PS4 System Update 1.60: Official Headset Support; Gold Wireless Headset Out Soon

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PS4 System Update 1.60: Official Headset Support; Gold Wireless Headset Out Soon

Hello PlayStation Nation! The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.60) will be available for download beginning late tonight, bringing support for the PULSE and PULSE – Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to PS4. We know you’ve been patiently waiting for this update, which means PS4 owners will now be able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with 7.1 virtual surround sound and crystal clear voice chat with our official PlayStation headsets. PlayStation headsets are created for PlayStation gamers, by gamers – and designed to truly provide the audio that game developers intended. It’s truly how games were meant to sound.

I’m also excited to introduce the newest member of our headset lineup – the Gold Wireless Headset, which launches early this month. This new headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games, a hidden noise cancelling microphone for voice chat while playing online, customizable faceplates, and other features –all for $99.99 (MSRP).

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

You can connect the Gold headset to your PS4, PS3 or computer using the wireless adaptor for eight hours of straight gameplay. The headset also is compatible with your PS Vita or other mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable. The portable, folding design and travel pouch make it perfect for playing games or listening to music at home or on the go.

The Gold Wireless Headset and the PULSE – Elite Edition are compatible with the free Headset Companion App, which hits PlayStation Store in February. The app allows you to download developer-created audio modes that are specifically tuned to enhance a game’s audio. Kicking off the custom sound modes will be Sucker Punch, who’s developing a mode for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son. In addition to these custom audio modes, the app also offers a variety of preset audio modes for games, music and movies, as well as a tool to create your own custom EQ mode.

For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60, including how to update your system, please click here when the update goes live. Hope you enjoy the new features and keep the feedback coming. Greatness Awaits!

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  • Headset update woooooooooo!

    New Headset, wish it had the really nice look of pulse elite.

  • Oh Thank You Sony! Just in time for Outlast tomorrow! New headset looks awesome, will it be better than Pulse Elite? Might upgrade to it, though Pulse Elite is $114 now, so what do you recommend? My first gen Pulse still works amazingly and is super comfortable fpr long gaming sessions, are these too?

    • The Gold Headset is lightweight, perfect for long gaming sessions. Whether you decide to get the Pulse Elite Edition with BassImpact Technology or the Gold Headset, you can’t go wrong!

  • That new headset deserves a Platinum trophy since its plastic won’t crack like Pulse Elite’s do.

  • DLNA support in update would be much much more appreciated.:)

  • Awesome headset! Can’t wait till it comes here! :)

  • Why do these headsets still require dongles? I own the first Pulse headsets and I would have expected by now that the dongle not be necessary especially with the PS4….. can someone on Sony’s side comment? Thanks

    • To deliver sound exactly the way the developer wants it while providing the convenience of wireless, we have chosen to use a wireless adaptor. This wireless adaptor is smaller than the previous versions we have had.

  • I’ve noticed only the PULSE headset is mentioned. Does it mean the previous 7.1 Wireless Headset won’t be supported, or it was just left out as it isn’t available in the market anymore? They’re basically the same headset anyway.

  • Wow… when I find the money, that headset will be a must-buy. Probably for the summer, or by next Christmas? We’ll have to see. Congrats on the new product, Sony, can’t wait to see how it goes!

  • DLNA, mp3, friend notifications when they log in are more important then this. Ugh, at this rate my ps3 will be my main console for awhile.

  • Wish the new headset can be used wireless with my Vita. Y U NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY!?

  • Score. So glad this update is coming today. I didn’t expect it till the later half of the month so nice post to wake up to. Been waiting to use my Pulse’s since the PS4 launched. Woot.

  • I’m glad you’ll still support Pulse Elite Edition. I was afraid not updates would be available for it. Thank you!!

  • So can i go get this now? if not when can i get it? need something a little less vague than “early this month” since it’s already early this month

  • Rechargeable or batteries?

  • I agree with the posts requesting DLNA support. Greatly needed…

  • Well, any update release notes? Or its just for support mentioned headsets? No improvements regarding download priority, pause etc. ?

  • I wonder when i will be able to preorder these from my local game store?

  • Great news, but what about support to my Sony MDR-1RBT?
    They cost a fortune but are really worth it – but will they ever work the PS4?

    Please respond and let me know once and for all. I’ve been asking so many people at Sony about this, no one replied… :`(

  • Great news, playing Outlast tomorrow with the pulse will be great!

  • Put me down for one of those Gold headsets! They sound like a nice update to the original PS3 headphones and I’m glad I’ll be able to start using those again tonight! Any word on a more precise time frame for these hitting stores in Canada? We sometimes have to wait a little longer up here ;)

  • just logged in to say thank you been waiting for this update you have one very happy psn gamer :)

  • What about the headset that came ou before the pulse that’s the one i have. Does it work with the update?

  • Will the microphone work with PC as well? Plug and play with the dongle hopefully?

  • Will this update support Sony wireless headset 7.1 ?

  • Wow, I don’t even care what the sound quality will be like, the looks of this headset alone are worth my money!!

  • I guess Pulse Elite is more expensive for no reason lol. All the Plus’ about the Elite just went out the window, I ain’t complaining I want those new ones, Foldable, doesn’t look as easy to break, A bag, and all the same features as the Elite. for $50 cheaper. Pure win, I admit the elite looks better but the durability isn’t great at all

  • We want DLNA, MP3 and other cool features sony. Please listen to you’re consumers sony!

  • Finally it took them long enough.. Sheesh i mean when it takes this long to add a simple driver Sony i wonder what your engineering division is doing.. The console is already out please don’t slack off now..

  • This is great news! Now all you guys have to do is put up the Amazon listing so I an add it to my wishlist already!
    Looks like it’ll finally fix the issue I had with my Elite Edition headset: the hinges kept breaking. This looks like a much sturdier headset, and the interchangeable faceplates excites me! I’d pick up plates for all my favorite games, or hopefully we could make custom ones like Astro!

  • Cannot believe it’s feb and the first update is for headsets…What about missing Media ability,? 3 months and still no mp3, dlna.

  • WHEN…

    Trophy offline
    Blu ray 3D
    Pause download
    Compatibility PS1,PS2 Games
    Youtube plugins Web browser

  • @6 Patronaso: They use dongles so you can use the headset on more then just the friggin console genius. Like your laptop, TELEVISION, surround system, plug it in somewhere to power it and plug your mp3 player into it….. etc etc.

  • Only thing I want to know is if these gold headsets will work on PCs like the older ones.

    I’m still loving my headset (earlier model) since it just wirelessly plugs into my pc and ps3 with the usb stick. These new ones look slicker, but I’m wondering if it’ll have the same support.

  • Will be this Amazing Gold Headset, available in Germany?

  • Will the dongle connect to the rear of the console? If it’s USB, then when is Sony going to release a hub for the rear of the console?

  • Gold Edition, huh. Wonder if this means there might be a Platinum Edition coming out?

  • @10 Alpha6Nine : Vita doesn’t have a usb port moron, and the wireless only works for wifi (and that cant’ be changed).

    Why does it matter anyway, The Vita’s PORTABLE, plug the cord into the vita then the headset…. vita goes with you….. I mean what’re you going to do throw the vita 10 feet when you lose?

  • Anyway…… YAY on the patch, took you guys long enough……. and god dang it! New headset….. looks sleek, I like it a lot better then the Pulse Elite (which looked a lot better then the boxy first Pulse). You WOULD bring this out like a year after I finally got an Elite. lmao…. >.>

  • Is this update only for the PULSE headsets or is there any news on adding compatibility for the Official PS3™ Wireless Stereo Headset?

  • I just want to clarify, because I may have been under the wrong impression for years, but the original 7.1 headset that looked like it has a PS2 on each side is the Pulse, right? It’s just labeled Wireless Stereo Headset on the box. I cannot find any information about this.

  • Any news on the system update that’ll remove the HDCP restriction for capture cards on PS4?

  • On Twitter, they are saying the Patch will also allow you to mute the camera. I have had my camera unplugged since Christmas because I couldn’t mute it. That is big for me. Yah!!!

  • @DragonIrons – i’ve been enlightened… but if it’s bluetooth, still doesn’t answer the question of why “REQUIRE” a dongle. surely “by now” there should have been an option to have this housed in the headset… if it’s a cost issue i get that.

  • Any word on wireless support for the Turtle Beach Px5 and when we will be able to start using that with the Ps4?

  • I’m buying that headset ASAP. It feels like something is missing without surround sound in my games

  • @ Patronaso LOL wow…. maybe because the headsets are NOT Bluetooth? They’re wireless…..

  • Will this update stop my saves from becoming corrupt? call me old school if you will, but crazy as i may be i’d like to be able to save my games so i can go back to them… you know.. like a games console? I’m getting pretty bored of CE-34878-0 errors….

  • So is the Gold basically like the Pulse Elite without the dynamic bass impact? Cause I just broke my elites this weekend (they still work but snapped the band in half inside of my Computer bag (Glad these fold up). I want to get these but the Bass is my favorite part of the Pulse Elites. Any chance for Gold Elites in the future? Maybe with stereo bluetooth support so the dongle can be optional?

    • Pulse Elite is the only headset in our line-up which has BassImpact Technology which gives you that spectacular “pulsing” feeling around the earpads.

  • Still waiting for the ability to playback local content…

  • Wireless support for computers means I’m picking this up day 1!

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