The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 17th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 17th, 2013
The Drop

What better way to skirt the mind’s boundaries than to plunge into the colorful and cascading world of Flow? This week sees a few familiar favorites kindle new life on PlayStation.

One of the first games developed by thatgamecompany, Flow, emerges onto PS4 this week in all its surreal glory. This unique and beautiful experience made a mark on PlayStation gamers when it first launched on PS3 several years ago, and now enjoys a visual enhancement on PS4. Players control an aquatic organism and dive deep into a layered environment, surviving hostile creatures along the way.

But if you’d rather plunge into hazardous mines instead, perhaps you’ll take an interest in the newest version of Terraria, which launches on PS Vita this week. The well-loved sandbox game invites players to explore, collect, battle, and build — solo, or with friends.

Oh, and there’s this little game called Minecraft coming out for PS3, too. You may have heard of it.

There’s much more coming to PlayStation this week, so head below for a complete list of inbound games, and enjoy the Drop!

Flow on PS4

Aabs Animals
Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2
Eufloria HD
Indoor Sports World
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Pinball Arcade
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Toki Tori

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital (Also Available on PS Vita)
A little different from the average game, Aabs Animals invites you to have fun with digital animals and play the way you want to play. And you can’t really deny the cuteness of little animals.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
A musical, rhythm-based platformer, Runner2 will have you running, jumping, kicking, and soaring through incredible environments. Stop the evil Timbletot and his plans to destroy every world in existence.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
An ambient strategy game with surreal visuals, Eufloria HD will both relax and challenge you. Expect 25 story levels, replayable skirmish levels, a Dark Matter Mode for the brave, and hours of play.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
Pierce the murky depths of an aquatic environment in Flow. This surreal adventure allows players to intuitively customize their game experience with dynamic difficulty adjustment. Runs at a stunning 1080p with up to four-player local multiplayer. Cross buy.
PS Vita — Digital
An adorable, physics-based puzzler featuring more than 100 levels. Multiple solutions to puzzles allow players to experiment, and scoreboards will rank you with your friends — and the entire world.
PS Vita — Digital
Classic indoor sports, all in one place. Includes 11 game types with four modes, set over eight venues. Share your progress on Twitter or Facebook, and compete with friends.
PS3– Digital
The legendary sandbox game comes to PS3 in all its blocky glory. Gather resources, build strongholds, and survive the night.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Jump into a “12-bit” action platformer starring Max and his trusty water canon. Fight against the Mutant Mudds, and seek out the legendary Water Sprites in order to cleanse the world! Cross buy.
PS4 — Digital (Also Available on PS3, PS Vita)
Enjoy a realistic, comprehensive pinball experience, running in sizzling 1080p. Challenge classic tables like Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, Black Knight, and Big Shot.
PSP — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
The new FOX engine fuses with a revolutionary soccer system that puts the ball right in the heart of the action. All-new physics, custom team and player AI, and new animations make this a whole new experience in the world of soccer.
PS Vita — Digital
Uncover the secrets of Crowberry Woods in this simple puzzler. Match three orbs, discover powerful amulets, and launch devastating power-ups in order to turn the tide of the game in your favor.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
Traverse deep caverns and high hills in this sandbox adventure. Craft hundreds of items, defeat enemies, and build sprawling structures to call your own. New touchscreen controls and eight-player support.
PS3 — Digital
Help Toki Tori in this addictive puzzle platformer. Try your hand at more than 90 levels spread across four worlds, and employ a variety of items and weapons. Features a new mode exclusive to PS3.

Demos and Betas

The above information is subject to change without notice.

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13 Author Replies

  • What? thatgamecompany’s FLOW with Cross buy? On the PS4? Fkng Sweeeeeet! I need to see if my already owned digital version qualifies me for it! Can’t wait! Oh! DBZ Battle of the Gods Demo? Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Beyond!!!

  • @101

    If you own the digital version of flOw on PS3, then yes, it qualifies, and you’ll get it on PS4 and Vita for nothing.

  • “Hey JesteR1701one (that’s a tough name to type),”

    hmmm… computer much?
    cntrl+C just like I did to copy and paste your comment.

  • As much as I want to buy a PS4, the advertising campaign is seriously telling me NOT TO BUY ONE. As an African American, I have to wonder why does Sony a problem with diversity? Now if asking this question makes me a ‘jerk’, then I’ll just keep my money in my pocket.

  • Nice bunch of new games.

    Will PINBALL ARCADE on the PS4 be free to those of us who bought it + all of the DLC for the PS3?
    I know Zen is giving away 20 tables to those of us who bought it on the PS3.

    I love The Pinball Arcade on the PS3, but I’ve spent more than $100 on it and I am pre-paid on the Season 2 tables.
    I remember them speaking of a 50% discount. I suppose this would be fair. Any ideas or details on how this will work?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

  • So many amazing games for the Vita! I can’t wait for the store to update!

  • Zen Pinball will be 3D compatible and cross-buy. But I believe that you need to purchase on PS3 or Vita first if you want cross-buy to PS4. It wont cross-buy from PS4 to the other systems. Only 1 way. Crazy.

    Pinball Arcade will not be 3D capable at launch. Will be later. Also will not be cross-buy. I believe they have it set up to where you get the set of tables at 1/2 price if you already purchased before. Something like that.

    This is what Ive gathered from everything Ive researched.

  • the pictures for terraria and toki tori need to be switched.

  • I’m new to this ps plus thing and was wondering is it every week something drops and if so is their a certain day or no?

  • OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wrong the other day when I posted in the article/blog about next weeks (this weeks) probable PSN releases when I stated that next week will definitely be one of the best Drop’s for the PS Vita in a long time.

    What I should have said, and can only now say, is that without a doubt this weeks PSN Drop is the absolute best Drop EVER for the PS Vita. There are so many games (6 that I’m buying) that I’ve been waiting for for such a long time now… here’s lookin’ at you Runner 2!!! I’ve been purposely holding out on buying games like Runner 2 and Terraria because I knew how awesome they would be to play on the Vita. Well, that wait is pretty much officially over!!

  • ^^^^continued^^^^

    At this point in time, the PS Vita is clearly THE BEST portable gaming system for those that thoroughly enjoy Indie PSN games, period, end of story!! I could sit here all night long and list all of the AAA Indie games that are now playable on the Vita. And although there are people out there who want more console quality AAA Vita exclusive releases along with all of these Indie games, I honestly believe that all of those type of games will (slowly) inevitably come… it’s just a matter of time. But until that time comes, I just don’t see any reason to complain and or say (with a straight face) that there’s nothing to play on the PS Vita.

    Thanks to ALL for making these great games available to us Vita fans!!! I know it’s probably not easy to convince ‘the powers that be’ to port these games over to a struggling handheld with a relatively small fanbase. So thanx a million times over for all of the hard work!!! :)

  • @AaronBEAST92: Yup. Every Monday they post what we’re getting for the week. IGC (free games), exclusive discounts, etc. The PS Store will update every Tuesday to reflect the new changes. Keep in mind that most of the sales last only a week, so get what you want before the following Tuesday’s update. Also, the IGC games are generally offered for only a month. After that it’s regular price or waiting for a sale, so pay attention to these blog posts for info on what games will be leaving soon.

    Toward the end of each month they post a preview of the coming month’s PS Plus content.

    Enjoy! :)

  • Does someone know any legal or technical reasons why many of these games or previously released games are not coming out for PS4? or if they´re ever will

  • machinima!Butcher Pete Chopping That Meat :)

  • Fallout3

  • @HtheZombie: The PS4 is currently incapable of playing PS3 games. Games that have launched recently for the PS4 will continue to be ported to PS4 for a while. But the older a PS3 game is, the less likely I will be ported to PS4 without a lot of new features or bundled with other games in a series.

    Sony recently purchased Gaikai, a company that streams games. It’s widely believed that some PS3 games will be available to stream on your PS4 at some point. It’s unknown at this time which games, how it will work, how much it will cost us (if anything), and when any of this might happen. Stay tuned.

  • Source:

    Gaikai Will Bring “Critically Acclaimed” PS3 Games To PS4 In 2014, Vita Afterwards

    By Spencer . December 3, 2013 . 12:29am

    While PlayStation 4 isn’t backwards compatible, Sony Computer Entertainment will bring some PS3 games to their new console through cloud streaming provider Gaikai. Sony announced that PlayStation cloud gaming services will be available in the U.S. in 2014.

    Users will be able to play a catalog of “critically acclaimed” PlayStation 3 games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. PlayStation Vita support for cloud streaming will be finalized after the home consoles.

  • DBZ for vita yayyyy (if there’s a demo, there’s a full) … \o/ THANKS GUYS. Looking foward for OnePiece, Gundam and other japanese releases around here ^^

  • No mention of Zen Pinball 2? I though that was due for the PS4 on the 17th ???

  • No mention of Zen Pinball for the 17th?

  • Ryan, the layout is fine, people just need to learn the pictures won’t always line up perfectly, but they are in the same order and you have the mouse over, which is perfectly good.

  • Gamerzlimited Lol wtf you really are a idiot. i never ever come on here asking for BIG AAA hits. if you pay attention and learn to read properly in most my post im all about good psn sales and new INDIE games. i guess you ride SO many others guys D that you get us mixed up. that sounds nothing like the stuff i post every week.

  • My god so many good games

  • @PainOfSarrow Says the person who hates both Terraria and Minecraft. The true idiot here is you. Good PSN sales and new indie games? This is the wrong place to post about it as it’s for releases and they’re right here, except it’s for the Vita this time. Maybe you’re too poor to own one so it doesn’t benefit you as much. Have you been eating too much of your feces lately?

  • Any word on PS Plus free games of this month for PS4?

  • Wow Furmins is already releasing?…thought it would take more time…good gotta pick that one up….will be trying Terraria demo as well.

  • so is it safe to say that ps1/ps2 classics are over and done with now?

  • Gamerzlimited… Terraria and minecraft ? Lol haha nice one. those belong in the 1$ range. sadly for me i paid 15$ for terarria, worse psn purchase yet.

  • and still nothing for PSPlus members for the PS4. Yes, we got Resogun and Contract on day 1. Since then, the promised release of War Thunder was delayed indefinitely in the US, cross platform play has been delayed indefinitely and other than a few short demos (generally for PS3 and PS4) there have been no changes in the store. The indie developers who were supposed to be spear-heading many of the more anticipated early games have had to take back most of the positive they initially generated and replaced it with tales of Sony’s lack of cooperation, delays to updates, and licensing terms that force them to exclude features that would have promoted adoption of their games.

    I guess it’s a good thing that the XBone has fared worse. Hopefully Steam machines will open up competition and allow for real innovation across all the consoles.

  • Alright Sony you finally forced me to buy a Vita, too many PS+ games I’ve saved up and all the new releases every week have piled up too high to ignore. Final Fantasy X/2 coming in March sure doesn’t hurt!

  • I wish Sony would stop kissing Indie butt and kiss major publishers to make better games for the Vita instead. Go to the Japanese Vita website, completely different. Support from major 3rd parties in Japan. I’d even play a dating simulator with Japanese mega pop group AKB48 over some snobby Indie garbage.

  • @PainOfSarrow Don’t play dumb with me hating those two games, you admitted it yourself. How could you say that? You do have a right for your personal opinion, but Re-Logic ain’t going to like you going up to their forum and saying their game sucks in front of them. If you don’t like the game, fine. Just don’t plague people’s minds about your terrible experience of the game because you’ll ruin it for them.

  • Valkyrie Profile (PS1) and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) as PSN classics please. I’m begging you :'(

  • Is DLC not included in the drop? Because Freedom Cry is supposed to be out on the 17th.

  • where are all the ps4 games? One or two games a month on psn is pertty lame. I wouldn’t have bought it already if I knew there wouldn’t be any new games for the next six months.

  • What time will “The Drop” drop today? I’m in Toronto, Canada.

  • Any Ryan,
    any update on mindcraft for ps4 or other games coming in the coming weeks other then don’t starve.
    Really wish i nevr sold my Ps3 lol

  • Will minecraft be cross buy?

  • How about letting us transfer our PS1 and PS2 game purchases to the PS4?
    That would be a nice Christmas gift.

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