Retro Rush: Double Dragon PSone Import Out Tomorrow

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Retro Rush: Double Dragon PSone Import Out Tomorrow

While most of the United States has been climbing out of a deep freeze, MonkeyPaw Games has been working at fever pitch to bring together something that celebrates cool, funky, awesome and frequently requested retro games on PlayStation Store.

We wanted to do something big for the New Year, so starting tomorrow the MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush will be on! What’s the Retro Rush? Each week, for six weeks, we’ll be releasing a new import PSone Classic on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. We are going to highlight games from all kinds of genres, and it will all lead up to a game that PSone Classic fans have been anticipating for a long time. What does the schedule look like? Look no further!

  • January 14th – Double Dragon
  • January 21st – Lucifer Ring
  • January 28th – The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • February 4th – Hyper Crazy Climber
  • February 11th – Wolf Fang
  • February 18th – Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
Retro Rush Week 1: Double Dragon

Kicking off the Retro Rush is Double Dragon. You might remember Billy and Jimmy from their side-scrolling days but we are importing the fighting game that is based on the Double Dragon movie from the 90’s. You might not have heard about this game because it was never released outside of Japan even though the movie was made in Hollywood.

The roster gets filled out with beautifully animated sprite-based characters like Abobo, Marian and a host of other characters to keep the punches flying. With 12 characters in total, special charge moves and transformations, there is a lot of game to discover and master.

This is only the beginning of the Retro Rush from MonkeyPaw Games. We’ll have more information about the second title, Lucifer Ring, next week. In the meantime, drop us a line on Twitter and let us know about some of your favorite classic gaming memories.

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  • for me ps1 game road rash any one of the road rash games that would kick ass i use to play that game non stop

  • OK please add these games to psn so we can play and you make a load of money. win/win. BRAVE FENCER MUSASHI , EHRGEIZ , GAUNTLET LEGENDS , LEGENDS OF LEGAIA ,LUNAR 1 & 2 , TALES OF DESTINY , TALES OF ETERNIA , MEGA MAN 8 ANNIVERSARY EDITION , MEGA MAN X 4 5 & 6, MEGA MAN LEGENDS , VALKYRIE PROFILE. I think if you put those on psn , you’d make millions.and I know it,s been said but SUIKODEN 2 AS WELL. P.S. thanks for the new imports .

  • Are you kidding me! After teasing us with english version in europe and after such a long time we are getting the japanese version of tomba 2. I want to support this and I am sure you had your reasons but this is not cool.

  • Please bring Mega Man X 3 for psOne i would pay top dollar for that game!!!!

  • This is awesome, thank you so much! I would love to see a PS2 one. There’s only a couple of titles that come to mind, but any PS2 games would be fantastic.

    Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge (Or something like that)

    And any Silent Hill game

    As for PSOne, Pajama Sam, Civilization, Simcity


  • If you guys are able to bring over anything from anyone, I would love to have some shoot-’em-ups. Einhander, DonPachi, and DoDonPachi are all on JP PSN already.

  • Whoops, forgot another import request: Little Princess (the sequel to Rhapsody, also on PSN). Any chance that could happen?






  • Hey guys cant wait for double dragon.

    One Question would it be possible to get the gundam battle master games to the Ps1 classics

  • I used to play this at the arcades as a kid, was pretty fun, will get it for nostalgia but hope the loading times aren’t horrendous.
    Mostly used Dulton since I could mash a button and actually something worked! ORA ORA ORYA!

  • It would be awesome to see games like Battle Arena Toshinden or Road Rash 3 0:)

  • Mr.Olsen can you please look into Medievil 2 and the Megaman Series for PSone or PS2 classics that be much appreciated

  • Uh Seriously no ps2 games?Brilliant! They only have less then 100 titles at Playstation Store while The PS one have over 561 games . AS far as i know The Playstation 2 sold more then the playstation. So way to go sony for Ignoring the ps2 once again!

  • Pretty please I wanna see scarface. I prefer on ps4 but I won’t be picky ill accept ps3

  • First off, thank you for being awesome and bringing these games stateside for us to enjoy. Thanks for also getting them to work both at home (PS3) and on the go (PSP/VITA), that is super awesome :) .

    If I could put in my request I’d ask for first and foremost a Macross game if possible. Back in 1999 I think, we had ads and a demo for Macross VF-X2 in our Playstation magazines (PSM/OPM) and I remember being super hyped for the game’s release, to sadly find out it got canceled shortly there after. I still play that demo disc from time to time, but would love to be able to play the full game without having to import it.

    So that’s my request for the future the Macross VF-X games on PS1.

  • If I could ask for another set of games it would be Snatcher and Policenauts. They’re the other two Hideo Kojima games that I know English speaking fans would love to play (Policenauts never being released in the US and Snatcher only getting a Sega CD release here). I don’t know if you guys could work some magic with Konami/Kojima Productions and maybe get those released that would be cool too.

    And I have to say it to show my support with other fans, the Mega Man Legends Trio of games ( Legends 1 and 2 and Misadventures of Tronn Bonne) but I know that’s a whole Capcom situation.

    Ok, I’ve rambled on enough, thanks again guys :)

  • Try to bring Crash Bandicoot,Spyro,MGS titles to PS Vita, because SCEA obviously can’t do it.

  • All I want is the (ARCADE) versions of Double Dragon 1 2 & 3. No remixed music. HD upscaled online support & a platinum trophy. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 pleeeeeaaassseee!!!!! Thank ya kindly.

  • Oh wow !!! You guys should TOTALLY (if possible, yes please!!) bring Panzer Bandit by Fill-in-Cafe AND Gunner’s Heaven (aka Rapid Reload on Europe) by Media.Vision. If you can get them to PSN Imports section, I’ll buy them 0,00001 seconds after they hit the PSN Store.

    Those are AWESOME import games that most people probably didn’t hear about, or maybe they did, it’s a wild guess. I was a fan of Playstation 1 by then and played well over 1000 games. Panzer Bandit is a splendid side-scrolling beat ’em up, and Gunner’s Heaven is often compared to Gunstar Heroes by Treasure, for Sega Genesis.

    Also, if you guys would like one more suggestion, but it’s not an import, bring Top Shop (aka in Japan as Tenant Wars) by KID, it’s a VERY FUN board game which borrows many references from Monopoly, with a similar system, where you have to manage stores in big mall and rely on lucky dice rolls. Had countless hours of fun with friends playing those three, unforgettable, games.

  • It’s a real shame that Tomba! 2 won’t be the English version. I probably won’t buy it, just on principle. Europe got the English version, so why don’t we?

  • I would love to see Fear effect games on Ps store!

  • Would LOVE to see a Onimusha HD Collection!! One can dream right? ^_^

  • Also, would love to see:

    Grandia 3
    Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
    Megaman X4, X5, and X6
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter

    There’s more, but these would be great to have!!

  • Any chance we’ll see Silhouette Mirage from PS1 on the PSN?

  • DOUBLE DRAGON ! you guys are the best….! If you make and samurai shodown 4 special as ps1 classic the fighting community will be worship you ! keep the good work

  • How about Zero Divide 2.? I still own the original but the sequel never made it to the states.

  • PS4 soon? Would love to play retro stuff on PS4.

    A few suggestions…

    Destruction Derby (1 & 2)
    Clock Tower
    Twisted Metal (1-4)
    Soviet Strike
    Nuclear Strike

  • Suggestions for more games? Data East’s Windjammers comes to mind. I’m desperate to get my hands on that. I confess I haven’t bought Alundra yet, but I’d love to see the sequel. Who the heck owns the rights to the Lunar games these days? Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue are 2 of my fav games.

  • Add the classic Tony Hawk 1 and 2 to the Store and it would be great to have it for PS Plus free xD

    @MaxSterling85 +1 to all those games, but would be really nice to add to PS Plus List, I don’t know if it has happened before or not ,but so far I only see PS3/PS4 games in the IGC, would be nice to add some good classics into the list!

  • Will the Crash Bandicoot series as well as the Spyro one be released to America in the near future??

  • I read that wrong… I thought it said Tobal 2. Welp I just disappointed myself.

  • Gotta love the classics

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