Age of Zombies Out Today on PS Vita

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Age of Zombies Out Today on PS Vita

Age of Zombies

Hey guys, James here from Halfbrick. I hope you’re feeling fresh and re-energized for the year ahead! Today, we’re pleased to announce the U.S. launch of Age of Zombies for PS Vita. We’re super excited about this, and I think you’ll agree that BlitWorks has done an incredible job taking Age of Zombies to a whole new level of awesomeness on PS Vita.

It’s been almost four years since Age of Zombies was first released as a PS Mini, but despite a wealth of improvements and updates, there’s always been one thing missing: physical twin stick controls. That all changed with the launch of PS Vita, and we’ve finally found the perfect device to capture the sheer joys of blasting zombies on the go.

Age of ZombiesAge of Zombies

So, what’s the game all about? Glad you asked! Age of Zombies was the first game to star wise-cracking hero Barry Steakfries, who many of you will know as the main character from Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride. It’s a crazy, hilarious, and over-the-top adventure. And it features time travel, romance, and a whole lot more.

The evil Professor Brains has sent hordes of undead to the farthest reaches of time, and it’s up to you to save the day. You’ll be up against ninjas, mummies, cavemen, and massive bosses with a huge variety of weapons and explosives. You’ll also go face-to-face with possibly the coolest opponent ever: the Zombie T-Rex!

This is without a doubt the definitive version of Age of Zombies. When BlitWorks wanted to help us bring the game to PS Vita, it was a total no-brainer. With a pedigree of bringing titles like Spelunky and Jet Set Radio to players around the world, we were able to work hand-in-hand to finally give our players what they’ve been asking for.

Age of Zombies

Everything from the original is here, along with completely remastered graphics, the bonus Wild West chapter, and a host of Survival Challenges to test your skills. We’ve also raised the difficulty slightly, added a nifty little health bar, and incorporated global leaderboards for some extra competition. There are Trophies, too! It all comes together beautifully, and Age of Zombies runs at a silky smooth 60 FPS on PS Vita.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Age of Zombies. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game. Here’s to a stellar 2014!

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