Behind The Music of Tearaway

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Behind The Music of Tearaway

Tearaway is out in just over a week and we can’t wait for you to play it! To get you even more excited, take a little peek at the third video in our series looking at all the bits and bobs that make Tearaway the unique and special thing that it is. This one will tell you all about the splendid sounds and music we made especially for the game, including a completely bespoke original score.

This very special soundtrack is inspired by all sorts of folklore and legends, and even features snippets of some sea shanties our Head of Audio Kenny Young wrote for the game, one of which made it into our Sogport trailer back in January.

If that doesn’t make you want to ride a pig through a beautiful paper world we don’t know what will.

You can get your hands on the Tearaway Original Soundtrack first with the Special Delivery Pre-Order Pack available both at your favorite retailer and on the PS Store for a limited time – so if you like what you hear, head over to the store and pre-order before Tearaway comes out on November 22nd!

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  • Whats this? music? the game is releasing next week on a very bad season, where is the demo? priorities guys, priorities. Music is not gonna sell the game, this is not backstreets boys, this is playstation. Sorry im not trying to be rude its just that im dying to play the game.

  • And i cant help it to think what a bad marketing sony is doing on the vita, ps4 has been freaking great but vita’s pr is just plain horrendous.

  • Awesome, I cannot wait to pick up this soundtrack with my pre-order. I have been dying, waiting to play this game. Excited to decorate my room with a bunch of papercraft animals as well.


  • What about that pig? are we gonna get it if we pre-order? if not how can we get it?

  • Where are the 2 clips of Kenny playing Soldier’s Joy? I’m a big fan of appalachian fiddle, was curious to hear what the Scottish tune sounded like.

    Also, this game would be HUGE if it was marketed right.

  • Music matters @1 remanutd5..

    It sets the environment of the game and allows you to fully dive into a game.

    Folk dubstep needs to be a thing. <3

  • So, when can we actually pre-order? Your link goes to a page with no info on pricing or an option to actually order the game.

  • @7 i know it does i havent said it doesnt, i said get the priorities right, first thing is a demo, thats what its gonna sell the game and of course marketing (non existent on vita)

  • Definitely look forward to this title.

  • @9 : Zeroed in on “Music is not gonna sell a game.” My bad, I suppose. It does seem more targeted at people who are already going to buy the game.. Just look at how many posts are in this forum. That should tell ya a bit about what grade “marketing” this post is. :/


    Those who impulse buy a Vita for Remote play capability will be tugged in by this, though. Not to mention the Tearaway sticker on PS Vita boxes right now. :D

  • It looks like no one at SONY knows anything about PSN…it is the third message that I read that says “you can pre-order Tearaway now”, but the store has only videos!!! I’M WAITING TO PREORDER THE DIGITAL COPY OF THIS ONE!!! I WAS HOPING THAT LAST PSN UPDATE WOULD CHANGE THAT!!! PLEASE FIX THE STORE!!!!!

  • are the music assets 320kbps or better? LBP Vita sounded a little “lo-fi” to me with limited dynamic range, and not in a charming way.

  • They are selling Tearaway at my local GameStop lol. If I had money I would have bought it today. Sadly I didn’t :(

  • This is a must own for all of us Vita owners.

  • This will be a classic I can already see this. I am thrilled to see more diversity of games offered on the PS Vita.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please don’t punish Tearaway when it fails in sales. I can’t imagine it doing well in such a competitive release environment. Even if every reviewer from now until the end of days gave it 10/10.

    I’ll be buying it of course, but I’d hate for something with such potential to never see the light of day again because it released in one of the worst possible times.

  • I know the Tearaway Competition is over but please bring back the LittleBigPlanet Tearaway Competition Pack on the PlayStation®Store for those of us who did not get a chance to download it or just want to keep create Tearaway-inspired levels.

  • Will the soundtrack be available stand-alone for purchase on the US PS Store?

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