Final Fantasy XIV Hits PS4 April 14th, Beta Details, New Trailer

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Final Fantasy XIV Hits PS4 April 14th, Beta Details, New Trailer

Hello everyone! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches for PS4 on April 14th, 2014. Many players have questions about the beta, as well as the PS3-to-PS4 transfer process for accounts. Folks were wondering who could participate in the beta, if they could use existing characters, if they needed an existing account, or could jump right in.

Well, luckily enough, today marks the reveal of a whole lot of answers you’ve been waiting for. And not just that — but also a trailer, fully recorded with PS4 in-game scenes.

Okay, let’s get started with some information:

Beta Info

  • Phase 1: February 22nd to March 3rd.
  • Phase 2: April 4th to April 7th.
  • Japanese Standard Time assumed for all dates.
  • The beta will be accessible for everyone with a PS4, and directly downloadable from PlayStation Store.
  • There will be a character wipe after phase 1.
  • Players who made their character in beta phase two will be able to bring this data to the retail version.
  • PS3 and PC players of FFXIV will be able to transfer character data to the PS4 (please note that this is only necessary for the beta — in the retail version, all players will play on the same servers).

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

PS3 to PS4 transfer

The transfer service is scheduled to begin Friday, April 11th, 2014. Please be aware that after transferring to the PS4 you’ll be unable to play the PS3 version using your existing copy. Users who wish to play using both the PS3 and PS4 are required to purchase the PS4 version separately. Users who own multiple service accounts for the PS3 can transfer all accounts to the PS4. Users transferring their accounts will have access during the early access period, scheduled from April 11th to the 13th. Please note: to transfer your PS3 account, you must have logged into it from a PS3 at least once.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

PS4 features

  • Upgraded graphics on the PS4 in glorious 1080p (see trailer).
  • PS Vita Remote Play — craft, gather, and play wherever you go.
  • Share-support — stream your gameplay or share screenshots.
  • Mouse & Keyboard Support — switching over from a PC? No problem!
  • Touchpad-Support — the touchpad of Dualshock 4 is fully supported.

Did that whet your appetite?

Fun fact: to create the two-minute long trailer above, we recorded more than six hours of footage, creating over 800GB of videos at 1080p. I’m also in that video, visible at around 0:34. The first one to guess who I am will have the honor of being right!

Did you like what you just read? Let us know in the comments. And as usual, we’ll keep you posted.

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  • # 46
    If you already purchased either the ps3 or PC CE then you will get those two items when the ps4 version is released

    No if you purchased the retail copy of FF14 for the ps3 then you will get a free upgrade to the digital PS4 version but you will lose access to the ps3 copy.

    If you want to play the ps3 version again after taking advantage of the free upgrade to ps4 version you will need to buy another copy of the ps3 version.

  • Are you the archer at 0:34 who looks like he wants to go home? xD

  • @48 and @49
    Ok, thanks for the clarification.

  • #49
    Thanks for post here- I’m more relief now :-)

    See you all in game!


  • Will there be new servers added for the ps4 launch of the game? Or are new players expected to compete with people playing the game for months in terms of content and picking a good name.

  • okay… so, for retail release on playstation4, i can use my existing account FF14ARR that i played on PC without have to pay another subscription right?

    all i need to do is buy a copy of FF14ARR on PS4 and im good to play either on PC or PS4 with just 1 subscription fee… am i right?

    • You are right! When you purchase the PS4 version of the game, you’ll be able to link it to your existing Square Enix account that includes the PC version. Then you’ll be able to play on either platform with your existing characters. :)

  • Amazing. Can’t wait.

  • So when we can start download the Beta files? Because i cant see nothing for the moment :)

  • @58

    On the 22nd

  • How about trophy progress from ps3 to ps4? will my progress somehow carry over or do I start from scratch?
    Like the storyline and 10,000 enemies killed ones.

  • Is the download only going to be available starting Feb 22? Why not have a few days to dl prior to the beta launch so everyone isn’t trying to dl it at once?

  • Great News!! I want to say thank you Matt for all the hard work you and your team has done to bring this to PS4.
    Have to say I loved the game on PS3, but was not a fan of the graphics. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this gem.

    Don’t get discouraged with all these people complaining, obviously they are upset about something else and taking it out on you. The information is clear and concise.

    See you all in Eorzea!

  • Can’t wait

  • Cant wait to play FF14, I really love FF games but havent tried this one yet. I just hope there arent overpowered ppl already when beta goes open.

  • I hope theres a new server when beta opens on ps4, I dont want to compete with players who have been playin for months.

  • if the beta turns out to be as cool as it sounds, I will definitely buy this game. it looks amazing so far!

  • Is the Beta avaliable in Portugal? In my ps4 i dont have the option to download and cant find it anywhere

  • My question is this, since the beta is out and they ask us to log into the beta with our current ffxiv log ins. will i be able to continue playing my ps3 ffxiv if i am done playing on beta for the day?

  • I have a question will there be 2 separate trophy lists for this game one on the ps3 one on the ps4 or will the trophies link into one like batman arkham origins did where it had the ps3’s/vita’s together?Thanks for the info and great job on the game guys/ladies this is why i am glad i bought my ps4 at launch.Now lets get these games out and please can you bring out a hd remake of Legend of Dragoon for the ps4 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • First time playing FFXIX:ARR. DLd beta on PS4, I likes, but the text is way too small. Can’t play too long. Neat.. So far.

  • Will the retail game be available for digital purchase? or will the beta patch to the full game requiring the retail version? Just checking before I buy the retail one since I prefer digital for this, thanks.

  • On phase 2 of the beta test, will ps4 will join the servers of ps3 and pc?

  • I have a question I hope someone can answer. My first time playing FFXlV was last weekend for the beta. I loved it! so much, that I want to buy right now for ps3, in anticipation for the ps4 version. My question is, can I transfer my beta character data into ps3 and then back to ps4 when its released? Thanks in advance.

  • @RemyMar10Xo I’m not quite sure about the character transfer from beta, but if you buy the ps3 and create the character you can upgrade to the ps4 (but now you can’t play on ps3 again)

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