The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Building a Better Playground

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Building a Better Playground

Spider-Man is pretty incredible among super heroes. Rather than hide away from the world when confronted with the death of a loved one, he uses that very personal loss as motivation to invest even greater in society. Spider-Man can tango with street thugs, mutant hybrids, and mechanical monstrosities, but he’s not above your everyday cat-in-tree rescue. He doesn’t have a secret lair or concealed base of operations; he’s just a guy in bright blue and red tights doing mid-air somersaults down Fifth Avenue. He wants to be seen. He enjoys this.

We had a few core goals for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: invigorate the experience with greater variety in play, more focused storytelling, and more natural pacing; deliver a world worth protecting; and finally, give you all the tools you need to make it fun to do so. It means improving and refining on what came before with fresh content, to be certain, but it also means staying true to that unique personality, using it to inform every decision we make.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We’ve added a few new things to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to achieve that end. First and foremost, we think sandboxes work best when the player’s actions (or inaction) impact the game experience, so we’re introducing the Hero or Menace system, which rewards players who save citizens and keep crime rates down through side activities — with some potentially meaningful consequences for those who shirk Spider-Man’s responsibilities. And to make it more interesting, we’ve added new crimes to thwart, like arson and hostage rescue crises, while further developing the existing ones from the first game.

Equally important is getting the “neighborhood” part of “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” right, and creating a more diverse New York City that’s fun to spend time in. That starts with revising our Manhattan, getting it closer to the look and feel of the real thing, complete with more varied buildings and architecture, distinct districts, more realistic street sizes, and more reasons to explore.

This design philosophy of focusing on Manhattan is about more than just mixing up the aesthetics; we want the city to be your playground, which means treating it as more than a hub for going off to other, more confined places. More missions and side activities take place within the city, and many progress dynamically (e.g., you fight some thugs in the streets, their leader takes off in a car, and you chase him down). This also means getting away from the constraints of what typically defines a “level” in Spidey games, opening them up in a way that offers far more variety.

Underlying all these additions and revisions is ensuring that Spider-Man himself is still a joy to play. Web Rush — a great mechanic introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man that offers movement and action choices on-the-fly — is back, along with new abilities like dodges, rolls, and critical strikes. There are also new upgrades and special powers.

Web-swinging works a bit differently this time around, and if it’s always bothered you that Spidey can somehow soar above the city, shooting webbing into thin air rather than swinging through it, you’ll be pleased to learn the web-head now attaches to actual objects in the environment.

Moreover, by opting for more open spaces, we can offer players greater choice in tackling combat encounters — most notably by drastically increasing the number of opportunities for viable stealth solutions, as well as increasing Spidey’s prowess when striking from the shadows.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

If that’s not your thing, new enemy countertypes add greater depth and challenge to combat brawls, discouraging button-mashing and incentivizing you to use your whole arsenal. We’re also changing up the pace of upgrades so that they’re something you acquire appreciably throughout the adventure.

That improved sense of pacing also applies to the story, which we’ve been crafting closely with Marvel with great attention to character. Taking place alongside the events of the movie this time (rather than after-the-fact), it takes on a more personal tone for both Spider-Man, on the hunt for Uncle Ben’s killer, and Peter Parker himself, who will have his own role to play in the narrative outside of the costume (which I’m personally excited for).

The game’s impressive cast of villains will also get their due, playing a more central role throughout the plot while providing some memorable boss showdowns.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands this spring on PS4 and PS3.

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4 Author Replies

  • Are these PS4 screenshots?

  • Was Activision contractually obligated to release the first movie’s game on Vita last November? It was such an odd thing to port over, especially given Vita isn’t getting ASM2.

  • Really can’t wait to get back into this world, Spider Man was a huge surprise for me the summer it came out.

  • cool might get it on ps4 but i see there wont be a vita version…..

    • You will be able to play the PS4 version of the game on your PS Vita using remote play, with optimized controls.

  • Will there be any non-movie based Spider man games coming out?

    The only SM games I’ve enjoyed on the PS3 were original works (edge of time and shattered dimensions).

    I’ve never enjoyed any games tied to movies (and yes I’ve played the last spiderman game)

    Also it doesn’t help that you’re using the current (terribly made) movie series to base these off of, please go back to the original material/comics etc…

  • Please let there be a Vita version of ASM 2 as well!

    Has a Vita version not been announced because Beenox isn’t directly working on it? Perhaps one has not been announced because, like the first game, Mercenary Technologies will port the finished Beenox version to Vita.

    Anyways, I’ve got ASM on Vita, and enjoy it very much. Hope the sequel shows up as well!

  • Can you please provide us with a demo of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I did enjoy the first one on the PlayStation 3 and I recommend it to others who haven’t tried it yet. I also recommend Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the PlayStation 3. Don’t forget to provide us with a demo.

  • This is good news. It seems like you’ve done your homework on listening to the feedback. That’s great. Hope that effort turn into real improvements. If you can solve the webbing, the combat, the pace and variety, you might have the best spidey game to date. even better than the one in ps2. Hope you guys nailed it.

  • man, those screens look …dated.

  • Those screenshots look bad-ass!

  • Give or take from how much we’ve seen, this game looks Amazing. Amazing in the sense of just how lackluster it continues to be. Come on Beenox, you have to quit joking with us. “along with new abilities like dodges, rolls, and critical strikes.” As if they weren’t already in the last game? Trying to re-sell us the same thing? You’re REALLY running it thin when it comes to selling points aren’t you? Using the morale system and tweaking it from Web of Shadows. Revamped Peter Parker missions that are taking notes from the other Spider-Man movie games. There’s zero original ideas on here that have yet to come from you guys at Beenox, where’s the passion? The innovation? Was Web-Rush the only thing you could really come up with?
    Alright, look. I, like every other Spider-Man fan wants to truly root and believe in you guys, but NOTHING you have said or shown has outright wowed me or excited me and pretty much everyone I know is saying the same exact thing .

  • im not getting this I got a email saying need for speed is free for plus for 90 mins I went to my ps4 and its not free and I notest its free for the ps3 users its the same game

  • What are the differences between the PS3 and PS4 versions? I enjoyed the AMS and I am interested in this as well.

  • And PS VITA? Seriously is there the vita version?

  • PS vita version? Please let it happen, pretty please?

  • “Web-swinging works a bit differently this time around, and if it’s always bothered you that Spidey can somehow soar above the city, shooting webbing into thin air rather than swinging through it, you’ll be pleased to learn the web-head now attaches to actual objects in the environment.”

    Ever since Treyarch made the original spider-man games, I’ve missed this feature! I keep hoping and will continue to do so, that the combat becomes fun and responsive, but until then, the web-slinging was the fun thing in spider-man 2 …. could spend hours just swinging around, trying to swing as fast as I could.

    I hope you have the same swinging mechanics in this game as spider-man 2. the complex control scheme was difficult to get used to, but game you SO much control when used to it!

    • It’s hard to compare, but our web swinging system is different than in the previous game. You now need to use the right or left trigger to swing right or left, plus you can boost with the opposite trigger (if you swing with the right trigger and then press the left trigger your will gain momentum). If you release early, you will go further, if you release late, you will go higher. Also, since the web attach to structures, depending on how far you are on the left or the right of the attach point, your turn will be sharp or not.

  • I just hope this game is to AMSM as Spider-Man 2 was to the original Spider-Man game.

  • I thought ASM2 was confirmed for Vita?!

    Now I’m very sad :(

  • I sure hope these are PS3 screenshots, because they aren’t looking that great

  • I was going to ask the obligatory ‘Can you release it on vita too?’ question, but I will settle for ps4 remote play.


  • That has to be the cleanest NYC city block of all time in the first screenshot. Seriously where is the gritty street vibe? Hoping for a good game!

  • I enjoyed the first game until I hit some glitch where the game no longer recognized your save. I highly recommend you make sure this does not happen in this game.

  • just a tought I notest after researching the newest spiderman movie is in 4k on the ps4 know what would be nice to see is this spiderman game for ps4 in 4k the 1st 4k game

  • The first Amazing Spider-Man was a pleasant surprise, by virtue of actually being…y’know….pretty good.

    Here’s hoping this continues the trend.

    And here’s also hoping that you guys can get off the movie game streak and back to a proper Spider-Man game, though with Marvel’s game licenses expiring left and right….do you guys even have the rights outside of the films anymore?

    (Thinking out loud, I know no one is going to answer that lol)

  • My greatest hope for this game? Costumes. Lots of costumes. Preferably, ones that don’t require us to pre-order 10 copies of the game.

    The first ASM game was pretty good, so I’m looking forward to this one.

    • There will be more unlockbable suits in this game than in the previous one. All costumes haves perks and can be upgraded.

  • This seems to be a movie game & those never are never good games ever. I hope that is not the case with this, this is the developers chance once again to do something amazing on the PS4 & PS3. Don’t mess this up.

  • Activision: Let’s announce a year old port of Spiderman to Vita!
    *days later*
    Activision: Spiderman 2 coming to everything but Vita!

  • @27

    The first game was a movie game too, and it was surprisingly good. Also, most people seem to regard the Spider-Man 2 movie game as the definitive Spidey game.

    I disagree, I think that title belongs to Web of Shadows. But a lot of people think that.

    Movie games aren’t *always* bad. Just, y’know, most of the time.

  • hey I want to get like 30 costumes from TASM1 and other spider-man costumes like the ultimate spider-man costume or the spectacular spider-man 2 or the original Amazing spider-man suit where the back logo was like a circle web logo like in cartoon shows and I want to make my own costume this time.

  • Here’s something I’d like an answer on: I enjoy a lot of side activities in Spider-Man games, specifically in Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 there were always random events to handle, thugs to beat up, purses to save, ect. In The Amazing Spider-Man, as soon as you finished all of the side activities they were just gone. The whole city was basically empty and devoid of all crime once you finished the game. That really bugged me, as I enjoy patrolling a lot in open world Spider-Man games.

    Will you be returning to having constant random side activities throughout the play experience without everything disappearing after a set amount?

    • Yes, there will be constant random side activities! That way, you will be able to max out the perks of all your suits.

  • Despite the framerate problems of the first on the PS Vita, I hope this one comes to PS Vita. I really enjoyed playing through it on there a third time. (played through on PS3 twice to platinum it)

    Hope this one turns out well. The colors look a bit bright though compared to the last game.

  • This looks good, I don’t want to play another Spiderman like ASM on Vita ever again.
    I’ll just do it for PS4 remote play instead

  • So excited that the webs actually stick to the environment now! That dynamic made Spiderman 2 the greatest Spiderman game to date.

  • Wow…that is the cleanest looking city I’ve ever seen. Not only are the sidewalks empty, not one bit of trash, leaves, weeds…nothing. Just looks so…boring.

    Needs more time in the oven or a new cook.

  • Really looking forward to playing this on my PS4! I hope to get a discount on the Vita version, because i really want to play it, but i lost my job and money is super tight. Either way by the time this comes out I’ll hopefully be back on my feet and can pick this up day one!

  • Looks decent enough and also better now with his real outfit…I’ll keep my eye on it to see how this turns out…huge Spider-Man fan but I’ve been disappointed with the games since the 1st Spider-Man game on PS2.

  • Looking forward to playing this on my PS4. I really enjoyed the first one, so much that I earned the platinum. I will look forward to earning this one as well.

  • Im on the same page as @22…..About the first screenshot. I think the graphics are okay.. but there is no detail. The walls and sidewalk look a little plain. Add some cracks to the sidewalk, throw in a vending machine, newsstand, hot dog vendor? Something is missing ya know.

  • hey how can you tell when the webs are attach to buildings and do we still the analog stick to move while swinging.

  • Hey did you change the combat system? Honestly, the whole button-mashing thing kind of ruined the fun.

  • @Stephane Gravel

    Sir not all of us will have a PS4 to use Remote Play with the Vita and a very good Internet connection to Remote Play outside the house.

    I don’t know how much Amazing Spider-Man solid on the Vita, but is not worth it?

  • this is well cool great animation

  • I agree with vashrahan

    Dear Stephane Gravel

    With all due respect,PS VITA is not another teamviewer remoter
    we want your real game,we want to play it as handheld console everywhere,at home or work or in the streets,metro stations or friends home…

  • I don’t understand why you guys charge a full $60 for these movie tie in games, especially when you know it doesn’t have the same care and development put into it as regular games. Mostly because of budgets and having to have the game release alongside the movie.

    I think you would sell alot of copies and change people’s views on movie-tie in games if you took a stand and released this at an appropriate price of $29.99. As it stands at $59.99, i only see myself either renting this from gamefly or skipping it altogether.

  • Have you guys got rid of the auto swing mechanic, where you just hold R2 and Spider-Man automatically let’s go of the web and swings again?

  • I hope the PS4 version is really optimized for PS4 and makes use of the hardware and controller to the fullest they can right now. Rather than it just having slightly more polys and texture quality. If so, I might be interested, as I really enjoyed the first sandbox Spiderman from awhile back. Also, it’d be nice for the side quests to have a decent amount of variety, even for the repeat quests, instead of it being the same exact thugs and victimes in the same exact scenario each time. For open-world games like this, I guess to do that properly to up the replay value leaps and bounds, you’d probably need to do some procedural programming there. Otherwise you just have a certain set number of alterations to the encounters. If someone would actually get it done right procedurally, all those side quests would never get repetitive, as you wouldn’t constantly be seeing the same exact setup, it’d always be just slightly different enough to work and feel like a different encounter.

  • This game is not the top game on my list for this year (watch dogs, infamous: ss) but I might pick it up

  • Definitely on my top wanted games for 2014 list, really hoped the web swinging is better this time around. Felt more like it was automated in the last game, plus the camera was in way to close. Can’t wait to play this on the PS4 though, love Spidey!

  • По моему очень круто.
    Что Sony спонсирует такие филимы и выпускает такие игры

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