PS Plus: Binary Domain & Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Free for Members

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PS Plus: Binary Domain & Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Free for Members

Chances are, if you picked up a PlayStation 4 last week you’re still enjoying our PS4 PlayStation Plus titles, RESOGUN and Contrast, and that’s totally cool. However, if you’re anxiously waiting for your PS4 to arrive later this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with a new PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game this week. Binary Domain, a futuristic third-person squad-based shooter, is hitting the PS3 Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Morality meets gunfire, Binary Domain’s Consequences System means you’ll need to be aware of your actions — how your squad views you can impact the game as well as how the storyline progresses.

On PS Vita there’s Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, an action-adventure where you step into the role of Stranger, a bounty hunter. Whether or not you head into your bounties guns blazing or prefer a more stealthy approach is up to you, as well as whether you apprehend your subjects alive or dead. Your main goal is to earn as much money as possible, so it’s kind of like real life.

You can take advantage of all these PS Plus benefits after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

PlayStation Plus Update 11-18-2013
PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Binary Domain (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99

PlayStation Plus: Binary Domain
Created by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind some of SEGA’s most well-known video game franchises including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series, Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity in a robot-filled 2080 Tokyo. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an international peace-keeping squad that soon starts to question their surroundings and the choices they make. Are the robots becoming more human, or are humans becoming more like machines?
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $14.99

PlayStation Plus: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands of Western Mudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlements besieged by belligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a tall, dark and enigmatic bounty hunter with a mission to capture troublemakers and scoundrels and return them to civilized townships for incarceration. But Stranger is keeping a secret and needs expensive surgery to survive. In his quest to earn enough Moolah, Stranger reluctantly accepts the ultimate bounty from the owner of the Mongo River and suddenly his adventure takes a very different turn.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Worms 2: Armageddon $4.50 $14.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Leaving on November 26th

Instant Game Collection: Sine Mora (PS Vita)

We’ll be back next week to add another title to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits, like super sweet discounts.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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8 Author Replies

  • great + games this week! Binary Domain is a lot of fun (beaten already) and Im looking forward to Oddworld on Vita

  • @20 and @22

    No, I do not able to buy for free all games from last week. For I do not have Plus subscription.


  • Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and Wipeout being swapped out anytime soon. Its been a year.

  • It’s already been stated in the eu blog that the vita evergreen titles won’t be changing any time soon and yes I know it really sucks but it is what it is.

  • It sucks that sub accounts can’t enjoy the Share functionality even though the Master account has the choice to allow them to use it or not, but the PS4 will not enable it. Please fix this issue ASAP, whether that is allowing Share functionality for sub accounts or upgrading sub accounts to master account. No, making a new account is not an option because I would lose 6 years worth of PSN purchases and 2 years of PS Plus.

  • Kristine – will Tearaway be available at midnight on Friday “morning”?


  • @ Kristine

    I tried the My Library section like you suggested. It shows Ghosts, which I can enter and see my add-ons which shows Free Fall, but again when I go to Click on it, it simply says purchased, there is no option to redownload it…so I’m still in the same boat. hopefully customer service can help….aggain, this is why a actual download list is needed, please pass it on to the Dev team.

  • There should be an asterisk in every PS4 post that mentions Share functionality since it is a Master account only feature.

  • Man is it heaven for PS+ members who like RPGs!! First Kingdoms of Amalur, now I’m LOVING Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, and soon Soul Sacrifice for Vita?!?! After such a long dearth of of role playing goodness on PS+ it’s been made up for in spades! Thank you PSN, and BEYOND!!! Glad to hear you again Ryan, keep on casting!

  • Soo we don’t get anymore PS4 titles this month right? and I am kind of lost, how many PS3 titles we get, 3?, and then Vita 2 titles? =?

  • SO excited for Binary Domain. Should make the pain of not affording a PS4 less noticeable.

  • Great update; been wanting Oddworld on Vita for some time, been loving Dragons Dargama, heard nothing but good things about Binary Domain and cant wait to play Soul Sacrifice. I do hope you guys announce the new Vita IGC year games though, as on November 20th its the anniversary of the first year of Vita PS+; would love to get LBP Vita and Unit 13 :).

  • @RK128

    they’ve already commented in the past week or two that they arent changing up the november vita annual IGC games

  • @63, sigh thats too bad.

  • ….Maybe they will still have big games on the IGC on the Vita to compensate? The Vita TV is launching in the US sometime in Feb. right? If that is the case, then its smart what their doing; launching Soul Sacrifice in NA now, LBP Vita in Dec., and either Sly/All Stars/Unit 13 in Jan. Then when the Vita TV launches in the US, they could have those three games, along with the ever-green ones be free for a month for the Vita TV launch, then in March, those new games (LBP, Soul Sacrfice, Unit 13) will replace the ever green ones.

  • Thank you sooooo much for Binary Domain. It was one of those interesting titles that I stayed away from because there were other titles coming out around the same time.

  • wow …. just one discount …. thank you PS4 PS Plus games…. sheesh >.<

  • I think Binary Domain might be a good title to play at least I am hoping it will be, Resogun and Contrast were nice tiles on the PS4 I liked them both but they were way too short. Also Contrast’s puzzles are very frustrating at times.

    I have an issue with sound shapes I beat album 1 but once I get to album 2 it keeps freezing not the console itself but the game freezes and I cant progress any further.Has anyone else encountered this issue with sound shapes on the PS4???

    Other all I like the PS4 much faster than the PS3 but the controller life is terrible only after 3 days with a full charge my battery died mid game. Also I noticed a weird feature on the PS4 when the screen will dim according to the lights on and off in a room its really weird. Has anyone else tried that?

    With the lights on and off in your room the PS4 screen will brighten with the lights on and Dim once lights are turned off its indeed a weird feature. I am just wondering if anyone else noticed that or maybe I am crazy.

  • and i just looked at the pictures of oddworld on the ps store …. you should take the HD off the title …. lol

  • @RK128

    what are you talking about?? there isn’t one reliable mention of vitaTV coming to US shores at all.

    MAYBE it’ll come over, but definitely an after thought as SCEJ had no idea there would be interest in NA.

  • Well, the PS4 is launching in Japan in February, so it would make a lot of since for Sony to launch a re-vised model of the Vita TV over to NA and EU that time; with updated UI, better firmware, and more compatibility with PS1/PSP/PSV games, it could be a huge seller here.

    I just figure that’s why Sony is holding out with more ever-green Vita games; to have something big for the Vita TV launch in the US. Otherwise….they just don’t care about the system, but I highly doubt that.

  • Good games for the PS+ Update but those “Discounts” are a joke. It’s not even “Discounts” it’s just one damn “Discount”. Just when you seem like you guys are finally getting good on that sales front you drop the ball like your PS4 launch line up.

  • when PS+ for DECEMBER is gonna be announced?

  • Dang, when’s soul sacrifice?

  • We need more PS4 PS+ content.

  • Wow, that’s all the sales for this week? What a disappointment. I have PS+ for sales, not for Guess I’ll grab the freebies and that will be it for me. See you next week, guys.

    @fede01_8 Not only that, EU’s getting Guacamelee, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Now they’re getting the PSP games this time. At least we’re still getting 5 games instead of 4. Now they’re jealous at us because we got Soul Sacrifice lol.

    @DJ_Tomato Sorry buddy, no Vita love for you.

  • PS Plus membership is the best, for those that still don’t have it step it up.

  • First off, I haven’t commented on here for a while, so pardon me if this has already been addressed before, but I want this to be clarified JFTR, so here goes:

    Do you people know anything about Gran Turismo 6 being a digital DL on PS3? I’m only asking B/C SCEJ/Asia and SCEE has already confirmed this for their regions, but I haven’t heard anything from SCEA about this. Me personally, I already pre-ordered the game at Gamestop, so this is not a big deal to me, but I know more than a few people who would appreciate this greatly. If you know anything about this issue and know exactly when you are going to announce this (if at all), please let me (and us, really) know. Even a non-confirmation would be fine.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • I need a PS4, my Vita here needs its companion.

  • Vita and ps3 this week? I’m okay with that.

  • A game already owned.
    Definitely, a game worth putting in the IGC.

    Guess Soul Sacrifice will be the end of the month.
    Looking forward to getting a decent game, I did not already purchase.

    Anyway to put the PS one classics of Abes’ Exodus and Odyssey on sale before the remake?

  • Having trouble with the install of Contrast. It downloads and when installing it says corrupted data and cannot be install. I delete the file and try it again with the same result. Able to dl resogun just fine on the PS4. Any issues affecting contrast or remedies?

  • Why this Oddworld isn’t crossbuy? :(

    Also, why so few discounts? ‘-‘

  • Been wanting to play Stranger’s Wrath for years, I just bought a PS Vita two Saturdays ago, haven’t put it down since I got it..

    Also it’s fantastic how you can create a voice chat party using the PS Vita with people who have a PS4.

    A few things I would like to see from PS Vita as a new and excited owner:

    1. (More Remote Play compatibility) for existing PS3, and PSN games, I mean why aren’t the rest of the Pixel Junk games supported like Side Scroller and Shooter 2. Love to be able to remote play Journey as well. Side note: (I played Resogun PS4 Remote Play WOW!!!!)

    2. (PS2 Classic Remote Play support.) Nuff Said.

    3. (Official app to watch PS4 streams.)

    4. (Play Music Unlimited and TuneIn music outside the app) would like to have it in the background while I browse internet on Vita, heck would be great if it worked while playing games too..

    5.(More games) Give us a proper Motorstorm racing game or heck port the first one and give it trophies.

    6. (Amazon Kindle App + pdf support) I want to read books on my Vita.

  • I found that the eula changed and the new eula needs to be agreed to stop the errors on the vita of being unable to be kept signed in on the vita and the failed to sign in on the sen store it. weird that the ps3, vita or sen store failed to reconize the eula change the first time. it did take about 15 logins and net checks on the setting screen before the vita realized there was a new eula that needed to be agreed to.

  • @War_Machida

    I imagine they are waiting for a big thanksgiving /blackfriday/cybermonday sale

  • What is the deal with polls anyways? Is it to get peoples opinions on things to improve them or just an opinion that just show stats and nothing more. To be honest (not to be a jerk) it seems like it just number to you guys.

  • It would be nice to have a second poll in which can be substantially longer, to provide richer analytics for such a user related service, being able to understand why someone voted the way they did in a multi-choice option will give you some good feed back right off the bat, and then adding another set of questions asking what type of games they would be interested or even potentially listing games that are being considered would create a more desirable outcome for the community or atlease the more vocal ones.

  • Still no word on new Vita games for the year?

  • Don’t like the oddworld games.

    Binary Domain is something I’ve owned for a while (like every full IGC game we get) but I do think it’s a fun and under appreciated game that non owners will likely enjoy.

    Ok update month as a whole, just the rare time you select a half decent game it wasn’t one that’s been 20$ for many many months which = I own it.

  • hmm botched that last sentence.

    basically stop giving us really old 20$ at most bargain bin games even when they’re good.

  • For PS4 download list issues.

    I have downloaded DLC for PS4 DISC based games.

    DISC based games do not show up in the library.

    I cannot download/redownload the Killzone SF pre order bonus pack in any way, even the webstore lists them in the DL list, but no option to DL.

  • I think it’s fair to give something that been out for a while for free. The company doesn’t even have to give you those games or any games. So I think it’s fine plus I’ve never played that game since I was always on the fence about it.

  • Was hoping that Strangers Wrath would be cross available for PS3 this month but can’t have everything. At least they are still mixing up the genres, keep up the good work. Plus, Soul Sacrifice next week!

    Figured the sale would be weak this week what with Black Friday next week. Let’s see a big PSN/PS+ sale so that I spend my money here instead of in the stores on retail versions, please? Something like this summer when some quality retail games were going for $5-10 or the Sale of the Dead last month.

    Would love to give PSN my Black Friday cash instead of Gamestop or Walmart. C’mon guys and gals, make this happen!!

  • @boomstickbhg

    I see where you are coming from but admittedly, I take free games when I can get them. I’m so backlogged in games right now that I’m pretty picky in what I buy now, so an older game that’s free is $20 not leaving my pocket. Bonus to me if it is high profile or a quality sleeper title. Plus, while not always spectacular, the variety they are giving us now beats the barrage of dated fighting games they were dumping on us for most of the end of last year/first half of this year, so at present I really can’t complain right now.

  • I guess the lack of PS plus sales this week is due to Cyber Monday coming soon

  • Considering how empty this week looks that could probably means that we’ll have thanksgiving sales next week, having a nice update on Monday. See you then.

  • *reads Morgan’s reply to comment #31 in the Monday 11/4 update (the one with Dragon’s Dogma)*

    “Nothing to share on this front at this time. Those games will continue to be in the IGC for PS Vita for the time being, but should they be replaced, we’ll let you guys know here on the blog.”


    But then again, look at the PS Vita’s library as it is right now. There aren’t many games that I would consider to be AAA, and the ones that are there have only just released recently (Killzone: Mercenary). And we’re getting one of the other ones I’m thinking of next week (Soul Sacrifice). That leaves….well, LBP Vita.

    So as much as I’d love to see Uncharted, Gravity Rush and WipEout changed out…there’s practically nothing to take their place.

    Now if we can get in some PSP JRPGs (like Lunar: Silver Star Harmony), that would be superb as well.

    On a completely different topic, this post looks like a ghost town, what with only 1 discount and everything (but then again, Black Friday – or in some cases, Black Thursday evening – is looming, as is Cyber Monday).

  • When is PS3 going to get Stranger’s Wrath for discount or in IGC?? I thought it would come soon after Munch’s Oddyssee.

  • Wasn’t the yearly Vita titles supposed to cycle tomorrow? Still no news?

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