The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for November 26th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for November 26th, 2013
The Drop

It’s almost time to give thanks and pile loads of food onto your plate — copious amounts that you couldn’t possibly eat in one sitting. And as you sprawl out in a half-awake state, what better way to digest food than with some new video games? How about a long-running Japanese RPG with a huge world to explore? Sounds pretty tasty.

That’s right, this week sees the launch of Ys: Memories of Celceta. This JRPG joins the PS Vita family with an action-heavy battle system and an overworld that’s bigger than all the other maps in the series… combined.

Players will take control of series hero Adol Christin, and work to piece together his broken memories as he explores the dangers and intrigue of the Great Forest. Ys: Memories of Celceta also boasts an elaborate crafting system for those gamers out there that love to tweak gear and find the perfect tools for battle.

The PlayStation family also (re)welcomes two PSone Classics: Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and Oddworld: Abe Boxx, as well as the PS3 version of Super Motherload.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation this week, check below. And, as ever, enjoy the Drop!

Ys: Memories of Celceta Art

Hyper Dimension Neptunia Victory
Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Oddworld Abe Boxx
Painkiller Hell and Damnation
Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers
Super Motherload
Ys Memories of Celceta

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital (Already Available at Retail)
This over-the-top entry in the comedy RPG series makes its way to PlayStation Store. Enjoy fast-paced battles, dozens of dungeons, unique challenges, and a very fun look at the video game industry.
PSone Classic
Guide Solid Snake through more than 300 virtual reality training missions that will challenge your skills in combat, stealth, and overall espionage action. Snaaaaake!
PSone Classic
The classic oddities return. This old-school bundle comes packed with Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, in all their strange glory. Help free hundreds of your fellow Mudokons from oppression.
PS3 — Digital
Demonic powers are rising, and it’s up to Daniel Garner, the Toy of Light, to stop them. Storm through 13 levels in this modern-day remake of the original Painkiller and Battle Out of Hell.
PS3 — Digital
Experience the legendary anime series in this visually striking fighter. Go head-to-head with more than 50 playable characters, and customize your Saint with an original levelling system.
PS3 — Digital (Already Available on PS4)
Something is amiss on the planet Mars. Dig down through minerals and deep secrets in an effort to uncover the truth. Play alone, or bring friends along for the ride in the gorgeous successor to Motherload.
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
The long journey of Adol Christin continues in this tremendous JRPG. Recover Adol’s scattered memories, wage battle, meet new friends, and participate in the 25th anniversary of the Ys series!

Demos and Betas

The above information is subject to change without notice.

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3 Author Replies

  • I can’t believe Saint Seiya is here state side. I’ll be laughing at the people who paid an extra 50 bucks for Battle Sanctuary.

  • Vita TV for the western market, please.

  • Ugh. Celceta, Tearaway, or play some more PS4? #FirstWorldPSProblems

  • Are there gonna be anymore PS4’s hitting store shelves this week or before December???????????????????? I’ve been asking this question for the past 4 or 5 days and have not gotten one reply.

  • FINALLY more PSOne Classics support. PS4 aint everything PS, you know ¬¬

  • 2 questions

    1:how much is Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers going cost on the PSN store? Ys: Memories of Celceta have an online co-op/vs mode?

  • has i saw people ask you guys are not going tell us the price for the saint game are ya!?!

  • Come join us at and on twitch thegamexaminer, on twitch next week we will be doing a 12hour stream where you can donate for the typhoon victims so please come out and support everyone

  • Probably the worse drop for me in awhile, but I’ve got so many games I’ve got to play.

  • @#54
    I’d probably ask via Twitter, if that doesn’t work than I’m not sure how to get in contact with any of the workers of Playstation easily.

  • Will we have a Gran Turismo 6 digital pre-sale?!

  • Mmm japanese content, yes please!

  • Thank you for those Classic PS One games.(I hope they are Vita supported)

    I recently purchased Persona 2, Syphon Filter, and Breath of Fire 4
    (an awesome if you have not given it a look yet and like RPG’s).
    ** Too bad Syphon Filter could not get a little touch up and control modification love, it definately is a game worth of the attention**

    I have been awaiting on a sale on both Abes’ Adventures, and have had too many price drops shortly afer purchasing :(

    I hope your future endeavors will help continue to preserve and possibly even modify simple game fixes for past releases.

    Please continue the new additions and price discounts/drops, and PSP too.

    None of the best games I liked on PSP are available for Vita.
    (Syphon Filter -Dark Mirror and Logans Shadow) Please add them.

  • How do season pass people get The Last of Us Left Behind DLC pre-order bonus from last week? It’s still saying $14.99?

  • And apologies for my writing errors, between someone blaring music loudly and the lack of response on certain keystokes on the Vita,
    typing/texting can make it harder to communicate.

  • So with the discounts, is it this Tuesday or this Friday? I want to know when to spend money. :)

  • I WANT YS AND SAINT SEIYA!!!! ….. :( put Ys Oath in felghana free for PS + lol …. so much stuff this week …. and its black friday week and im broke :(

  • @#66 DISCOUNTS?! lol what discounts?!

  • When will the “cloud” be ready so we can play our ps3 games on PS4? It’s kind of bare bones on PS4 right now, and I am tired of switching systems.

  • I agree with #22. We need to have Xenosaga in the PSN store!!!

  • Any word on flOw and Escape Plan on PS4?

  • Two PSone classics? I don’t know what to say.

  • @ #70 indeed or an hd collection

  • Well I was sure they mention a black friday type of thing being done soon.

  • To all the people asking, based on the EU pricing, Saint Seiya is going to be a full priced $59.99 title. It’s £44.99/€54.99 on the European PSN.

    It’s a full retail game download after all, North America just isn’t getting a box copy. So that pricing makes sense.

  • @45 (Nerroth)

    Why, oh why does the name of my lady Noire’s game have to be so long (and complicated, like some other Japanese game/anime franchises)? Personally I just call it “the Noire game”, at least until NISA announces the game as Hyperdimension Noire or something…

  • Nice to see some new psone classics. Keep them coming!!

  • Ys! Ys! Ys!!!!
    This week will be all about Ys! My first one ever and I’m happy it’ll be on my Vita. The Silver Edition at that!
    Ok small amount of SS from PS Plus but totally buying Ys on Tuesday!

  • Yes!!!! Finally ill have Saint Seiya!!!! Burn your cosmos now!!!

  • How much MB space will ys celceta take up?I keep seeing that its bigger than all other games combined so I’m alil concerned.Also,when is the store updated (average time)?If at midnight will it be 12AM EST or 12AM PST?

  • @56-All Ys games are solo player games.If they added multiplayer to the series as it is,it’d kill off the fanbase seeing how no one has asked for/complained about it not having multiplayer and how we all love the hell out of the series for being single player (celceta will be my third,I plan on buying oath when I buy the rest of the vita games I want so far)

  • Do you guys have a set price for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers? Please respond asap. I want to be ready to buy my psn card early in advance.

  • @56-Although (I only payed attention to co-op) a vs mode would be nice but then there would be multiple look-alikes which would kinda kill it.if you want a game that has Ys characters with a vs mode try getting Ys vs Zero no kiseki:Alternative Saga (I think thats the right name,and its only in japan) I’ve only played the demo version but it was pretty fun to me.

  • @83

    That was a fighting game spin-off, not an RPG.

  • Any update on when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows will release on the network?

  • @84-well I never did say it was an RPG,but tbh it was a fighting game with an rpg mechanic or to say what I directly mean:an lev up system.c’mon now we don’t call action games with a level up system ARPGs for no reason (not saying it goes into that genre)

  • Uh,I’m glad were getting Ys but c’mon sony wheres the decent vita support?We’re only getting 1 full PS Vita game and 0 demos this week its like having ps+ for my vita again.Not to look like a negative person but some of us only own a vita and indies would be fine if there aren’t that many vita games that you guys have to release right now.

  • Seriously hoping that XSEED does a surprise Ys/Falcom sale because of Celceta’s launch.

  • @4 Sonicfan11589 I was hoping for Gex enter the gecko for PSone classics as well (one of my favorite PSone games). Pleeeeeeeease Sony add more PSone and PS2 classic games to PS store.

  • I’d like to echo the concerns about the lack of Vita love this holiday season.

    One of the Vita’s strengths is the deep back-catalog of games. But many key titles (such as FF V, Crash Bandicoot, MGS: Portable Ops) aren’t available for what amounts to “no good reason,” which is especially galling when we consider that some of these titles ARE available elsewhere.

    Another of the Vita’s strengths is its ability to run portable media apps. And yet we Vita owners are still waiting on a lot of these apps for what, again, amounts to “no good reason.”

    Another of the Vita’s strengths is its indie game catalog, which has helped to make up for the lack of retail Vita games. A good number of the PSN digital titles could be ported to Vita very easily. Others, like Terraria, have been announced, but don’t seem to be making any progress. It’d be great if we could get some straight answers and even have some Steam Greenlight-style voting on which games we’d like to see ported over.

    I love my Vita to death and play it every day, but I’m continually frustrated with Sony’s attitude towards the platform and its users.

  • Nice updated, but we still need MGS Portable Ops and the PSX’s Crash Bandicoot games though.

  • @86 You asked for a vs/co-op system in an RPG because one was in a fighting game spin-off with a leveling system. Are you seeing the problem here?

  • @78 I also preordered the silver anniversary edition f Ys. I’m going to put that cloth map on my wall! So pumped for this game! The vita seems to be picking up steam with Ys, Tearaway and (finally!) Terraria!

  • When will ps2 titles be available for the Vita? =/
    If this ever happens I’ll throw money at the screen ’til I go broke. So many ps2 rpgs that would be perfect for playing on the go…

  • @ 94 I think Sony knows that society would collapse if that ever happens.
    That, and you have to consider that they can’t because the Vita hardware is probably even less optimized for PS2 games than the PS3, so they would have to touch too much code.

  • @95

    I’m pretty sure PS2 classics are basically just ISOs running via an emulator, with little to no change made to the game code (except where certain features had to be changed or removed for one reason or another). So really, they just have to port the PS3’s PS2 emulator to the Vita, and off we go.

  • Metal Gear Solid ,Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and Metal Gear Portable Ops should be Vita compatible as well, I mean we have 5 Metal Gears Playable on PS Vita(HD Collections , wich have 4 games in it and Peace Walker) pleasee let us play this games on Vita , i dont get the real reason why this is not on the Vita Store as well,

  • celceta shall be for me this week :0

  • @92-I never asked for anything,I was explaining to him that no Ys game has vs/multiplayer and simply told him what game had Ys characters in it then told you that the game I mentioned was in the RPG cat. and obviously any game with a level up system is an rpg.see your error there?

  • AT LAST Saint Seiya BS…. It will be $50 or $60…. any DLC? (Odin Please…)…. Avatars Of this game Please !!!! by theway… When PS will sell MLP avatars ? why X360 can and PS3 not? (angry brony) XD

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