Delve into the Dysfunctional World of Danganronpa on PS Vita

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Delve into the Dysfunctional World of Danganronpa on PS Vita

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

*BRRIIINNNGGG* Attention students, class is now in session. Visiting professor David from Prinny University here (AKA NIS America) to give you a little lesson on Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which launches on February 11th in North America exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

Trigger Happy Havoc is a revamped edition of the very first Danganronpa that appeared on PSPs in Japan in 2010, and now includes updated graphics, touchscreen functionality, and a new game mode. Now get your thinking hats on, because murder’s afoot, and you’re going to need more than a #2 pencil to survive the tests this high school’s got in store for you.

Imagine attending the most elite high school in the country, Hope’s Peak Academy, where only the best students get their education. Your classmates include the Ultimate Swimming Pro, the Ultimate Fashionista, and the Ultimate Baseball Star. And then there’s our main character, Makoto Naegi, who’s not much of an Ultimate anything.

It’s hard enough trying to find your niche in a regular high school, but when it’s revealed that the students have been locked in by the headmaster of this school — a psychotic black and white bear named Monokuma — things get a little more complicated. The only way out is to murder someone and get away with it. However, if the other students unveil the murderer, he or she will have to endure a poetic death at Monokuma’s hands.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocDanganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

The gameplay utilizes the investigatory elements of the Phoenix Wright series with the dark storytelling of games like 999 and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Throughout the game, you’ll gather clues and establish ties with other students. Once a murder happens, you’ll then enter the “Class Trial” period, which consists of a series of adrenaline-laced, timing- and rhythm-based games, shooting down falsehoods and shining the light of truth in the darkest corners of the school halls. On top of that, you’ll build relationships with the surviving students. But keep on your toes, because nothing is as it seems! It’s just like high school, except with crazy bears and murder.

So keep your friends close and your frenemies closer in this game of mystery and deceit. You’ll need your wits about you to reveal the killers and survive the deadliest high school you could imagine.

Thanks for taking this crash course in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Please keep your eye out for the game in February, and until then, this professor has some apples to polish. Prinny out, dood!

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  • + Viewtiful_Gene

    I would happy to even have the game playable in English. If it is missing something who cares, this is on those games. I least expected a NA release. Translations always have missing content, and there are times there are bonus content that is only available in a NA release.

    The original Persona on PS1 had the missing Queen Arc…..remedied in the PSP release. Did not see anyone complaining then, they just enjoyed the game. As long as the gameplay is fun and the content pertaining to the story is there then fine.

    If it happens to be missing content….I would just search it up to see what you missed. It what I do if there is missing stuff or multiple endings.

  • Awesome! I prefer English dub. I’m not a fan of Japanese w/ Eng subs in my games or anime.

  • @3: Because the Japanese release was already sold separately. While this localized version is the first time this game has ever been localized. Expecting them to localize two games and sell it for the price of one is ridiculous. The localization work isn’t something they can simply re-use from the previous versions on PSP. Since those never came out of Japan. So… they’re starting fresh.

    @44: Logic failed you. The original release is of two games previously released in Japan (duh). While the PSP versions never came outside of Japan. So you expect them to translate two entire games and charge the price of one? Had they translated the PSP versions already, and then were selling the PS Vita versions seprately at full price you would have an argument… but that isn’t the case.

    The games have never been sold in North America. The work has never been done. It’s not a simple port of existing localizations that they already sold for $30 or $40 each, and bundled together. It’s a localization of a game they’ve never touched before.

    It’s perfectly reasonable that they are selling it separately. Shoo.

  • Preordered the LE, can’t wait.

  • @53 Elvick_
    And you really think that’s excuse to such a shameless act?
    Look at Max Anarchy for example. They released it outside Japan just ONE year later at half the price.
    What about “Mamorukun Curse” huh? They included ALL the content, and they charged half the price, for EVERYTHING included, that is the game + all the DLC that was released.
    ALL OTHER COMPANIES localize games at full price when the release time gap is short and has all the content and good translation, they know that they are doing their job well enough to charge the full price, also because it has ALL THE CONTENT.
    Now, does NISA actually do its job well enough? Hell no, as I pointed before.
    And yes, I WOULD expect them to translate ONE* game (Danganronpa 1・2 Reload*) and charge for ONE localized game, but we already know that they suck at their job and they want to do whatever the f*** they want; the only thing they do is whine and cry and attack their costumers if someone points their poor job. You give your criticism and you receive attacks from their white knights and the staff itself while they cry and call you rude.


  • Eveyone thinks we should worship them because they localize games.
    The only argument every white knight or blind ignorant fool is “At least you got the game”. But f***** hell! is not even THE game I wanted because they localize so poorly that is not the game I wanted anymore, it arrives destroyed.

    I really wish they would fall. So they hand over their games to a better, MUCH BETTER, company.
    Even the most mediocre one is better than NISA. At least other companies CARE about their games and accept feedback and criticism.

    You know, when Tecmo Koei localized Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk a lot of people told them they wouldn’t buy the game because it didn’t have dual audio. And what did they do? They apologized publicly and fixed their error at the next Atelier game.
    What would NISA have done? Cry and whine and calling everyone rude as always and censoring/blocking them so they would let them keep being incompetent.

  • I’ll leave it in Japanese and have English subtitles. Honestly, even since Eretzvaju aka Evil Zone in America had I ever been so disappointed in English voice overs in games. I can’t wait to get this.

  • @51 Kishnabe

    Man, those were times such good times…
    Yes, LONG TIME AGO that happened, I give you that. But now… now we are at a bad times.
    Times where everyone attacks the industry for no apparent reason besides to b***h at something.
    Times where every game aspires to be a movie or a pretentious “deep” experience… or a Call of Duty, or an open world crap.
    Times where the creativity it’s getting left behind.
    Times where there way too much ignorant people.
    Times where gaming got a “mode/trend” status. There are way too much people that entered the game world just because mode/trend. That’s you see SO MUCH people saying that “Battlefield 3 (or 4) /Call of Duty is the best shooter ever”. I bet they don’t even know what is Medal of Honor: Frontline or even Arena Shooters, or whatever. And I’m sure as hell that more than 80% of the actual gamers thought that Red Dead Redemption was the first one in the franchise, hell, maybe they even though it was the first game with cowboys. And that’s why you also get people so much into moba crap or people saying that Diablo 3 is the best RTS ever, because they never knew any other RTS! And so the examples go on and on…


  • Times when almost everyone charge you extra even for content cut from the game just to make it DLC.
    Times where… etc. etc.
    Look Kishnabe, apparently you don’t know anything about NISA, but I do, and a lot of other people too. And trust me, they do a terrible and unprofessional job.
    Before you ask “Then why they are still in business if they so terrible?”; they are still in business because there are too much ignorant people that worship them for localizing games thinking that THEY HAVE NO OTHER OPTION, so they kiss their feet any time, afraid to give any criticism because they would bring their precious games.
    And to give you an example about how terrible they are… Maybe you heard about Mugen Souls. Nobody purchased it because it had bad translation, problems with the cutscenes and most of all because they censored and cut content. Also the game flopped hard in Japan to begin with. The game failed so much that in a live event, they continued telling to “buy Mugen Souls, please buy it”, AND ALSO they were BLAMING EVERYONE (their costumers) because it failed so much.

  • I will take this one !

  • Sounds psychotic. Count me in.

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