The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014

Don't Starve

Some days, you wake up in a warm bed — perhaps next to a loved one — and you start the day fresh, with the sweetness of a half-remembered dream lingering behind your eyes. Other times, you wake up on a twisted island of dark horrors with a fast-depleting hunger meter and a growing beard. On those days, you’re likely playing Don’t Starve, which launches on PS4 this week!

That’s right friends, the fan-favorite survival game finds a new home on PS4. Don’t Starve is an uncompromising, randomly-generated survival game where you must help the Gentleman Scientist Wilson endure the harsh (likely demonic) environment for as long as possible. Gather food, craft tools, construct shelter, and hunt unlikely foes with a brutal challenge at every footfall.

Don't StarveDon't Starve

If vigorous survival isn’t your cup of tea, there’s more coming to the world of PlayStation! But since we’re emerging from our light holiday lineup, we took a “Drop Lite” approach today. See below for a complete list of games hitting PlayStation this week, and enjoy!

We’ll see you next week for a regularly-formatted Drop. Hope your New Year is starting off great!

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  • PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that Don’t Starve is going to come to the PS Vita. I would so double dip for that, it would be a perfect platform for that game given the rougelike element. Ugh so want this on Vita, Make it happen Klei!!!!!

  • Day 53. It’s almost been 2 months since I’ve used a wireless headset. I’m beginning to feel sick…

    Sony, what’re you doing? Seriously? You’re really starting to upset us.

  • I thought it was supposed to be released today so far its not there.

  • PrimeroIncognito, I simply don’t see why the guy freaked out about people trying to keep the word “Indie” in the title of the game. It isn’t an insult, all it does is label it for what it is. Gives it a bit more credit in my opinion. Taking away words that describe something about anything is just an idiotic process. The word is there for a reason and taking it away would be dumbing down the English language.

    I completely agree that graphics don’t make the game though. Legend of Legaia still remains my absolute favorite game and I would go back to that all the time if I had a working Vita port (PS1 games kind of look like crap on a 51″). Better graphics is still a massive selling point for the general consumer base however.

    I cannot agree with you that companies put in X amount of work and end up with Y amount of cost. That’s true of a handful of companies. Companies like Infinity Ward, however, that simply rehash old cold over and over again and send out a crap product while companies like Naughty Dog put sweat and tears into their product…well, they sell their games at the exact same price and there is absolutely a clear difference between which game had more effort put into it.

  • what time exactly casue its the 7th and there still not out soo yea

  • kewlkid1023 give it another hour or two. Updates are usually out by then.

  • Still nothing! C’mon, Sony. You’ve given us nothing since launch!

  • THGhost_2008 o and we didn’t even give them enough money to cover the costs of the console…so its pretty fair for them to give us “nothing”.

  • This may not be the thread for this question, but anyone know when we will get some more 3d supported titles for the PS4?

  • To the people complaining about PSN plus on PS4 (especially the European) you are dead wrong. “Contrast and Resogun”. No. You’re forgetting about Blacklight Retribution and War Thunder (mmo jet fighter available to everyone in Europe). Honestly I play War Thunder more than Killzone Shadow Fall. You have this great game available and you don’t even know it. It’s a new console and we are getting way better than what Xbone will ever get.

  • The original comment asked that we stopped saying that “indie” games aren’t “real” games, and I agree with that. Indie games are real games, because I can download and play them just like any other game. The differentiating factor is “indie” versus “triple-A (AAA)” games. There is a big difference here. But just because something is indie doesn’t mean it is lacking. They don’t have lower quality graphics. They have simpler graphics, and that isn’t even true all the time. Also, thanks to Kickstarter, we’re going to be seeing LOTS of indie games coming that have huge budgets but aren’t backed by some deep pocketed publisher. Mighty Number 9 is a good example of this. Also if you really want to go into semantics, something like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was technically an “indie” game, because 38 Studios and Big Huge Games gathered the money themselves to develop the game. EA only served as publisher, not financier on the title. So while yes, indie games can be truthfully labelled as such, I think people should stop trying to use it as an insult. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the majority of them that we’re going to be getting on PSN.

  • @ Death8u4u: “I cannot agree with you that companies put in X amount of work and end up with Y amount of cost. That’s true of a handful of companies. Companies like Infinity Ward, that simply rehash old code over and over again …… while companies like Naughty Dog put sweat and tears into their product… well, they sell their games at the exact same price …… ”

    That’s actually a known problem with Activision, who owns IW. Just look at their prices for the various Angry Birds ports across the PS4, PS3 and Vita, as well as the price of the now ancient CoD:BO: Declassified on the Vita. Also, there’s a difference between what AAA publishers charge for the games (regardless of how much effort is put in) and what indie game companies charge for their games. Fruit Ninja is $5. Furmins is $6, but now has a bundle for $6.50. Tiny Brains is $20 with cross-buy. Super Motherload, Contrast, Resogun and Don’t Starve are all $15. Indie games have a much more varied price range based on how much time and money their generally smaller dev teams put into the games. This is what Primero was referring to, not the big-time publishers.

  • psn plus games for ps4 are the worst games ever.

  • I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I can’t be the only one disappointed that PS3 users get these awesome games and the people who bought the expensive new PS4 get Don’t Starve, which is fun for like an hour, then its boring as hell. Just wish we got more games considering how much we payed for the console.

  • U know what its sick that a company like sony has downgraded their charm Playstation 3 To Playstation 4 and selling the product with false views to customers … Just bought a PS4 yesterday its really really pathetic u dont have a media player or usb player in PS4 where as PS3 had it all .. I was expecting PS 4 to play MKV files like mobiles do these days…. I dnt think its good to fool customers this way … Really upset coz had a lot of expectation on this console to be better than previous PS3 but in short i have been downgraded paying extra 400 gbp….. NEVER BUY PS4 …

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