PlayStation Network Update

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PlayStation Network Update

Update: Digital voucher code redemption in PlayStation Store is returning to normal, thanks for your patience.

Update: We are continually increasing the availability of voucher code redemption functionality. We appreciate your patience and apologize for this inconvenience.

We are aware that users are experiencing some disruption to the PSN service. To minimize the inconvenience we have suspended the “redeem voucher” functionality while we investigate further. Unfortunately this means that money cards, product vouchers, PlayStation Plus vouchers, PS3-PS4 upgrade vouchers and any other vouchers for digital content are not redeemable at this time. Other PSN features such as log in, online multiplayer gaming, PlayStation Plus trials, PlayStation Store (excluding voucher redemption), Trophies, messages, friends, etc are all available.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide an update soon.

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  • The store is having problems? Yeah, not surprise there. Pretty sure they will fix everything that is wrong with the store for the release of the PS7.

  • I kinda expect that to happen today. and it did. thankfully, I got my 1 year of Playstation Plus and downloading all 18 games right now.

  • So are the PSN folks working on getting obamacare up and running before their own network? It is not like this was an unplanned event?

  • Be patient, people. Computer networks are not your laptop. You don’t just reboot them because the porn gave you a virus.

  • Do you think Sony will excuse the 80023156 error? The one where you have to wait 24 hours because of trying to redeem too many times?

  • How is multiplayer available without the redeem cards i cant play multiplayer so fix it now thats why i spent $500

  • Who in the world maintains PSN? The same bunch of geniuses who ran the Obamacare site? I mean come on, you guys expected this, you guys knew that there was going to be MASSIVE demand and strain on the network. I gladly renewed my membership and purchased a game yet I’m waiting indefinitely to redeem my codes. Come on Sony

  • lol somehow screws up every possible thing

  • I have the same problems that a few others have mentioned. I was able to redeem my first ps+ card but not my second one. I also received an error code for attempting to redeem my code too many times.

  • I found out what’s going on, and why SONY disabled the redeem voucher thing… it’s all about greed! Our good friends from the UK and AUS just launched their PS4 today… However today is also Black Friday, in US, that has PS4+ cards selling for 29.99 for US Consumers. Bottom line, the UK and AUS folks can buy and input the 29.99 codes to play! Sony doesn’t want that to happen, they want that at launch they purchase full price codes! The redeem voucher function doesn’t distinguish from where the code is coming from. So it is all about SONY making some $$$. Anonymous Sony source.

  • Are they still redeemable over at the SEN site?

  • @60 I believe this as well…Fing rats

  • i ended my microsoft account to come to sony ps4 :) i got my ps4 unbox it today tried to reedem the play station plus and it did not work :( i wanted to play bf4.. guess i’ll go to sleep sad :(

  • @60

    Except codes are region specific, and you’re full of s***.

  • Sony…snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 1995.

  • @62 – They’re probably in the process of significantly revamping their databases to accommodate for the new increased traffic and console, being an early adopter always means you’re exposed to things like this.

  • Sony sucks ive been trying to redeem a $20 card for over two hours it let me redeem one card but then wouldnt let me redeem the second one… can you people at sony please get ur act together

    A Very Pissed Off Loyal Customer

  • @60 and @62. So what you are saying is that Sony, on an effort to get you spending more money suspended the ability to REDEEM Codes altogether, so both the Euro and Australian are stuck at buying their PSN plus subscriptions on their respective regions.

    Well, there are some flaws with that argument.
    a) The codes that you buy aren’t redeemable at the moment, that doesn’t mean that they are unusable. What it means is that you won’t be able to input the code today, but tomorrow best case scenario.

  • b) I believe (and by believe I mean to say, im 99.99% sure) that every code is region locked. SCEA originated codes work in only on SCEA Accounts (From Canada all the way down to Argentina), SCEE in europe and some ME countries, etc, etc, etc. I should note that the region coding is for the redeeming process and not the usability of the product. Even if the code was universal, you need only ONE MASTER ACCOUNT with Plus on the system to be able to enjoy the Multiplayer aspect of your console. So, yes Sony, has ways to restrict you from not buying from the SCEA Region and that’s call region lock. Guess what? Your console isn’t region locked. So you can have a Master account in the US, buy 5 years of plus, and play with any account from any region.
    c) Please, ffs, put down your tin-foil hat. Remember what happened 2 weeks ago when the PS4 launched in the US? Yap… PSN was down. Yes, not only the ability to redeem codes, but to use the network altogether, so I’ll call this launch a less crappy network launch.
    d) You don’t have an Anonymous Sony source. Don’t kid yourself.

  • @67 i have been a loyal customer from xbox360 for 7 years, this is my welcome to psn i bough the ps4 bf4 and play station plus and the 2 year warranty, a total of 590, and few cents… i am sad and dissapointed i could not get online and game

  • So… Two games I want on sale. Got a voucher with my PS4 purchase that would cover them. Can’t redeem due to a PSN issue? Really? Cute. Not suspicious at all. Totally pissed that I miss the sale because of Sony being greedy. Total hogwash.

  • In addition the uk store is also down for redeeming so @60 is wrong.

  • at the rate sonys going tonite im gonna get screwed on buying the game i want on there flash deal sale if they dont fix it tonite the should at least extend there deals a little longer

  • @all of you, this was the big AHA! for SONY, it is region locked to purchase the card, not the codes function! Why do you think that it is the only feature disabled on the SONY site! They want to ensure that if you have an AMERICAN 29.99 black Friday card you are logging in with a US IP address, this is the part of the voucher redeem code not yet implemented! They are working the fix, so that they pay 50Euros, not $29.99 american dollars. It’s plain and simple greed, don’t you know how to add? Trust me after they fix it it will be region specific! ha! They learned that one with this whole thing. Perhaps this was the case for PS3 in the past but it turned out that it is not the case for PS4, remember people didn’t need PS+ to play online until the PS4 so these functions were not implemented, they will be pretty soon though!

  • @74. WHAT. THE. HELL. ARE. YOU. TALKING. ABOUT? Let me spell it out for you.

    I live in South America, not the US. So, I logged to my amazon account, and bought… guess what. A PSN+ Card. I wasn’t able to redeem it yet, but I’m positive that I will be able to download it in a few hours.

    Again: CODES ARE REGION LOCKED. So if you buy an Amazon Black Friday PSN+ code you will need to redeem it on SCEA Account.

    Would you care to explain how is region locked to purchase the card? You mean via Amazon? Did you try using a SUPER Fake US Address?

    Instead of weaving stupid conspiracies, have you stopped and think why did they block the redeem feature? Was it broken? Was it blocked to stop people from generating a mass load in the servers?

    Whatever their reason is, stop citing you “SOURCE”. because you are full of crap.

  • @74 Are you just imagining this from your head, or do you have any real information?

    Haven’t really checked what the reality is about code redemption region locks, but even if they’re not, what do you think are they going to do for customers overseas that bought the card after they implement your purported “fix”? Are they going to issue refunds? Give back all that money? Just make them pay for their mistake?

    I seriously doubt they’re that dumb that they create a customer service and PR nightmare for themselves like that, which is why I find your theory hard to believe.

  • I realize it’s no consolation, but those who waited until now to redeem codes and such, you should have a PS+ trial with your PS4, and the post specifically says that Trial codes still work, so you should theoretically still be able to redeem those and play BF4 and other retail shooters online. Or, until they get voucher redemption turned back on, you could always try out Warframe or Blacklight: Retribution, which are F2P and don’t require PS+ to play. PSA :)

    As others have said, I ordered two codes from Amazon. Redeemed the first one no problem, then the second one wouldn’t work. Tried it online, on my Vita, and on my PS4. That was about 10 hours ago, around 2pm PST. Tried again about 20 minutes ago and it still wouldn’t work. Gonna try from Acct. Management on my PS3 as someone suggested and if it works, awesome. If not, I’ll just wait until later in the weekend. That first code subbed me through March of 2018. Not too worried about getting the second code redeemed as soon as possible.

  • @55

    I sure hope they do because I’m getting that error my self now.

  • Clearly the sky is falling and this is all one big conspiracy.

    Give me a break, some of this nonsense I’m seeing posted here is not only blown way out of proportion, but the misinformation is just staggering. Y’all need to chill the hell out.

  • All those black friday $30 codes waiting to be applied…

  • i will say this is crap ive been trying all day all through the night wheres the update ive been trying to BUY ONE GAME yet it seems its like we got a big middle finger how about a damn update already would be nice 1 game i cant even redeem my card much less it acts like its been used already when i freshly scratched it off good job psn u dropped the ball on this one

  • This is ridiculous… just bought a digital code for assassins creed 4 from amazon hoping to play it instead of waiting for the actual game to ship… BUT all of a sudden error? wtf now i have to wait for this to be fix…should just gotten the real game instead!!!!! HATE HOW ITS SO FAST TO TAKE MY MONEY BUT DELAYS TO PLAY!!!! should switch to xbox……

  • After trying several times for my PS + redemption to work through the redeem codes option in the PS Store, I finally checked the redeem codes in account management on my PS3 and it worked first time! Definitely worth a shot for others if you have the PS3 to do it on.

  • I would love to and try to redeem it through account management, but now I’m getting error code 80023156. :D

  • Wow drethehew your a life saver!!!! its my only day off too and all thanks to u i can JUST WAIT 1 hour for the whole thing to download LOL

  • My ps network is running slow and its the new slim any ideas?

  • They better excuse error 80023156 because I unintentionally ended up triggering it because I had no idea the code redemption was down.

  • @88

    Same here dude. I had no idea that they turned off redeem functions.

  • I also was able to redeem my code for the online pass for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale *PSV

  • I bought the black Friday deal on1yr PS plus subcription for 29.99(2). All excited but can’t redeem my vouchers meaning I cant play online because the 7 day trial that came with my games expired 11/29/2013(Europe launch day). This is the work of the devil. WHY TODAY!!!! please fix this I am in America NOT Europe!

  • Really?! I JUST purchased a PlayStation Plus account and you are saying that I cannot redeem my code at this time? Nice, Sony. Real nice. Great first impression on an Xbox Gold user of 6 years with no problems. SMH

  • @61 – I was able to redeem my codes that way a couple hours ago

  • The longer your redeem code service is down = the more active codes stack up over time = the more likely some one is gonna make a keygen with all our active codes

  • Well this is very upsetting, especially since I just purchased a PS+ subscription and redeemed the code on my PS3, which let me go all the way to the end and has it listed in my transaction history. When I went and checked to see if it was added after reading this, it said my subscription still expires within a few months instead of a year beyond that date. Does this mean that you guys basically took my money and did not add the year to it? If someone knows PLEASE tell me what’s going on cause I’d hate to have wasted money on a card to find out that I WON’T be getting what I paid for.

  • can u hurry and sort this out ffs, would like to use my psn card!!

  • Inconvenient is the store being delayed a couple of hours. The fact that the ability to load Store cards or vouchers from a ps4 purchase is mind boggling. The fact that the only updates that were provided were at 140 est Friday saying it was being shut off and then this one which is verbatim what was posted in the support forums at that time is not helping the issue. When the service is opened again the same thing will happen because people have been sitting on their cards for a while. Not to mention sony offered black friday deals and it leaves me with the option of picking up one game Last of us or another (bioshock) but not both. I was also planning on getting my hands dirty with madden 25 this week but that will not happen until these issues are remedied. Its astounding that a company would be so ill prepared for a system roll out (Europe and second shipment in US) combined with black friday

  • The Worst

  • Come on guys, how much do we need to wait ’till the redeem option will be available again?

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