PSN Digital Content Now Available on

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PSN Digital Content Now Available on and PlayStation are excited to announce that you can now visit to purchase your favorite PlayStation Network Content like Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and more. and Sony are teaming up to offer over 100 PlayStation 3 games, PlayStation 4 games, and downloadable content for purchase on In addition to already released titles, you’ll also be able to purchase the newest games and DLC the first day they are available for purchase using your Amazon payment credentials or Amazon Gift Cards. To browse this new selection, visit the PSN Store on

PSN Content on Amazon

We’re not the only ones excited, here’s what Eric Monacelli, Marketing Manager at Naughty Dog had to say:

I buy everything on Amazon… holiday gifts, birthday presents, books, clothes, tech, even toothpaste and often deodorant. So when I learned Jak, Daxter, Drake, Joel, and Ellie — all our incredible characters and their stories via our games and DLC would be available as PlayStation Store digital downloads on Amazon it just felt right.
You have to respect and think that any company with their own Easter egg is a perfect fit for all things Naughty Dog and PlayStation. If you’re not aware of what that means just visit You’ll love what you find.  

So, as a consumer and fan of video games being accessible in as many ways as possible…Thank you Sony PlayStation and Thank you Amazon. The next generation is going to be relentless and awesome.

In celebration of the launch, we’re pleased to offer a $5 credit good towards more PSN digital content sold on to anyone who purchases the digital version of games like The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Origins, Madden 25 and more. Just hop on over to this page, purchase the game of your choice, and your credit will be automatically applied to your account. We’re excited to offer you a new place to discover and purchase PlayStation Network Content, and we welcome any feedback you have.

PSN Content on Amazon

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  • Terrific. But PLEASE allow non US credit cards!!!!

  • Am glad I can now buy PSN content on Amazon and Using gift cards as well it just feels more secure and more convenient Thanks for this, you sure will make my wallets thin and weightless like this in no time LOL

  • now if you could please bring CRACKLE TO PS VITA THAT WOULD BE AWESOME THANKS

  • This is fantastic news! I love amazon… And I love sony!

    I am glad that 17 posted the lack of Vita deals. I was expecting to see some deals on bundles, or at the very least, some Black Friday Vita promotions in order to support the ps4. Hopefully amazon will have something soon!

  • Very nice!

  • Will this $5 credit be able to be applied to the buy two, get one free PS4 game deal?

  • @48

    “Sad we can’t rely on Sony to discount”

    If you wait for a good sale, PSN store does give plenty of games for cheap and even far cheaper than amazon and ebay. You can rely on Sony to give discounts. They do it all the time especially for PS+ subscribers that are better than ebay and amazon. Over the past 2 weeks, I was able to buy 8 games for $40. I got The Walking Dead for $2.50 and the game sells for $20 on amazon. I also got DMC: Devil May Cry for like $11 from PSN (considering the $10 credit back promo)… Amazon was selling it for like $24 at the time.

  • Anyone else notice that redirects to Weird.

  • This would be great if they had any of the PS4 titles! There is only 10 items, and only 2 are PS4 digital codes and those are season passes…. I guess the 2for1 deal in Amazon is only for the more expensive-to-produce options of physical media.

  • @ sirbloflo,

    I wouldn’t pay Ryumaou any attention, he’s the known troll around here and constantly ****** about every little thing.

    What you described is 100% true, the guy just likes to cherry pick about things to complain.

    They could price the Last of Us for $25 and he would still find something to complain about, there’s no winning with people like that, then again he is a troll, so he’s most likely just doing this to get people riled up.

    I mean how stupid do you have to be to say that Sony does not have good discounts?

  • Use AmazonSmile to set up a charity as well, for you Amazon users or soon-to-be Amazon users. You pick a charity and Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase to that charity. NOT your money, Amazon’s money. No reason not to and so far as I can see any purchase made, including the new PSN purchases count towards that.

  • hopefully this new partnership means the PlayStation App will be available for Kindle Fire users.

  • It’s all about having those options even if you use or don’t use the service awesome. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!


  • listen SEN…make digital downloads at least 20% cheaper to push digital downloads as we have to pay more for unlimited internet PLUS we CANNOT RESELL the digital game. It makes no sense to price these games at the same level as the discs versions. Step yo game up and offer 20% discounts on digital downloads at a MINIMUM.

  • Off course it US only god forbid Amazon would sell “digital content” outside the US.

  • I did not see anything but it would be nice if we could use money that on psn to buy on amazon. But I do not see them doing that. Would be nice if they did.

  • Will Amazon UK have this as well?

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