first in a cross buy. It won’t work. I warned ya!

  • Is there any way to get ;

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3/PS4/Vita] [was $49.99/$59.99/$29.99, is $24.99/$29.99/$19.99]
    On the EU store? Im from spain and im not getting any discount on it, still ato 60€ and i want to buy the game for my gf :(

  • 1 3rd party PS4 title? LAME!!!

  • @ 93 …. This Flash Sale is for NA only.

  • @FeedMe_7: You’re probably better off addressing that to the EU blog. A completely different team of people run each region’s blog.


  • put carnage heart EXA on sale plx

  • @Mando4464, 1st up there were sales on PS Vita games when they had ps play sales on new games 2 wksagoi think. It’s not Sony’s fault you weren’t paying attention & missed those sales. And 2nd sales on PS4 games won’t happen often that’s up to Sony & the developers. And the sales on last gen are amazing, just because you probably sold your PS3 that’s your error once again. And I bet youhaven’t even platinumed that many games for that matter. 100% your games or platinum them 1st before you start complaining about nothing. Look first before you make a idiotic statement such this.

  • shoot i did not see that House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut was on sale. i was going pick that up when it was on sale ah well next time.

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