The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 10th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 10th, 2013
The Drop

Sometimes life sends a challenge our way, and we need to work through it to better ourselves, and those around us. Other times, life sends us an adorable robot who’s ready to solve our problems and learn about humanity. With its friend, Alien Jeff. You know, the usual stuff.

This week sees the charming and unusual adventure, Doki-Doki Universe, arrive on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita — with total cross buy support across all three platforms. From the creator of ToeJam & Earl, Doki-Doki Universe features the quirky adventures of QT3 and the memorable characters it meets along the way. A Starter Pack will enable you to play for free before investing in the full experience, so give it a try.

For those of you craving some spice this week, consider Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God for PS Vita. This grid-based JRPG follows the aspiring sorceress Pupuru in her attempt to save her friend’s curry restaurant from going under. Explore dungeons, defeat wacky creatures, and gather ingredients for the perfect curry!

For a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation this week, head below. And enjoy the Drop!

Doki Doki Universe, 03

Doki-Doki Universe
Mahjong Royal Towers
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God
Strength of the Sword 3

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Guide the adorable QT3 along its journey to better understand humanity — all through curious conversation. Learn more about your friend Alien Jeff, take personality quizzes, and help self-conscious snowmen. Cross buy.
PS Vita — Digital
Enjoy mahjong across more than 100 unique levels, set in 6 regal locations. Build up your skill, and perhaps the royal treasury’s door will open to you…
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Aspiring sorceress Pupuru sets out to save her friend’s curry restaurant from the big, bad curry chain that moved in. Crawl through dungeons and defeat creatures to find ingredients for the legendary curry. But beware: failure will rob Pupuru of her levels and items!
PS3 — Digital
Prepare for a brutal challenge. A brawler with dozens of combos to use across 12 stages. Unlock new swords and shields to take down baddies and bosses alike. Includes a challenge pit with four difficulty levels.

Demos and Betas

Doki-Doki Universe Demo — PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Puppeteer Demo — PS3

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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12 Author Replies

  • @35-you think that’s bad?I literally just typed a list of vita games on the psn store to a friend today due to a topic about vita/good vita exclusives and trust me I typed WAY OVER half of all of the vita games.besides the ps4 is still new so it’ll take some time,meanwhile some developers in japan don’t feel like sharing their vita games with the US,I kinda don’t blame them because gaming companies over here should be able to make games as good as their games or even better.oh did I mention the vita has been out for nearly two years in comparison to the ps4?

  • Amazed how 50% of the comments since PS4 launch have been asking where is my next free game. You got 2 free games at launch. There is noting else to give so sit back and wait or go play the 100 free PS3 games Plus members have gotten.

  • Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God YES!!! YES! I have been waiting for this game! =)

  • Nice to see all the Vita love!

    I’m waiting for a good Xmas sale, especially since the Black Friday one sucked overall and only had a single Vita game on sale

  • It’s funny to see people wanting more new PS4 games already. You should be used to this by now. All new consoles have this problem. They come out with some games and just a few more come out the next few weeks. Just be patient. You can always play PS3 games while you wait.

  • I’m excited for Terraria to release already. I will buy 2 copies on different account. :D
    I bought Terraria on PS3 and on iOS. I’m pretty sure Terraria on PS Vita will have the best experience. :D

  • CLEMENTS?! You’re here now?! That’s awesome. This pleases me, oh yeah cool sales too. When’s the next Holiday sale? Monday? Thanks.

    • Hi! I’m not sure about future holiday sales…

      …but it’s great to be here! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! ^_^

  • you know this is all great but where is the good stuff we were promised for the playstation 4 and psvita like destinity of sprits here it is december and its not out and this the decided release time

  • Hey Ryan, love the Puppeteer reference. That game was so awesome, I never got to finish it due to my ps4 being my main console now. Hope to get back to it once ps4’s cloud service goes live. At $20, everyone should try it out, its a breath of fresh air title…… Keep on Gaming.

  • Looking forward to the new content!

  • What’s the Doki Doki starter pack? The game itself looks cool, but the pricing is confusing. Is this a free-to-play game? I really hope this game has a more Sound Shapes add-on model than a Blacklight microtransaction thing.

  • @ 61. You can get a description of the Doki Doki Universe starter pack/free version on the December 4th Playstation blog.

  • Glad to see you’re doing okay, Clements! I miss you being on Podcast Beyond, but hopefully things are working out for you now.

  • OH COMA no Gex Enter the gecko or metal gear Acid 2 :(. Sony please get these titles on psn i’ll buy them :)

  • Any news about when “The Wolf Among Us” by TellTale games will come to Vita? My friends’ been playing it on PS3 or iOS. Really wanna get it on my Vita! Please share if you know when that game is coming on Vita. Thank you!

  • Seeing the year is coming to the end, I don’t see anything new coming out to this point. But I do look forward to some upcoming holiday sales.

    @IIL0YDII Can’t you please shut up about PS1 classics for once? You got some a few weeks ago, so please shut up before I rip off that mouth of yours.

  • Pretty weak

  • Where is terraria that was promised in the summer months

  • @ 68, Terraria is supposed to be released December 17th.

  • Any news on Minecraft on any PS devices? What happened to a PS4 launch release?

  • Calling it: Fl0w will be the free PSN+ game for PS4 next week.

  • I don’t know if after some point no one reads this, but i’ve been writing since tuesday and nobody has fixed the discount price for Limbo this week. It was published right here on The Drop but the price is still the same. I know it’s just a matter of like 5 dollars, but anyway, what’s the point of publishing it?

  • I’ll try Doki-Doki Universe out on the PS4 to see if I like it, but otherwise this is yet another week of nothing for me. Seems I still have my $10 wallet credit from my PS4 purchase to use… I actually can’t recall the last thing I purchased on PSN. :(

  • We need Puppeteer and Child of Light to be on Sony PS Vita and not exclusive to the PS3 and PS4. Stick It To The Man, Rainbow Moon, Rayman Legends, Little Big Planet PS Vita and Dragon’s Crown are amazing on the PS Vita and I think that Puppeteer would really shine in brilliance on the PS Vita and so would Ubisoft’s beautiful JRPG “Child of Light”.

  • @ MusicRed: Try actually calling/emailing Customer Service, instead of randomly posting on blogs. You’re assured of getting a response that way. The blogs are hit or miss, and meant for discussing what each one is about, not for posting service/pricing complaints. I did just this a couple weeks ago when I realized I didn’t get a PS+ discount on Kickbeat. They refunded the extra amount charged to my wallet within a few days.
    Click “Knowledge Center” at the bottom of the page, then scroll down and click on “Knowledge Center/Support” on that page. Gives you a whole bunch of ways to contact them.

  • I want ps4 only games, its a launch, killzone isnt even good, it just looks amazing, all we have are 3rd party games that dont work well, bf4, or games that suck, COD, minecraft was supposed to be a launch title, now it isnt, i dont want ps3/ps4 games, if i did i wouldnt of got a ps4, the WII U had way more launch games and that system sold like crap

  • Mahjong Royal Towers seems like a decent puzzle game to piddle around on from time to time.
    It is 3$ on PC. so….. hopefully it wont be too much on Vita.
    Vita really needs some games like peggle, Puzzle Quest, or that Hero Might and Magic game that is XBLA and PSN.
    Why can’t they port peggle 1 to Vita. I would galddly play that game for another 100 hours on my vita.

  • Did Pinball Arcade get delayed? I thought it was coming out this week.

  • When are we getting some new apps? on PS4

  • Hey guys, does anyone know when borderlands 2 will be added to the instant game collection?

  • any1 have any solid info on release or anything for minecraft, warthunder, starbound, towerfall ascension (ps4)? and im kinda in boat with the ps4 owners who complain about new games, don’t get me wrong, grateful that we did get SOMETHING at launch, but come on, that’s a 4-500 dollar system that was practically guaranteed to have at least ONE new game for ps+ released each month, if they couldn’t provide that, they shouldn’t have made the promise. or at least let us know that its not gonna happen like that. doesn’t the ps3 get at least 2 every month? and ps vita is getting at least one every month, we paid our money just like all of you, we deserve the same treatment, that’s all. don’t get your panties in a bunch

  • Beyond! Any news on when YouTube will be available to view on my PS4?

  • I just saw an article on Eurogamer that says GT6 sold 1/5th the number of copies GT5 did at release. I assume these sales lists don’t include digital sales. I bought GT5 on Blu-ray. I think that was the only way you could buy it. I bought GT6 on PSN. Funny how these sites try to make sales look bad when a majority of people have probably switched to digital downloads.

  • Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God will be mine on day one!

  • I’m starting to think the reason they haven’t announced a ps4 game this month is because maybe Driveclub is close and they don’t want to announce it only to have it pushed back. I think that could be the only logical reason for the blogs silence with all the questions about PS4 IGC.

  • hi people! persona 4 arena on psn is region block? i can´t play it on my ps3…help me! what can i do?

  • You need to built 2 to 2.5 million PS4 each month to supply the demand.

    Have more factories to built PS4 because people are impatient to get their PS4s.
    The investment will be worth while.

    The Wii opened up more factories because they couldn’t keep up with the demand and you are in this situation.

  • BEYOND! In related news, “Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God” will go down as having some of the worse physical pre-order items. If it was a crazy attempt to speed up digital downloads sales then it worked on me =p. Also I don’t remember reading that PS+ members were guaranteed a PS4 title each month (not that I would be against that, esp. since my PS4 is mainly used as a means for streaming Resogun to my Vita atm) so I’m curious if that is a locked in deal or if posters are just assuming so.

  • @88 That’s what they said at the press conference.

  • Supposedly Contrast is leaving on January 7th, and Don’t Starve is listed as releasing the 7th, so is probably replacing it in the IGC.
    Come on people, think. One of the launch IGC games was delayed. They had to shuffle things around. Give them one-two months to sort things out, and you should be rolling in free games throughout 2014. And you PS4-only owners ARE getting the same deal as everyone else. You get access to a ton of free PS3/PS4/PS Vita games. If you want to take full advantage of your PS+ subscription’s free games, you need more than one console. And PS+ on PS4 is also needed for online, as well as giving you some extra perks for uploading/downloading updates and gave saves. The “free games” aren’t the only thing in + and never were. You’re getting your money’s worth, you just need to stop being so single-minded about “FREE GAMES”.

    For all we know, with the statement “One new PS4 game every month”, getting two at launch may have always meant we wouldn’t get another in December, as we got Nov’s and Dec’s free game already.

  • I too can’t wait for better content on the ps4. I mean, the indie games are cool and all, but I paid $400 to play real games not little independent made games. Look, the crapbox one has Rise and other full games. I think Sony could do us better. Plus, this slows up Christmas day game sales.

  • Can you guys bring Valkyrie Profile (PS1) and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2) as PSN Classics pleaze, im begging on my knees >.<

  • Is the regular “NON Ultimate” version of “Injustice” ever going to get it’s price lowered because right now that & “Ultimate ARE THE SAME EXACT PRICE, NOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE? I wouldn’t need a “digital” version if Sony would figure out how to make a disc drive that lasts after all these years. Every “Sony” console has a “SHOTTY” disc drive that eventually goes out. My “Atari 2600” outlasted anything that Sony ever made in a console. BTW, I was 1 of the 1st “Sony” customers back in ’95 when they 1st released “PS1” & after a year I had to “turn it upside down” just to get it to read the discs. I had “4” PS2’s, sold “2” of them(thank god(s)),& the disc drive went out on the last 2, & then I have had “2” PS3’s where the Blu-Ray disc drives went out after “1 year & 9 months” & it was the SAME EXACT TIME for both these consoles. What gives? Is Sony making “temporary” working disc drives in their consoles just to keep on “farming” consumers? I THINK SO! Your “PS4’s” can just rot on store shelve until you all know how to make a quality product that can last longer that 1 that is an antique(my Atari!).

  • Fallout3 :'( PSN

  • You know what would be great: Listing all the retail games that are coming out for each system as well. I can’t hold all that info in my head and it would be a great idea to include here. Or better yet, have a release calendar available here and on the PS4 UI.

  • would love to check out Puppeteer…as soon as the PS4 digital demo & download are available.

  • I would purchase this game if it didn’t take Sony so long to give me a refund after my debit card number was stolen from PSN and my Wallet emptied. Hackers took $241.83 before I found out and blocked and returned the card to be destroyed. When will Sony ever have proper security? Didn’t learn from the last time huh?

  • And by this game, I meant Doki-Doki Universe.

  • we’re not just looking for free games, in case you haven’t realized it, it seems that about half of the games that were supposed to be released have been delayed and completely shrouded in a secret sony operated room, and these are things that’s been out or in development and announced FOREVER ago, and I have a ps4 ps3 and a vita, im getting the ps+ benefits, that’s not what im looking at, its general content for the ps4, we haven’t gotten anything done as far as practical apps or anything for that matter since the system came out, not even basic things like a ( free, in system) music player or video player, or even freaking youtube, im saying this, if a product has been in development for years, and said product was from a multi BILLION dollar industry, that’s had decades of experience, and whose products aren’t on the cheap side: would you want to pay full price for a functional practical product, or damn near a brick that’s almost just collecting dust for a “few” months when it could have and should have been ready at launch? I mean you may not understand this concept, but the money I paid for this product with, I worked for, sony didn’t get half assed money, I don’t want a half assed system.

  • Any news yet on minecraft ps3/vita/4?

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