The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 28th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 28th, 2014
The Drop

An iconic video game hero receives a herculean upgrade this week in the world of PlayStation. Legendary adventurer Lara Croft returns in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which launches Tuesday on PS4.

Originally released on PS3 last year, this reboot showcased the breathtaking and brutal origin story of a gaming great. But the team at Crystal Dynamics wasn’t satisfied with its already critically-acclaimed project. The developers doubled back and addressed every detail, making huge technical overhauls to take advantage of PS4’s hardware. The result? A visually stunning adventure, all displayed in native 1080p and running at a silky smooth framerate.

For a complete list of the new releases, read on, and enjoy the Drop!

Cyber Sled
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
The Firemen 2: Pete &Danny
Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PSone Classic — Digital
The arena awaits you. Prepare for action, and jump into your Battlesled to face the competition with powerful weapons at your disposal. Grab power-ups, and stay frosty.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital (PS3 Version Available at Retail)
The first new Dragon Ball Z game in more than 2 years, Battle of Z showcases awe-inspiring team battles where groups of four warriors face other groups in massive battles. Challenge players from around the world, and select a dream team of Z warriors to devastate your opponents.
PSone Import — Digital
A unique action RPG import from the team at MonkeyPaw Games. This cooperative multiplayer game thrusts players into a burning theme park in order to rescue civilians. Fire is your enemy here, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. But Pete and Danny are more than up for the task.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Dive into fierce fishing tournaments and work your way up to the top to compete against fishing master Mark Davis. Unlock the latest tackle equipment to snag the biggest catches.
PS4 — Digital, Retail
Not just your everyday upscale. Lara Croft’s critically-acclaimed origin story launches on PS4 with striking visual upgrades and control enhancements. Rediscover the introduction of a gaming icon, and explore dangerous environs while fighting to survive.

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7 Author Replies

  • can u make gta san andreas for the vita please

  • Am I the only one amused by PS4 – it’s not about better graphics, it’s about the whole gaming experience, it’s about gameplay, it’s about…blah, blah, blah…

    And the first thing to happen with an “upgrade” to PS4…better graphics and …nothing else.

    The definitive version of Tomb Raider should have been… here’s some actual tomb raiding for the game and guess what, we listened to the fans and dumped the crappy, pointless MP. Maybe even some single player DLC? People would have paid for that.

    Though I actually did enjoy the single player experience on PS3.

  • love tomb raider, just got this in novemeber and loved it but noway i would pay another 60 bucks for it on ps4. i think there should be a discount for ppl who already have it.

  • Nice drop, but where’s the Feburary Plus line up! I NEED TO KNOW! THANKS!

  • Some news for wireless stereo headset 7.1 update ?????

  • I as well as many people wish that they discount Tomb Raider for those that brought it on PS3 digitally. I spent 20 on the game digitally due to the Flash Sale that was in April 2012 that made the game half off and the free 10 bucks that random psn users were getting. So would be going 80 if I were to pay to play the game on PS4 but I’m not going to do that. If Sony does another flash sale and strips Lara *cough* I mean a flash sale on the game then they have my money.

  • I’ll get this for PS4 since I passed on the PS3 version. It does look amazing I watched gameplay via Ustream etc.

  • Cyber Sled???? My goodness that game is garbage.

  • I demand first MGS on Vita!

  • I’m still on the fence to get this game again… Although, this was my GOTY… I might get it again… Looks beautiful!

    Lego MOVIE, The Last of Us DLC, inFamous, Lightning Returns, Outlast, Stider, Thief… Maybe I’ll get Tomb waiting for these titles in February :)

  • Sony ask Capcom if they will bring Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition to PS4 with 1080p and 60fps.

    I will buy it again for the 5th time. I had it for the gamecube,wii,ps2,ps3 and hopefully PS4.

  • If Cyber Sled is coming out as a PSone classic, I hope Pac-Man World will come onto the Playstation Store here as well in the near future.

    Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge, a decent fishing game that’s not as good as SEGA Bass Fishing. When is Haunting Ground and Sonic Heroes coming out as PS2 classics. those games have been ESRB rated for over a year.

  • Resident Evil 4 for PS4

  • Lets all hope and pray that there wont be a Definitive version of The Last Of Us.

  • Let’s not. I would buy Last of Us PS4 in a heartbeat. Why Resident Evil 4? If you have it for all those systems why are you against Last of Us on PS4?

  • Still no Digimon World 3 :(

  • Where’s Chris Roper these days? Is he working with Sony now? He ought to be after everything with Zipper Interactive. Crying shame….

  • War Thunder < HLP … Corbin Dallas PLS HLP

  • yay, PSbore was released and so now they give us a bunch of PSX and PS2 games on our PS3! I’m so glad they released the PSbore, I’m enjoying my PS3 so much more! now I got some more oldskool games to enjoy until the steam machines release!

    steam machine and my PS3, making quite the team.

    anyway, PS+ just expired a few days ago, hopefully there’ll be some discounts announced tomorrow that convince me to renew.


  • For awhile i was seriously considering buying tr: de but now i wont until the price drops to $40. So for me i am picking up dbz but i fear it wont be as great as people are saying. It will have a story unlike raging blast 2 so kudos for that.

  • I would rather not have classics, but that’s just me.
    The drop is rather sparse yet again, Tomb Raider just looks like a big old copy of Uncharted (And if u say “No it doesn’t” than you haven’t watched livestreams on PS4… )
    Otherwise I’m happy with what I got right now for PS4 I suppose, just recently re-bought Injustice (so I could have a fighting game to hold me over till more PS4-made stuff comes)

    May get Infamous in March, we’ll see.

  • When is destiny of spirits coming to ps vita? I thought it was coming late 2013 and nothing. Also when is more apps coming to the ps vita?

  • i think Capcom should do remake of Resident Evil 2 for PS4 with 1080p and 60fps

  • @Rezznak

    Well Resident Evil 4 is in my top 5 games of all time you see. Unfortunatley for The Last Of Us doesn’t make it in my top 20. Looking forward to The Evil Within.

  • @hawjboi2009

    I would like to see remake of Resident Evil 2 aswell.

  • @Strangeheaven, i don’t think Capcom should re-release Resident Evil 4 again for ps4 because graphic will look same from gamecube/ps2 graphic version with 1080p and 60fps, i think Capcom should do remake of Resident Evil 2 for ps4 with 1080p and 60fps will have very decent sales

  • @hawjboi2009

    I don’t mean a full remake of Resident Evil 4, I mean the pc ultimate hd edition that’s coming out next month.

  • Tomb Raider Digital and DBZ Vita please.

  • Was interested in getting Battle of Z on ps3 but the reviews on the game have been pretty mediocre. I can’t justify paying $60 on it when i didn’t ‘love’ the demo to be honest.

  • ^^ who reads reviews these days, lol

  • Sony I find it a little pathetic you can I give us an answer on Dragon Ball Zweather is going to be digital on ps3

  • Wait! Ryan, Your from buffalo NY?????

  • When will Lightning Returns be available for pre-order on PSN?

  • We will be getting outlast on ps4 February 5, as well like European playstation? I know they said February and Europe getting on that day but will North America as well? I’m in Toronto, Canada.

  • I’m not even 80% of the way through ‘The Last of Us’ and I’d still have to put this game in my top 10 all-time. The story, the tension, the characters, the graphics and the sound are all amazing. What else do you expect from Naughty Dog though. Can’t wait to see Uncharted 4 and what they can do with PS4 tech. Tomb Raider is sort of tempting given the fact I skipped it on PS3.

  • someone give me ps+

  • I’d definitely double-dip for Tomb Raider on PS4 but NOT for a FULL retail price of $60 just for prettier graphics, that’s just an insult to gamers’ wallet around the world. It’s more insulting when they are re-releasing the game’s GOTY for ONLY $30 on PS3! People be smart and don’t let $quare Enix take advantage of your wallet. you get the same experience on the PS3 version minus being more pretty for half the price. IMO

  • I picked up Tomb Raider on the PS4 game looks and plays Great . The Voice Controls work perfect and the great use of the DS4 . I’m glad I pick up the game on Friday…

  • One day…one day Megaman: Legends will be part of the PSN.

  • Ready to get my DBZ on for my vita. =)

  • Is the drop for ps plus

  • They should offer a $10.00 digital download for us PS4 people that bought the PS3 version last year. Although a great game, I just don’t see the point in spending full price again if you already own a copy.

  • Will there be a discounted upgrade like other PS3 to PS4 offers?

  • Still waiting for Isaac lol.

  • I’ve been playing TR for the PS4 for about 3 days now got it early from gamestop but it is sweet if they can upgrade a game to look like that I cant wait to see some of the Other PS4 games come out…..

  • Friday at the latest will be the post that updates next months PS+ offerings.

  • If you don’t like the price tag for Tomb Raider DE because you have the PS3 version then don’t get it, nobody put a gun to your head saying buy it on PS3. I’ll be getting it since I was smart enough to wait.

  • The Drop?

    Moar leik The Fumble.

  • So any word on the ETA for Tomb Raider? It would be fun to have it drop at midnight so I could get at it first thing or at the very least have it downloaded for when I get back from work on Tuesday.

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