PlayStation Plus: Don’t Starve & DmC Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Don’t Starve & DmC Free for Members

It’s officially 2014, and if you checked out our preview post and video last month you’ll know that means mega awesome titles are coming soon! Tomorrow our Plus members will be able to download both Don’t Starve on PlayStation 4 and DMC Devil May Cry on PlayStation 3. Don’t Starve is deceptively cute, so don’t be fooled, this is a hardcore survival simulator. You (as a Gentleman Scientist) will need to gather, hunt and build in order to stay alive in this mysterious land.

DmC Devil May Cry refreshes the story of Dante and gives him a bit of a makeover, but the combat is still as action-packed as you’d expect from a DMC title. Dante still packs his pistols Ebony & Ivory as well as his blade Rebellion, and you’ll have to switch back and forth from Angel and Demon mode in order to rack up your massive combos.

You can download Don’t Starve and DmC Devil May Cry as well as take advantage of all these PS Plus discounts after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 1/7.

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Don’t Starve (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014
Don’t Starve: Console Edition is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.
DMC Devil May Cry (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014
In a society corrupted by demons only The Order can see the world for what it really is. Join Dante in the ultimate experience of stylish action chain together combo after combo with panache and dispatch demonic spawn back to hell – reveal the truth behind the lies. Explore Dante’s dark past encountering some the most familiar faces in the DmC universe. Call upon unimaginable powers combined with Dante’s epic arsenal of weapons: sword, scyte, axe, pistols and more. Face your demons…

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Streetkix: Freestyle — PS Plus Price: $10.79, Regular Price: $11.99


PlayStation Home – Home Tycoon Gift for Plus members
Home Tycoon is PlayStation Home’s premier free-to-play 3D city-building game! As Mayor, you can create your ultimate dream city, fly helicopters through the skies, race with up to 16 friends online, enjoy interactive thrill rides, and unlock tons rewards in the Home Tycoon: New Heights expansion. PlayStation Plus members get 120 Gold Coins for free after completing the tutorial!

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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6 Author Replies

  • Got DmC when it was on sale for $20 through Plus. Only thing I am excited for is The Legends Pack for WWE 2K14 tomorrow. Gonna play as Bruno Sammartino and Virgil/Vincent with the NWO.

  • Woooo DMC is first. I’ve been wanting to play that again. I’ll also have to look into Don’t starve.

  • Sweet cant wait to play dont starve and DMC

  • TERRIBLE MONTH FOR VITA!!!!! I can forgive the terrible IGC for vita this January but the NO DISCOUNT ON GAMES?? What the?

  • So is this for the US? I keep seeing different posts for both EU and US.

    One says:
    Entering PS Plus:
    •24th December: DmC Devil May Cry (PS3)
    •24th December: Borderlands 2 (PS3)
    •24th December: Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)
    •24th December: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (PS Vita)
    •8th January: Don’t Starve (PS4)

    And the other says:
    Don’t Starve: Console Edition: PS4 — Digital
    Streetkix: Freestyle: PSP — Digital
    Tiny Brains: PS3 — Digital (Also Available on PS4), Cross Buy
    Twisted Lands: Shadow Town + Demo: PS3 — Digital

    So…is the US getting DMC and Bioshock Infinite?

  • i agree with you hazelcabug
    i’m envy discount sales in europe
    KZM, Valhalla Knight 3, Muramasa Rebith,AC Liberation, etc

    IGC = europe win
    Discount = europe win
    what good is US ?

  • Don’t Starve and DMC tomorrow I’m so pumped up. Thanks Sony for everything and for giving us games that our hard drive can afford. No 27GB (I’m sorry The Last of Us) Shinanagans or 34GB (I’m talking about you God of War Ascension) crap or 40GB (F to the U Uncharted 3) BS.

  • Yay DmC thank you Sony…I couldn’t be more thankful….also I’ll be adding Don’t Starve to my download list.Great update.

    And lolololol people complaining…..ha ignorants will never run out of things to complain thats shameful.

  • Hey Viceforce!! Hahaha! Awesome.
    Guys Europe get so many discounts and good games because PS Plus and Sony wants to grow there..
    There are shi* load of subscribers on US PS + atm, so why bother keeping them ultra-happy every month?

    I’m satisfied with January, a bit dissapointed though.. I WANT DISCOUNTS!!!1

  • Thought we were getting Bioshock: Infinite, what happened to that?

  • @Dilaudid281: The first post you saw (not here) was for the EU’s January Plus lineup. The next post was this week’s “Drop” in the US. The Drop has nothing to do with Plus. It just lists the new titles, demos, and betas for the current week.

    Anyway yes, DMC this week and Bioshock Infinite later this month. Probably Jan. 14.

  • Also, why bother when they already paid the subscription?

  • se puede descargar dmc para ps4

  • When will music unlimited be discounted again for plus? $9.99 a month is kind of steep

  • If you all didnt notice, Monday is whats going to be on the PS Plus, and Tuesday goes the update.. Every tuesday (Not midnight tuesday unfortunately).
    Its about 3 PM PSN is updated.. (Just check out the comment section clock :P)

  • In less than two months since PS4 came out, we’ve gotten Resogun and Contrast for free (day one) and now we’re getting Don’t Starve, which looks amazing. Also, keep in mind we would also have had DriveClub free if it hadn’t gotten pushed back. No complaints here! Keep ’em coming, Sony; I’ve made out like a bandit since getting Plus.

  • Kristine:

    Are you ever going to address your lies from last weeks post?

    Many of us are still waiting for the promised store update with Plus deals that start/go live on the 31st. Which is what you said in your post.

    You never followed up, corrected, or informed us of the truth.

    Neither did ANYONE from Sony.

    Why are we being ignored during one of the biggest spending periods of the year (after xmas, when many people have just received money/gift cards/can finally spend on themselves).

    What a terrible way to run a blog. The constant errors and misinformation got old years ago, but you keep giving us bad info/making mistakes, or just outright telling us lies.

    Please start caring about your job. Unless you aren’t paid in which case let some other ‘volunteer’ do it right.

  • 3 people answering questions on here today, and nobody wants to answer the question of WHEN DO WE GET OUR $10 BACK FROM THE PAYPAL PROMO.

  • A few questions

    Why can’t sales be planned weeks in advance this is the 21st century most retailers plan sales that way look at the EU store they have a month long sale going on now. How can they do that but not the US store. It seems like you may have to just set some rules with publishers and stick to them.

    Second now that the ps4 has launched can we expect a confirmed time every Tuesday for a ps store update or is it going to be the same as usual.

    Lastly why have the same titles been on sale multiple times as discounts

    Foosball 2012
    Foosball 2012
    The Impossible Game
    One Epic Game
    Blimp: The Flying Adventures
    5-in-1 Arcade Hits

    seriously how many times have they been listed as discounts

  • Sony is the best in the world!!!!!! keep up the epic PS+ freebies :P

  • I thought since the weird missing discounts from last week we would get a good amount this week.

  • 2014 and no PS4 for sale lets hopes this goes until 2015.. if u look hard enough you can still buy a PS4 good luck hunting.. GAME ON!!!!!

  • Lame excuse for not telling us sales with more notice/information.

    Sony is the one who’s running the show, just slap a penalty fee on any company who suddenly changes their mind about a sale item right before it goes on sale.

    Or just pass the buck (like you so often do) and tell us it wasn’t your choice, but that of the game makers.

    Either way, us not having the same kind of information the EU gets from the Sony staff there, is not excused by such a weak excuse.

  • I really hope there’s more sales than what you have listed. I’m not even remotely interested in DMC (never liked the series), and I don’t have a PS4.

    Your sales lately have been terrible, and I’m including your holiday sales in that statement.

  • And the amazing discounts for the second week in a roles is…….pitiful. I already own DMC. How about some discounts please????

  • Looking forward to playing DMC tomorrow! Hoping for an NBA 2K14 deal like there was for NHL 14. :)

  • @boomstick re: 67 & 73

    You need to calm down dude or go get and Xbox or something.

    Kristine stated that she was using copy/paste and just changing the date and didn’t realize the impact of that until the recent furor from folks like yourself.

    And I, probably most to steal your phrase, take no issue with Morgan’s explanation regarding sales.

    Are you really that bothered by it despite all that they do provide?

    Walk into any retailer that sells games and see what you walk out with for 50.00. Kind of pales in comparison.

    To top it off, the fine folks that do upkeep on this blog have nothing to do with what is actually offered, they are just kind enough to inform the public of what’s coming up.

    Don’t try to turn your anger into “most of us” because I know I don’t share your sentiment.

    Hopefully this is a learning experience from both sides and we can all just continue enjoying gaming.

  • @73: “…is not excused by such a weak excuse…” Awesome sentence structuring there. Made my afternoon =)

    /just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

  • As a long time PS player and PS+ member, I will say I’m pretty disappointed in the lack of sales. The EU store is really doing a great service to the fans and DEVS. Sales spur… SALES! Just look at what happened to Q-Games and there 8 hour .99 cent sale of PixelJunk Eden (GREAT GAME) on Steam… doubled the revenue for the game, LIFETIME.

    I’m not sure how the US PS team “advertises” sales with the devs/publishers but the use case of Eden is a good one. Discounts are important for both the consumers but the developers and publishers. I typically don’t buy games at full price, I’ll wait and WAIT for a sale. This hurts the gaming industry overall, I’m doing it a disservice but I’m frugal and I’m not alone. I want to buy games, I want to make sure devs get paid and will continue to provide me with unique gaming experiences. I also want a good deal once in awhile.

    Moral of this story: Providing discounts helps everyone and the lack of sales hurts actual sales.

  • “Walk into any retailer that sells games and see what you walk out with for 50.00. Kind of pales in comparison.” what has this got to do with anything? The sales are for everyone, PS+ subscribers get an additional discount, that is all.

    You need to calm down too.

  • Having said that, I didnt like the tone of @boomstick either. It is a copy-paste error, everyone has done it one time or the other. Calling it lies and what not is being childish.

  • Well this is a total suprise didn’t expect dlc cry as well that great. PS Plus will all the awesome games & why do people still not have the membership is ludicrous.

  • Been waiting for Don’t Starve since I found out it was coming to PS4. Also glad to see DMC is the free PS3 game this week. It’s the one I wanted the most out of the three PS3 games coming to Plus this month.

  • So pumped for DmC! What an amazing month for PS+!

  • Well this is a total suprise didn’t expect DMC as well that was great. PS Plus wilts all the awesome games & why do people still not have the membership is ludicrous. Spleeling error had to re-type.

  • Can you guys give the community a heads up on Singstar on PS4 it appears they are ignoring us on the Singstar forums.

  • DmC…cool, only game I don’t own that we are getting this month.

  • Kinda disapointed cause i was really expecting bishock this week.. :/

  • @78

    Since the IGC has started I have yet to get a game I don’t own and would actually play.

    The only thing, other than the occasional sale, that I get out of Plus is the Cloud save option. (although ps4 forces us to subscribe for online now)

    And we have no option to just buy cloud save space so I’m stuck with plus (on ps3) until they let us use USB to back up all game saves (which they never will).

    So for 50$ I can walk into my game store and get 5-8 games that would be IGC caliber (since most of the IGC games were 10$ or less by the time they hit the IGC (at least where I live) ). Only I have control and would actually like the games.

    Also I see no reason not to be upset that Kristine lied (even if it’s copy and paste error) because she/the blog staff never owned up to it or responded to the customers concerns. This is nothing new, the blog staff has a long long history of messing up and then never responding to us.

    If they did their job well even 60% of the time I’d be a lot less bothered by these things.

  • I’m a Vita owner and I want to thank you for nothing… again.
    PS: Can’t wait to get more TAB or PSP Games on my IGC. I mean, who needs games such as DMC or Borderlands2 when you can have FreeStylle, Worms and SmartAs?

  • BTW, thanks for the discount on Blimp. (y)

  • @82

    I’m only calling them out on it and using words like ‘lies’ because they CONSTANTLY are making mistakes.

    I get that there will be errors, but being so lazy as to consistently make copy/paste errors, and not proof read before posting, etc… is inexcusable.

    It’s not like this is anything new, they do it all the time (mistakes/errors/etc…)

    And the worse part is they ignored all our questions last week, after making us think a sale was coming.

    It’s not about this last couple weeks, it’s about the culture of the PS Blog and the habit of the staff to make mistakes and not respond to real questions, etc…

  • i want Don’t Starve but ps4 only ? face palms

  • Anyone else have any interest seeing some older Telltale Games go on sale/IGC? Back to the Future & Jurassic Park in particular. I’d definitely pick up those if they were on a PS+ sale!!

  • LOL!

    Even after she replied acknowledging that this week’s post has an error in it (“all these discounts”), the blog post is still incorrect with that copy/pasted section.

    Talk about the height of being lazy, is there anything that take less effort than correcting a sentence on a very simple website?


  • Great job Kristine Steimer and ps+ team love the update and discounts. Hope you all had a great holidays and time off of work because some of the kids spent there time here crying all week was funny to lol. Anyway welcome back and tc.

  • @96: The blog has errors everywhere, but this isn’t about the person who is replying the comments. She isn’t the one on charge of the posts. I don’t understand how Sony doesn’t have more people working on this blog. It is the off blog! They should get more people to replay comments. I know they read them because they delete many comments they don’t like.

  • It is the official blog* (silly phone).
    Side Note: “Edit” option, please.

  • I already have DMC: Devil May Cry and I recommend it. I bought it for like $11 after promotion on PSN. I also have Bioshock Infinite. If you don’t have these games already, you all should be very happy with these 2 games in the instant collection.

    What is up with the “Discount of the Day”? I have like $20 to spend in my account and psn isn’t giving me worthy deals lately. Step up your game with the discounts. PSN dropped the ball around x-mas with their discounts as well. I am more interested in the discounts than the free instant game.

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