IGN for PlayStation App Out Today on PS4

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IGN for PlayStation App Out Today on PS4

IGN App for PS4

Greetings once again, PlayStation.Blog! My name’s Colin, IGN’s Senior Editor. You may have seen me skulking around IGN PlayStation and making terrible predictions on Podcast Beyond, but today, I’m not here to make any pizza bets with you. No, I’m here to tell you about something exciting we’ve cooked up for PS4 owners.

IGN for PlayStation, our new app for PS4, is available today, and I’m pleased to tell you that you can download it for yourself — free of charge — when PlayStation Store updates. The app is currently exclusive to PS4, and will come to PS3 and PS Vita next year.

How does this benefit you, exactly? IGN’s PS4 app will make you more popular with your friends, give you more energy, and even make the food you eat taste better (that’s not true). But more importantly, our PS4 app will give you direct access to all of IGN’s video content, letting you create custom playlists, while finding and consuming the exact content you’re seeking.

IGN App for PS4IGN App for PS4

IGN App for PS4

What’s truly cool about the app, however, is how granular you can get with it. You can rapidly come in and out of full-screen view, minimize a video and let it run in the corner while you keep on browsing, and skip unwanted content with a press of R1. Whether you’re looking for a preview, a review, some help with a game, or just a totally inane conversation about nothing at all, IGN’s PS4 app is here to make your gaming life better.

So head over to PlayStation Store to download the app, and let me know what you think.

‘Til next time, my friends. Beyond!

The IGN App for PS4 can be found in the TV & Video section of PS4’s home screen, or in the App section of PlayStation Store.

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  • Beyond! It’s cool to see Colin here on the Playstation Blog. Can’t wait to download this today. What size is the app file? Love you’re YouTube shows with Greg by the way.

  • Beyond.

    Can’t wait for the PS3 and Vita Versions.

  • Beyond! and thanks to the IGN Engineers

  • I watched the Xbox IGN app a couple times but honestly, Greg is too loud in comparison to the other panelists. I set my TV to be a tolerable volume but then Greg shatters my eardrums. Nothing against him, I appreciate his enthusiasm but sudden loud volume on the tv is one of my pet peeves.

    I’ll download it anyway and give it a fair shot. Thanks for providing this app.

  • BEYOND!! Epicness! Nice to see these kind of intuitive apps. Going to be a great year for gaming in 2014

  • Will the Ign Vita app be more like the iphone version of the app with both articles and videos?

    • I’m not sure. I believe the PS3 version is our priority right now. We’ll have more on both in the near future, though.

  • Will we be able to watch IGN livestreams on this app, like you can on the Xbox360 IGN app?

  • No written articles? Doh! Well, video is a good start.

  • Was about to say “shame its on PS4 only”…but awesome news ha its coming to PS3 and Vita too….these are really great news…will get to see Naomi on my PS3 now and big screen.

  • Are there ads if I am a Prime member?



  • I don’t see IGN as a app listed on my PS4 store (USA). How do you get this?

  • BEYOND! I have Colin and Andrew on my friends list, I just need Greg to get the complete BEYOND crew. Also is the PS4 PSN down for the U.S? I can log on to my PS3 and Vita fine, but not my PS4.

  • Why IGN?

    IGN is a joke in the gaming community and no one trusts them.

    I hope we see more PS4 support, but not with this kind of app, unless it’s for something useful.

  • Everyone asking for a youtube app, and saying youtube doesnt work on the ps4 browser …
    do you even know that “Youtube.com/TV” do exist?! yeah go there, wait for the app and stop complaining for some months !

  • Oh wow it’s worse than I thought now that I’ve read replies.

    Videos only?!?!?! NO THANKS!!!!

    There are bandwidth limits in Canada, even if IGN was a good site I wouldn’t waste it on random people talking about games in random videos.

    The only useful thing on IGN is the wiki stuff. Let us know when we can use this App for Non video things and maybe it’ll have some use.

  • Can’t wait to download it!! BEYOND!!


  • Colin! Help, I bought a PS4 and I’ve already finished Killzone. I haven’t turned it on since Nov 24, can you tell Sony to get Second Son out already or tell me what I should play in the meantime.

  • I may just download this on my iPhone instead & check it out.

  • I like IGN and all but it’s a fanboy cesspool over there.

  • He only does everything in person. Beyond, Mr. Moriarty! The app looks great, I’ll try it ASAP.

    (Can’t find you on the Resogun leaderboard, what’s your score/difficulty?)

  • it comes to ps4 and vita and ps3 starts geting the shaft!
    im getting rid of my 3g 32gb vita and 640gb ps3 with everything.

    im bored of it all. going back to pc.

    Phillip Santana on fb.
    PhillipSantanaMusic on fb.

  • awesome,beyond!

  • Im excited to explore the new application, but does it have advertisements? That might just ruin it for me. Commercials make my brain hurt.

  • Glad to see PS4 getting a little love I’ll get the app but I find it better to watch IGN Reviews or any other video content on youtube only because I find people acting like babies entertaining.

    BEYOND (2 souls)!!

  • Thanks! The more apps the better I guess. I appreciate any companies supplying them.

  • Awesome! I am going to download it now. BEYOND!

  • I love me some ign. Im almost 30 yrs old and I remember looking stuff up on ign in my mid teens. No one ever knew what I was talking about when I said just look it up on ign. It wasnt till my senior year when I graduated in 2002 when I saw someone with an ign shirt and I was like now people know whats up. When I would drive to nursing school I would burn cds of the game scoop and beyond podcasts to listen to on my 2 hour commute. Love u guys. BEYOND

  • In the case of the Vita version, it would be handy if it were connected to the browser, the way the YT app is.

    For example, there is the option of watching a YT clip in the browser itself, or to have it jump to the YT app instead.

    Something similar may be handy if using the browser to access the IGN site. (Unless Sony themselves would have to do the coding on their part in order to make such a connection work.)

  • Amazing! Thank you Mr. Moriarty. Now I get to watch Miller, Naomi, and you on my beautiful 62′ wall ornament. A delight to the senses..


  • Nice! Props to designers and developers. That looks good

  • good stuff. welcome to the PS4. it’ll be a good place to get some news & check out some trailers.

  • Will we be able to share/like posts via the PS4’s Facebook integration? I like the feature of being able to put the video in the corner while browsing other things, like the modern YouTube apps.

    Speaking of YouTube…. where is it on the PS4? The PS4’s HTML5 video support is busted, so YouTube can’t work in HTML5 video like it does on the Vita, and the PS4 doesn’t have any Flash support like the PS3 does. I don’t think Flash support on PS4 is necessary, but the HTML5 functionality (measured by html5test.com and the IE9 Fishbowl demo) needs work. If only some video gaming news site would do a video series or written article enumerating the issues and compare browsers on other consoles… :)

  • Looking forward to a Fresh App on Playstation 4. IGN Rocks. Looking forward to today’s PSN Update. Looking forward to more PS4 games soon.

  • Ahhhh shoot! I heard rumors about some new app debuting today and I was TRULY hoping for that HBO Go app since that has been making the rumor rounds lately but instead we get IGN (flips table)

  • what is with word BEYOND?

  • Good afternoon Colin. Thanks for being such a great Sony fan!

  • Thank you to the IGN engineers for finally showing the PlayStation some love, and thank you to the Beyond team. Beyond!

  • Great job and beyond!!!

  • Awesome!!! i have been looking almost everyday for it!!!


  • Great when is The IGN app coming to Psvita? I need to get my IGN news and daily fix on the go too.

  • Just downloaded the IGN app and about to check it out… though, I login each day to my PS4 to see if we have gotten an update to the OS and it is BEYOND me why we still haven’t gotten the bluray 3D movie playback mode yet! Cool that more content is coming to the PS4… sad that existing 3D blurays are stacked up collecting dust!!

  • @23

    Don’t get smart with me kidd, I mean bucket like an empty one.. as in this is pitiful. We need more games for the GAMING system we bought, not apps.. especially IGN

  • Better than Machinima.
    You’ve got real professionals.

  • This might be more a support question but I can’t run the app. I get “this application can be started only by a user who has a license for it”

    I got the app via the mobile PSN app for Android, purchased (at 0$) and set it for remote download on my PS4.

    But now the app has a lock icon beside it. Tried to delete, re-download. Still not working…

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