Rainbow Moon Out Today For PS Vita

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Rainbow Moon Out Today For PS Vita

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It’s an exciting day for SideQuest Studios and the eastasiasoft team! Our indie role-playing game, Rainbow Moon, is out today for PS Vita. And as promised in my last post, we have a lot of great offers for PS3 Rainbow Moon players and PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Firstly, for new players, we have a trial version of Rainbow Moon that gives you access to the full game for 90 minutes. The trial can be replayed as often as you like and any progress that you make is carried over when you purchase the full game for $14.99. The latest version of Rainbow Moon adds more than 30 bug fixes, improvements, and new features to the original, including cross save support. Now you can now import old saves and share any new progress between both platforms.

For those of you who already own Rainbow Moon, for a limited time you can take advantage of our PS3 player offer and grab Rainbow Moon on Vita at a 50% discount. PlayStation Plus subscribers can also save 20% during the first two weeks of launch, meaning you can pick up Rainbow Moon for as little as $5.99!

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Finally, all Rainbow Moon add-ons support cross buy functionality, so any Rainbow Moon DLC purchased will automatically be applied to both systems.

Once again, thanks a lot to all our valued fans that have supported us during the last few years. I hope that you have as much fun playing Rainbow Moon as we had developing it. Please share your feedback and questions in the comments, and don’t forget to look out for Rainbow Skies, which will hit PS3 and PS Vita in the future.

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  • Massive thank you for the discount given to previous owners of RM on PS3. You didn’t have to, but the fact that you did sets you apart and really establishes the image of a developer who cares about their fans. For that, I give you my respect – and will continue to give you more of my money in the future!

  • I own the original Rainbow Moon and have Plus but the game is coming up as $11.99 for me on both Vita and PS3. Where do I go to get the $5.99 deal???? Help!

  • happy for a new rpg for the vita disappointed it was a tactics game ill give it a try though

  • Nevermind, I had to purchase it via the website, then I got the special deal!

  • @51: Find the “Rainbow Moon PS3™ Player Special Offer” in the store – it’s different from the normal listing for the game. It might show up as $7.49 initially, but if you’re Plus it should drop to $5.99 once you add it to your cart.

  • awwww I already own the PS3 Rainbow Moon and I coulda got this for 5.99?? DOH!! Oh well, I bought it for 11 bucks.. although I don’t mind giving you all some extra cash! :) I really enjoy your game. Marcus! Thanks to you and your team for your great work!

  • jay_rab here awesome blog post! the large amount of gamers you take care of just blesses the community, there may be a few who dont like this style of game maybe like sports and racing better, but they can not disagree that you all have been putting forth a service that is five stars

    I love the way you listen to feedback, and allow us to think that we are helping make the games we play, and how much you interact with us!

  • If I would have known that both games share the same trophy list I wouldn’t have bought the game. I can understand because of the cross save feature but just if you could have programmed it so the trophies wouldn’t ding unless you earned them on the Vita version.

    • Hi,

      that’s a very specific request. What you can do is, just delete and reinstall the game. As long as you don’t sync trophies (Which is hard on the vita if you’re online) you can unlock every trophy again.

      I’m sorry for not having better hint.

  • Wow if this gage is that good I’ll have to check this out then.

  • Spelling error, wow I this game is that good I’ll be checking this out.

  • You all seem to really like this game and here I thought it was just a Disgaea type of clone with some Warcraft elements mixed in. I think I’ll consider this game tonight.


    I totally agree with you. I love this game, and I’m probably going to end up beating it again, but I’m extremely disappointed that I can’t get any more trophies. I already got the plat for the ps3 version, and the games share a list. I’ve never seen that before and I think it’s ridiculous.

    • I can understand your frustration, but that’s how cross save works. Let’s assume there would have been a different trophy set. How is it supposed to work with cross save? One way is all trophies will be unlocked at one blow after syncing a completed cross save. The other way is that the game must be completed twice to unlock all the other trophies.

      I think you see that both methods are far from being perfect.

      However I can see your point and I’m sorry for that. I think the problem is, that the game wasn’t released at the same time on both platforms.

  • I can find it on my vita for the PSPlus price and I can find the PS3 version on the Playstation store, but not the player special offer on the website. I must be missing it.

  • And I was in the wrong place…. Playstation site =/= Blog site =/= Playstation store. Once I searched the actual store it came up.

  • Hi Marcus,

    I’ve had my eye on Rainbow Moon ever since it was announced for PS3, but held off when I heard about the time-consuming nature of the game. I spend a lot more time on portables during my commute than I do playing my PS3 at home, so a Vita version is an absolute godsend. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I’m not seeing the trial version of the game on the Vita store. Is the trial available on Vita, or is it only on PS3? Could it be that the trial isn’t up yet?


    • Hi TK,

      yes, the Trial is available on the Vita. If you see the game listed in the store, please click on the icon. You should see two options in the follow up menu: Download the trial for free and purchase the full game.

      Let me know if you still have problems finding the trial version.

  • Aaand I find it almost immediately after making that post :P

    Diving right in!

  • Most anticipated title for Vita only ran me $5.99. Super stoked to have this game in time for the holidays!

  • Any idea when this will be out for the UK or EU regions?

  • Stupid me… At first I tought “hey, I don’t want a goddamn farm simulator on my vita”… Then I read again… RAINBOW Moon… Will buy for sure! And will read twice next time!

  • Can’t download FULL VERSION on my Vita :( I can only download free trial,but can’t purchase full anywhere.
    PS: I’m PS3 version owner too.

    • Hi Winiaa,

      once you have installed the trial version, just start the game. There is an “Unlock full game” option in the main menu, where you can purchase the full version.

      Hope that helps.

    • Obviously there are some problems in certain regions, so if you’re unable to purchase the full version, please use the search function of the store! Many people have been able to purchase the game that way!

  • I bought the PS3 version at launch, and loved it. It’s still my favorite psn game ever. When I found out about the shared trophies, I wasn’t planning on buying the vita version, but the huge discount got me. I started playing it last night at about 11 pm, and was just going to play it for a half hour or so. The next thing I knew, it was 3:30 am! Waking up this morning was not fun. The game looks so sharp and bright on vita and I forgot how epic the music was. I can’t wait for Rainbow Skies!!

  • This game has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard on the PS3. That’s enough for me to get the Vita version despite owning the PS3 one already. I like trophies as much as anybody, but the ability to listen to this game’s music anywhere is worth the price for me.

    Just wondering, will Rainbow Skies have a place/extras where you can hear all the game’s BGMs? If the music is as good as Rainbow Moon’s, then it would be a shame to not include that feature.

  • For whatever reason all my Rainbow Moon cloud saves from PS3 won’t show up on Vita but do on PS3. I already purchased a lot of dlc and really don’t want to start over again :(

    • Hi shogunmn1,

      your local saves will not show automatically. You have to store a cross save on the server first, then you can load it on the other platform.

      Hope that helps.

  • I have a question I bought add ons for rainbow moon on the ps3. Do I have to buy them over on the vita

  • when the game came out on the ps3 I bought this. 50,000 Rainbow Pearls (Trisha) + Fire Ring.

    and on the VITA its R20 I’m in South Africa


  • How to load PS3 save on Vita version? I have 2 saves on cloud, but can’t sync it on my PSV.

    • Hi Winiaa,

      you can only store one save to the cloud. Just upload the save data by using the Save->To Server option from the ingame system menu. To load a cross save, just use the “Load from server” from the ingame menu or the “Load cross save” function from the title screen. It’s really that easy.

      If it’s still not working for you, could it be that you are using two different PSN accounts on Vita and PS3? This is only working if your are using the same PSN account on both systems.

      Hope that helps.

  • PS3 Player here. I absolutely love this game. I stopped playing once I got into some other games on my PS3 but always hoped it’d come to Vita. When I heard the news I kept awaiting it’s release. I bought it day 1 for PS3 and now Day 1 for Vita. I’ll be playing it tons more now that it’son the Vita, thanks for supporting the handheld and the fans with all of the support. You best believe I’ll be buying Rainbow Skies for both PS3 and Vita day 1 as well!

  • This game is great on the VITA, thanks foe making it on the platform.

    I even started playing it again on my ps3. but I have poet more time into the VITA one now. even started a new game.

    Again THANKS

  • I only have the PS3 demo of this but when I try to buy the cross save bundle it says I cannot buy because I own rainbow moon…but I don’t..and then if I go to get the vita discount for owning it (which I don’t but it says I do for the PS3 version) it says I can’t because I don’t own it…I don’t know what to do here

    • I’m sorry to hear about the problem. We have notified Sony about the problem and hopefully it can be addressed soon. In the meantime, you may consider to purchase Rainbow Moon on PS3 and then purchase the Rainbow Moon PS3 Special Offer for PS Vita at a 50% discount. The price is identical to the Cross-Save Bundle. However if you are a PS+ user, you won’t be able to save on the PS3 version.

  • Hey just wanted to share it
    so I downloaded the demo when it was released, I played, played and played till I was going to enter the cave and the demo stopped

    I obviously bought it and I love this game, I rated it 5 STARS

    Great job, this game is exactlky what I need for a portable system

    I am really looking forward for the sequel Rainbow Skies! hoping to see more skills, more classes, more monsters and more weapons :)

    GREAT JOB AND THANKS FOR PORTING – worth every cent I paid

  • Thanks a lot for your support!

  • The article says Rainbow Moon is 50% off on Vita for owners of PS3 version “in first two weeks of launch”. The game launched on Vita on 12/3, so two weeks from then is 12/17. I’m a PS Plus member, and own the PS3 version of Rainbow Moon, but when I go to purchase the Vita version it shows for $11.99 which is only the PS Plus discount, not the discount for owning the PS3 version as well.

    Anyone else having these issues? Any help would be appreciated as I want the game for the price advertised.

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