Don’t Starve Out Today on PS4, Free for PS Plus

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Don’t Starve Out Today on PS4, Free for PS Plus

Don't Starve on PS4

Hey everyone! I’m Corey Rollins from Klei Entertainment, and I’m here to talk about our newest PS4 downloadable game: Don’t Starve. It’s available today on PlayStation Store for $14.99 and it’s free for PlayStation Plus.

If you’re new to the game, Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. While there are many unique characters to discover and unlock along the way, you’ll start as the gentleman scientist, Wilson. After being lured with infinite knowledge by a demon named Maxwell, Wilson finds himself trapped in a mysterious and unforgiving world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

Don't Starve on PS4Don't Starve on PS4

Don’t Starve is a game that gives no instruction, and forces players to adapt or die in the process. And oh my, die you will! After every death, a new world is procedurally generated, and you’ll find yourself scrambling to gather resources, explore the world, encounter bizarre creatures, and play your own way to unravel the mysteries around you.

One of the biggest features of the console edition is the inclusion of every single update since the game’s PC launch. After Don’t Starve’s original release, we committed to releasing regular content updates every 3 weeks for 6 months. In the PS4 version you’ll have them all right from day one, including the massive Caves update and the discoverable “Adventure Mode” which will let you embark on a journey through multiple randomly generated unique worlds in an effort to escape.

Alright folks! You’re ready to begin your quest as esteemed intrepid explorers and champions of science! We’ve poured a ton of love into this game and developed it alongside a vibrant community throughout the beta and post release content updates.

If you’ve got any questions or want further tips, come say hello on Twitter. We’re always around and happy to chat. After all, this game wouldn’t be what it is today without the amazing discussions and feedback from our friends in the community.

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  • Finally

  • Damn, thought this was the store update.

  • I don’t see it on the store yet.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Question: does it have a platinum?

    all games should have platinums

  • @ ERC1980 God of War 3 should, eh?

  • YAY!

    -lol @ people thinking store was updated this early.
    -No it doesn’t have a platinum.

  • @JimmyHACK

    Last month the first update went live before now…

  • Don’t see it on the store…

  • PS Store update is at….? time please.
    i’m a playstation guy since 1998 or 99 and i thinks this is my 1st post in this blog

  • Is there DLC? I often like to purchase some DLC to show my thanks for giving the game free for PS+ Members.

  • @BearNoobyX Not live yet.

  • @ GummyEyes Anytime now, last month it was @ 8:02. Might be as late as 12 PM lol.

  • all games should have platinums

  • ho boy pity this is on for plus i cannot give Klei Entertainment more money than i did on steam

    though i’ll take it as part of ps plus!

    now if they make a vita version (a natural fit!) i’ll triple dip!

    i’m queuing this up as soon as i can!

  • for now i’ll settle for remote play =) (MUHAHAHAHA)

  • All other companies put their content up early for the east coast except PlayStation :-(

  • awesome, thanks for the info @ kevinisthebestyo and Parrapa

  • Played a lot of Don’t Starve on PC (got in during beta) and loved it. As soon as I heard it was coming to PS4 I quit cold turkey so I’d be hungry for more survival fun when it hit the new console. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this delicious game again!

    (All puns intentional.) :)

  • It’s always been sort of random with the updates on the east coast. :(

  • Not really that into indie games but i’ll try this for the trophies if nothing else.

  • Ready to play this game when I get home this evening!

  • Other companies also also provide great deals During the holidays for their customers.

  • I’ll wait for PSV version.

  • I’ll give it a try ;)

  • Seems like a fun game to be honest, seen the pc version :) Can anyone tell me if its available in the UK playstation store so what I mean is, is this internationally etc or?? :)

  • Nevermind :P Saw on the ipad version it says tommorow for AE, AU,GB,IE and NZ instead of the article saying today soo tommorow isnt too bad so thats good :) hope I help some people who are wondering the same thing :P

  • AWESOME! Been dreaming about this game!

  • gah 4 hours and 30 minutes to wait… welp guess its off to bed then work and ill get to love this for the first time tomorrow morning :\

  • I gotta say I’m insanely excited to play this game. It looks fantastic and I’ve been waiting to play it ever since I got my PS4. I’m almost sad it’s free, as I’d love to support Klei

    • Thanks so much! That means a lot. It includes all the PC updates from April 23rd on, so you have lots of exploring and not starve’n to do :)

  • Please SONY, try to be clear in your communication. If you update the store in a specific time, TELL THIS in your communication. Do NOT let fans like me ask 100 questions before you tell us. If it is 2PM tell this on the web, in newsletters, in press releases and social media. Why be so hard to understand. COME ON. Get modern!

  • Would love to see Don’t Starve and/or Mark of the Ninja on Vita!

    PS. If you added trophies to Don’t Starve despite your arguments against doing so, please bring those achievements to Steam too.

  • Thank you, I’ll be playing this after work. Its gonna be a long night..

  • @NiclasHerman: Well, an official Sony representative did tell you. Twice. In replies to these comments. An hour and a half before you posted. So there’s that.

  • what time does don’t starve come out

  • Seriously sony, you must put more effort on the store updates, always its the same problem!! Why didnt make working 2 dyas earlier to get the schedule on time! On Xbox and Steam the update are since the midnight, why you guys cannot do that? So the PSPlus members paid to have a “great” service but i dont think so.

  • Gonna keep doing what I did with my Vita. Racking up the games until I get a system to play it on. LOVE PS+. Hate that I don’t have enough time to play all of it. Love that problem though. ;)

  • I see it on the store but it’s not free and I’m a ps+ member?

  • Agreed. Lacking PS store updates aside. We’re not even 2 months in to a new console launch and the best thing my PS4 can be used for is a paper weight.
    These updates should be live at 12:00 AM. No excuses.
    With the technology surrounding this console. I should have been able to go on my glorified paper weight last night, make a preorder selection, and have this game downloading the second its released.
    PS Plus is an incredible deal, but the PS 4 side is incredibly lacking. You would think a company would do whatever it takes……

  • I think they’ve got some sort of live update system for the store now cuz it’s on there but it’s not being advertised and is not available for free yet for ps plus… Ugh I just wanna play :(

  • I see it in the store but not free for Plus well guess I will wait till 2pm PST

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the PS+? I’m PS+ and it still says Don’t Starve is 15 dollars for me..Can anyone help me on how to download it for free since I am PS+?

    • It’s just in the process of going up. Sony should be sorting it out in the next hour or so as the update goes live. They aim for about 2PM PST as a target.

  • Its not reading free for me, and I have ps plus until september 2014.

  • Thx Corey for keeping us up to date! I’ll check again later.

    • No problem, I’m going to stick around today and answer some questions for a few hours :) I’m waiting for it to go live along with everyone haha

  • not reading free for me either…

    • Each update take some time to roll out. First the games publish, then the discounts get applied. It will be free shortly, maybe give it 10-20.

  • it says i have to pay for it even though i have ps+

    • Give it another 10-15. We just spoke to PSN team, every new title needs to be published (or unpublished) first, then all the new discounts get applied at the end. It can take some time for all that to roll out nation wide. Will post a comment here and @klei on twitter once I know for sure it’s good to go :)

  • Thanks Corey Rollins.

  • Hi, i’m not going to complain about the update, I just want to say thanks for improving the selection of games for ps plus in the last months, ps plus is one of the main reasons i decided to continue with the PS brand and buy a PS4. Keep up living to your motto!.

  • I think the game will be well worth the wait! I am checking the store periodically with hope of it being there. Even if it’s not out by 2pm pst it should be out today!

  • @NiclasHerman: I’m pretty sure they said it quite a few times already and it isn’t like they can say for 100% sure (There are a few ways they could be almost 100% sure but generally not viable). I do hope that they let us know when they do update though.

    • Once I can confirm it I’ll post here and @Klei on Twitter and our Facebook. I promise, I’m waiting with you all haha *mashes F5 some more*

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