PS4 Available Now in North America

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PS4 Available Now in North America

Today is a historic day for PlayStation — and gamers everywhere — as we usher in a new era of gaming with the North American launch of PlayStation 4. We have poured an incredible amount of power and innovation into PS4 to bring you the most immersive, jaw-dropping gaming and entertainment experiences imaginable. Now you get to see for yourself why PlayStation is the best place to play.

This past week we celebrated the launch of PS4 with bi-coastal events taking place in New York City and San Francisco. I can’t imagine a better way to introduce a new platform into the growing world of PlayStation than being in two of the biggest cities in the U.S. and live streaming all of the action to you.

PS4 Launch PhotoPS4 Launch Photo, 2

Since we introduced PlayStation 4 earlier this year, feedback from the gaming community has been phenomenal. With media reviews saying that the PS4 is “just shy of perfection” and that it is “an impressive package for gamers,” it’s clear that PS4’s horsepower, deep social capabilities, network features, and amazing gameplay have struck a chord. With 23 launch titles, including Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, and Resogun, you have no shortage of games that enable you to fully explore PS4’s capabilities and the expansive worlds being created by the industry’s best developers.

True to our heritage, PlayStation 4 also delivers all of your favorite digital entertainment. We have thirteen digital entertainment apps available today in the U.S., including Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Music Unlimited, NBA Game Time, Netflix, and NHL GameCenter Live. With PS4, you have the best games, movies, TV shows,and sports at your fingertips.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Of course, the PS4 journey has just begun. There are more than 180 games in development, including Destiny and inFAMOUS Second Son, and we have many more surprises to announce soon. In fact, we gave you a sneak peek of things to come last night with the announcement that the amazing team at Naughty Dog is bringing a new Uncharted game to PS4.

Thank you, PlayStation Nation, for your passion and continued support. You’re the reason we continue to innovate, explore new entertainment possibilities, and push the boundaries of play.

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  • I love my PS4; it’s so slick. Upgrading to a 1TB drive for all the DLC I want was a breeze. My gaming headset connected to the controller and I have great sound and mic instantly; no USB and no hassle. Standby mode let me download a ton of content without killing my electric bill. And it is so quiet!

    Killzone is great fun!

    Keep innovating, and keep those new releases and surprises coming. You have everything you need here to dominate this generation, Sony, now you just have to follow through every month with updates and new content.

  • Welcome to the family PS4.

  • Unbelievable system. I’m so glad we pre-ordered. Controller feels great. Love the grip on the analog sticks while driving. This morning I berated a coworker who wanted to wait to get his. He ended up getting the last one at best buy this morning.
    I watched the Spike TV program last night and was extremely impressed. Sony did it BIG. #playstationNation. Let the fan boys fight it out. I’ll be playing.
    It took a little luck and couple hours but we finally got on PSN. Anyone with trouble, keep trying. It’s obvious that that the updates are priority.
    One ps4 for picked up at midnight launch, one on the way. #noSharing.
    Excellent launch Sony.

  • Got home from work a hour ago to see it sitting on my front step.
    Like the look. Love the new controller.

    To bad I can’t log in to the PSN and play BF4. Been trying for an hour now.

  • “Posted by Jack Tretton”

    That doesn’t happen very often.

  • is my ps4 the only one messing up?

  • @DecadanceFantasy,

    Everybunny RPG *high Five*

  • Someone please look into party chat audio. The quality is fine but me and my friends sound so quiet to eachother when we have a game going. You can not turn the chat sound up high enough in order to hear eachother while you are playing a game. If we are on the menu it is fine but in game the chat audio is so quiet. I turned the volume up to MAX in the audio settings on my ps4 and my astros are turned all the way up as well. Please look into a fix for this.

  • Look, I love the specs of the PS4 as far as the hardware goes. But the software needs significant work for this system to be an actual successor to the PS3.

    Specifically, where’s the media playback support? Out of the box this thing should support:

    * CD
    * DVD
    * Blu-ray Disc (*including 3D discs*)
    * Media files over DLNA/USB or off local storage (the hard drive), including; Audio files (MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV; including at high resolution), Video files (MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, M2TS, TS; HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, VC1, WMV) and Photo files (JPEG, PNG, GIF).
    * 4K output support for video and photo files

    3D support for gaming would be nice too.

    And it’s a minor nit-pick, but putting a USB port or two on the back side would be fantastic.

    To be clear, I already own a PS4. It arrived today from Amazon from a pre-order I did back in June/July. I’m on the hook now, so please don’t disappoint me.

  • There is no share functionality for sub accounts… WHY!? If we can’t upgrade to master then why disable share for sub accounts?

  • Unfortunately I’m unable to login to the PSN so my desire to run out and impulse buy 2-3 games and a second controller has vanished. With the release date and release quantities known by time zone, there’s absolutely no reason why users should be experiencing login problems due to “heavy load”. Release day numbers matter and this will be a big hit on marketing efforts and on day 1 game sales. Too bad operations let down what was a great year for Sony PlayStation up until this point. Major fail.

  • +1 on the lack of 3D Blu-ray and lack of DLNA support. Even my smartphone does DLNA. PS4 bested by a smartphone on what’s now old tech. These table steak features need to follow the launch quickly/

  • Probably getting my PS4 around the start of 2014. Hope to see Ape Escape 4 on it!

  • The irony about the lack of CD support is that Sony is still putting out compact discs, and the actual physical drive is likely capable of reading and playing them back. So a Sony system is actually incapable of playing mass media products released by Sony.

    That seriously should have been a head-thwapping moment in the boardroom when you guys were going over the specs.

  • I’m super excited about my new console, but I’ve been waiting hours to connect to PSN, sitting at the “Please Wait…” screen! All of my games are digital pre-orders, so I have nothing to do with my console. This is not cool guys!

  • Been sitting here for 4 damn hours with please wait on the screen..

  • Jack, I’m quite insulted by your social media team. They’re deleting all replies off of Twitter, providing no updates, no apologies, nothing. I’m quite offended by this behaviour. Hiding and ignoring the elephant in the room is not doing your brand any service. Smarten up.

    Shoddy connectivity if you can even get in, low resolution Netflix, no Crackle service and I’m sure other issues yet to be found due to the network not being ready.

  • I picked up my PS4 last night and I am very happy with it, however I’d love to know when the online service I am now paying for will be available for my use. I understand there are hickups in any hardware launch, but no one is going to convince me that Sony didn’t know that the network load would be higher. Why was no preparation made?

  • I agree with LUCIFERSGLEAM – nothing to play and no backward compatibility. Ball dropped.

    Sony has ALWAYS had store issues, just look at how god awful the “better” store runs on the PS3. Now Sony is charging almost everyone to get online and they STILL can’t boost there network to handle the amount of people. Ball dropped part 2.

    Has your console froze up yet ;) – ball dropped part 3

    I loved my ps1, ps2 and ps3 but this ps4 is just a low end pc with a pretty wrapping. Sony needs to clean house and hire people that have a vision of what “next-gen” actually means. Tip: it is not the PS4 nor a slow processor (AMD 8-core that is slower than a core i7 – you went CHEAP) nor a non-ssd system nor a limited gpu nor a non-upgradable system.

    So many balls dropped.

    I still think the PS4 is better than the Microsoft VCR though but that is not saying much.

  • guess it pays to preorder late since i have to wait then the people that got it can be the guinea pigs

  • Thank you Jack Tretton for making the PS4 what everybody wants. The PS3 was a great system but had some issues from holding it back from its full potential. Keep listening to us, the consumers, on what we want which is games games games and more games!

  • I love this system thank you!!

  • I am upset that there were no PS4 systems delivered to the Army and Air Force Exchange Services in Okinawa and Mainland Japan. I had waited for launch day to receive one of the first batch, only to be told that AAFES wasn’t high enough on demand to deliver any systems. I am a Marine stationed in Okinawa and have been a loyal Sony/ PlayStation fan for many years, this just doesn’t sit right with me seeing how i was stationed here when thePS3 launched and was able to receive one then. I am asking what changed, how come the service members a few years ago got first launches and today they aren’t able to show enough demand? If anyone can help shed light on this subject please help.

  • The Best NEW Console out this year!! Love it! Good job Sony :)

  • I’m disappointed in the ps4 i got… The disc will eject, disc will not go in, fan loud (like my ps3 before the red light of death), and the system will turn its self off. I don’t think my ps4 will make it a year and i would call the ps4 a fail in my book.

  • Jack,

    Here in Toronto at our biggest and most important mall, the Sony Store has the PS4 tucked away in the back of the store. There’s no controller available to customers and only some sort of demo is running.

    Contrast this with the Microsoft Store in the same mall which has the Xbox One at the front of the store in the window with an eye catching huge lineup of customers waiting to play Forza in a promotional racing car setup.

    You’re missing so much opportunity to actually appeal to gamers and get people into your retail channel to create buzz and look at your other products.

    Massive fail on Sony’s part from a corporate alignment perspective. Hope it gets better.

  • Dear Sony,
    I still can’t get a PS4.
    What gives?
    Do you plan to flood the market with some soon or will you release a limited supply?
    – a PS fan

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