New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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See what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network! For full details, head over to the SEN Blog for the weekly Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited updates.


Music Unlimited Highlights

Check out what’s new on the Music Unlimited service this week! Read the highlights and browse new albums below. This will be the last major release week for 2013, but keep an eye out for some exciting albums coming in January. See you in 2014!

  • If you enjoyed B.o.B’s first two albums, you’ll likely dig Underground Luxury too. Special guests include;Chris Brown, Future, 2 Chainz & more.
  • A live album from rapper Mac Miller, captures performances from his 2012 tour, including tracks from his latest studio album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off.
  • An extended version of Lorde’s debut album adds five tracks from an earlier EP, including the recommended track, “The Love Club”
  • More Christmas blockbuster soundtracks, including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, written by Theodore Shapiro & Junip’s Jose Gonzalez

For further exclusive access to all the new album releases – click here for this week’s full Music Unlimited update.

Video Unlimited Highlights

We’re getting ready for the holidays around here and that includes making sure you know about what’s new and exciting on the Video Unlimited service so you have plenty to watch while avoiding Aunt Janice’s fruitcake.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote, directed and stars in Don Jon, the story of a dashing young man who’s ability to pick up a different woman every weekend is legendary. But when Jon runs into Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) he may have found someone he’s not so eager to quickly shake off.


Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck go toe-to-toe in Runner Runner**. When Timberlake’s Richie Furst loses a fortune gambling online he heads to confront the head of the operation Ivan Block (Affleck) only to find himself more than a little tempted by the lavish lifestyle Block’s illegal success offers him.


We’re into Week 3 of our Holiday Sale and that means more titles on sale! Rent the apocalyptic comedy This is the End for just $.99, Man of Steel for $3.99 and click here to see all the other movies, TV shows and games that are on sale through December 31st!


*Only available in the US and on the PS3/PS4
**Only available in the US

Want more info on this week’s new releases? Get the full Video Unlimited update.

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  • Will downloading movies and shows be allowed on PS4 soon? The drop in video and audio quality for streaming, despite my 15mbps internet connection, makes me go back to my PS3 to watch content. Video Unlimited on PS4 should be a step up in content quality from PS3, not a step down.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Plaztiksyke. Currently the only way to watch movies and TV shows on the PS4 is via streaming. We are constantly exploring all options and considering user feedbacks! :)

  • The Music Unlimited service/app seems to be seriously broken. I’m constantly getting disconnected using the PS3 app with the message “Connection to the server could not be established.” (I don’t have problems with any other PS3 apps, including Netflix and YouTube). All my user-created music channels have been deleted from the PS3 app, though they still appear in the PC browser app. And I often can’t play music from albums in my library (both PS3/PC). I have to type the name in the search function and select them again to get any music from the album to play–so I know those albums weren’t dropped from MU’s catalog.

    I really can’t see myself renewing this broken service at this point, now that my one-year promotional deal for Plus members is set to expire.

  • Love Music Unlimited and would like to see a few modifications for the PS4.

    Could the Favorites be added onto the PS4 ?

    It’s on the PS3, PC and Vita, but not on the PS4.

    As well, could the share to Facebook be included on the PS4 as well so that we can post a song we like to Facebook ?


    I’ve watched a few movies on the PS4 and haven’t had any problems with viewing in streaming mode, but I can see your point for people that may have lower bandwidths.

    • Thanks for your valuable feedback, GGCAN. Our technical team are always trying to explore new features available on PS4. We will definitely let you know if things develop.

  • Why is Revenge season 3 episode 9 and episode 10. I am Confused why they don’t have Once Upon A Time season 3 episode 9 episode 10 and episode 11 is Just Ridiculous the that get something So simple right

    • Good point, CallGhostsHunter. Regarding Revenge and Once Upon A Time, our team is working with Disney/ABC studios to make it available soon. We’ll keep you posted in our Weekly New Releases when it further develops!

  • You know, it sure would be nice if i could actually USE the 30 day cod i got when i bought my PS4 an month ago. Just saying…..

  • Maybe I’m crazy but the movies that have been on the holiday sale seem to me to be priced at the normal price.

    For example one week of the sale I was excited to see the Muppets Christmas Carol. This was priced at $9.99. The exact same price it was the week before the sale when I looked it up. This week Independence day is $9.99 also the exact same price it was a few months ago when I looked it up.

    So I’m not quite sure what is going on here. Only that if they were on sale I may have purchased them. Doesn’t seem like a sale to me. If I’m mistaken someone please let me know.

  • I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t mentioned, in any of your new release blogs, that the sophomore album by BlakOPz, As Nations Decay, has been released recently and is on Music Unlimited. It’s pretty much the best music release of 2013, and while subpar music releases get a spotlight from you, the fact that this album doesn’t even get a mention is a little insulting. Everyone who has Music Unlimited should go give this album a listen or 10. :)

  • Although I’m happy that we can stream our rented and bought movies, however even with a wired connection; the stream stuttered multiple times. Needs improvement but the potential is there.

  • it absolutely sucks that movies can not be downloaded onto the system…the quality is so poor it is ridiculous…give this back to us PlayStation!

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