The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 3rd, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 3rd, 2013
The Drop

Car lovers, rejoice. This week marks the launch of Gran Turismo 6, the latest entry in the legendary racing series that has spanned three generations of PlayStation hardware.

Gran Turismo 6, which hits PS3 this Friday, is one of the most realistic racing simulators available in gaming. Developed by the passionate minds at Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 6 features 1,200 beautifully modeled cars to drive across more than 100 circuit layouts. Kazunori Yamauchi and his team, ever focused on detail, have brought along a new physics engine with fully active suspension, tire, and aerodynamics models.

Those of you interested in true-to-life racing needn’t look further than Gran Turismo 6. But if you’re hungry to enhance your PS4 library this week, the co-op puzzle game Tiny Brains launches on Tuesday. Coming along with it is a familiar hit in the form of Escape Plan– fully optimized for play on PS4. The PS4 version of Flow has been rescheduled for a later date.

We hope you enjoy this week’s additions to the PlayStation family! For a complete list of new releases, head below, and enjoy the Drop.

Gran Turismo 6: Bathurst Circuit

Escape Plan
Gran Turismo 6
Rainbow Moon
Stick It To The Man
Tiny Brains

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital (Currently Available for PS Vita)
Help Lil and Laarg escape their unusual confinement in this delightfully dark puzzler. Comes with the original 78 puzzle rooms, and more. Cross buy.
PS3 — Digital, Retail (Out Friday)
The fan-favorite racing simulator returns to PS3 with a tremendous assortment of cars and circuits to enjoy. Powered by a true-to-life physics engine that delivers unparalleled authenticity to the driving experience.
PS Vita — Digital (Currently Available for PS3)
A rich, turn-based RPG with more than 40 hours of adventure waiting within. Rainbow Moon features six playable characters, runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, and supports cross save functionality between the PS3 and Vita versions.
PS Vita — Digital (Currently Available for PS3)
It seems like Ray woke up with a giant, pink, spaghetti arm growing out of his head. This is problematic for Ray, despite the fact that he’s gained extraordinary, mind-reading powers. Help Ray out of his quirky situation! Cross buy.
PS4 — Digital
This cooperative puzzle game features four super-powered lab animals struggling for freedom. Each animal boasts a different power, and all four must work together to overcome the obstacles between them and a free life.

Demos and Betas

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9 Author Replies

  • Drop it, people.

  • No terraria for vita???

  • Runaway! Runaway!

  • Loved having new psone classics last week. Keep them coming!!!

  • Well for me escape plan & stick it to the man is what i’ll be getting.

  • You should probably indicate that Tiny Brains and Stick It are Cross-Buy.

  • Europe has a date announced for Terraria on Vita. As does Japan. North America? LOL

  • In their respective titles I mean.

  • And terraria for ps vita?

  • Rainbow Moon Vita! Finally!

  • Any word on flow and war thunder for ps4?

  • Man, a first glance that Gran Turismo 6 screen shot looked like a PS4 game but then I realized that it’s a PS3 game. Amazing.

  • hey ryan i just noticed u guys added 2k14 to the flash sale for $40.00 any more games coming in today..Metro last light…killzone mercenary…

  • Wheres terraria… :(

  • Gran Turismo 6 is actually releasing on time? No joshin’?

  • Has the code redemption issue been resolved yet?

  • Nice to know that Escape Plan comes out Tuesday. Although it was supposed to come out last Friday. Oh well I guess thanksgiving weekend got the best of them. Any word on Flow?

  • also Every 48 hours the European PlayStation Store will be putting a new PS3 and PS Vita game on sale as part of their 12 Deals of Christmas promotion, which will run for the majority of this month.Any chance this happen for the U.S. store as well

  • It’s a shame I’ll be passing on GT6 after being a fan of the franchise and having play ’em all since GT1 on PsOne but I’m enjoying so much my PS4 I only plan on finishing my currently un-finished games like Puppeteer, Metro Last Light, Silent Hill HD Collection/Downpour, etc etc plus all the PS+ content I haven’t been able to play XD

    I’m sure GT6 will be a blast, but I’ll wait for a Gran Turismo on PS4.

    On the other hand… YAY! Escape Plan on PS4 :D

  • I thought Terraria was out for Vita this week. Any news on when we’ll see it?

  • I know this probably isn’t the right place, but please ask the PS4 team to add the ability to play Blu-Ray 3-D movies soon.

  • lame, I’m still waiting for the PS4 browser to be fixed. Why it doesn’t go full screen in most cases? I have no clue. YouTube on PS4, since like 2 percent of youtube videos work on ps4. Crackle on Vita, Crunchyroll on Vita etc.

  • Terraria……

  • @ryan like it’s hot?

  • What about Terraria on the Vita? I was so ready for it.

  • Good to know that Rainbow Moon will have a demo. I am very interested in this game.

  • Now I can actually play Escape Plan! :D Ran out of space on Vita for the updates and DLC and had to stop playing it.

    Drop the prices even more on memory cards.

  • Where is Terraria?

  • Where is Terraria??

  • Hi is there a release date for the PS Vita version of Broken Sword 5? Any chance for a Plus discount for the game?

  • Beyond! Hey Powerhouse! Any word on Terraria or Flow for the vita?

  • Really? No terraria? We have been waiting since March…

    At least tell us if it is cross buy so I can buy it while it’s on sale

  • Terraria probably being held off as filler for the coming weeks……????

  • I’m with these Peeps on Terraria, I’d like to know if the confusion can be resolved with confirmation on its release for PS VITA. Is it even coming out this month in U.S., or just for Europe?

  • First sony ruins the announcement of terraria coming to vita, now they won’t even confirm it’s coming this week! Not nice sony.

  • NO TERRARIA??!?!!??!!?? :'(

  • I thought it was confirmed that we would get Terraria this week. What gives?

  • i want n++

  • I want Terraria…. ;n;

  • What took the damn drop so long!?

  • Nice Drop. Will be grabbing Escape Plan for my PS4 and Rainbow Moon for my Vita.

  • Attack of indie games.

  • This Lightning Deals frustrated me a little bit. I was expecting a good deal on Payday 2. At least I got a good deal on Bioshock Infinite…

  • Are any more PS4’s hitting store shelves soon??????? I have been trying to get one since they launched.

  • any word on the PS4 version of flOw? we’re loving Flower in 1080p 60fps with higher quality audio, and excited to see flOw and its beautiful lighting and ambience get the similar treatment.

    any word on echochrome, blast factor, Geon, or other early PS3 games getting PS4 upgrades? would love to play Flower and Geon in 3D!

  • What about Terraria?

  • I know you guys like the changes you made to the drop but I (and many others) have to disagree. This drop layout is just plain confusing. It’s difficult to tell what’s coming out, for what platform, and a lot of the time the pictures don’t even match up to the game they’re next to. You have to hover your mouse over them just to see the title. Now as for this week’s specific drop, it was expected yesterday and two games that should have been on here, Terraria and Flow, aren’t. I personally am upset that Terraria is not listed for PS VITA. We’ve been waiting since March, and then about a week ago from the developers, it got confirmed for a Dec. 3 release date. Quoted from Ruud from Engine Software, “I guess I should start using twitter more, so here goes: #Terraria for PS VITA coming out December 4th! Huzzah!”. Here’s also a link to the page, I’m not trying to be a jerk about these things, it’s just, I know you guys are working hard to please us players, but I’m telling you now that these few things you did aren’t working. Thanks for all the effort though!

    • Thanks for your feedback on the Drop, zeroMAKS.

      As for Flow, please note that it’s just been rescheduled for a later date.


  • To whom it may concern.

    I received a survey today in my email from the PSN about taking a music survey, and as being a very active member with in the PS community, I was more than happy to take this survey for 2 reasons. 1, to help PS progress with anything involving the PlayStation and 2, the chance to win a $50 PSN card.

    Imagine my surprise when I put in my age (45) I found out that I was “”ineligible” because of my age!

    This is so wrong on so many levels. I am being discriminated because of my age. Because of my age, my thoughts do not count. Because of my age I can not get the chance to win a $50 PSN card. This is almost on the same level if you were to send out this survey to everyone, but if you were black (Asian white or whatever ethnicity) you can not participate.

    I have been with PS since the first PlayStation and now because of my age, I no longer count or matter.

    Thank you so much Sony for showing me just how much I matter to you.

  • when/will PS1 classics be playable on PS4?

    good to see some updates that include a couple of games for those who upgraded to the PS4 but would be nice to have some more demos for games like Knack as well as the ability to download PS3 games updated or not (Arkham Origins for example?).

    keep it coming! PS4 is awesome but it’s felt pretty pointless to check the PSN store if you have a PS4 the last two weeks. thanks!

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