The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 14th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 14th, 2014
The Drop

As Templar forces move to control the slave trade in 1760’s New Orleans, a courageous woman of French and African descent fights for freedom with a cunning set of skills. Aveline de Grandpre returns to the stage of history once again in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, launching for PS3 this week.

Originally launched on PS Vita, Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD presents Aveline’s tale in a whole new light. It includes massive visual upgrades and a seemingly endless list of tweaks and optimizations. This chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series features the same rich blend of stealth elements and combat. By donning different disguises, Aveline can traverse the environment and use the reactions of other characters to her advantage, be it the gown of a noble lady or the iconic garb of the Assassin.

But Aveline isn’t the only familiar face leaping onto a new PlayStation platform this week; Barry Steakfries lands on PS Vita in the fan-favorite Age of Zombies. Stride through time and fight hordes of undead in this charming and addictive adventure. May or may not include a zombie t-rex.

For this week’s full list of new games, head below. And enjoy the Drop!

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Age of Zombies
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
Doodle Devil
Double Dragon
The Raven -- Legacy of a Master Thief

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS Vita — Digital
Travel through time as Barry Steakfries, and punish legions of zombies with a variety of weapons and explosives. Because if there’s one thing more fun than killing zombies, it’s killing zombies with explosives.
PS3 — Digital
The PS Vita chapter of Assassin’s Creed gets a huge HD upgrade with tons of optimizations. Join Aveline de Grandpre in her fight for freedom against the oppressive Templar order.
PS Vita — Digital
An addictive puzzle game with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch the world crumble from all the cruel creations you unleash upon the universe.
PSone Import — Digital
Based on the 90’s film, this Japanese import features a roster of 12 fighters including Abobo, Marian, and Billy. Expect charge moves and transformations galore.
PS3 — Digital
A thrilling crime adventure brimming with twists. In 1960’s Paris, investigator Nicolas Legrand faces a master thief known as The Raven and fatally wounds him. But years later, an incident in London gives rise to the question: has The Raven returned?

Demos and Betas

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8 Author Replies

  • Oooh no price.. so it is free? :D


  • Sony you know that really expensive console you released a couple of months ago? can we get some games for it please?

  • When are PSOne and PS2 classics coming to PS4?

  • yeah no kidding I’d be nice if we got some of those games promised at launch during E3 2013. Just PLEASE GIVE ME MERCENARY KINGS ALREADY!

  • Liberations is one of the worst games I played in 2012. Perhaps this sham HD update will fix the game’s technical issues but nothing will fix the stupid story, stupid costume system. and stupid gameplay.

  • People like DumbofSarrow here are too stupid to realize the only reason there isn’t any good drops is because there isn’t “any” AAA games releasing on the last month of the year. Those bloggers who rated this drop low are nothing but trolls.

  • All I care about is pack 19 for The Pinball Arcade. I can’t wait!

  • Huh, thought Liberation was already out. Well, might get it again. I enjoyed the game on Vita, minus the multiplayer mode. Think Ubisoft took that out though. Aveline is definitely more interesting than Connor, in any case.

  • we need more PS One games on PSN!

    where’s Strider 2, King’s Field,

    Imports like

    Moon Remix RPG and the like :P

  • I’m Sorry. But, As a 80’s teen that NEO-GEO crap isn’t the REAL Double Dragon. If anyone here other than me grew up in the 80’s knows that NEO-GEO SUCKS!! They put theirself out of business with their console. (Which cost $649.99 the entire time it was out in the early 90’s) Why you’d even consider putting this out is beyond me. (Other than this version was based off the 1994 Double Dragon movie. Which failed big time at the box office. And, Like every game made from a movie, SUCKED!!)

    And, Don’t even get me started on the horrible ‘Double Dragon Neon’. (Which was a god awful remake of the 1987 original. Which is a classic such me treat and respected as such.)

    Unless you guys decide to release the original 1987 ‘Double Dragon with all the real music and everything. I’ll not be being any crappy remake/import of it.


  • Gamerzlimited oh man i may be stupid but atleast my IQ is high enough to know how to sighn up online. i wonder who tought you to even make a psn account. maybe your boyfriend made it for you as he seems ah bit smarter then you. this drop is low quality, there for got a low score. keep kissing ass suburban boy.

  • Ill double dip when creed gets a sale.I enjoyed it on vita wouldint mind another run on my ps3.

  • Hopefully it has some cool updates from the portable version :)

  • thanks for the drop, Ryan

    I allready the psp version of Age of Zombie, any chance I get the Vita one discounted or free ?

  • Valkyrie Profile 1 (PS1) and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) as PSN classics please. I’m on my knees begging :'(

  • I thought AC3 Liberation on the Vita was more fun than AC3 on the console. It moved a lot faster, featured some interesting environments, had a story that was a little more gripping and included some interesting ideas (such as the personas) that enhanced the series. Oh, and it didn’t have the same insultingly stupid DLC that AC3 got where George Washington turns into a cartoon villain and Connor turns out to have magic powers. Ugh. Hopefully, Liberation on the console is as good of an experience as the Vita version was.

    Also… am I the only one to be surprised by Double Dragon this week? I haven’t played that game since the Neo Geo days. It’s a decent fighter, though it’s a SF2 clone with little depth to it compared to later offerings on the platform.

  • secularsage how do you figure George Washington was turned into a “cartoon villain”? Because they told the truth about him and implemented it into the game? He wasn’t a good man, despite why your history teacher probably tried to tell you.

  • @DumbOfSarrow Sorry, but my account was made way before you were even born. You probably still be wearing diapers if it were for me. And you called this drop low quality, yet it’s consider “REAL” to you. So technically, you’re lying. Instead of Dumb, from now on I shall call you LiarOfSarrow. Keep crying, crybaby. Do you need your pacifier?

  • Is Assassin’s Creed Liberation cross-buy or cross-save with Vita version?

  • @rezznak
    FINALLY!!! someone asking some of the questions ive asked, hopefully they answer you, if not, we need to get a couple hundred (thousand, maybe) people to ask similar questions, cause theres no info around that’s very much better than old news, but anyways, to add to that inquiry would be the following:

    mercenary kings
    planetside 2
    rouge legacy
    binding of issac rebirth
    any RELAVANT and current info would be awesome, so anything you can do with that….. could you, like please…… ok? thanks lol

  • oh yeah, and info on dnla, mp3/4 playback, etc, etc. would be exceptional and awesome, that is all

  • I’m honestly just waiting fo Minecraft to drop on the Vita Ó.Ò!!!

  • @48: Never, but NEVER watch the Double Dragon movie. Even the cartoon was better.

  • Is that the same Double Dragon which was originally released on the Neo-Geo game system?
    If I remember correctly it was one of the first cartridge based games to have full motion video (FMV). It’s a short bit during the intro, but coll none-the-less. It’s from the movie of the same name.

    Speaking of Neo•Geo, what ever happened to Playmore releasing games for Neo•Geo Station??
    It’s been a “PSN Featured Game” for the past couple years and hasn’t even had a new game released on it in the last 20 months. It’s too bad really…M2 does an excellent job with the animation and front-end and I really wanted Metal Slug 3, as well as others.

  • Oh and speaking of Double Dragon… what ever happened to”Bro-Op Mode” for Double Dragon Neon??
    Wayforward promised this over a year ago and never came through. I guess they got all caught up with a certain 8-bit duck… bah.. I would like to play DD Neon online with a friend.

  • Proud to be a PS4 Early Adopter -_-

  • I AGREE it Would Be NICE to PLAY something else on my 420$ ps4. Besides indies. I Should OF STUCK with LLAST GEN. Yeah Yeah I know games take a bit but COM ON MAN.

  • @59: +1
    @64: +1

  • Not gonna be any prices on the Drop. They wait for the store update post to list those. File sizes, too.

    Not gonna be any info, either. Except for the small blurbs about each game, and a single image.

    This really isn’t the place for info. Not that any of you are wrong to want it. It’s just not gonna happen. There are plenty of other sites with current info relating to the games people are curious about. If you rely on this website, you’ll be lucky to find out a game exists until the week it’s released.

    This IS the place for 3 posts a week (Drop, Plus Update, Store Update). The other posts are mostly from non-Sony reps. It’s also the place to go for silly arguments, and new or clueless people asking the same questions.

  • Are you guys ever gonna give us a library of playstation classics like they have on the Japan psn? I would love to be able to go back and play games such as Ape Escape and Intelligent Qube.

  • don’t know where else to post this right now so

    on your ps plus page under instant game collection you still have grid 2 as available for the next 17 hours

    i bought a friend ps plus last week cause of this game and he isn’t able to get it since it was already off ps plus. this is BS. you need to get ALL your ads for what games are actually available synchronized so that people don’t buy the service for a specific game that has already been removed!

  • STILL NO NEW PS4 GAMES? WHERE’S THE LOVE? It’s bad enough we didn’t get Drive Club or WatchDogs as we were told we would on launch way back 3 months ago, but we don’t even get indie games often? Please give us War Thunder in America or some demos at LEAST. I switched from xbox360 to PS4 because I thought the games were gonna be here. Think about all of us that don’t have vitas or ps3s. WHERE’S THE LOVE FOR PS4?!

  • Yeah never got a chance to play the original Ape Escape. There must be some kind of legal issue with certain games, because I just can’t see the logic in not offering something for sale when it would sell so many copies. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day. People at all these companies generally prioritize new content, even if it’s just HD repackaging of old content. But still. So odd to see such a lack of new PS1/PS2 Classics. Oh well. At least they’re still being released, even if it is on a very slow timetable.

    Played the demo for Intelligent Qube way back. Thought it was very clever.

  • Gamerzlimited , Lol i feel really bad then if you are older then me. a grown ass man using middle school disses. DumbOfSarrow and LiarOfSarrow.. what ? im not impressed. try again.

  • Cannot wait for Liberation HD here

  • Age of Zombies must be fun…I gotta check that demo out….also that The Raven game looks interesting.aAnd that Assassin’s cash-grabber game…..only way for me to get that is for free.Will buy the Vita version though.

  • The Raven looks interesting.

    Hopefully we’ll start seeing PS4 stuff soon. Knack is ok, but it’s not going to last me long.

  • Wow is all I can say there is a lot of fantastic things happening here tommorrow!!!!!!!!!

  • Any chance we’ll be hearing soon about the release dates for God of War: HD Collection, Dead Nation, Borderlands 2, etc for Vita?

  • Need ps 4 games

  • Anyone else think Liberation would look nice on on PS4 ;)

  • Does anyone know if the AC:Liberation will be released as a full game or Demo only?


  • Full game + demo available.

  • Good thing Don’t Starve is such a good game….

  • Wow I am amazed that you guys brought in double dragon. I played arcade version of that game for a long time

  • Is there any chance we might be able to see a Castlevania: Curse of Darkness as a PS2 Classic anytime soon?????????? I mean I see Lament of Innocence there and CoD was a way more gameplay content rich game in comparison…. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it did.

  • I really need to get around to the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD demo.

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