The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014

Don't Starve

Some days, you wake up in a warm bed — perhaps next to a loved one — and you start the day fresh, with the sweetness of a half-remembered dream lingering behind your eyes. Other times, you wake up on a twisted island of dark horrors with a fast-depleting hunger meter and a growing beard. On those days, you’re likely playing Don’t Starve, which launches on PS4 this week!

That’s right friends, the fan-favorite survival game finds a new home on PS4. Don’t Starve is an uncompromising, randomly-generated survival game where you must help the Gentleman Scientist Wilson endure the harsh (likely demonic) environment for as long as possible. Gather food, craft tools, construct shelter, and hunt unlikely foes with a brutal challenge at every footfall.

Don't StarveDon't Starve

If vigorous survival isn’t your cup of tea, there’s more coming to the world of PlayStation! But since we’re emerging from our light holiday lineup, we took a “Drop Lite” approach today. See below for a complete list of games hitting PlayStation this week, and enjoy!

We’ll see you next week for a regularly-formatted Drop. Hope your New Year is starting off great!

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  • I absolutely detest Indie games and Sony’s infatuation with them is driving me away from wanting the PS4. I’m more ticked off by requiring Plus to play online games. I don’t want Plus, I see no value on this much limited Netflix where dropping it makes you lose license to all the games it has. The competition, offers only 24 games to fully download a year but whenever you choose to drop the service, you keep what they give you. I’m going to be primarily on the competition now, dropping PS as my primary for the first time since the 5th generation of video game consoles.

  • “You have no reason to go to a forum if your are not experiencing any problems.”

    Pretty black and white here. This guy actually believes people only go on forums to post complaints.

    Other than the blog (which isn’t really a “forum”) 95% of the time I post somewhere like gamefaqs it’s either to join an interesting discussion (complaints aren’t interesting) or to ask or offer advice.

    But yeah, sure, no one ever goes on any game forum unless they are having problems.. sure… that almost makes sense… just not in this world…

  • Yes, pocket change. A term used to describe a small amount of coins, usually found in one’s pocket after they have purchased wares at a store. Also used to describe small increments of money found insignificant to those who actually know what a job is.

    You pay what is it $50 for a >YEAR< membership? With a SINGLE big title released to the Instant Game Collection that ENTIRE price is negated. You're whining over nickles and dimes not amounting to any real benefit on your part. Get a job, get the games you want, problem solved.

    You need to go back to the high school you dropped out of. I said you're taking a biased SAMPLE. That doesn't mean those complaints don't have any merit. The fact you point out you need to go to message boards for individual games indicates the issues I already told you are OUT OF SONY'S HANDS. Sony cannot get companies like EA/DICE or Infinity Ward to sort out their problems, they cannot even do the work for them.

  • The fact of the matter is that the PSN on the PS4 has functioned almost perfectly since release. The only issues users have had on a substantial level have been third party related (the game itself having issues and people still using Walmart connections to try playing video games). Sony has had very few hiccups considering they actually released an entirely new platform less than 3 months ago and it wasn’t something simple like the Vita being added to the network compatibility.

    I’m borderline stunned that you find “chief” to be name-calling however…That is a bit of a shocker. Unless you simply don’t know what name-calling is I guess.

  • “I have way more games than you do”

    I’m just morbidly curious about this one…In what world do you honestly believe you own more games than I do?…I stopped counting when I hit over 300. That was quite a few years back.

  • lol the guy trolling us just posted a couple more times.

    Glad I’m done reading that garbage, what kind of person assumes anyone who’s complaining has to be either poor, or very young. (insulting very much so)

    “9 times out of 10 the people complaining about not getting free things are either incapable of getting a job due to being too young still or they’re too ill-equipped to manage their finances ”

    The only reason to post a sentence structured that way, would be to insult/belittle people. Not exactly constructive criticism. Also, I wonder how using the word asinine to describe someone’s comments isn’t an insult….

    I wonder if he’ll ever try to explain how saying:

    “You have no reason to go to a forum if your are not experiencing any problems. ”

    Is in any way true. Most people I know go to game forums to find info or interact with the online community. Guess that fella knows some pretty cruddy gamers.

    Enjoy his pointless rants trying to inflame people instead of addressing the actual issues people have with Sony/PSN/PS4, I won’t be feeding the troll anymore.

  • Dropping out of school? too many guesses. You clearly can’t see that you have anger and arrogance issues, that makes you inferior to people.

    I have over 300 digital games on PSN, I doubt you can ever challenge that. I know exactly what is right and wrong, you won’t me anything. Charging people to access multiplayer is being a money hungry enterprise, and is a practice seen with bad eyes by customers. No wonder Microsoft was called Micro$oft. The $50 suscription price is worth it due to the free games, but tackling together online multiplayer there was just a harsh way to force 90% of all people to get it and get more income from us. I admire those 10% that won’t get it, they have more dignity.

    I’m sure people can spend their time playing with friends for multiplayer instead.

  • You don’t have a reason to go to a forum if you aren’t experiencing any problems…You’re free to enjoy whatever game or service you’re aiming at on the console in question. Pretty basic logic there chief. I didn’t think it merited an explanation.

    As for your “insult” retort…I didn’t say I didn’t insult you. I said I didn’t call you a name short of “chief”. Perhaps you should try reading again.

    I absolutely stand by my post you’re trying to tear apart about poor people and people who can’t manage their funds beyond some of the only ones to complain about getting “so little” for $50 per year. They’re selfish and entitled and obviously have absolutely no concept of money.

  • “I have over 300 digital games on PSN, I doubt you can ever challenge that.”

    Actually I can, unless you wish to say you simply don’t play any of them or you use other accounts to play them. It is easy to research such things. For example, you’ve only played a total of about 60 games on that account.

    “Charging people to access multiplayer is being a money hungry enterprise”

    That is business. I didn’t say I love the fact that they’re doing it. Acting like you have to forfeit your firstborn just to access the online and you don’t even get free games (obviously not true) is a bit pathetic though, you have to admit.

    People can talk smack all they want about Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t care. They are in it for the money and they are doing a ridiculously good job at it, you cannot bring that into question.

  • hey @Ryan Clements is dont starve free with ps plus

  • vex123456789 unless something has changed, it will be free when it is released.

  • WTF? A NEW PSP title?
    Looking forward to Don’t Starve and Twisted Lands.

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • @everyone: Yes, Don’t Starve for PS4 is free to Plus and will arrive sometime on Tuesday with the store update.

    @boomstickbhg: See, I agree with you that Plus was better before the IGC. Not saying the IGC is bad, but we got better discounts back then. And the IGC has had a polarizing effect on this blog.

    A lot of people were annoyed when Driveclub was delayed. Hopefully it will smooth out a bit when it gets released soon and people finally get what they were promised at launch.

    I didn’t read what Death8u4u said the same way, and I still don’t. But he can explain himself.

    I’ll take your personal testimony about the problems you and your friends are having (which I have no reason to disbelieve) over simply pointing to complaints in the forums.

    @pablofsi08: My only point there was that mandatory Plus for online play on PS4 is a done deal. Doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to protest, or lobby others to join the cause. But the cynic in me says it’s over.

  • It’s a draconian deal. Business with a little heart on the other hand, has more future and earns more long term.

  • Cant wait for DMC! Man psplus rules! Picked it up for 29.99$ this year no tax! Love it, the second i activated psplus, it paid for itself 3x over with the gems that are Borderlands 2 and Grid 2. All im saying is WHAT A DEAL! Happy New year!

  • I want that Metal Gear Rising avatar so much.

  • Oh and I AGREE 100% with DEATH8u4u well said!

  • pablofsi08, and when do you honestly feel Microsoft will fall exactly? They’ve been screwing over their customers for decades. That company just keeps growing and making more and more.

    Sony could learn a few things from Microsoft in the financial profits department. You should be appreciative that they only page they’ve bothered to steal was the payment for online service. That has small scale impact and the service in itself was already worth buying in the first place. I was going to get it myself before the PS4 was released just because I liked the discounts that I kept seeing, it being required for online did very little to adjust my decision.

    While it is $50 some users who have no interest in the other offerings that the Plus Membership gives us, it isn’t a lot of money and it lasts a very long time.

  • yes i get a ps4 so i can get games that belong on a vita lol.oh well

  • “You have no reason to go to a forum if your are not experiencing any problems.”

    One of the most erroneous things I’ve seen on the Internet. Ever.

  • What happen to the old layout? I hope this isn’t the official change because I liked it the way it was.

    @Death8u4u I think boomstick is just a greedy customer who would write false claims to Sony and see if he can get free money out of it. Don’t listen to this fool. If anyone’s the troll, it’s him. If boomstick is really a paying customer, then he should act like him because all I see is him being a whiner.

    @YorlecmNwahs Even though I don’t care about you spamming your petition in the blogs anymore, I still think you should delete those signatures. They’re probably fake and Sony would probably not take it seriously. And also, what’s your reason to get that game on the Vita anyway? It’s not a bad game, but it doesn’t exist on the US PSN. So your making us sign a petition that only benefits yourself. Shouldn’t you spam this at the EU blog?

  • Anyone else have any interest seeing some older Telltale Games go on sale/IGC? Back to the Future & Jurassic Park in particular. I’d definitely pick up those if they were on a PS+ sale!!

  • Microsoft won’t go bankrupt but their X-box can fail and provide losses.

  • Name that screams I’m dumb: how about you realize that when you get to the point where your money makes you arrogant enough to not judge things accurately you are losing touch with reality? there are people that can’t afford that yearly membership. Your small world and egotistical vision doesn’t allow you to see it.

    It costs you $50 bucks, but what would happen if it actually costed you $350 bucks? because that’s what it costs in places like, take Bolivia for example. Pay 350 bucks or there’s no online, over one fourth of the basic wage.

  • “how about you realize that when you get to the point where your money makes you arrogant enough to not judge things accurately you are losing touch with reality?”

    You mean like interpreting $50 a year as an end to the world as you know it? If you’re that hard up for cash you shouldn’t be worried about playing video games in the first place.

    Where the hell is your source that it costs $350 just to get PSN+ over in Bolivia? Assuming that ridiculous exaggeration was even worth any merit, the people in question are obviously in a situation where video games should not be their priority. PSN+ costing that much would mean a standard game would be nearly $400 and the console itself would be well over $1,000. People in such situations just fit into my earlier category “people who don’t know how to manage their funds”. Spending money on things like video games in a country where things are so outrageously priced would simply be idiotic.

    Now could you stop trying to be third world countries to your argument? They don’t make up a full percentage of Sony’s client base.

  • Nevermind…you simply used a currency exchange rate like an idiot. Convert our currency into something like yen and still put the USD mark in front of it, looks a lot more impressive saying the Japanese spend $5,000 per year just to use PSN+.

  • + Death8u4u on January 5th, 2014 at 4:14 pm said:

    “You don’t have a reason to go to a forum if you aren’t experiencing any problems…”

    I’ll take one more stab at explaining what I think he meant, because so far he’s done a piss-poor job at it himself. Adding one word to the quote dramatically changes the context:

    “You don’t have a reason to go to a [support] forum if you aren’t experiencing any problems…”

    People generally don’t flock to support forums to praise a product or service. Therefore, those forums can mislead us into believing the problems reported therein are universally experienced. Of course people visit forums for any number of reasons. He never said otherwise, just failed to properly explain it. Or didn’t care to, in which case that’s on him.

  • I’m holding out for a decent vita sale!

    I have several games that for one reason or another I want, just not at their current price. MGS2 for example was the first game I played on my vita when I purchased it new and now is a scar on my profile that I want to take care of. My list is

    Any Sale-
    Metal Gear Solid 2(or HD collection)
    Pixeljunk monsters Ultimate HD
    Rayman origins
    Walking Dead season 1
    Rainbow Moon

    50% sale-
    Dynasty Warriors Next
    Jak and Daxter collection
    Real Boxing
    Jet Set Radio
    Field Commander(PSP)

    75% Sale-
    Call of Duty: Declassified
    Madden 13
    Lego Lord of the rings

  • Gamer_USA- , don’t bother getting Next no matter the price. Just wait for Dynasty Warriors 8 to hit Vita or something. Dynasty Warriors Next was a huge letdown for Dynasty Warriors fans…the touchscreen was overused in that game and becomes incredibly tedious within the first hour of playing, let alone the numerous hours you’ll need to complete the game..

  • Was reading some posts…Then I ran out of popcorn! Is it too late to call the WAaaahmbulance? Is there any room left for me? Boomstickbhg and Pablofsi08 move your entitled unreasonable whinny @sses out the way for me! WAaah!

    Let this sink in you brats, The PS4 hasn’t out not even 2 months. Guess what? Indie titles will be a big staple of what PS+ will offer for the foreseeable future. Only unreasonable people would expect Big AAA offering right away. Get real.
    The Money Sony is making from PS+ Not only helps them to break even But it also helps pay for those “Free” offerings that we get. What? You two thought that Sony just tell publisher and developer X that they will give their game for “Free” and get nothing? Please.

  • One last thing, Before you too start brag about who got most games ect … says, that you too are nothing but small fries gamers ;)

  • Would love to see Klei bring Don’t Starve and/or Mark of the Ninja to the Vita!

  • Nice multi-account spamming and self-appreciation.

    Anyway: 1200 bucks here are 1200 bucks in a country like Bolivia. Both countries have basic wage, and they are similiar, just different currency. So for a guy there the PS4 actually costs like 7000 bucks or 6 basic wages… meanwhile in the US it only costs like one third of your wage… for all senses and purposes $50 for them is that bad, it’s like $350 for you.

  • Looking forward to Outlast. Yes, possibly next month. Another awesome indie Psn+ offering .

  • “Nice multi-account spamming and self-appreciation.”

    Because only another account of mine could possibly disagree with you, right? Get your head out of your ass chief…There’s more than 3 people on this planet. Shocker.

    “it’s like $350 for you.”

    Not even remotely. Their currency is worth less than ours, but they are also paid more per hour as a result. You have a lot to learn about your own country, let alone the hundreds out there.

    For example, no educated person ever says “for all senses and purposes”. I’m assuming you heard someone else say something of that one and clearly barely understood them. We say “for all intents and purposes”.

    And what the hell are you talking about “one third of your wage” for? Even making minimum wage it takes less than 2 weeks to collect the funds to get the console itself, takes most people less than a day just to get the PSN+. Unless you’re talking about the $20 you get for mowing the grass every week or something.

  • but u have to take into account that a person also has to pay for living expenses so it would probably take a few months to save up the moeny for a system

  • “but u have to take into account that a person also has to pay for living expenses so it would probably take a few months to save up the moeny for a system”

    All he said was a third of your wage. 2 weeks (being the absolute maximum a US citizen would need) of pay cannot equal up to a third of your pay. Unless you only work 6 weeks out of the year…

  • with the job i used to have if i live on my own after living expenses i would have maybe enough for 1 game a month

  • How about Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Anniversary Editions that were released on UMD years back on the PSP? Make it compatible for the PS Vita, please.

  • “Not even remotely. Their currency is worth less than ours, but they are also paid more per hour as a result. You have a lot to learn about your own country, let alone the hundreds out there.”

    They aren’t paid more and they aren’t paid per hour, only monthly, or every 15 days at most. You won’t teach me anything, but you just revealed your total ignorance and arrogance over it.

  • And how can you say “they are paid more”? are you that cynical? I’m telling you a dollar is worth 7 bucks there. The same way you make 400 bucks in the US is the same way you make them there, but the PS4 costs them over 6000 bucks and they do buy it. Would you pay $6000 for your PS4?

    How about you dare to go on with your “I’m a rich kid and if you can’t afford it then don’t comment” argument after showing your total ignorance about how economy works in other countries aside from yours?

    Same thing in Brazil, $1800 for a PS4. How about they charge you $1800 for your PS4? is your argument still valid there? I bet you are saying “yes” to yourself right now, stubborn and ignorant but arrogant. Learn to be humble.

  • We need Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for the PS4! and Final Fantasy XII HD for PS4!

  • awwwww wheres Gex enter the gecko? :(

  • “And how can you say “they are paid more”?”

    Probably due to the fact that I understand math, the difference between numbers, etc. You know, those things you’d learn in elementary school if our country hadn’t decided to idiot-proof schooling and bring our people back a few hundred years.

    What you seem to lack the ability to understand is the fact that their currency being worth less compared to ours doesn’t mean they still get paid the same amount. They have a country-wide minimum wage that’s actually a bit higher than ours. Things like gas also costs them $0.54 (USD) compared to our prices of over $3 year round. You need to figure out what the cost of living is like in other countries before you go on about how piss poor people are supposedly paid or how much it would kill them to buy something based off of our prices.

  • I have a ps4 but i don’t have a HDTV :( i don’t even have the money i guessed i have to save in order to get one

  • No, it’s obvious they aren’t paid the same, it’s less and that’s my point. Yours is that somehow magically third world people earn more money than people that earn in dollars lol, wtf?

    $0.54 but cars spend much more gas than in the US, which makes it actually kind of on par in price.

    The cost of living is lower, but to acquire goods like the PS4 you pay way more. Houses, health, education, services and most goods are priced in dollars. We are talking about the PS4 and games in particular. You earn 1200 bucks by doing simple work there, you earn the same 1200 bucks in the US by doing the same work. The difference is: PS4 costs you one third of that wage ($400), and costs over x6 times more to them (+6000 bucks). Got it? case closed.

  • “$0.54 but cars spend much more gas than in the US, which makes it actually kind of on par in price.”

    And thus, you have surpassed anything I’ve ever read in regards to stupidity. According to your logic, our country has the most fuel efficient vehicles in the world due to our outrageous gas prices. On planet Earth however, we have some of the most abysmal gas mileages around the world excluding a few unique vehicles that hardly anyone in this country even owns. Try again.

    “The cost of living is lower, but to acquire goods like the PS4 you pay way more. ”

    And I still go back to my original point on this matter. Why are you talking about Bolivians as if you know one that just bought PS4? You’re exaggerating Sony’s prices on things and applying them to dirt poor countries, trying to make it look like Sony is punishing other countries for being poor. There isn’t a market for PS4’s in Bolivia, they would have to be imported in the first place. Now are you going to try explaining how $50 per year is an arm and a leg to you or are you going to bring up another random country you’ve never been to?

  • I’m done with you, your ego is so big it leads you to negative and innacurate traits and perspectives, you lack the information to know you are wrong and the humility to accept it.

    I’ve lived there, 1/10 of a liter is spent per km since cars are mostly low end models, thus their gas savings are far behind others, tell everyone: how far can you drive a car in the US with 1lt? probably x3 or x4.

  • Thank you for proving my point. You have nothing at all to say about the actual price being outrageous without bringing up some country that has no market for the system in the first place. I’m sure Sony misses the 0 Bolivians that would have purchased PSN+ if it only cost them a penny.

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