Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy XIII Team

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Happy Holidays from the Final Fantasy XIII Team

Happy Holidays from Square Enix

Hello to all the PlayStation.Blog readers! This is Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

It’s been very busy this year, as Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has already launched last month in Japan. But the team here is currently working hard to make sure the game is available in the United States without a hitch on February 11th, 2014.

One thing I’m particularly proud of is that there are many “firsts” for Lightning Returns. This is the first time we’ve created a trilogy in more than 25 years of Final Fantasy. This is also the first time we’ve introduced a completely heart-pounding, action-oriented battle system. Japanese voice-overs are something that all of you fans have been asking for. As a gift, we’ll be providing that to you all for free for the first two weeks of the game’s launch.

We’ve also shown you the behind-the-scenes development of the game from the Tokyo offices that you can re-watch here. And finally, players will be able to post screenshots of their very own Lightning through social media, so I’m very excited to see thousands of different versions of Lightning around the world.

There are only seven more days until the end of the year — how will you be spending the rest of 2013?

As for me, I will be spending the rest of the year playing lots of games I haven’t had a chance to play due to my busy schedule — with, of course, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster at the top of the list! I’m also playing these games in hopes for another great year in the gaming industry!

On behalf of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII team, happy holidays, and we wish you all the best for the New Year!

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  • I look forward to some of your games within the next year. I really wish Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Lightning Returns would come out on the PS4 though.

  • Happy holidays to you as well!

    I have one small request: Please add the “wait” option for future FF games. I get that you are trying to capture a larger audience, but please don’t leave us long time fans of turn-based combat in the dust. Some of us don’t like to be rushed and enjoy the intricacy of the battles. If you added the “wait” option that you had in games of the past, we could chose to have this traditional method. Please add this to your list of feedback.

  • need to have this on the ps4 please! at least have a download from the psn store or something.

  • I’m having a Merry Christmas, but not because of any Final Fantasy game this generation. I’m thoroughly enjoying Tales of Xillia as well as my PS4. This generation has been the worse generation for Final Fantasy, I have been beyond disappointed and offended with the XIII series. Here’s hoping for a brand new start to Final Fantasy in the new generation. Bring the Final Fantasy franchise back to its former glory, remind us again why we loved Final Fantasy on SNES, PS1 and PS2. Ni no Kuni was my favorite JRPG this generation, it was truly amazing and I loved every minute of it. I truly want to say that about a Final Fantasy game in the new generation, make it happen Square-Enix!

  • Thanks, happy holidays to everyone, I’ll buy FF X/X-2. I’d like to see FF Type-0 on Vita.

  • @different games for different tastes.if you didnt like the game because of its art direction or gameplay that’s your prerogative but i will certainly try it and see if it lives up to the hype and btw,merry xmas to you and all my fellow bloggers here

  • there gonna have some january discounts like europe? they are killer discount!
    Crysis 3 69.99 Eu- now 6.99 Euro
    PD: i hope yes ):

  • Thanks for the holiday wishes, and I hope the same for you. I look forward to X/X-2 HD Remaster! I also hope you seriously consider giving Final Fantsay XII an HD remaster as well.

    I will be passing on XIII-3. I didn’t enjoy XIII and didn’t even get past the demo of XIII-2. I’m glad that you guys experimented with this formula, but it really wasn’t within my tastes.

    I know that you are part of the team that made the awesome Final Fantasy VI— I’m surprised it didn’t get a 3D remake like FFIV and FFV did. If ever you want to revisit that game, by all means, please do!

  • @58
    Whats this a negative comment about ff13 that isint just hateful jibberish. Thats actually surprising.

  • I have always enjoyed Final Fantasy games on my Playstation System. Lightning is an especially direct character, and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from her ways. I look forward to seeing the course of her journey in a new, more open environment.

  • Ah, that’s sweet :)

  • Merry Christmas and to all a good night

  • I’m sick and tired of these Kingdom Hearts fans who don’t know anything about Final Fantasy.

    Lord Toriyama is the best Final Fantasy director of all time since his FFs sold 21 million copies worldwide and he directed FFX, the best video game ever made.

    If you don’t like great games then go play your FF15 and enjoy the world of black costumes and your group of pretty boys.

  • Dragon Quest on PlayStation 3/4/Vita.
    Starting with dragon quest 8 HD for PS3/Vita, and stop, just stop to make ports to smartphones.

    Final Fantasy type-0
    why not a release on PSN? or vita? everyone want thats, everyone wants to play this.

    Kingdom Hearts
    oww god, there a HD version for Ps3, but PSP version, i cannot play on vita? i don’t understand

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD //XII HD
    OK, this is cool, but i feel like the original music is very best, A option to choose between songs, looks very correct

    i hope this one sell very well, just to FFXII get a HD version too.

    please don’t break my heart again, i feel like a im slowing turning a heartless.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    From a real fan of squareenix, a Merry xmas. :)

  • Hello,
    I’m totally exasperated and desperate. I bought Final Fantasy 14 3 weeks ago from the PSN store, when it was on sale. I can not launch the game. I’ve scoured every forum, website, and even sent out morse code, and nothing has worked. I’ve posted my issue on Sony’s service center, Playstation Help forums, Square Ennix service center, Square Ennix FF14 forums, and have gotten ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE, from anyone!! Other than a couple forum readers that suggest to do everything I’ve found on the forums through my search for trouble shooting. As of now the PSN store does not have a direct complaints, or service center that could be accessed through my console, or they could see the issue for themselves. I would love, ABSOLUTELY love to play the game, but its not happening. Its been three weeks, is there any way I can get my money back into my wallet to put into another game?

  • @35 made my day.

    final fantasy 13 is a joke in my and all the others who miss the old rpg gameplay i got the game from a friend for 5 bucks he even told me it would be worth that much cause the story and gameplay assed lightning is a character should be scrapped after two games of this one character ending up in negative reviews they still continue dunno why it would even be made a trilogy.

    anyways merry christmas Kitase-san cant wait for FFXV i stopped admiring the FF series after XIII came out after the versus project was revealed i couldn’t wait for it to be released now its finally happening MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • @64 try to contact Sony live chat customer service. Refund is possible if you have valid reasons.

  • @35, I have no problem with your opinion of the game, But as someone who loved RPG’s since the 90’s and Still own FFIII (FFIV) for SNES FFVII, FFIX, FFX/X-2 and have every FF from I-IX on my Vita. I especially love classics, but FFXIII had a great battle system (as long as you don’t auto battle), they should have worked MP and non auto life refill after every battle though. Also liked the story, problem is I’ve never heard of a person who disliked the story and actually understood it but that’s fair, it isn’t simple like most games. The first half of FFXIII wasn’t great seeing you did nothing for like 20 hours maybe? when you get to the boss outside Hope’s fathers place. Either way, how are you saying all this bout miss the old gameplay but you’re looking forward to FFXV?.. wait nevermind, I don’t wanna hear this

  • that was @65*
    Live chat service, they’ll help you. If it doesn’t work, your graphics chip in the console maybe slightly damaged in a way that won’t allow the game to start. It happened to my older PS3 but only to Battlefield games, better yet frostbite engine in general.

  • Merry Christmas!

  • @67 to be clear im only anticipating FFXV for its story the gameplay i dont know yet as far as trailers go but i did find the time to finish FFXIII. i started the FF series at FF5 and i didnt want to play FF6 before playing FFI to FFIV those classics were the best. in my opinion FFXIII’s story didnt quite measure up to what i expected it to be

  • Thanks for the responses, the problem isn’t with my console. I download and play tons of games with no problem. The problem is also not with the game itself. Its some sort of connection between my internet service and the servers. I play many online games, and have encountered some problems here and there, as all people who have played online will have, but this one won’t even let me start up the game. It says loading the system (black screen white letters), then I hear a light music for about thirty seconds, then a small beep and another black screen with white letters saying that it could not connect to servers. Interestingly enough many of those who have experienced this bought the game through the USA PSN store, and live in Asia. I am from the USA, but currently live in Asia, and this may be partly to blame.

  • @67 Lol when did I say ANYTHING about missing the old battle system? What is going on in that little head of yours? I have loved the and played the majority of the series (except 5 and 8) and for one am very accepting of new changes with the battle system when executed properly. The only thing that I remotely respect about FF13 was the battle system but it was flawed. Same formula every battle(in terms of role changes) and spam auto attack to win.

  • those who keep saying you can finish XIII by spamming auto-battle are a liar. they’ll never get pass Odin or maybe can’t even reach that point.

  • @70, Ohh well in that case I got nothing to say lol, but hope you’ll enjoy that one then unlike XIII

    @72, the fact you said same formula about a RPG just made your comment invalid, also the fact you really believe you can beat the game spamming auto battle, that only works till chapter 6 if anything 7, but even if it still worked, you definitely couldn’t beat the Fal’Cie round 2 like that, also, how are you giving judgement to the battle system and speaking of auto-battle. Any real FF fan would know better then leave the autobattle as the default source. That’s for beginners, not veterans.

    @73, foreal!! lol

  • @72 also, I was talking to 65 – orpheusshadow not you when saying that, got it abit mixed up. Either way just stop

  • Yeultide greetings! ;) I couldn’t wait for February, so I imported the Japanese version of Lightning Returns. I love this series and I can’t get enough of this game. I’m really looking forward to the English release. Happy holidays!

  • Merry Christmas!!

  • merry christmas
    Final Fantasy Type-0 on VITA, please Square Enix.

  • Please bring Final Fantasy Type-0 on the Vita.
    FFVII Crisis Core would also be appreciated to make it’s way to the PSN (PSP). It’s only going to make you money for almost nothing!

  • OR just bring Type-0 on the PSN US for PSP, either way.

  • Please give us the Twin Pack for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD on the Vita.
    Don’t force a digital version of X-2 on us. If people want the digital version, they can buy it on PSN and for those who want a physical copy, give us this!

  • Hopefully SE will port FF13,13-X,13-LR to PS Vita

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