A Warm Holiday Wish from Bungie

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A Warm Holiday Wish from Bungie

Hey, PlayStation Nation. This has been a great year, and we’d like you to know that you’ve been a huge part of that. We’re about to close down our studio for a long winter’s nap. Before we go, we wanted to remind you that, of all the gifts we received in 2013, the chance to introduce our game to you was the sweetest.

At Bungie, all is calm, and the future is bright. We’re bringing this game to your PlayStations next year, and we can’t wait to begin this journey with you. Be safe this holiday season. We have epic adventures in store for you that you won’t want to miss.

Happy Holidays, from Bungie to you.

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  • This is the best.

  • I didn’t watch it!

  • Nice Video

  • Merry Christmas Bungie

    • Thanks. This started as a joke at my desk. And then, well, like all things at Bungie, the team made it more awesome than any one person’s gig.

  • Happy Holidays Bungie :)

  • You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

  • I CANNOT WAIT for this game. Its so far away :/

  • Felicidades a todo el equipo de Bungie , y gracias por entregarnos “Destiny” a toda la nacion playstation

    (use translate …hehehe)

  • Wow, now that’s classy! Thank you Bungie for bringing your talent and wonderful future games including Destiny to the Playstation family. Destiny PS4 = Preordered D1 purchase

  • Was interested in this game until i heard it was MMO with RPG elements & all the halo comparisons people were talking about (tried halo on the 360 wasn’t for me) still hoping they do well on their first game on PlayStation … Who knows I may pick it up anyway to give it a try

  • Bungie, I love you!! So how about some beta codes? Ask Santa he will tell you I’ve been a good boy this year!!

  • Nice vid. Pretty stoked for Destiny, can’t wait! And @1 are you the real Ryan Clements, if so, BEYOND! I guess BEYOND to you even if your not the real RC, having the same name is deserving enough for me.

  • Nice. See you in a year, I guess.


  • That last 15 seconds wrecked havoc on my sides

  • I have a Holiday Wish DBZ game for the psn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Im ben a good boy this year

  • Oo and one more wish Fallout3 for psn

  • Oh yes, reddit gold indeed! haha
    Looking forward to trying out Destiny, seeya in a year!

  • Unless it comes to PC, I don’t care. Shooters deserve the precision of KB&M.

  • @IXxHIJACKERxXI: So…a game made by Namco Bandai, and another made by Bethesda? What a great place you’ve picked out to make those requests. Bravo!

  • Awesome video. Love the little shoutouts at the end, and I see the codes for beta.

  • Awww stupid me didnt watch the credits long enough to see the codes : (

  • @23

    Didn’t look like regular PSN codes. it was only 9 numbers only.

  • @24: They’re codes to redeem on bungie.net to get into the Beta. They are definitely not PSN codes, you’re right about that. Bungie will most likely be sending out PSN codes themselves once the Beta is about to go live, for people to grab off PSN. With the Beta so far out, there’s no way they could attach PSN codes to something that doesn’t exist yet.

    @ INFIDEL_JIHAD: You know, if you’ve got a spare $5 sitting around, you can pre-order the game at your local game store, and get a code to participate in the beta next spring. Then, if you decide the game is just not for you, you can cancel your pre-order to get your $5 back. Obviously it’ll be a bit rough and not indicative of the full release version, but you’ll be able to get a taste of the gameplay and how it controls. From what I’ve been reading, it’s more of a co-op story shooter, with optional “large player-count areas” you can jump into or avoid completely. Not an MMO in the normal sense. Bungie is calling it a “shared world shooter”, which I think describes it pretty well. Either way, happy holidays to you. :)

  • Great stuff. Cannot wait to get my hands on Destiny, looks/sounds incredible. Looking forward to it. Everyone at Bungie deserves a nice break over the Holidays for sure, so have a good one!

  • @25 thx for the info I think I will do the preorder that way it makes sense … And happy holidays to you too :o)

  • Thanks to the team at Bungie! Great job and Merry Christmas.

  • Wow! What more can you say this was awesome :)

  • I watched that part 3 times cause it made me laugh so hard, “Blow it up… and bring it back. There, that’s a good kitty. Yes.”

  • I thought I saw a puddy cat! (tweetie bird)
    Still weird thought bungie on PlayStation Merry Christmas though

  • You Sir have just made my day. Happy Holidays to all you hard working folks at Bungie.

  • Have any more codes if you do post them in 24 hrs bcuz I just got blocked from trying again after rage typing in random codes. : /

  • Hopefully Bungie can realize their vision by this coming September, because I am looking forward to this game very much indeed. :)

  • I love this video. Never stop being awesome, Bungie. Really excited to finally get to play the game you’re pouring so much effort into.

  • lol awesome video!! That was awesome thank you Bungie for all your hard work , I can’t wait to play destiny on my amazing PS4 system!!

  • Hillarious video!

    Thank you Bungie for all the amazing work you guys have been doing ever since Marathon. You guys are epic. Welcome to the playstation family!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • Jumping around like you’re on the moon shooting purple ice at each other. This game looks exactly like Halo :-/

  • Thanks Bungie, just a confirm all the codes in the video have been redeemed.

  • Awwww man… I’m always a day late, dollar short. All beta codes have been redeemed. :(

  • Woow these times not a lot studios doing chrismas celebration thanks
    its second best video of gaming christmas
    Dante inferno Chritismas Trailer still best

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