The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer, Interview

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The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer, Interview
The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer, Interview

Following its strong showing in Game of the Year awards industry-wide, all eyes have turned towards the future of The Last of Us. And that would be The Last of Us: Left Behind, the upcoming story-driven epilogue written by TLOU scribe Neil Druckmann and starring Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Yaani King as Riley, Ellie’s older and arguably wiser friend.

Set before Joel and Ellie meet in The Last of Us, Left Behind will focus strongly on Ellie and Riley, adding intriguing new wrinkles to Ellie’s future relationship with Joel, as well as immersive details about the game’s decaying world.

With the DLC due out February 14th, we caught up with Ashley and Yaani to learn more about what makes Left Behind tick.

The Last of Us: Left Behind Trailer, Interview

Today also marks the release of a new, full-length, in-game cinematic from The Last of Us: Left Behind. You’ll learn a lot about Ellie and Riley’s relationship and Left Behind’s narrative.

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  • Happy Valentines Day!!!

  • Awsome, can’t wait to play The Last of Us: Left Behind! Have booked my whole long weekend to play it, between studying for exams :P. Thanks Naughty Dog for being such an amazing studio. :)

  • Although I certainly don’t want it to become the norm. The Last of Us is one of only a few titles I would double-dip on, to play on my PS4.

  • I’m looking forward to this a lot. The Last Of Us was the best game of 2013 by far & I can’t be more excited to go back to that world. Here’s hoping Naughty Dog finds a way to make a sequel without losing the magic it has in the original.

    Nevertheless, I’m excited. Bring it!

  • i wish this was on PS4.

  • Really really really looking forward to playing this. Although we already know what happens, it’s good to live that experience that we weren’t able to until now.

    If I didn’t already pay for the Season Pass day 1, I’d be throwing more money at you guys! So I hope this suffices!–/GIFs/aOqqXG2_460sa.gif

    It’s the best I can do! =)

  • Amazing! :)

  • in the first trailer at 2:48 it says reserve at for bonus material, what bonus material and if i have the season pass do i get it?

    • It’s the digital comic book – issue 1 of The Last of Us American Dreams and theme. We’re working on a way for the season pass holders to get it, yes.

  • Looking forward to a TLOU GOTY edition on PS4 at some point in the future… :D

  • Amazing preview! I cant wait!!!! Btw, I cant watch the videos posted here from the PS4s browser. Fix?

  • Looks amazing. cant wait
    Hope ND gets around to making an Infected Survival mode online =]

  • So glad that i bought the season pass, this is just so spectacular. This will be a exciting to play!!!!!!!!!

  • GOTY 2014 right here if uncharted ps4 isn’t released this year

  • Is this particular DLC *confirmed* to include Trophies? :)

    Here’s hoping for TLOU with singleplayer-only DLC trophies! Uncharted 3 left a VERY sour aftertaste, which is why I’m praying we don’t get MP DLC

    I communicated these concerns with the people of ND via PS Blog comments and they were very responsive. I just can’t help but worry about weird MP trophies a la Uncharted 3 that everyone will demand but no one will get, thereby screwing us all over :(

  • So the leak was right….February 14th is the release date.I’m glad for it.Can’t wait.

  • Thanks ND (y)

  • So far away!

  • Shouldn’t it be a prologue instead of epilogue since it takes place before TLOU?

  • Well I think $15 for DLC is a bit much normally, but for the LAst of US i will gladly pay.

    Just make sure its not over in 1hr.

    One of the reasons i will gladly pay for this DLC is to show ND that this game should get future SP DLC.

    I dont buy MP DLC anymore, so I really hope more games with amazing stories like this make SP DLC more often.

    Take my money, and get to work on the next one!

    Also please confirm The Last of Us 2 for PS4……

  • @19 Get the season pass.. for $20 way better value.

  • any rumours about THE LAST OF US 2 PS4?

  • Trophies? I know you already told me once specifically that they would come and would be in the DLC release windows, but that did not happen and there have since been rumblings of no trophies at all for any DLC.

    Just wondering…

  • I don’t like that they added this as a DLC Ellie said she had never left the place and plus she had never killed anyone. Plus don’t game might just be a 5 hour game , you can beat it in one day.

  • If i have the season pass will i get the pre order bonuses ?

  • “And that would be The Last of Us: Left Behind, the upcoming story-driven epilogue” I thought of it more as a “prologue”.

  • Error #2035 (¬_¬)’_.I.

  • Already bought The Last of Us: Left Behind. I don’t like much the multiplayer aspect of TLoU but I will gladly pay for SP DLC just to send a message to Naughty Dog. I want more stories in this universe. TLoU is full of great characters and events unmatched in the industry for this DLC additional to Ellie and Riley main story I just hope to see a little glance to the future of TLoU.

  • TLoU DLC coming out on feb 14th – well thank YOU very much for the birthday present :D

  • I can’t wait to play this! When I heard that the date got pushed forward I was so relieved! :)
    So many relationships going to be ruined because of this but oh well. Totally going to be worth it at the end lol #TLOU4EVER

  • I haven’t gotten the game till now cuz I’m saving for the PS4… Now I’m thinking if it would be more prudent to wait for an eventual “director’s cut”/”game of the year”/”complete” edition with the DLC?

  • I (like many others) bought this on Playstation 3. Unfortunately, i’ve moved onto Playstation 4. I would gladly double dip on this title if it was re-released for the Ps4… Make it so please, ND and Sony… *throws money at screen*

  • It would be cool if the game was based on Joel and Ellie again…. But still happy to play the last of us again. :)

  • For those asking about the season pass people getting the exclusive content I did so in a previous blog and they said we would. They were not sure exactly how they were going to go about doing it but would let us know. Glad to see there is finally a date for it and looking forward to playing it. Do agree it kind of messes up the part about Ellie saying she never killed anyone, but she did say she would sneak out. Which is how she got infected in the first place. But who cares……….Its more TLoU is all that matters to me ;-)

  • UC4 Easter eggs??? UC4 for PS4 in 2014…LOU GOTY edition please!!!!!!! for PS3!

  • I’m happy to have purchased The Last of Us and Season Pass. In America, who Pre-Order Left Behind receives: – The Last of Us ™ Dynamic Theme Ellie
    – The Last of U ™ s American Dreams Issue #1 digital download.

    Also in Europe there are these bonuses?

  • Eric: make a poll about “IF WE WANT MORE SP DLC” :)

  • My PS3 HDD has been waiting patiently for this DLC.

  • When are you going to bring a PS4 version of The Last of Us to market? I know if Tomb Raider can do it, you guys can easily make it happen too!

  • I just recently bought The Last of Us but I’m going to wait until the DLC comes out to play it. Since Left Behind happens before the actual game I don’t want to ruin anything for me since I haven’t played TLoU yet and play it in order. (DLC then actual game)

  • @ #39

    You probably want to play through the main game first or else the dlc will ruin some things about it and possibly take away from the story for you. Just because its a prologue doesn’t mean it should necessarily be played first, before the first playthrough of the main game.

  • That graphics OMG…ND you just won’t stop at making me amazed will you?…… we’ll be able to start a fight between humans and infected…that will be very fun.

  • @#39

    Don’t do that… the DLC WILL spoil some story for you… its interesting to see the evolution of the character relation with Joel during the main game BEFORE playing the DLC… playing the DLC before is going to ruin that… don’t do it… I’m not kidding… for the plot’s sake its the best course of action… play the main game and only after that the DLC… you’ll understand…

  • What a wonderful Valentine’s day this will make!
    As a big Ellie fan, thanks a lot ND! You really made my day! :D
    Sooo looking forward to this…

  • I Still havent even played the first one -.-

  • Great news. Long time PC gamer I bought a PS3 last month just to play this game. One of the best games I have ever played. Going to order this DLC now.

  • Amazon UK have got Infamous Second Son Bundle for pre-order priced £384.99.

    Im Very Tempted to buy it Hmmmmmm.

  • and that is how u make a dlc. hopefully other developers will learn from this one…

  • I have a Ps4 but I can’t look at no videos. Why wouldn’t you format this. You made the ps3 better than the Ps4 . your suppose to upgrade not downgrade systems.

  • There’s only 2 games I’d be willing to buy a second time for my PS4. Minecraft and The Last of Us FTW.

  • lol i read the same BS they said about UC3 not havng GOTY and surprise surprise!

    it’s gonna happen, Sony will force them to make a GOTY edition whether he likes it or not.

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